Star Wars Pinball coming (again) to PSN next week!

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Star Wars Pinball coming (again) to PSN next week!

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Wait, what? Didn’t Star Wars Pinball already launch on PSN? YES! And you are telling me it is launching again? YES!

Okay, so that was probably super confusing, so let me try to explain. Believe me, it’s a GOOD thing. The initial Star Wars Pinball pack was released in February for Zen Pinball 2 on PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. That pack included Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Boba Fett and Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and it’s coming back… this time, with even more features. *Cue Star Wars opening crawl text*

From the very beginning of the Star Wars Pinball project, we had been working on a special, standalone version of the game that would offer some really fun community features and would be fully branded Star Wars. We managed to finish that project and it’s releasing next week, exclusively on PlayStation 3 and PS Vita!

Now you are wondering, “Why did I buy this for Zen Pinball 2 when I could have bought a game with different features?” Don’t worry, young Padawan, we at Zen thought about that as well.

Star Wars PInball_Balance of the Force

The good news is that if you bought the tables in Zen Pinball 2, you are entitled to download Star Wars Pinball at no charge (aka FREE)! This means you can unlock the tables in Zen Pinball 2 and in Star Wars Pinball with one purchase – and both games are Cross Buy entitled with PS Vita, so if you’re huge Star Wars fans like us, you can have the game under FOUR different roofs for the price of one.

Here are some of the cool features (ultimately the reasons we did a standalone game) that we could not include in Zen Pinball 2, but are in Star Wars Pinball:

  • You get to choose to support the Galactic Empire or the Rebel Alliance! Once you do, your high scores contribute to the side you choose, creating a Star Wars Pinball community fight for the Balance of the Force! The main game user interface will change dynamically, based on how the community chooses to support each side. You can see who is winning the overall battle at
  • An XP progression system allowing you to move up the ranks based on Galactic Empire or Rebel Alliance support.
  • The game looks, sounds, and IS authentic Star Wars!

Are you thoroughly confused? If so, I’ll be here all day and beyond to answer your questions.

May the Force be with you!

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5 Author Replies

  • I must admit I haven’t had much chance to check out the Star Wars tables lately (although I did purchase them on release). I like the idea of a standalone game as it doesn’t make the ‘main’ platform look messy.

    Does being a standalone game mean more trophies per table than Zen Pinball 2?

  • I was confused but then you said FREE and CROSSBUY and even if I’m confused I am happy.

  • What’s the pricing of this? Been thinking about picking it up for a while but can’t remember the price…

  • It’s fine for me under the Zen Pinball 2 icon.
    I also was a bit underwhelmed by the (only 3) tables in this package. The only realy good one is the The Clone Wars table but unfortunately I don’t care for that cartoon.

  • COOL;) I got the 3 tables already & this feature looks cool. One thing tho, the Trophies are to hard(well i am not that good at Pinball anyway so maybe it’s just me) :D & there should be more Trophies for each Table & not just 2 each??? :( Apart from that i can’t wait for the next Tables :P :P :P

    p.s i just posted this on the US site to :D

    • Bobby Loertscher

      Thanks! The trophies are tough! If you need help on any tables, we have guides on our blog :D

  • free you say very well I accept

  • Please share some new info on KickBeat aswell!!! I ask every month but you keep saying SOON and that it will release this spring… Don’t leave your community in the dark. A little blog post,some new pics or something would not be wrong. Just don’t do like a lot of psn devs do and release some info a week before release.(I am aware of the trailer you released a very long time ago)

    • Bobby Loertscher

      We’re showing off KickBeat at E3 this year so hopefully we’ll have some new info around that time, sorry for the delay!

  • Very cool, star wars is. Of you I might buy this soon and also im a bigger star wars fan then all. Born, even before you was. Yeesssssss.

    thats how you do yoda megakizz and in future stick to your comic books and leave star wars for the grown ups :D

  • oh and alien spidy is out this week :D

  • 9# Don’t get your hopes up for that game.

  • Sounds good! And Star Wars Pinball (Unlock) is still plus discounted for those who haven’t it yet. Anyway a few questions:
    * Could you add a split screen option to play as long as player has lives left? Now there is only support for time/points.
    * When other tables are coming available in EU? Like:!/fi-fi/zen-pinball-2-ninja-gaiden-sigma-ii-(trial)/cid=EP4042-NPEB00911_00-ZENPINBALL2NING1

  • Personally I very much prefer to see more tables instead of more table containers, so I think I’ll stick with Zen Pinball 2…

    Because the new SW tables will work for Zen 2, right?

    Oh, and is it true that you’re working in a Dr. Strange table?

    Can’t wait for that!

    • Bobby Loertscher

      Yes! Upcoming Star Wars tables will be released for Zen Pinball 2 as well as the standalone game. And yes, Dr. Strange is coming :D

  • 11# I meant don’t get your hopes up on the game.(quality wise)

  • Bobby Loertscher# See that’s what i’m talking about. Here I was expecting a spring release and you have not wrote on either your blog or twitter about this delay. Communication with the community is very important!

  • I want to buy all your tables for Zen 2, but are so many it costs a lot.


  • How is this exclusive ? When it’s already released on apple App Store ?

  • I Love it! just bought myself a VITA and immediately bought the star wars theme for Zen Pinball 2, Thx for the discount btw! :D and that you are developing more themes/tables!! NICE! :D It’s a good day to be a VITA owner for sure!

  • obiadekanobi1980

    Free? FREE???………………….

    They said that about Zen Pinball 2 but nooooo they had to release all those amazing tables which made me buy them and play them for hours on end aarrgghhh damn you and your “free” bull….. lol

    keepem comming I’ve only got one of your tables left to buy love you amazing tables the star trek ones love the lightsabers on the empire table, little Zen touches…. when’s the next pack due out????

  • obiadekanobi1980

    sorry star WARS LOL was watching the trailer just before typing this on me a700

  • Awesome.

    Then Doc Strange and Star Wars Tables are day one purchase for me, thanks!

    I’m dying to see what else you make with the Star Wars license, BTW.

  • Sounds great Bobby. I really hope you get a heap of sales out of this as all 3 of the tables are fantastic.

    What I would love to see across the Zen pinball platforms is the ability to setup custom leagues outside of your friends list. We’re currently well into the 3rd Gamer Chatter / PS Nation league and it would be awesome to score-chase with the entire group.

    Huge thanks to you and the devs for such amazing tables, especially as the Vita versions are beautiful to look at and smooth to play… hell of an achievement.

  • Awesome, well done and bravo on the decent price which your competitor should take note of, tho I know their situation is different, but yes well done.

  • PS3 and Vita versions will not unlock, won’t let you import tables and when i downloaded the unlock for vita (had to go via ps3 as showed up as uncompatable on vita download list) the tables unlocked but trophies and other features were disabled and gave you a message to buy any news on a fix?

  • i’m getting that message saying press x to buy the full game pack but then nothing even happens when i try that.

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