Jak and Daxter Trilogy coming to PS Vita in June 2013

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Jak and Daxter Trilogy coming to PS Vita in June 2013

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Last November Naughty Dog announced that the Jak and Daxter Trilogy would be making its PS3 debut. Hitting store shelves in February 2012, Naughty Dog’s beloved code received a faithful HD remake that made for a lot of happy fans and introduced newcomers to the treasured series.

We’re now pleased to announce we’re expanding the collection to the portable audience. Arriving in June, three of your favorite Jak and Daxter titles – Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak II, and Jak 3 will be coming to PlayStation Vita as Jak and Daxter Trilogy.

The power of the PS Vita allows Jak and Daxter Trilogy to feature authentically reproduced graphics from the original games. If you’re a longtime fan you’ll instantly feel at home in the game world and new players will get to experience the world of Jak and Daxter for the first time via the cool new touch based applications of certain mini games throughout the collection. Holding these games in the palm of your hand has never been more exciting and responsive.

Animal_2Jak TPL Screen 3

For you trophy seekers out there the trophy set isn’t shared with the PS3 version so that means there are three more Platinum trophies you can earn for your PSN ID via this portable collection.
We’ve been hard at work on this addition to the Jak and Daxter lineage and are excited to hear your hover board triumph stories as well as your trials and tribulations during your quests for more eco.

These three classic titles are available together at the fantastic price of €29.99.

Get ready for more updates over the coming months, including news on when you’ll be able to play the Jak and Daxter Trilogy on PS Vita for the first time!

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  • Thank you :)

    I can’t describe how disappointed I was that this was PS3 only considering how ideal the Vita is for platformers as well. Jak and Daxter was the first PS2 game I owned and I loved it. Can’t wait to be able to take this with me now!

  • Three games and three platinums for under £30? Nice move, even though it wasn’t such a secret. :)

  • WOW. I didn’t play the Jak & Daxter games on PS2 and I’ve been wanting to give them a try – so this is amazing. BRILLIANT. Can’t wait.

    Also, cross-save with the PS3 version? That’d be great :)

  • It’s amazing really. Dozens of interesting PS Vita games can be released that I want to play, but I still don’t buy a PS Vita…

    Then you announce that a trilogy of games that I have played TO DEATH is going to be released on Vita, and I’m more tempted than ever…

    This is seriously tempting. I got the platinum for the PS3 version of Jak and Daxter 1 in a single day…

  • Never played it on either PS2 or PS3 so this is a sure day 1! Hopefully this also means a sequel is in the works for psvita with a release for Christmas.

  • Jay! This is really interesting :-) Will there be any cross-* functionality at all? I guess cross-buy is out of the question though..
    But, after playing the Sly trilogy, this might be a very nice next trilogy to dive into. There goes the summer!

  • cool news! the Jak & Daxter games are pretty darn awesome and fantastic on PS3, hopefully theyll be just as fun on Vita too 8).

    and more platinum trophies, yay! you guys totally know how to win over some (mainly trophy hoarding) players for sure :D.

  • Who’s developing this port, Mass Media? Whoever they are, I hope they improve the frame rate …

  • Will the game have native res?

  • Any idea if there is going to be a discount for those that got the ps3 version ?

  • Kind of excited about this! Although I still don’t think I can forgive Jak and Daxter one! The completionist ending was bloomin’ cruel!

  • How much will it be in the UK?

  • Thank you for a good news!
    However, when will we see new BIG EXCLUSIVE games with a promised home console level on PS Vita?
    Because now we can count worth Vita exclusives on a one hand.

  • I was happy, and then I saw the framerate….. :-/

  • Fantastic news, great to see one of the best trilogies in gaming histroy coming to the platform :)

  • Another port? You guys really hate to sell Vitas, don’t ya ….

  • Will there be cross save? :-)

  • Wat?! That framerate… and sub-native resolution. Either this is ported by total incompetents or the budget was a whole whopping 5 dollars!

    Why do you hate the Vita, Sony? It’s such a great machine, yet you feed it crappy ports instead of new games specifically made for the system.

    Why does Sony fail so much? There’s like 3 new games announced for the system for the whole remainder of the year. Pathetic… and above all, sad :(

  • Is this available as Retail or is it DD-Only?

    • Hi Artemis,


      It will be available as a box copy and as a digital download from the PlayStation store.


  • Yeah cowbanana, and on 3DS, they will have :
    – Fire Emblem
    – LEGO City Undercover
    – Pokemon
    – Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
    – Animal Crossing
    – Mario & Luigi Dream Team Bros
    – Mario Party
    – Zelda : A Link to The Past 2
    – Bravely Default
    – Yoshi’s Island
    – Mario Golf : World Tour
    – Layton
    – Some mini games on the eshop…

    And they just announced all of this wednesday !!
    What will we have this year ? Tearaway, Killzone, Soul Sacrifice, FFX and some indies games on PSN… And Jak & Dexter (with a low framerate ?)

    Where are Sony’s Studios and franchises ?? :(
    I really hope they will annonce some big things at E3…

    I got the collection for the PS3 and I will get this one too :)

  • @Ariakan: Seeing that list, I am suddenly totally convinced Vita has the better deal, since all 3DS is getting is more Mario and Zelda re-hash, it seems.
    That list really isn’t that impressive, if that’s all 3ds is going to get next year.

  • @Artemisthemp I saw box-art in the video, so I presume it has a retail release too.

  • I’m really happy to see this, will definitely be buying. Although it does raise a couple of questions in my head.

    Is it fair to be paying full price for games I already own? I bought this on the PS3, and I bought them on the PS2, and now full price again. I’ll do it, I’m just not sure I should.

    Also, does this mean we’re going to start seeing more collections being ported over? I’m excited if this is the case but it amplifies the issue on pricing.

    Anyway, thanks guys, it looks great.

  • I’m really glad it’s coming out, but I kinda hoped this would include the Last Frontier and Daxter too. Are there any chance that those two games could be released separately, like the God of War Collection 2?

  • Work on this (CENSORED) framerate please at 00:28 and 1:00

  • As much as this is awesome news for vita (And I love Jak & Daxter, easily one of my favourite games on PS2), I got the collection for PS3 recently and dont really see the point in buying the game again for vita.
    I think they should have made it so the PS3 version included the vita version too, probably too late now though, at least for existing copies.

  • i hope the games dont look as crappy as in the trailer the low frame rate + the frame drops that i see and the ugly resolution this will be a no buy for me

  • Awesome :) I think Vita should also get all the Ratchet and Clank games and the Sly Trilogy. These games just play much better on the Vita than on a PS3.

  • OH HECK YES!! The Jak Trilogy for Vita rumour has finally came true. You rock whoever is porting the Vita versions. = D

  • Dear Sony,

    This is great. Now please give The Ratchet and Clank Trilogy, The Sly Cooper Trilogy and The God Of War HD Collection(‘s) the same treatment and I shall buy these day one as well.

  • @ Ariakan well the 3DS has a year of production advance on the PS Vita, so give the Vita a chance! Plus to me most of those games are gnash! Donkey kong and Yoshi are about the only 2 I’d buy!

    That said, back on topic, I’ll probably buy Jak and Daxter, 3 games for the price of 1, plus I never had a PS2 so they are all new to me.

  • Will this be available as a boxed retail copy, or just as a PS Store download?

    @Ariakan You forgot Shin Megami Tensei IV, and that “The Monsters Came out on Friday on Tokyo” weird thingy also looks cool.

    I hope more stuff comes to the Vita this year, Soul Sacrifice looks like a quality game but I mostly play single player so I don’t know if it’ll be worth it for me; Tearway isn’t releasing until the 26th of October and Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster doesn’t have a release date yet. Apart from these three, there isn’t any big one announced. Even the Invizimals game looks crappy compared to the PS3 version.

  • @Chaosprower
    Well at 0:38 there is a PS Vita box with the games boxart, so I’m pretty sure it will be a retail copy and a PS Store download also.

  • Brilliant news! I was gutted that this didn’t get a Vita release when the HD trilogy first launched. Day one purchase for me :D

  • @ariakan so have a 3ds and play all those if you want. Can’t say the Vita’s got an abundance of games I want but nothing on that 3ds appeals to me at all. Been a long time since Nintendo released anything I felt came even remotely close to the their old classics. Link to the Past 2 looks awful. Cruddy 3D graphics with blurry textures…

  • To those who keep whining about the framerate. Stop whining. It’s a video and does not in anyway reflect on the final retail release and quality.

    And this is great news. I’ve never played the seried before so i’ll be sure to pick it up.

    Any chance you can get Ubisoft to make a Vita port of the Splinter Cell Trilogy?

  • Dear Sony;

    Now bring some exclusives and price drop so it won’t sell 37k in a whole month. Thanks.

  • @chrisboers : This is not just what 3DS will have this year, there will be more, and half of this list will be available the coming months. And the question is not “is Mario better than LBP ?”, the problem is that Sony don’t announce much games.
    Vita games are great, and the fact that indies dev work on Vita is a great news for me, but it’s really not enough to support there console…

    @brianmini : Yes, you’re right, but it’s the lack of announcement that make me feel… “disappointed” by Sony support for his Vita. :-/ There are a lot of good games already, but we don’t really know what “big games” are comming next.

    @Carnivius_Prime : I already have a 3DS, but I prefer play Vita games. I’m just wondering “Hey Sony, what are you doing ? Where are your developers, there are all in PS4 ?” (I can understand that, but…)

    @MaxDiehard : we always say that, but the fact is : “when a trailer shows low framerate for a game that will be release soon, there really is low framerate in the game”. Always. :-/

  • A Price drop on the big memorycards on Vita is much needed thats the only thing holding me back from buying one, i dont want a 4gb in my vita where i have to replace the damn games every 2 weeks due to lack of space

    Also Jak & Daxter is one of the most overrated franchises ever and yes ive had all 3 games but only own 3 now. The only good game in the series was the 1st one, 2 & 3 are some of the most drab platformers ever with ridiculous trial & error gameplay and racing parts with so little time that the only way to finish them is to completely memorize every single bit of the course since it doesnt allow you to make any errors

    Getting Ratchet & Clank collection would have been a much better choice, those games have a much better gaming mechanics on the go that fits the Vita perfectly

  • I still have the PS2 versions which I finished with all precursor orbs. Ever since the first HD remake for the PS3 I was hoping these would be remade as well.

    Last week I got PS3 version of the trilogy for my birthday. I really love it and have great fun playing the series again on the PS3.
    If the PSP game Daxter would have a HD remake I would also buy it.

  • @Ariakan It’s not always.

    It depends on the recording software, quality and the video codecs. Another factor is that software trying to record from the device or emulation at the same time as processing the game in real time.

  • I have the PS3 version, but I’d rather have the PS Vita version. Having bought it digitally, would it be too much to ask if there will be cross-buy for the Jak & Daxter Collection?!…

  • @Arnybira I’m not sure to trust a rendering from a Sony trailer…In the E3 where the PSP go was presented it showed the console running Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, and that game was never released for the PSP go. I’m not sure if the three games will fit on a single game card.

    I hope the frame rate drops are just in the video and not the final game…

  • Is this download only or also a retail release?

  • @GalapagosaraY: Skam dig ;)

  • @Chaosprower

    The three game can fit on a single card. digital games are easy to compress for compact media. Look at Uncharted: Golden Abyss, you’d expect a game with that graphical quality to be much more than 4GB.


    It’s a retail release but will most likely be digital too. A retial packshot is seen in the video.

  • Add ratchet and clank trilogy + sly trilogy and i’ll buy the vita
    Framerate looks bad, hopefully it’s just because of the equipment used

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