Celebrating 15 years of Gran Turismo

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Celebrating 15 years of Gran Turismo

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Hello everyone.

A little over 15 years ago a small Japanese studio headed up by Kazunori Yamauchi embarked upon on a journey that was set to enrich the lives of many millions of gamers. The journey that the team undertook set new benchmarks in graphics, game physics and sheer entertainment.

That studio eventually became known as Polyphony Digital and the brand they created was of course Gran Turismo.

15 years on from that seminal moment, and after who knows how many billions of miles driven collectively by Gran Turismo gamers all over the world, I am very pleased to announce a special Gran Turismo 15th Anniversary Event due to take place on 15th May at Silverstone Race Circuit, England.

The event will be a celebration of all that Gran Turismo has come to represent to a community of millions all over the world and will involve many of the car manufacturers who have been part of that incredible 15 year journey.

At the event Kazunori Yamauchi will also be making some exciting announcements about the future of the brand. Activities will be covered live right here on PlayStation Blog and also via gran-turismo.com and Twitter (#15YearsOfGT).

To whet the appetite for what is to come for the real driving simulator, check out the trailer below.

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  • everyone thinking GT6 and i also thinking that, good choice of where to go at least

  • I hope when GT6 is announced it is for PS4

  • All I want right now is a GT game for Vita. Save GT6 for PS4, not PS3.

  • GT6 for PS3 and Vita please!

    Can’t wait for this!

  • Agree with the other guys, we definitely need a GT for the Vita.

  • SetsunaF_Seiei_

    SORRY Penrose Tackie – European Brand Manager iv been playing
    Gran Turismo 16 years now as

    Gran Turismo came out 16 years ago in japan

    Celebrating 15 Years of Gran Turismo was last year 2012 in japan

    Doe’s anyone remember the good old days chipping your PS1 or imports on PS1 games from japan.

  • Gran Turismo for VITA please. Thank you.

  • I always got the games out of respect for the developer but never played them much. Guess I was too young at the time and wasn’t that much into racing either, especially the realistic kind. But GT5 blew me away, still a technical marvel. And like the others said, I could definitely go for a GT on vita as well. The one on PSP is probably my most played PSP game and a quick race is perfect for portable sessions. Get it done!!

  • I’m trying to pull as many strings as possible to go to this event.. Who do I have to grovel to?

    for PSNation.com

  • Most amazing part is that the loading times in 2D menus in the PS3 GT5 with several gigabytes installed onto the HDD are the same they were in CD-based PS1 games.

  • Lot of talk about 6 hitting PS3. If it is i’d have to decide between 6 and PS4. No BC means one or the other. Cross gen would be fine so long as I can transfer my data.

  • Has it been 15 years since I bought GT1 for the PS1?!

    WHERE does the time go. Damn, where did my hair go!?

    PS Vita GT game please – a LOT better than the PSP version.

  • Loved GT1 in the old days;) Any chance of GT1 & GT2 & GT3 & GT4 coming to PSN for the PS3? Not sure why these classics are not on PSN for yet. Even those & GT5 & GT6 for the PS4’s PSN Store would be cool to in the future to:P

  • Congrats on 15 years, here’s hoping that the next instalment of GT has learnt from the mistakes made with GT5.

    What let it down for me was the lack of events and these not being a championship but individual races. How could someone only think of 45 A-spec events to represent 1080 plus cars.

    so fingers crossed for the next reveal..

  • @10 With you there mate!

  • was one of the first games i bought. cant believe thats 15 years!

  • GT6 will be on PS3, and i think its better that way..

    Do people really want one to be made on PS4, either rushed for early release, or hard worked on and released in another 2-4 years?

    Ya, GT6 on PS3 sounds good to me!
    I would really like a PS Vita Tie in too, and the 2 needs to be interactive in some way…. Like remote play B spec races?

    Either way, Cant wait…. GT has been a brand that has stuck with me since PS1

  • Make a gt for ps vita, we need that game on this system …

  • wow. Way to go lazy on former glory and let this franchise die with way better competition available, not even some gifts or discounts or additional stuff to celebrate. RIP Gran Turismo.

  • there should be a Vita port though.
    dunno if its also going to be on PS3, but most likely there’s a PS4 release.

  • GT6 for PS4 and make a GT for Vita. It would work well in the Vita. Better than a shooter for sure

  • GT6 ps3/ps4 nuff said

  • Just please, please, please. If you’re making a sim, give it sim features. The driving physics and the car detail is amazing. But the races can just get too dull and samey.

    There needs to be more depth to the strategy of a race. You can’t just be expected to overtake everyone as quickly as possible all the time.

    Also, please make sure the AI drivers brake later. ;) I’ve rear-ended so many of them because they brake well before the braking zone.

  • GT2, probably my only enjoyable ‘sim’ game.. at That time it just looked like ‘The Future’.. am i on about right one, ?.. PS1 game. Anyway i bought the PS1, a Aliens game, mistakenly the London add on for GTA, and GT2 (or1/3 ?).. but i just loved racing, Then being able to watch my (cough) Performance after each race.. truly inspiring and just genius, so (too !) realistic.. well, i cannot imagine what developments in both consoles and GT Series will be ahead, but the 25th anniversary is Sure to be, well unimaginable atm, but whatever lies ahead am sure GT will be amongst the cream.. and please, How can sce Not have Any GT classics on the psn ?.. isn’t it just about The craziest, unexplainable business concept imaginable. like having a large naval fleet but Not showing a flag on it.

  • Damned 15th Anniversary! that was astonishing, PlayStation goes from strength to strength & that is cool.

  • @aKaSoG
    “Do people really want one to be made on PS4”


    “either rushed for early release, or hard worked on and released in another 2-4 years?”

    The ideal situation would be PS4 only GT6 in Nov 2014. That would be four years after the release of GT5.

    Like I said in post 11, cross gen would be ok. So long as they push the PS4 version. If weather cant run on certain tracks on the PS3 version and it can on PS4, run it on PS4. If PS3 is still locked at 16 cars,and PS4 can do 30, do 30 on PS4.

    But I’d still prefer a PS4 only version that exploits the hardware. It’s why I think GT7 will be the one that I’m really looking forward to.

  • I’m surprised no one has mentioned it but my guess would be GT6 prologue on ps3 and GT6 on ps4. Hopefully something for the vita aswell.

  • What time does the event start ?

  • the best guess is as it silverstone maybe lunchtime but we need someone to confirm the time

  • yeah lunchtime sounds about right, was thinking of driving up and see if i can get in lol, only 40 mins away from me.

  • Well they can “announce GT6” today but as all GT fans like I know, we won’t be getting it anytime soon, maybe not even any year soon. All I care is it comes and when it comes its right.

  • I can´t wait :D [URL=http://www.imagebanana.com/][IMG]http://i.imagebanana.com/img/7311m0vx/IMG_20130515_133917.jpg[/IMG][/URL]

  • It’s announced. It’s coming this holiday season to the ps3.

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