Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov’s Revenge invades PS3/PS Vita tomorrow

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Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov’s Revenge invades PS3/PS Vita tomorrow

We are proud to announce that Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov’s Revenge is launching on PlayStation Store tomorrow. Since it’s Cross-Play and Cross-Buy, you’ll get both PS Vita and PlayStation 3 versions for just £7.99/€9.99.

Here’s a quick recap for those of you who didn’t read our last posts. Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov’s Revenge is a real-time strategy game. However, it’s not your classic RTS with resource gathering, base building and tech-tree climbing. No, it’s pure, unadulterated tactical zombie assault! You’ve got two zombie packs, a mobile base and a monster at your beck and call, each controlled using a different symbol button on the controller.

Blue Rush - Zombie Tycoon 2

In multiplayer mode, both teams start out at the opposite ends of the map. As they move across town toward an inevitable confrontation, they capture buildings that grant diverse benefits. The more buildings you take, the more zombies you have and the more special zombies you unlock.

Also, the trophy hunters out there will be happy to hear that Zombie Tycoon 2 is brimming with trophies. The most hardcore players will even have the opportunity to unlock a platinum trophy!

Orville Machinegun - Zombie Tycoon 2

If you guys have any questions, post them in the comments section or on our Facebook page, and I’ll answer them all as soon as possible. I can’t wait for my zombie army to meet yours in Finkleville. Get ready for some zombie vs. zombie action!

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2 Author Replies

  • For all the money spent on developing all those God of Duty Creed III games… none look half as fun to play as this. Cheers Frima people. Can’t wait for this!

  • hmmm we get to pay another game while the us gets it free wohooo thnx for being racist sony i realy love that *sarcasm off

  • @vaveti – we got the Thomas game free instead, they had to pay for that one dude

  • @ silmorat1

    this game looks like a game instead of 2 dumbass blocks i dont call thomas was alone a game ist just a cellphone game

  • @VaVeti

    I have heard about ‘thomas was alone’ is an excellent game. it’s just that it isn’t heavy on the graphics but rather have a really good story with game play. I’m looking forward playing Thomas when I have the time :)

    for me games don’t necessarily have to have great graphics to be appreciated!

  • Martin Brouard

    Before anyone asks, YES, Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov’s Revenge has a Platinum trophy.

  • I’ve got just a quick couple of very questions for you please Laurent: Firstly, can you please give us an idea of the games file size? My second question relates to another Playstation Vita title from Frima, namely Nun Attack. I know that it was due to hit the EU store the week after its NA release, however, for whatever reason, that date came and went, and we’ve heard nothing else since?? Can you give us European Vita owners an update on Nun Attack? Thanks in advance!

    • The file size is 659MB for the Vita and around 950MB for the PS3. We are very sorry about what happened with Nun Attack and its previous release date. We have officially re-announced its release for May 8th.

  • Thomas Was Alone is an excellent game. I haven’t played this so can’t comment on it but I am glad we got Thomas rather than this and more people should actually give it a chance before bashing it.

  • this game is for ps plus tomorrow NOT

  • You’re exactly right Mr_GoGg4loR, Thomas Was Alone is indeed an excellent game. What it lacks in graphical flair (however, it should be noted that I personally find it to be extremely pretty), it makes up for in personality, story and a wonderfully delivered narrative. If ever a game added up to far more than the some of it’s gloriously minimalist parts, it is Thomas Was Alone!

    @VaVeTi – you don’t call TWA a game, and I don’t call VaVeTi a gamer. Well, not a genuine one at least. We’re both entitled to our opinions my friend, however only one of us is right. I’ll give you a clue, it isn’t you. ;-)

  • @VaVeTi

    People like you REALLY get on my nerves. The Europe PS+ is far and away so superior to the US PS+! So we didn’t get THIS game free, we got games like;

    Red Dead Redemption,
    Dead Space 2,
    Hitman Absolution,
    Batman Arkham City,
    Sleeping Dogs…….

    The list goes on but I cant be bothered to carry on. ALL those games the US never got, they got smaller PSN games instead of these full AA retail games so how can you compare our EU PS+ service with the US service with a straight face? AND to mention Sony being RACIST to BOOT!

    Some people are NEVER satisfied and/or have a PATHETICALLY short memory.

  • @ Aces73High

    i dont call twa a game its just android and ios crap

  • 659MB is a bit lot for the Vita and I didn’t even know you guys made Nun Attack. Ah well.

  • Looks like a great game I’m going to wait for some reviews or will there be a trial/demo?

    I also heard Terraria is in the submission process, anyone know how long on average it takes for a game to go live on PSN after it’s submitted?

    Can anyone tell me why for nearly 2 weeks I can see Ratchet and Clank Q Force on PSN but can’t buy it?

    Is there a release date for Velocity Vita?
    Is there a release date for Hotline Miami?

    Sorry for all the questions I don’t usually post here but Vita news is scarce so I figured I’d ask the people that (should) know!

    I also got History Legends of War: Patton for my Vita today in the mail, is this game cancelled? Why is nowhere stocking it and why isn’t it on PSN?
    It’s a fun strategy game I think I’m the first in the world to earn trophies for it.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help with my Qs.
    I really love Vita and want to support it as much as I can and all these indie games are top notch!
    My Soul Sacrifice has just been dispatched too!
    Viva la Vita!

  • Thanks so much for getting back to me Laurent, much appreciated. I think I’ll grab Zombie Tycoon 2 (along with Machinarium) tomorrow. And I’ll definitely be picking Nun Attack up next week!

    Sorry Laurent, I have one LAST question – have you set a GBP price for Nun Attack?

    Thanks again buddy!

  • @ThugETH –

    Velocity Ultra is coming to Vita on 15 May buddy. Even better news is that it’ll be FREE as part of the PS+ Instant Game Collection! Maybe a great excuse for grabbing yourself a subscription? I can wholeheartedly recommend it!!

    Regarding History Legends of War, I believe it was due to release last Friday, but I too haven’t seen it anywhere!?? I definitely enjoy the odd tactics title, and I really like the look of the (admittedly limited) YouTube footage that I’ve seen. How do you find it so far? And would you recommend it?

  • I have first Zombie Tycoon on psp (one of minis) and there are one serious bug that cant let you finish game. Here big game propably with platinum trophy, but i think twice and check comments after game release before buying it.

  • @silmorat1, post #4. You’re comparing a £1.99 game to a £7.99 game?

    Clearly the Americans got the better deal because they save £6!

    And Thomas Was Alone looks like someone was let loose with MS Paint and Powerpoint.

  • Also, if anyone’s interested, Terraria is coming out on May 15th.

  • OK, NOW WHERE´S RATCHET AND CLANK QFORCE FOR VITA? We are waiting for this game too long.

  • @dogwalker4000 that link is for the ps3 release nothing about a Vita release.
    I don’t have a ps3 so not getting ps+ until ps4 is out!
    Should have a 30 day trial though when my copy of SS comes (hopefully tomorrow! ).

  • @portable18 – it’s gonna be released in February 2013, just be patient :P

    This game looks like fun. Hope there will be something like a 10% discount for PS+, as I’m a sucker for these.

    When is Legends of War gonna enter the PS Store? The game is already out in shops, but it’s not on PS Store :/

  • @d-gal thomas was alone is a £5.99 game (there was a typo at 1.99 on the store update blog post). It also has great reviews…

  • How about some of you guys stop whining over what games you didn’t get free, because, ya know, what we have received isn’t amazing already, instead how about you just do what everyone else does and PURCHASE the games you would want to play, seriously, it’s sad that people still feel entitled to get everything for nothing.

    Can’t please everyone/

    Also, Thomas Was Alone is a £5.99 game, the DLC for it was £1.99.

  • nevim kam mam psat o zadost:pleas free to play game MAG.Ziper Active.pleas MAG2.MAGsupr game.MAG2 killzone engine.super.pleas cz titulky (HAVY RAIN atd)in playstation store $$$.

  • WOW!
    US PS+ subscribers get it for free while EUR PS+ subscribers would still have to pay for it.

  • yeah, bit of a shame that we have to pay for it compared to the US. Maybe they got it as a bonus because for once, their PS+ is updating after ours.

    They may not even get the same content we got on Plus as they often have less full retail games.

    I’d love to have had a brand new PSN game myself, as I have both Hitman and Catherine, but I’m happy with the trade off over the course of the year and Zombie Tycoon was a ‘buy’ for me anyway to support the team

  • Yes the US get different stuff on PS+ than us [the EU].

    SO WHAT!?!

    We get Thomas Was Alone and they get this. What is the problem??

    Have people not seen all the HUGE AAA titles that the EU got last autumn that the US didn’t even get a sniff of.

    IMHO if you weigh up all the content over the past 10 months or so then the EU PS+ service puts the US PS+ service to shame quite frankly!

    Please, can people stop whining about what the US got and what we didn’t. You sound like a bunch of spoiled brats!!!

    If you want a game so badly then just buy it for god sake! It’s what we all had to do before PS+ came around…

  • @ akta9

    What?!?!? I didn’t understand a word of that…

  • @#30

    Yes, that was pretty much what I was saying. But without the Anger and name calling :P

    Only issues I ever have with content differences, is when the EU doesn’t get a game at all and no explanation is ever offered (Counter Strike, for example)

  • There is no getting away from the fact that these people do in fact sound like spoiled brats, throwing their toys out the pram whenever the US get something that we don’t.

    Sorry to sound blunt, but I call it how I see it. ;-)

  • nothing but a bunch of 2d games, we dont want this….. give us some good games like monster hunter, god of war, final fantasy…

  • @Zordic21
    ZT2 (want to call this game from now on to avoid any mod approvals) is not a 2D game.

  • I’ve looked on the store and I can’t see anywhere that it’s crossbuy/play. Can anyone else confirm that it is?

  • So Thomas Was Alone is actually £5.99 (contrary to the typo in blog)? Wow, that just makes it more of a [DELETED] take. £2 difference still there. And that Thomas Was A Block Made In Paint is certainly not worth £5.99, let alone the original typo price. I’ve seen more influential games on newgrounds tbh, and they are all free. The coding for Thomas Was Alone would be very simplistic compared to many of the free games offered both on console and pc.

    The story may be wonderful if you can be bothered to read all that text. But if it’s just nothing more than guiding a block or him and his rectangle/square friend to black doors, then tbh, it’s just too ‘simple’. I know simple games like pong can be fun but TWA doesn’t really break any boundaries or do anything interesting or amazing. I know Indie games are generally different, but come on…it’s like someone got bored one day and made an interactive movie using MS paint.

  • Hmmm…sony find the word for urination offensive? Wow. I think even 3 year olds have of heard of the word, let alone 13+.

    Shame Sony aren’t as quick with their help via email, as they are with censoring minor inoffensive words that add to the post.

  • i can’t see the crossbuy version…. its really crossbuy???? because there are 2 versions, 1 ps3 and another one for ps vita…

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