Become a PlayStation Mobile publisher for free

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Become a PlayStation Mobile publisher for free


We are looking forward seeing your exciting ideas become reality and having fun developing together.

We’re always looking to support new developer talent, so we’ve decided to waive the publisher license fee (€80, £65) for PlayStation Mobile, which means you can bring your games to PlayStation Vita or any PlayStation-certified device, free of charge.

Those of you who want to throw your hat into the ring of PlayStation Mobile development now have the perfect opportunity to place your game alongside popular titles like Haunt the House: Switch Galaxy and Beats Trellis.

Switch GalaxyHaunted Museum

If you’ve been sitting on a gem of a mobile title, or found yourself with some extra time this summer, then this is the moment you’ve been waiting for.

Starting on Wednesday, May 8th the Publisher License Fee for PlayStation Mobile will be waived. Check out the PlayStation Mobile Developer Portal for more information.

PS Vita owners can download games mentioned in this post from the PlayStation Mobile section of PlayStation Store. Owners of PlayStation certified devices can obtain them through the PlayStation Mobile Store – click here for full instructions.

Haunt the House - PS MobileBeats Slider - PS Mobile

Check out everything you need to know about PlayStation Mobile on PlayStation Mobile website which has a key game highlights, a direct link to the Dev Portal, and a link to download the PlayStation Mobile application for Android to your PlayStation certified device.

We’ve seen some really cool games already come to PlayStation Mobile and can’t wait to check out what you can come up with next!

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  • This may be a good step for attracting developers, but Playstation Mobile isn’t appealing enough just yet. It needs to be available in more territories and devices and have better integration and presence within PSN.

  • Playstation is killing it moving unto the next generation. I expect this trend to continue and you will no doubt be on top again ;)

  • “We are looking forward seeing your exciting ideas become reality and having fun developing together.”
    So do I! Unfortunately, I don’t live in a country where I’d be allowed to do so. I reached out to the PSM team and the answer I got was “we can’t tell you why your country is not eligible”. No, seriously. That’s a bummer, I don’t understand why it’s such a problem for SCEE specifically, where no such restrictions exist for XBLIG, App Store and Google Play.

  • Wow, this is FANTASTIC news, being a 3D artist I lack the abilities to fully utilize this opportunity, but I really hope this results in a surge of new great games.

  • When is PlayStation Mobile coming to more devices? Last summer we were told ASUS tablets would be supported, with speculation it’d be the Nexus 7. Nothing has materialised, and PSM remains a niche market. Heck, announce PSM support for PS3/PS4 and you’d throw the doors wide open, but being tied to only Vita and a handful of phones, it’s hard to justify investment in PSM titles versus iOS and Android.

    Considering the new Indie channel on PSN, PS3 is crying out for PSM support, giving an instant market to some 50 million gamers for PSM content and flooding the library of PSM to promote it on other platforms. That seems far and away the best way to move PSM forwards.

  • Geez how about you announcde that you are going to expand the service? If I was a dev I would not want to work on a service that is only available in 9 countries.

    You are not even promoting when games releases. A simple list of PSM games releasing in the store update would not hurt. I mean 8 games released yesterday then no one know about. 1 Dev didn’t even he no that he’s game was supposed to have been released.

  • Still waiting for PS Mobile to hit MANY countries including Portugal… Any news?

  • Good to see Sony is trying to increase the amount of games for the Vita (and mobile, though I already gave up on that after the Xperia Play Playstation Suite fiasco).
    However, how many developers are willing to invest time and money into a handheld which isn’t that much of a hit, while the games released on PSM can only be distributed in Australia and the UK.

    Hope this will make a release for PSM in other countries a higher priority though.

  • While I am quite positive towards things Sony does with the Playstation and Vita, I really don’t like how they fail to stick to their plans, and do things half-heartedly.

    PSM is a prime example (with remote play on PSP/vita with PS3 as a great second), where the service is rolled out to a few countries, and then halted entirely. How do they expect to attract developers that way, when their possible audience is so limited, compared to other platforms?

    It really doesn’t make any sense at all…

  • Dear developers, don’t us this platform. All your blood sweat and tears will be for nothing because only a very small part of users are able to use this service. For instance a lot of EU countries don’t have Mobile and (although prommised) never got it. Als a lot of phone’s and tablets would be able to use this service (in the few countries Mobile is in now) but again Sony is lazy beond believe.

  • This is great news, I’ll definitely consider porting my game to it once it’s finished.

  • And please note that #9 by Mith1970 was actually posted from The Netherlands… (Dunno how I got logged in with my US account)

  • any word on trophies for PSM? i might start playing if they add them

  • Carnivius_Prime

    Great news but yeah make PSM compatible with PS3 and PS4 and then you’ll have tons of us indie/retro developers jumping at the chance to play PSM games.

  • Thanks for sharing my letter kivi95 – I really hope that does make a difference. We’ve got a lot of people behind us already including a number of PSM developers.

    With regards to the number of devices that support PSM, I did research on this prior to publishing my blog post yesterday Shifty_Geezer and I was shocked by the results. Sony sold a staggering number of phones in the last 12 months and just looking at their own devices and the PS Vita the number of PSM compatible devices out there is staggering. The reality is that people either don’t know about it or are avoiding the format for one reason or another.

    The potential is there for some quality affordable gaming, and as gamers we CAN do our part to help but Sony also have to make an effort as well. Certainly, it can’t be left to the developers to do all the work.

  • Oh Sony, come on. You don’t really believe the entry fee is the problem here? Almost a year(?) has gone by in which PSM has not expanded its audience. The PSM website that’s linked to in the article even redirects to a non-existing page, because PSM is still not available in my country.

    I would love to do something with PSM, but you won’t let me.

  • It’s weird that while PSM needs more attention from Sony, today they have launched the Indie section in the PS Store, which kinda overlaps with the point of Playstation Mobile.

    I don’t expect Sony to take Playstation Mobile seriously, after all, the Comics and the Sony Reader store were expected to be released in Spain years ago, the Comics store was closed down before it got here and the Reader store was never mentioned again.

  • polash_thelegend

    Please! Please release PSM for more PAL territories!

  • @Chaosprower

    If we all want Sony to take PSM seriously on a global scale, get even more great games released, and more importantly help developers achieve the sales figures they need to be able to keep supporting the format then the only way that can be done is by everyone pulling together.

    I wrote that blog post with the intention of it being distributed and seen *everywhere* – spread on Facebook, Twitter, other social networking sites and I have put a disclaimer at the end allowing other websites to reprint it to get the message out there.

    If enough people read this – not just the hardcore gaming community who visit and use the PlayStation Blog and Forum – then hopefully our message will be read and listened to.

  • What about actually bringing PSM to Portugal and many other European countries that do not have it yet?

  • This is a good move. You need to give it more exposure though or it will fall flat on it’s backside

  • Happy about this, will it be staying free?

    I’m a registered developer but didn’t want to pay the fee since I have little experience yet. With this incentive, it makes me look forward to whipping something up and actually being able to test it and maybe one day publish something.

  • “Become a PlayStation Mobile publisher for free” Wow awesome! I would love to become a publisher. Oh wait a second… PSM isn’t available in my country due to some “language nonsense” that is 100% false. Is this how you treat your customers Sony? I’m pretty sure that every country knows English. Everything you say consits of nothing but lies.

    SCEE provides the worst service ever. With not explaining what’s going on and ignoring peoples questions.

  • Oh but yeah, as others, you really need to roll this out to more countries, and be more transparent over why this hasn’t happened yet. Why haven’t I bought a single PSM game? Because I can’t.

    If it takes so long to roll out services like this, what hope do we have for PS4 services?

  • I had also written an open statement back in September about this, when my team and I were trying to decide which platform to develop our game for. Nothing appears to have changed, and needless to say, since Norway isn’t a supported territory and the tools update locked us out of even writing test/development code, we took our business elsewhere.

  • Awesome news for the few peoples who can actually access it… but how about the rest of us? Who can’t use PSM because we aparently live in countries you guys don’t like or something?

  • Hey Mayumi,

    How come people from Ireland cannot register for a publishers license?

    Technically we are on the same system as the UK just different currencies.

    WB12 :)

  • It’s ridiculous at how they are ignoring our questions. I bet SCEE just adores UK people but hates the rest, so that’s why we wont get anything. And this is a statement not only for PSM but for PS Store content overall.

  • @Dark-Twisted You have a good point regarding the PS4 services.
    Sony already said Gaikai won’t be every where availeble day one. We all know what that means, if your country doesn’t have it day one you probably will never get it and what I have understood is that it’s an integral service of the console. That’s why I at least wait a year to see how much of the fals promisses Sony makes come trough. I guess with their track record non…

  • @11 All those ideas seem like they would really help the service. Sony should take a look at that letter.

    First and foremost though, I would just like for the service to be available for other countries. Actually, let me rephrase that: Available for ALL countries.

  • I agreed with the comment above. If Sony fails to deliver their service to all of the countries, what can we expect from PS4 then? If you live in the EU, this is just a warning for you. Think for yourself, is a PS4 really worth it? With content that is only being released in certain countries in Europe, i can see the same happening to PS4. I mean we already got PS4 delayed in EU to early 2014.

  • “Any news on the Unity 3D compatibility yet? got 5+ games released on iOS and Android and just cant wait to get going on the vita!! Got a hello world showing up on it so far!”

  • @ OttoT

    You raise an excellent point there. Sony do take note on this.

    You WILL loose potential costumers of PS4 and other consoles/services if you keep making promises and not delivering.

    If Gaikai is not available perhaps it never will be.

    -Remote play on PSP, remote play on Vita
    -PSN Mobile and many other broken promises will make your sales go down.

    And remember Sony, Europe is your best market. Keep it disappointed and watch your market share drop…

    On a more positive note, keep the Plus service as it is very good and better that competition (is there any?)

  • Nexus 7 support, please

  • This is great news. :) My team have just registered and are awaiting confirmation.


    I’m waiting for Unity compatability on Vita too, but unfortunatly it’s up to the Unity engine devs to make it happen.

    I have UDK for now so it’s all good. Working on getting the UE3 source engine once our iOS game is up and published.

  • I just want to chime in as another dutch guy, saying PLEASE sony, launch PSM in more countries. I’m happy with my Vita, and as a developer i’d love to cut my teeth on some game-dev stuff and support the Vita, but i can’t, because i live in the wrong country.

    95% of the Vita owners over here probably speak english anyway, so i wouldnt even mind if you guys didnt bother with translating anything, just open up dev access for us dutchies.

  • PSM, surprisingly, has probably 10 absolute must own titles with Rock Boshers and Life of Pixel not even mentioned here. I look forward to what the future brings and hopefully you’ll be able to keep growing the service. With Sony making it so easy to release games on Vita (a first on major handhelds) I’m hoping you take the final step of having regular sales on the content to drive purchasing decisions.

    I know I would buy a lot of the games on there during a 50% off sale.

  • Anyone cares about PSM? I mean look at this mess with regional availability for example… ha, registration fee was really dumb idea in the first place.

    p.s.: @MaxDieHard you know, Escape Plan is build on Unity. Ask these guys.

  • Excellent news – I am loving penguin party and zoozoogo at the moment (free on psm too)

  • @ninenullseven

    I was unaware of that. Unity support for Vita is currently unconfirmed officially. It’s the only game on Vita known to run it so far, and I don’t know whether its available in the free Unity SDK.

  • Hi Mayumi,

    When will PlayStation Mobile be available in more countries, like The Netherlands?


  • THANK YOU! SONY!!! this is just what I needed I’ve been signed up with PSM for about a month now but hadn’t paid the licence fee yet. THANK YOU!

  • Who cares? I certainly don’t as we haven’t got access to PSM.

    Oh SCEE you ignorant old dinosaurs. But you love the UK, we get it…

  • cowbanana, I really appreciate your frustration and that’s one of the reasons why I wrote my open letter to Sony that is on my website. I really do urge as many people as possible to get behind me with this to see if we can finally get some real change for PSM, not just in terms of the way it is promoted (which is currently abysmal), but also to ensure that EVERYONE has access to these games no matter where they live.

    Please read the post I put on my site (the link is in post #11) and feel free to share it as widely as possible. If we all shout loud enough and *publicly* (outside of this closed environment) something will eventually happen.

    If you DO have access to PSM already, support existing developers and buy a game or two this week and get on board the campaign that way but no matter what, PLEASE help by spreading the word. We can make change happen if we work together.

  • Man!

    How come people from Ireland cannot register for a publishers license?

    Didn’t Sony notice how many software company and developers are working in Ireland!!!

  • My point exactly dude! There’s a lot of business – and talent – that Sony are missing out on by not supporting all of these additional countries and with the failure to market PSM properly there is a genuine risk at the moment of losing some of the better developers who are supporting it at the moment.

    I won’t mention developers specifically here at the moment, but there are those out there who have had to put future Vita / PSM projects on hold because their existing titles simply haven’t sold enough to break even. It’s not because of quality because they’ve been universally praised by press and players alike but when people don’t know about them, or can’t find them it’s no wonder that they don’t sell.

  • @#47

    I actually read it this afternoon, the article (aka open letter) and it’s actually very well written and facts based. Unfortunately I don’t believe anymore that sony gives a damn to any “street loudness”, never have. One fine example is the video store. How many times we’ve heard and read from sony the famous words “we’re working on it” or “it’s coming soon” (and this wasn’t even what she said). Therefore I don’t expect anything at all from sony and I stopped trying to convince myself that they listen to their consumers.

    So, just like video store, and way many other services, psm won’t be presented to all european countries because for sony europe is mainly uk and when you feeling lucky a few 4/5 other countries alongside. You know this is true.

    Even with the youtube app for either ps3/psvita they pushed the complains to google “ohh you need to have youtube localised in your contry and blah blah blah”. Well I have news for you sony, I have it localised in my country, go ahead and check it out, where’s my app!?

  • (cont)

    Bottom line, they don’t give a (CENSORED) about open letters, heck they laugh at pure true facts against them when people proves how wrong they are and even make fun of people. Sometimes I think if it wouldn’t be better for the ps4 to completely fail and make they go near bankrupt, as the tv sections isn’t far now. They need to feel that if they don’t do what the consumers want then they’re done.

    EUROPE (its in caps because I’m referring to ALL the countries) is sony’s biggest market, not japan, not usa and not uk, this last one isn’t even a continent, so Mr. Sony I can only wish you what you wish to us (which is pretty much a (CENSORED) coming from your mouths).

  • I think the key thing to making something like this work is the numbers game. I’ve already got support from several PlayStation Mobile developers (including ones who have been responsible for some high-profile PSM games) and I’m working with a lot of other PS Vita sites trying to spread the word as much as possible as well.

    It’s my intention to keep the pressure up on a daily basis with this and get as many developers on board as possible. This time I don’t think that it’s just a case of gamers shouting loudly and hoping that Sony take note of us… if it’s the developers standing up to be counted as well, along with independent sites supporting the Vita / PSM, it can’t be ignored forever.

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