PlayStation Home update: Welcome to the YECK Land

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PlayStation Home update: Welcome to the YECK Land

PS Home will briefly be offline from 8.00am GMT on Wednesday 24th April for routine maintenance. Here’s what to expect after the update…

Mysterious and joyful YECK Land
YECK Land is a mysterious land composed of numerous islands. It had its own special landscapes and there were many cute little naughty devils living on it. It used to be very prosperous and full of laughter as being in an amusement park so the Demon was very jealous and intended to destroy it… The spectacular history of YECK Land will be exposed little by little as players explore the island, search for treasures, triggering the hidden devices and playing interesting games.


Digital Leisure Aquarium
Oh man, new fish pack, full on, all the way. What does this mean? It means Digital Leisure bringing you another expansion to your aquarium! The Rainbow Pack is filled with four very colourful fish that will add an extra splash of colour to any tank. Check out your aquarium and see how intense these new fish are!


Amethyst Empress and Fire Opal Aristocrat
There are some elegant new outfits in Threads. For the guys, the debonair look of the Fire Opal Aristocrat suit will really show off your pedigree. For the girls, you’ll be a picture of perfection in the regal Amethyst Empress dress.

Aqua Mounts by Hellfire
A brand new batch of Aqua Mounts arrives this week! Swim through the air and instantly boost your speed to 150% with the new Savage Hammerhead, Graceful Manta Ray, Beluga Whale, Mercury Shark, Lovely Pink Dolphin, and Golden Shark Aqua Mounts, available in the Home Tycoon Train Station and Novus Prime.


Air Band Animation Pack
Rock it like a stadium star without letting a clumsy ol’ instrument get in the way. The Air Band animation pack gives you the option of that old classic air guitar, plus the lesser known air saxophone, air vocalist and air drummer. Join up with some friends and show off your rock star style!

Sunset Lounge
The Dream Universe has always been about enjoying the finer things in life: whether a tropical cruise, an arctic voyage or a secluded woodland hideaway, Figment’s personal spaces ensures a stylish experience. Now, as a special thank you to all Dream Universe patrons, Lockwood have created the Sunset Lounge, an exclusive public space accessible only by owners of Dream estates.


MyBedroom from VEEMEE
The light and airy Birch Wood is the third in a range of four colour styles and is available alongside the previously published Burgandy and Teak Wood ranges. In keeping with each of the two ranges already on sale the Birch Wood suite features an interactive double bed you can lie on as well as wardrobes, cupboards, chests of drawers, a mirror, a vanity table with stool, and a bedside lamp.


Lightspeeders from Atom Republic
Explore Home in style riding this slick animated motorcycle: neon lights cycle through all different colours and at high speed a streak of light will stretch from your tail lights!

Fighter Plane Locomotions
Take to the cockpit of your very own Fighter Plane and soar around Home. Keep hold of square to receive a speed boost and say goodbye to those bogies on your tail.


Stunt Scooter Locomotions
The Stunt Scooter Locomotions allows you to ride dodging in and out of everyone. With a trick emote built in you can show off your skills to your friends.


Steampunk Horse Locomotion & Clothing
Ride along in Home with the amazing Steampunk Horse Locomotion. It will certainly cause heads to turn. It looks even better when used with the Steampunk Clothing range based on the amazing Sci-Fi clothing released earlier this year.

steampunk horse

Silky Blouse
This blouse and skirt leave a soft and simple impression. And OMG, how about those pumps?! You’re going to look great no matter how you wear these! Enjoy the season of flowers and greenery in a fresh coordinated outfit.

Pom-poms and cheerleading outfit
With a cute and vigorous cheer, pom-poms and cheerleading outfits are available in sets, 3 colours to choose from. The iconic cheerleading pom-poms are locomotion items enabling you to perform 3 types of dance cheers.

Carp Streamer Set
Decorate your personal space with a carp streamer swimming gracefully. You can also move like the wind on riding on top of a Locomotion – Carp Streamer:

That’s all for now. See you in PlayStation Home!

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  • Get the YECK outta here. Seriously though this is a nice beefy update. Will Home have a future on PS4?

  • @#1
    It barely has a future on PS3 nevermind PS4. Do people still play Home?

  • @Devils_Demon

    You don’t ‘play’ Home, you experience it. Socialise on it.

    And as for those light speeders, they’re ‘totally’ not a rip off of Tron’s Lightcycles.

  • Every time i try & update HOME my PS3 it turns off? (i.e i press on the HOME icon & it says i need to update it & i press ‘yes’ then the PS3 turns off???) Very odd. It happened around the ‘Doctor Who’ update? I tried it a few times then & gave up & then today i tried it & the same thing happened?
    + SONY must do a always ready HOME on the PS4:P That would be cool. i.e when you switch on your PS4 it loads up in the background & always be ready to visit anytime, even if your playing a game you could pause the game & visit HOME etc etc, that would be cool;)

  • @Carl-G

    What you need to do is start up Home. When the update screen shows up, press ‘O’ to cancel the update.

    Let it continue on. It will then ask you to sign in. Do that and it will come up with the update screen. This time you press ‘X’ to accept it, and it should work.

    This is a pretty common problem with some updates. Its a system thing, not software.

  • @4 i.e Me:D
    I meant – “Every time i try & update HOME my PS3 turns off?”

  • @MaxDiehard

    Ok thanks i will try that;)

  • @Carl-G

    Let me know how it goes. :)

  • Carl-G if your trying to make sony look bad YOU HAVE FAILED there is nothing wrong with ps3 home its your ps3 GET A NEW 1 (slaps you)

    oh and sony where is the new aqua mounts i dont see them anywhere grrrrr

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