DUALSHOCK4: The developers speak

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DUALSHOCK4: The developers speak

We are so excited about PlayStation 4 and even more anxious to be able to share with you more features and details as we get closer to launch.

As you know, one of the first major reveals during PlayStation Meeting 2013 was the all new DUALSHOCK4 Wireless Controller. Today, we’re pleased to share a brand new video where developers discuss some of their favorite DUALSHOCK4 features, what makes each feature unique and how it will make your gameplay experience much more dynamic.

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  • Can’t wait to get my hands on the DS4!

  • what WE want to know is just how much all this stuff is going to hinder the battery life? Right now the DS3 is lasting me days of +8hrs gaming sessions before I have to plug it in for a charge, so it’s great. But the cable with it is really short and super annoying if trying to play with the controller plugged in, so if this DS4 is going to have its’ battery life greatly hindered by all these gimmicks they’re adding to it it’s going to be a serious problem with hardcore gamers that play for very long sessions

  • Cant wait to get my hands on the DS4 too. Also cant wait to see more at E3. Just like 6/7 weeks to go now isn’t it? Will we be expecting anymore PS4 news before E3?

  • @2 Tsubaki_14:

    Don’t forget the fact that DS4 will charge itself up even when the system is dormant :)

    My body is ready for PS4

  • Not convinced at all by the new additions from the DS3.
    The lightbar is meh, If I’m not forced to I probably won’t even plug in the PSEye, The Share button is all right for thoose who gonna use it. I’m not going to use it.
    And the touchpad? I would have moved it to the backside kinda like on the Vita. Otherwise it has some potential.
    The sound output just sounds annoying like it was on the Wii. And the microphone jack, oh boy. Never gonna use that one either got no point to when I’m pretty much deaf.

  • @2 don’t forget the DS4 has a battery capacity of Capacity 1000mAh compared to 300mAh of the DS3 so it will hold more charge for starters and will probably last the same length of time as the DS3 before needing a charge if not longer, even though there is extra battery consuming inputs like the touch pad and light bar, there will probably be an option to turn these features off if needed anyway to safe battery life.

  • One thing I’d like to know,is the size of the track pad. It’s resolution is 1920×900, so does that mean it’s almost 1:1 with a HD TV screen.

    The worry I have is the Track Pad will be small for anything other than stupid swipes and stuff.

    If the res/TV thing is correct, I’d be looking at placing UI stuff on it. Pressing were the mini map is brings up the main map, or a hot keys for MMO’s.
    Switching players in FIfa could work, hell I’d even have a custom box that represented the area of the pitch the pad covered. And then have it locked over the the back line for easy switching.

    But if it’s small,the track pad loses all that potential.

  • Mmmh, I’m a bit worried about the Share button being too much in the middle. Tons of unwanted videos recorded in real time by real accident.

  • I hope we get more reveals ahead of microsofts announcement even tho I already have two ps4s ordered and paid I want to see more details of what to expect are we due another showing like the 20th feb event ???

  • The diffused RGB LEDs in DUALSHOCK 4 shouldn’t consume much more power than the 1-4 red LEDs in DUALSHOCK 3.

    The new analog rumble motors allow developers to use 100% rumble power less frequently but who knows how that balances with the possibility they may use subtle rumble effects much more frequently.

    The added speaker and headset port are the only clear big contributors to increased power draw. Developers may have guideline stats about how speaker use affects battery life. There should be OS options for volume and turning the feature off if you really need a marathon gaming session.

    Between plays you should be plugging controllers in to charge. Remember PS4 can power the USB ports in its active low-power mode. I always have two controllers and use the second as soon as the one I’m using gives a low power warning on PS3.

    DS4’s updated bluetooth chipset may be more efficient, the SIXAXIS gyro/accelerometer sensors may be more efficient but overall use more power if they’re more accurate and sample more frequently. The battery capacity may be increased to counterbalance any increases in power use.

    If you’re a “hardcore gamer”, there’s no reason not to be using one controller while another charges anyway.

  • Without compromising the basic feel of the Dualshock? I find that hard to believe.. I wouldn’t mind all the little tweaks so much if they didn’t influence the actual appearance and (probably) basic feel so much.. The thing I already hate most is how you guys changed the joystick surface by making it flat with a border. This is one of the things I always loved about the DS joysticks, how they were rounded and would just roll off your thumb in any position. These flat surfaced joysticks are uncomfortable in my experience. Another thing I’m concerned about is how it looks slightly bigger and more sluggish, losing some of its elegance. The grips look bigger too, which by the looks of it will change the entire feel of the controller in your hands. The grips used to end up perfectly in the palm of my hand, now it seems like they’ll extend beyond my palm, thereby losing grip and comfortability.. This is all speculation ofcourse, and I’m a bit biased as the traditional Dualshock is a design of perfection in my opinion. On a positive note though, the triggers needed some work as they often got pressed by accident when putting your controller down on a surface. Other than that, the good old Dualshock will always be my first love..

  • I really looking forward to playing on my PS4, I just hope Sony will show off the PS4 in Denmark (like they did with Vita).

    E3 this year gonna be good (hopefully better than last years Sony)

  • @8 (Rodia_73) PS4’s constantly recording gameplay BEFORE you press the SHARE button so it doesn’t make any difference, but looking at shots of DS4, I can’t see why you’d be hitting it accidentally.

    I had a look at my different PS3 controllers and came up with these battery specs:

    SIXAXIS (UK launch, no rumble) DC 3.7V 30mA
    DUALSHOCK 3 (bought a few years ago) DC 3.7V 300mAh
    DUALSHOCK 3 (included with slim PS3 end of 2011 I think) DC 5V 500mAh
    DUALSHOCK 3 (included with slimmer PS3 end of 2012) DC 5V 500mAh

    MOVE Navigation Controller (launch) 5V 500mA
    MOVE Motion Controller (launch) 5V 800mA

    DUALSHOCK 4 (tentative) DC 3.7V 1000mA

  • I wonder if we will see what the PS4 console looks like before E3? I hope so + i want more info on the PS4 NOW!!! :D What is the point of waiting for E3?!?! E3 will all be about MS & their new console, blah blah blah, because the gaming press just love them(GOD knows why?!?!) :D Anyway looks cool the DS4 pad, i like it;)

  • @Carl-G

    Microsoft are revealing their console on the 21st May, and they said they’d be showing gameplay at E3, se we’ve got the better deal. We get to see the PS4’s look ‘and’ more gameplay.


    I welcome the new inverted concave Analogue Sticks. I always hated the fact I keep losing grip on them after years of use. And as for the new inverted triggers too, same reason. The Dualshock 3 triggers were terrible. they were flimsy and wore easy after about a year of use.

    Im no fan of xbox, but their trigger design was pretty solid and can withstand a lot of use.

  • @9 Randella

    Why would you come on here and tell such a silly lie? How can you have your PS4 bought and PAIDVfor when no price has been confirmed? Pre ordered you may have them but PAID for?

    Hmmmmmmm whatevrr you say.

    The Dualshock 4 looks amazing and i love the look of it. How some bits are a rubbery matte finish and others shiny black. Sony certainly know how to make such lovely looking sleek hardware.

  • @Coody-Baroody

    I’m glad the DS4 has rubbery parts now. I hated the plastic on the DS2 and DS3. Always got horrible and slippery. I wear gaming gloves now.

  • ps4 better have ps HOME & use our ps3 logins with all our bought home stuff games etc or il get every1 to demand sony 4 a refund on everything they ever bought u has been told sony!

  • Dear PS4 ….wherever you may land first..i’ll be there waiting for you… everything is in place and waiting for your arrival ..just make sure the shadow falls on the second son watch dogs ;)

  • DS4 – need good battery life span
    – need longer cabel +- 2/2,5 meter
    hoping not expensifer then ds3 !!!!!( 40 € instead of 59€ like nowh )

    but i want to see image/price of ps4 ith self :)

    + anounce faster : then stores can take reservations !

  • @ MaxDieHard

    GAMING GLOVES? They sound awesome mate. Are they gloves specifically for gaming or just normal ones that you use for gaming? If they ARE bespoke gaming gloves can I ask where did you get them from?

  • Just fingerless gloves really, but comfy and come in handy when playing with Move.

    Stops the controllers from getting sweaty after hours of gaming.

    But pretty much any fingerless gloves with gel padding will do.


  • LOL@ all the people worried about the length of the charging cable.

    Yes the charging cable that came with the PS3 was too short but for about £3 you could pick up 3 metre long cable. What’s wrong with that??

    Problem solved ;-)

  • @TINTINB303

    I don’t see the problem either. I had 2 controllers with my system. :3

  • Yes, yes.
    That’s all well and good, but how much will it set me back when the stock DS4 breaks?

  • Please answer my question.
    Will Sony provide drivers this time in order to use the PS4 controller on PC?
    I had to download separate program in order to use PS3 DS controllers on my PC.
    It would be very nice from Sony to provide drivers for PC.

  • Commandofin, course not.

  • i really hope that the sound on the controller is able to be turned off or down. dont get me wrong its a cool feature but i watch movies while i play my ps3 and i need to be able to turn the sound off.

    and i hope that light bar isnt to bright. i feel like im gonna get a headache every time i look at it :(

  • Enough with the controller already, the console is what everyone really cares about.

    Yes it’s cool, but you’ve changed the Start and Select buttons for no reason other than you could, why have a share button? why not just have the option in the pause menu or something?

    The light bar? pointless IMO, so the controller doubles as a move(maybe)? Six-axis did the same thing and look how fast that was abandoned, no one ever got confused about who they where when passing the controller around, no one is that stupid(does this mean split screen co-op is making a comeback?).

  • @Terarded

    It’s not going to work during movie play back, the games will have to be programmed to use it. Also the Light bar is on the back of the controller so unless you hold it backwards and stare at it while playing that’s not going to be a problem.

    (I can’t believe I actually had to explain that)

  • @Pure_Mind_Games

    The Lightbar is so the PS4 can track it in relation to where your sitting.

    It’s used as a means of identification, and when playing split screen games, it detects where you are and adjusts the screen accordingly so you get the best view.

  • Im hoping that the whole move integration is optional.
    i don’t have room around my tv for the camera-bar & don’t want a camera plugged in/turned on all the time anyway. Also not interested in having to wave my pad around, Don’t really like motion controls.

    Really dislike the light bar on the controller been on & controlled by games, I’d just find that distracting, You shoudl have the option to turn it off.
    The bezel around my TV & the TV screen itself is quite reflective. A friend brought his move setup round here once & you could see the light on the move controller in darker areas of the tv screen which was a real distraction. Will also be a pain in darker lit rooms.

    Also hope you can turn the speaker off, Hated that aspect of the Wii controller.

    Also hoping we don’t see the touch-pad used in games just for the heck of it as was the case with SixAxis with some early PS3 titles. I’d rather you have the option on if you want to use the Touch-Pad or not (I’d likely not, Hated the touch-screen/pad stuff on the Vita).

    Share button doesn’t really bother me, I can’t see myself using it but I know others who will.

  • @stefmeister2008

    You won’t have to wave the pad around for motion games. That’s what the Move is for.

    As for that share button, I certainly won’t be using it. I just hope I can filter the content I actually get from others because I couldn’t really care less about others playing games and posting videos/screenshots of spoilers. I’m not a social type of person.

  • @MaxDiehard

    I mentioned waving the controller around because i’ve read in a few places that it is capable of acting as a motion controller. It’s not as complete as a proper move controller but is capable of working in a similar way because of the light bar & it will feature a new/improved version of SixAxis.

  • @max

    Yes I know, what I’m saying is it’s not needed

  • @Pure_Mind_Games

    Not for you maybe, but others.

  • Is there really that many people who get confused about what side of the screen they’re on?

  • I hate to admit but I’ve played a lot more xbox this year than playstation and have got use to there controller, so am glad that ps4 controller is a lot more like it but still looks like a dual shock.
    Plus that touch pad means that in the future Sony could put a lot of vita games on the ps4 and not have to change the controls to much I would love to play uncharted ga on ps4.

  • We need a program to backup and manage the games we have and not have to redownload games again

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