Flash sale on The Unfinished Swan this weekend!

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Flash sale on The Unfinished Swan this weekend!


Hi everyone! We’re very happy to announce that from today until 6th May our BAFTA award-winning title, The Unfinished Swan, will be on sale at 50% off.

For the uninitiated, it’s a surreal adventure game in which you find yourself pursuing a swan through an ‘unfinished’ kingdom. The game starts in a completely white world where you must throw black paint around to reveal the world around you. Each level brings all new realms of twists and challenges until you eventually come face to face with the realm’s eccentric creator.

The stunning artistic vision and rich story make it an absolute joy to play – boot it up and you’ll soon see why it scooped both Game Innovation and Debut Game BAFTA awards.

And if I haven’t tempted you enough, we’re adding an additional 10% discount for PlayStation Plus subscribers to make the deal even sweeter! This deal is only around for one weekend so make sure you grab it before it flies away!

If you like the sound of the extra 10% discount but you are not currently a subscriber of PlayStation Plus then visit our PlayStation Plus site to find out more about the service. Here you’ll learn all you need to know about a one year subscription to the Instant Game Collection all for a one-off payment of just £39.99.

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.

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  • Amazing game! Everyone so needs to jump on this deal, won’t regret it.

  • I’m ready to buy it!!! But when does the deal start? 4pm or earlier?

  • Yay! Great deal, time to pick it up :)

  • Don’t you just love when official websites put links to their services on their posts and you end up on a “content not found” webpage?

    Great work!


  • I’ll ask the same thing as the others: When will the deal go live? Looking forward to picking this up!

  • First of all that link doesn’t work.

    Secondly when I browse to the game on the SEN website it’s still full price.

    C’mon guys, sort it out.

  • With the 50% off discount and PS+ I think I’ll bite. Looks like an interesting game, I just never had time to play it. Now I don’t think I have an excuse anymore.

  • Only put 20 quid in me wallet yesterday, will need to put more me thinks.

    Read the post twice but can’t see the price after discounts, am I blind or is it not there?

  • Hah, about time. Will pick it up once the deal is live.

  • Shut up and take my money!

  • Hah, was wondering when were you pulling it :D Thanks for the update Chris, don’t stop these amazing sales :D

  • Agreed, this is a great promotion. But indeed, please tell us the price as well!

    These occasional weekend flash sales have been great, it would be nice if we could have more of them.

  • That link was fluffed. Dunno if this will work..


    Still not discounted, tho. When is ‘now’? :P

  • The link in the post worked perfectly fine here.

    The deal will likely go live around the same time the store would update on a Wednesday, so lets say 2ish, give or take an hour, depends on how fast the store team wannna be lol

    @dogwalker4000 – They didn’t state the price, but the standard price is £9.99, so the deal price will be £4.99, or £4.49 (?) for Plus members.

  • @dogwalker

    If memory serves it was[is] a tenner [£9.99] so it’ll be 5 quid for non PS+ subscribers and 4 quid for PS+ subscribers. :-)

  • uhh it isnt rocket science. 60% of 10 is 6. so thats the discount for plus :p

  • lol, left my brain in bed this morning! ;-) £4.50 for PS+ subbers if they take the 10% after the discount. £4 if they take the 10% with the initial 50%.

    @Chris. Actual prices in the post would be helpful. No? ;-)

  • Ah yeah, never know for sure whether it’s an extra 10% off the original price or the sale price.

  • @ Tiduz

    Depends if they include the 10% before or after the initial 50% so uhh maybe not so obvious!? ;-)

  • This deal looks tempting!

    Any chance of Journey having some kind of deal too?

  • If you priced things remotley competitively and had GOOD discounts added onto that like America does, I might care.
    I really cant, everything is overpriced on the store, “sales” for a week rarely bring it down to remotley realistic prices.
    Ferd, you still have yet to judge last, lsat weeks Weekend Debate btw o_o.

  • @Chris any chances for Papo and Yo?

  • Also #4, the side links for “news” dont even load on the PS3, neither does the online store (granted if the normal store worked properly then there would be little to no need for it) and have not done for atleast a year.
    Granted thats part of the post, but you cant realistically expect SCEE to do something right, even if they are reminded about it a hundred times every single week =\.

  • Oh, the humanity. I bought the game the week of it’s release on PSN. It was worth it to experience the game, though!
    However, I will say this: If you haven’t gotten The Unifnished Swan right now, and you aren’t thinking about purchasing it while it’s on sale, your missing out on one of the greatest experiences you’ll ever have on a PlayStation and there’s something incredibly wrong with your psychiatric ward for letting you out of your cell.

  • After being featured in 12DoC as a bundle only, and absent from Easter, great to see this getting a proper discount price. Got yourselves a purchase there lads

  • It will cost £4.50 for + users!
    The additional plus discount is only ever applied after any original discounts. I have never seen any + discount applied on the original price on top of another discount.

  • What about Jak and Daxter Trilogie for IC or Discount?

  • the online store doesnt work with my internet browser im using internet explorer 8


    The US Got Fatal Frame (Project Zero) a Few Weeks Back, We Havent Since Then

  • Thanks i enjoyed the demo was qite a unique experience and the music was really good

  • @Alaann
    “the online store doesnt work with my internet browser im using internet explorer 8″

    And you really have no idea what could be wrong about that?

    1. Don’t use IE.
    2. If you want to punish yourself by using IE, at least don’t use an outdated version.

  • I dont like any other browsers alot off people dont like the newest explorers and its not outdated it works everywhere except the psn online store

  • It’s available now. £5.19 or £4.67 for + users.

  • Aaaaaand… it’s bought. Now I just need to find a suitable slot for it in my backlog.

  • @Alaann

    Please do yourself a favour and switch to Google Chrome or Firefox. IE is awful.

  • @Alaann
    If you want to believe that, fine. But IE8 failed the Acid3 test for a reason.
    If you don’t want to use better tools though, you have no right to complain if you face problems. It’s your own choice.

  • Thanks to those of you who posted the price for me, the online store doesn’t work on my phone so wasn’t able to verify it myself. Kudos to you guys (and gals).

  • vashetti I tried them I actualy have firefox installed but it gets on my nerves using it so stick to internet explorer 8.golwar believe what,whats not to believe,it does work fine on any website I come accross,as for that acid test I dont know anything about it so cant say anything on it and of course I have a right to complain how else are they to know that there website is broken unless someone tells them

  • Wow the PS+ Price is £4.67 and I have £4.68 left in my Playstation wallet, talk about lucky.

  • @Alaann
    From Wiki:

    “Even though IE 8 adds some useful security features, its continued reliance on ActiveX makes the browser vulnerable in its very foundation. This lack of security is a primary reason many people have stopped using IE. Security isn’t the only factor causing Web denizens to flock to alternative browsers. For years, Internet Explorer’s page rendering has caused major headaches for Web developers and users alike. Some pages that look and function as designers intended in Firefox, Opera, and other third-party browsers have their layouts broken when rendered by Internet Explorer. IE 8 makes an effort to improve compatibility but ultimately falls short.

    Once more: It’s bad, it’s outdated. People like you would probably complain too if a company would dare to not support IE1.
    Your tool doesn’t meet the required minimum standards, so don’t whine, update!

  • why would I update for one website thats broke and besides I tried out ie 9 and 10 and dont like how they operate as for whineing get a grip off yourself if I want to say somthing im going to say it

  • It might surprise you that the PS3 also won’t be able to play PS4 games. :p

    Same logic there. Technical progress results in the demand for updates or upgrades. That’s the circle of (tech) life.
    Stay behind if you wish. If you decide to complain in public though, don’t act surprised if people will laugh. And that I will do now, lol.

  • Since Plus-poll revealed that we want RPGs, any chance seeing Legasista either on sale or IGC? :3

    @Alaann Please stop off-topic flaming over something that’s your own fault.

  • complaining or asking as I call it,a games journalist to ask the head off sony during a sit down about it he said they were still trying to get us it he said they were working on what type of service plan they were going to use so there you just learned we could/will be getting ps1/ps2/ps3 games on ps4 do you see how I asked and found that out by asking you learn somthing new everyday lol your own argument just proved my point.

  • Prem-aka-Prince

    For godsakes let Alaann be, he just said that the page is not working for him. Once you’ve recommended a solution, what he does after that is none of your business! Let him alone!

    At least his issue related to the matter at hand instead of complaining about something wildly off topic.
    He even said he has firefox installed so he can either use it or use his PS3. At the end of the day it’s not an issue so would you kindly realise that and stop talking?

    Regarding the sale I’m really impressed. I was hoping (or rather waiting) for a sale on the unfinished swan (alone) and this is a much bigger discount than I hoped for. So, thanks!

  • Still my favorite PSN game. Loved everything about this experience, the colors, the music, the amosphere and environment. Made me feel like a kid in a wonderfull dream. Get.this!

  • Hi Fred, I still can´t use the Playstation All Stars for Vita bought on Spring Sale, what must i do? I´m tired of waiting, it was for my birthday!

  • So 50% off an original price of £9.99 is £5.19? Come on Sony, you shouldn’t need calculators for this!

  • Will these flash sales be more regular from now on in the future or what made this one happen in the first place?

  • You can trying it many times you want, but you will NOT see a single pence/penny/krone from me, until Singstar delete option.

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