Persona 4 Arena coming soon to PS3, limited edition detailed

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Persona 4 Arena coming soon to PS3, limited edition detailed


Combining heart-warming high school drama, demon-filled dungeons and one of the best casts of characters ever committed to a videogame, Persona 4 Golden is one of the most-loved JRPG’s ever made – and it’s about to get a sequel much sooner than expected!

Persona 4 Arena is the work of two different dev studios – Atlus‘ own Persona Team and Arc System Works – best known for the BlazBlue series, and high-definition sprites so attractive in motion, they’re almost obscene.

Rather than just a fighting game spin-off, Persona 4 Arena is a full-blown Persona 4 sequel – boasting a 30-plus hour story that picks up where Golden finishes. The only difference here, in addition to starting a brand new story arc, is that the action plays out as a stunning 2D fighter.

Unbelievably fast and colourful, with one of the finest and easiest-to-play fighting systems of this generation, Persona 4 Arena was on the receiving end of an insane amount of critical praise and awards last year and it’s not hard to see why.


It manages to combine all the story, dark humour and drama you’d expect from a Persona RPG, blending it effortlessly into an RPG/fighting game hybrid. All your favourite characters and their persona are faithfully represented, and fully voiced by the original cast – both in English AND Japanese. Now there’s fan service for you!

It boasts a fighting system that’s simple to play thanks to an elegant ‘auto-combo system’ and the purposeful stripping out of any needlessly fiddly command inputs. This is balanced with all the depth you’d expect from a game made by the creators of BlazBlue – with a dual character system that lets you play using both Character and Persona – simultaneously.


While Japan and the US have been enjoying P4A for almost a year, Europe has had to wait a little longer. Thankfully, the wait has been worth it – with a whole load of goodies lined up for pre-orders.

If you pre-order you’ll receive the Official Arrange Soundtrack CD, with bonus digital content absolutely free. GAME is also offering a super-rare 12″ yellow vinyl of the soundtrack with exclusive artwork – and it’s a thing of real beauty.


Lastly, we’re very pleased to be able to exclusively reveal today the contents of that long-rumoured Limited Edition! Inside you’ll find the game, the Official Arrange Soundtrack CD, a replica Chie Badge Set, a Teddie and Midnight Channel double key ring, 300 piece Jigsaw with exclusive artwork and an exclusive ‘Midnight Channel’ black cotton Tote Bag – in an original Labrys/Shadow Labrys box.

This limited Edition version is available online now, exclusively from the Zen Store.

Persona 4 Arena is available on the 10th May for PlayStation 3, priced at £39.99. For further details, head over to or the Persona Facebook page .

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  • Nice to see the blog linking to the limited edition. That Teddie Nendoroid must be mine ಠ_ಠ (elsewhere on that site).

    I don’t need most things on this limited edition however, so getting a copy with just the CD :)

  • this reminds me how i was screwed of 40$ , i imported a US PSN card and purchased and downloaded the game from the US store, but my ps3 will not launch it , the vita Persona4 worked with no problems

  • @GANTZn00b USA version was region-locked.

  • Will the European version be region locked? The reason I’m asking is because I might spend a few years in America studying starting this autumn.

  • @azard300 – indeed, too bad i found out too late :D anyhow im not that mad about it , its kinda my fault for linking persona and dont want to wait for the long delays , i imported it for ps vita too from US because it took so long to be released here , at elast my counterstrike GO works :D

  • ” Persona 4 Golden is one of the most-loved JRPG’s ever made – and it’s about to get a sequel much sooner than expected!”

    Wait what?

    Sooner than expected? It was expected months ago! This game was released in NA in August of last year for petes sake.

  • But is it region free? (yes, that’s still relevant for me, because I have two consoles from two different regions)

  • #1 I’d recommend shopping around online on figure sites. £60 is way overpriced for the Good Smile Co. nendo, I paid £25 for it…

    As for that Teddie strap, it came with a huge manga magazine and was £4. My girlfriend is a HUGE Persona fan, and we have a ton of merch in our home, but she’s not really impressed.
    You can buy most of this stuff pretty cheap online, so I wouldn’t really shell out £60 for it. The tote bag is funky, but overall a very feminine LE so not my cup of tea.

  • @GANTZn00b Sorry to hear that bro :(

    @iriihutoR48 In the video the Hollie said it ships world-wide so i think EU version isn’t region locked. If you’re going USA are you taking your own PS3? or buying a USA PS3?

  • Wow. I waited all this time for this?

    I’m a collector of Persona Merchandise as stated by #8. I was ready to throw down upto £100 on a Limited/Collectors Edition from Zen United for this as I am truly passionate about Persona as a series.

    This, however, is a massive let down. £60 for a duo of keychains, a jigsaw and some button badges which you could buy from any number of online retailers. The Teddie keychain was originally released with a Japanese magazine which cost all of £4 to buy. I can place practically everything but the mayonaka television strap and even that is ruined by being chained to a single keyring with the Teddie.

    This is a really overly feminine Limited Edition as well, if I may say so. The tote bag, for example… I can’t see any man wearing it without looking very, very silly. All in all, a big pass from me.

    Thanks for saving me some money!
    I’ll just patiently wait until this hits the bargain bins, as much as it pains me to do so. I’m really not pleased with how this has been handled in Europe so I’ll vote with my wallet on this. :)

  • 9 months later and Europe finally gets the game. Took you awhile didn’t it Zen?

  • @8: Don’t worry, I’ll shop about, I had reviewed many anime figures, so I know my way around the block.

    Persona 4 Arena is the only (I think) region locked PS3 game, this is due to simultaneous release on Japan and NA, and NA copies being like 40% cheaper, so it was going to kill the domestic sales in Japan. Atlus said they do not intend to keep releasing region locked PS3 games…

  • I will get P4A once it is 50% off or cheaper at retail. I want the game for my collection but I will not reward anti-consumer practices and region locks with a full price purchase. There’s just no way I can do that without feeling like a total tool. Sales are not my concern at this point.

    I just spent 100+ hours on P4G, so I can wait a little before revisiting the universe (in a different genre).

    I have a few unkind words to share with those responsible for the region lock / EU delay, but I’ll leave those words up to their imaginations.

  • I am happy the game is finally gets released in Europe after so many months of delay.

    I think there is a rough road ahead for this game. I mean there is Injustice, a fighting game more famous from the Persona, which was released in time in Europe without delay(!!!!!) and with a Collector’s Edition worth every €.

    I am pretty sure not preordering the limited edition with those craps in it. I mean who buys jigsaws these days ????? The bag is so cheap-looking. Nothing really worth saying “Owwww, I really need to buy it!”.

    On the other hand If you are a Persona fan that buys anything that says Persona on it, then go ahead and buy the limited edition, you are worth this (CENSORED).

    Because I am a fan of Persona games but not a mindless fan that you can fool Zen United, I will not buy the game day-one but someday at a very good price.

  • “and it’s about to get a sequel much sooner than expected!”

    This has got to be some sort of sick joke.

    Also, massively disappointed with the Limited Edition. I was waiting and prepared to spend extra money on it, but the contents just do not appeal to me at all.

  • i now just have one concern:

    the publisher of dragons crown is Atlus too.

    and this company just loves to delay games in EU region: Persona 4 Golden; Catherine, Persona 4 Arena….

    so, does that mean dragons crown will be region locked/delayed in EU too????

  • “much sooner than expected!”

    you guys, seriously.

  • Okay, so the limited edition is online only also it is really disapointing and if you want the limited edition vinyl well bad luck because it’s UK exclusive. So just a recapNo OST of the game (actual music from the game, not a weak arrange soundtrack), no artbook, no arcade stick and not even a cool figure, but instead a jigsaw & some lame arcade stick bag is the highlight of the Persona 4 Arena limited edition.

    Seriously we waited almost a year because of the freaking region lock. I will buy this wen this things retail price is about 20€, because i am not motivated buying this game full price thanks to the anti-consumer practices and region locks with a full price purchase.

    Hate to say this but i am really disapointed :(

    I will buy Soul Sacrifice instead.

  • Astounding. Not one bit of contrition shown for the delay, nor any explanation given for those who still don’t know why it’s been delayed.

    I wasn’t expecting a grovelling apology. I do see they acknowledge that the US and Japan has had it for a year already, but then it immediately launches into a sales pitch. Ridiculous.

  • Wait what !?!?! Our Tales savior works for Sony now :O ! *cry*
    Thank you for your work on the Tales series :D

    Ok I forgive you guys :D. First day buy , I like Persona and Blazblue :) Please region lock this version before Americans steals our LE !

  • your late oh well

  • Is there also a PSN release ?

  • I love the persona series and spendt 100+ hours in P4G, but I will not be getting this (as much as I would like to). 1 year after the release in USA/Japan but no apology. Instead we get: “…and it’s about to get a sequel much sooner than expected!”. Are you kidding me?

  • @ iriihutoR48

    UPDATE – Atlus has told EGM “Persona 4 Arena will be region-locked in all territories on both PS3 and 360”. So, not just the American version, then. Every version. Bummer.

  • Ahh, almost 8 months later than NA and JP, yet not even the slightest discount is offered. Bitter would be an understatement. I will not be buying this.

  • £39.99 for a year old game. Disgusting.
    I’ve been excited for this game for a while, but I’ll be waiting for the inevitable price drop.

  • What if you don’t live in the UK, and you don’t have any GAME-stores where you live? How will I secure myself of a vinyl? I’ll get the Limited Edition, but I’d be very disappointed if the vinyl was unavailable to me due to where I live. It’s the most desireable item of the bunch… I live in the Netherlands.

    A reply regarding this subject would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

  • Are you kidding me?

    “Sooner than expected?”

    Are you kidding me?


    Are you kidding me?

    “A year after its Japanese/USA release?”

    Are you kidding me?


    Are you kidding me?

    “vinyl soundtrack exclusive to UK, exclusive to GAME?”

    Are you really a serious company?

    Zen and Atlus = Boycotted.

  • is it a joke? ‘it’s about to get a sequel much sooner than expected!’
    we’re a year behind the actual release.

    and you still do the store-exclusive bonuses and full retail price for the game? can’t you do same thing like Anarchy Reigns and give the same preorder bonuses for everyone?

    one of the worst video game release I’ve ever seen in this modern gaming world.

  • ‘much sooner than expected’!
    Ahhahaha, brilliant!
    …Oh wait a second, this wasn’t a work of satire I just read? This is something that is actually happening?

    And as for those extras… badges, a tote bag, a puzzle? Is this game really that dull that you’ll turn it off and go do a puzzle instead?… Imagine if we pay extra for this stuff and then still have to pay for the DLC… I hope that’s not the case?

    It’s a shame.
    I would have liked to play this nice looking game sometime soon, but how can anyone seriously now hand over the full price, after the region locks, the ridiculous delay, and lack of any real explanation as to why we were made to wait.

    I’m also going to wait, like others, until this old game is available cheaper or second hand. We’ve been made to wait this long already, should be getting used to it now, it shouldn’t be too hard to choose to wait some more I guess…

  • Geraint Evans, did this promotional blog post turn out as you had hoped? Do you have any feedback to give the commenters? I think some valid points are raised here.

  • Is there going to be a digital release? Although that game exclusive vinyl looks super awesome.
    If there will be a digital release, please no £49.99 crazy prices, pretty please.

  • What was the reason for the delay again?

    You shouldn’t of bothered at all.

  • I’ve been looking forward to this. A day one buy for me.

    I am a bit sad I won’t be able to get the vinyl though; that is one good looking pre-order bonus.

    Question about the digital fan pack: are those PS3 wallpapers and avatars?

  • This is beyond infuriating.

    The first region locked ps3 game.
    The first ever region locked game on the PSN.
    Fans who tried to DL this on a U.S account got burned.
    9 months delay for loyal fans in EU.
    Still full priced.
    Sequel coming soon don’t hold you’re breath loyal EU customers it could be 2015 before you see the sequel.

    No interaction with the community by Atlus or Zen United as to why the loyal fans are getting screwed over like this!

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