BEYOND: Two Souls special edition detailed, pre-order now

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BEYOND: Two Souls special edition detailed, pre-order now

Beyond Box Art

Thanks to the many of you who watched the live feed last month of BEYOND: Two Souls at the Tribeca Film Festival. This was just a very small teaser of what we have to show in the months leading up to launch in October.

Today we can also confirm that the game will be available as both a Standard Edition and Special Edition, with the Special Edition available via pre-order only.

The Special Edition will of course include bonus content, most notably an additional 30 minute playable scene, details of which we’ll be revealing in the near future.

The full breakdown of what will be included on the Special Edition are as follows:

  • Exclusive steel book premium packaging
  • Additional playable scene (30 mins gameplay)
  • Behind the scenes videos
  • Game soundtrack
  • PS3 Dynamic Theme
  • PSN Avatar Bundle

Check with your local retailers to preorder BEYOND: Two Souls now. Any questions, please add them below.

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3 Author Replies

  • Hope this will be available in :)

  • Kind of disappointed that the steelbook edition doesn’t have the epic cinematic picture of ellen page etched into the steel. :(

  • Awesome. Looking forward to this. Can you please confirm If will also be offering this?

  • Seems the blog is now trying to catch up with facebook. lol. Already seen this since last Friday. But anyway, would love to get this special edition. It’s really the 30 mins gameplay that interest me the most here. What would be the price for this compared to the standard?

  • @Artemisthemp We get it mate, you support ShopTo…

    Anyway, the steelbook itself could have been better designed with an actual image instead of just text. Still pre-ordering mind…

  • Will the Special Edition come in the Standard Edition plus a added Steelbook? Because I love the art of the Standard Edition. Just a plain black steelbook isn’t that interesting, but the extra content is. So would love to have the box of the Standard Edition with the Steelbox when I’ll pre-order.

  • 30 mins extra gameplay and OST? Sign me up! Hope my local gameshop Game Mania can get this..

  • Kinda disapointed at the cover but the 30 mins extra gameplay and soundtrack are a win

  • Is the soundtrack a digital download or a CD?
    Is “Behind the scenes videos” on a blu ray in HD and has is unique material or is it the same stuff we have seen before?

  • I WILL pre-order it for sure! Cause I love Quantic Dream and I did the same for Heavy Rain. But I’m seriously disappointed with this cover. The standard edition is wonderful and this special edition cover is so ugly! I seriously hope it’s not the final one. Cause the special edition deserves a cover as good as the standard one.

  • Any sales coming up?

    The Spring Sale (which started last week and ends today) in the NA region looked great. Is that same sale coming to the EU or not?

  • I agree with the above comments about the cover, I much prefer the standard edition cover to the blank front of the steelbook.

  • Will the steelbook be bundled in with the standard box, or is the steelbook all we get? I LOVE the box art on the standard edition, so would hate to miss out.

  • His Ross, can you confirm if this is the final artwork of the steelbook case please? Seems to be missing, well the artwork.

  • PLEASE can the dynamic theme be awesome and subtle like the Heavy Rain one that came with the collector’s edition for that? I’ve had that on my XMB since Heavy Rain was released. (It’s beautiful.)

  • +1 with everyone saying that the front cover of the steelbook is a bit plain. If we get the regular box too then all is good.

  • On Shopto “Available strictly whilst stocks last, pre-order customers will receive the BEYOND: Two Souls Special Edition for the same price as the standard”

    Standard Price £39.85
    Special Edition Price £47.86

    Take my mon….. wait wut???
    Maybe I will preorder Ghosts inste…….. wait wut??? :)

  • I have two suggestions.

    The first one is a bit special to me, I have OCD and EVERY dynamic theme except the Journey one and community made ones use the wrong PSP save icon. PS3 firmware has used a PSP save icon for years now, but every theme has the minis logo instead. How many people play minis? I’d love to have another dynamic theme with up-to-date icons, otherwise the theme is of no interest to me.

    Secondly, as with others, that steelbox is a bit plain. I got the Uncharted 2 limited edition and I probably would have preferred the normal box. The normal box was pretty but that steel cover was rather plain as well.

    Either way, I’ll probably still be buying this, cheers.

  • I pre-ordered the Special Edition 4 days ago :)

  • MP_is_for_Chumps

    EU got robed with no Steelbook included in the special editions for The Last of Us – but its great to see that we are getting one for Beyond.

    In future please make sure that Steelbooks are included for ALL your EU special editions of games :)

  • Any news on a digital release for this or Last of us?

  • That would look well COOL in my PlayStation Collection of games! ! ! :P WANT! ! ! ;)

  • I pre-ordered and I haven’t pre-ordered a Sony game, since the Ico and the Shadow of the Colossus HD collection. Very glad Amazon have it listed and it’s not a ‘GAME’ exclusive!

    Very much enjoyed Heavy Rain, so really looking forward to this!

  • MP_is_for_Chumps

    btw shopto is a rip off site.

    u can pre order this from for £42 :)

  • OK, so this is the game I am looking forward to most this year and, of course, I have pre-ordered it already but, jeez, this ‘special edition’ looks so boring! The standard version looks better than this! I think the best thing you can do is have a rethink about this box art sharpish as frankly it’s dull as hell at the moment for such a top game.

  • no way, i wont buy this game day one. this game is single player story driven, i wont spend extra cash for some cut off content. Will wait and it will probably get released as platinum anyways…

  • xxSamuraiGirlxx

    this is lame tbh.

    i must be in the minority cause i don’t give a ish if the case is made of metal…lame cover too, some vids/songs you can watch/listen on youtube if you’re desperate for them and throw in some avatars and a theme. ~special~

    really disappointed about that 30 min gameplay…i hate when games cut off content to get your pre-order.

    yeah i love QD, but i will get the standard edition where some thought went in to the design and hopefully the 30min extra gameplay will be available from psn at some point, which means i won’t be getting this on release, i’ll wait till it’s sub £20. nice one.

  • Dynamic theme? It’s a joke or something? First thing i see without disc in PS3 is insulting Singstar theme, regardless to theme i set. It doesn’t matter if bought theme or is it free. Or should i look forward to better days without forced Singstar after Beyond release day?

  • This game is a must buy for me.
    Loved Heavy Rain.

    BUT who comes up with these horrible/boooring cover designs for the steelbook editions at Sony???

    First GoW Ascension which is so boring compared to the cool artwork (I LOVE good artwork) of the normal cover, now that.
    This is even worse. Whoever thought going all black is “classy”, try harder, this is not, it’s just so boring I will have to buy the standard version although I would like to have the extra content! :(

  • Cool, I just pre-ordered, can’t wait for october =)

  • So no CE? This edition looks about half-way there…

  • !Beware! and think carefully before purchasing this game everyone.
    Quantic Dreams’s other game (Heavy Rain) was plagued by problems, and for many was completely unplayable due to crashing, freezing and being unable to load the game itself.

    Here’s 17 pages of players asking for help (and none was ever given)in Sony Europe’s official Heavy Rain forums:

    and here’s another whopping 67 pages of forum users with technical problems that, again, were never helped:

  • MP_is_for_Chumps

    Well i’m a bit late now as i only just thought of this question, but who knows maybe it’ll get answered :)

    – The “Additional playable scene (30 mins gameplay)” – will this remain exclusive to the CE or will it go up on the store a few weeks after release? I think you owe it to those tho pre-order to keep this exclusive and to not sneak it onto the store for everyone else a few weeks after release date.

    There is no real incentive to pre-ordering if u know 99% of the “exclusive” content is not really exclusive ;)

  • So you cut out 30 minutes of gameplay and slapped it on the special edition. That is really lame.
    Eventually this content will be downloadable for a price on PSN making the special addition less “special” and the initial game more expensive. Didn’t you guys learn from the day one DLC or DLC already on the disc complains?
    Why does Sony think we the consumers like that?
    I just want to play the full game, as envisioned by the developer. If that half hour isn’t anything special why should I pay a lot of cash for the special edition to play it. On the other had, if it is special why isn’t it in the full game?

  • Actually , I do like the steelbook design … very simple and elegant :D

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