Pre-order KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX, limited edition art book available

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Pre-order KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX, limited edition art book available


Exciting news! KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX is now available to pre-order across Europe, so get the jump on everybody else and make sure you don’t miss out.

Not only that – as well as the standard edition, you can also pick up a special limited run art book edition from selected retailers, which includes artwork for each of the titles in the pack.

But you’d best hurry – those versions of the game are bound to get snapped up sharpish.

The game’s out 13th September in PAL territories for the PlayStation 3, and we’re pretty confident it’ll be the best HD update you’ll have seen so far.

Included in the box are both KINGDOM HEARTS Final Mix and KINGDOM HEARTS Re:Chain of Memories – never previously available here – as well as HD cinematic story videos from KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days… not to mention the PlayStation 3 trophies of course!

Details on exactly where you can pre-order from will be available on the official KINGDOM HEARTS website… race you there!


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  • Hope get this as its so awesome

  • Great news, Been waiting for the release date so much nostalgia from these games.
    hopefully Birth by sleep will come out on the PS store by then…

  • I’ll buy 10 copies of this if you put Crisis Core on the PSN store. ;)

  • The site linked only links to NA outlets :-/ NA Square Enix, instead of, etc…

    Also, it’d be a good opportunity to finally play these games, but man, that’s an announcement of a long off-release. Then again, time sure does fly, we’re already in May :O

  • What was the point of this post? None of the retailers even have listed the art book

  • Discworlddeath change the location from the flag on the top right to change the links

    Super hyper for this and the week after my birthday you’re so kind now just don’t let the evil company known as GAME get exclusive rights….I hate that pos company soooo much

  • This is some great news. I’m going to pre-order this asap. Just hate the fact that so many awesome games are being released near the same time. Would love to know when Final Fantasy X HD gets a release date too so there would be no need to rush between this or FF so can play the other.

    Btw what is the price of it compared to a normal?

  • @DiscworldDeath
    At the top of the screen beside twitter and facebook buttons, change the US flag to UK or whatever one you want

  • Any chance of a Vita port? This would fit in my pocket very nicely.

  • Will that book be available for pre-orders in the Netherlands too?

    Or is this (as most stuff) UK only ?

    Most preorder bonusses just come from amazon or game or something and we dont have that in Netherlands.

  • This needs a port to ps cita, would be a perfect fit for the device- plus I really want it vut refuse to buy any more ps3 games after the last of us as ps4 wont be able to play them :p and I wont have a ps3 around most of the time from mid september till I buy ps4 it’ll be vita only- and Im not the only one who’d love this on vita I’ve seen many people say the same thing..

  • is what you want.
    Presumably, all retailers listed will have the limited edition.
    Going to wait for confirmation first though.

  • This really needs to come to Vita, instead of porting nonsense like Epic Mickey sony should collaborate with 3rd parties on things people actually care about like this, FF type 0 too.

    IF file size an issue, then mayb the vita version can be split in 2 like FFX+X-2.

    One card with with the first game, the 2nd card with RE:chain of memories and 358/2 days.

  • Same question as others had – are you SURE that the retailers mentioned on the site will offer the artbook (as long as supplies last, of course)?

    I just wanted to preorder, but I don’t see any mention of the artbook on any of the retailer’s site. Also, does this offer apply to international orders within the EU?

  • Cool, my backlog of these remasters is huge because well, I already played them.. But I’ll pick this up regardless.

  • I ordered it from as I can’t seem to be able to order from
    I can’t choose pre-order there, and also it doesn’t show the limited edition stuff like it does in the american version of the site :/

    I really want the limited edition >_<

  • I’ve just made a pre order with GAME but they’ve yet to update their product description to include this offer. Will this offer be available to existing pre orders with GAME?

  • I really hope it’ll be available with as well, and not just…

  • This would be a great port to the Vita.

    Sony, make it happen!



    Sorry for stealing your line Fred. Someone hada say it. lol

  • Why is it 1.5?
    Will this be coming out for ps vita or is it ps3 only?

  • i have a big rule about preordering games, i make a habit out of not buying anything over 25$ but its kingdom hearts – i cant resist. im already trying to find out how to preorder, and i may preorder another one just incse that one breaks one day. ahhhhhh im so excited.

  • @Jawad – multiple people asking for confirmation if this offer already applies and your answer is “Oh boy!”? ;-)

    Please let us know if we can already pre-order and be eligible for the artbook offer despite no mentioning of it in any of the “selected retailers”.

  • can you PLEASE bring this to the VITA and the PS4 or are you doing something special for the PS4 (which is hopefully a special KEYBLADE MASTER COLLECTION which gives us ALL the games in the series in 1 set, wait…. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD YOU BETTER DO THAT!!!!!)

  • preordered! XD

  • SetsunaF_Seiei_

    KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX why pre order IT when you can buy it now i have it now KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX on PS3



    I Would wait till full version KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.5 ReMIX

  • SetsunaF_Seiei_

    PlayStation SCEE should hire me WHY?

    Well at least i play PS3 games 10 months before european release dates also i will have the Sony PlayStation 4 ONE year before PlayStation SCEE will ever get there hands on it. What i just said is 100%


  • SetsunaF_Seiei_


  • @ SetsunaF_Seiei_ you have some things wrong. 1 you forgot about KH Coded/RE:Coded
    2. The only KH 1.5 HD game out is in Japanese.
    3. KH 2.5 HD Will have KINGDOM HEARTS 2 HD
    And is assumed to not have KINGDOM HEARTS DREAM DROP DISTANCE HD
    nor will it have any thing from the KH 1.5 HD Collection

    Also when will let me pre order? D:

  • where can I pre-order in Australia to get the limited edition art book?

  • SetsunaF_Seiei_


    “Region Free”

    Even if its japanese version just change game settings to english.

    Sorry but KINGDOM HEARTS CODED won’t be part of the KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.5 ReMIX as why? i already know only 3 games are in


    How i know well lets say i hav a friend on the square enix development team who’s working on FF Versus XIII for 2014 and KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.5 ReMIX.

  • It’s avalible in Australia from EB games, and it has the AU release date of the 12th of september 2013.

  • please this game and when 2.5 eventually gets made both for Vita and PS4 aswell. Its such a missed opportunity these games would be nice at launch to have on ps4 in case you dont want any of the launch titles which most of look boring anyway or are sequels to franchises im kind of tired off right now like Killzone

  • Will the artbook be worth it i’m not too sure at the moment.

  • Will the art book be included with GAME’s preorder?
    I’ve been checking the website since the news came out it took 2 days for them to just update the coverart and release date, with no word about the book.

  • There is a different listing for GAME with the artbook

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