Journey Collector’s Edition out today on PSN, Blu-ray coming soon

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Good morning PlayStation nation! I just wanted to stop by and pass on an exciting piece of news for those who’ve been following thatgamecompany‘s acclaimed adventure, Journey. After winning numerous awards worldwide we are bringing Journey Collector’s Edition to Europe due to popular demand.

Available from today on PlayStation Store, priced at €19.99/£15.99, Journey Collector’s Edition is a compilation showcasing the work of thatgamecompany. In addition to Journey, it also includes the studio’s other creations Flower and flOw. These are the titles that made the studio’s name and undoubtedly deserve a play. The simplicity of flOw and the beauty of Flower will capture gamers’ attention in just the same way that Journey did.

In addition to these three titles, the set also includes the following extras:

  • 30-minute behind-the-scenes documentary about the making of Journey
  • Creator commentary playthroughs of all three games
  • Three exclusive mini-games from thatgamecompany
  • Concept art and screenshot galleries for all three games
  • Original soundtracks for all three games
  • PS3 dynamic themes and wallpapers
  • Official game trailers and developer diary videos


This compilation will give fans the feeling of stepping into one of the most creative studios on the planet and witnessing their unique creative process in action. You’ll get the opportunity to hear what the games’ creators thought and felt all the way through the development of these inspirational titles.

The three never-before-seen mini-games are the fruits of a process that makes sure the studio stays creative – the 24 hour game jam. As the name suggests, it’s a 24-hour coding session where, starting from a blank canvas, team members try and make a game from the ground up in just one day.


For the first time ever, thatgamecompany’s mini-games Gravediggers, Duke War!!, and Nostril Shot, will be available to play outside of the studio. The games are all multiplayer so sit down with a friend and see who can figure out the controls first to get the early advantage!

The compilation will be launched on the store today, Wednesday 17th April, but for those who still enjoy physical goods, don’t fret! It will also be coming out on Blu-ray later this year. It will be hitting the shelves this summer, with added DLC to justify the wait. Exclusive to the physical version will be PSN avatars, including never before released Journey and Flower avatars.

So sit back and enjoy the Journey, it’s going to be great.

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3 Author Replies

  • Great to hear guys. :) A tad late though. Please let us know what the boxart will look like ASAP AND please do a reversible sleeve with something alternative too, that would be nice.

  • I will for the Blu-ray (Retail) Release

  • I have all three games and they are fantastic! Playing Flower for the first time is just amazing. If you haven’t got Journey or Flower you won’t regret picking these modern classics up. Can’t wait to see what they do next.

  • Is there any chance we can get the mini-games as a separate purchases on the Store, for those who already picked up each of the games the first day they were out?

    • Hey JoshHood,

      I’m afraid that the mini-games will only be available in the Collector’s Edition. Currently there are no plans to release them on the PlayStation Store.


  • nice but i already have flower /flow

    soul sacrefice demo dowloading ….
    terraria ??? no again , so not surpriced = out on console (but not in euro)

  • EXCELLENT News! ! ! :P :P :P I really wanted all these games on Blu-ray;) Even tho i got them on my PS3 i still like seeing games in my PlayStation collection rack :D

  • I already have Flow, Flower, Journey and the soundtrack of each game but I’m interested in this edition bonus. Can we purchase these bonus as a DLC?

  • YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Thanks for this excellent news! Almost a year later, but you know the old saying… Better later than never!

  • Great price. Shame I already have both Flower and Flow. Flower IS amazing.

  • Will the new minigames have trophies?

  • I may pick the physical release just for the extras when it hits the bargain bin as I already own all three titles.

    Heads Up…..Defiance GAME Exclusive Edition has been reduced to £25.99 within their website. I noticed on the Webstore that Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD placeholder is there with no price, so does that mean it’s releasing far sooner than expected? I hope so!

  • Great update! That’s why I own all the titles that I’m interested in on the list allready :-D

    That’s the catch-22 of the subscription I suppose. You want great free titles, but those you’re interested the most you just buy at launch. Not to say it isn’t a great service to try out games you’d never play otherwise (or pick up that one title you’d had to skip while making choices, like Okami HD!).

    Glad Velocity is in it though. Was in doubt of getting the HD remake or not (loved the original, but yeah, it is for the most part the same game and not a sequel), now I don’t have to doubt anymore

  • O boy, what happend. That post was supposed for the plus-update feature; Sorry dudes

  • So slow…
    I already have asian version.

  • Hey, and where do you get that code for 1-month free PS plus subscription? That and the avatars are in the product description.

    I can’t help but notice it’s not mentioned in the extras here….?

  • Very, very late, but glad it’s finally getting a release here. I have all three games already, but I’ll definitely buy the Blu-ray for the extras. Cheers.

  • Pass. Really just didn’t get this ‘game’ at all…

  • Please include flOw’s DLC.

  • Hello,
    can someone please reply?

    I purchased this game on psn where are listed all these numerous extras, but after payment, all I got was the 3 games and the 3 mini-games.

    Can you please tell me where do I get the bonuses or who should I contact about this problem?

    • Hi CatFromDream,

      Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’re currently investigating this and will let you know ASAP. Thanks for your patience.


  • Speaking of things being available on the PSN, when’s Terraria and Thomas Was Alone coming out?

  • Although I have journey and flower ( hmm saying it like this sounds like a bad pornflick :)) I surly will buy the Blu-ray when it comes out.

  • It looks like you’ve used a screenshot of the PSP version of flOw there.

  • Hello,
    can someone please reply?

    I purchased this game on psn where are listed all these numerous extras, but after payment, all I got was the 3 games and the 3 mini-games.

    Can you please tell me where do I get the bonuses or who should I contact about this problem?

    It doesn’t include all the bonuses on the disc.

  • Posted on 17 April, 2013 at 11:47 am by Vashetti

    Will the new minigames have trophies?

    Nope. I have the US copy and there are no trophies for them.

  • Addeum to #23:
    Quote is from: Posted on 17 April, 2013 at 1:16 pm by CatFromDream

    From Twitter: Yes, the EU apparently gets a digital version, but it doesn’t include all of the features that will be on the disc.

  • So what happens to us who have Flower,Flow & Journey already. we have to buy the game all over again to get the 3 mini games? Seems like a cheap shot on us who have all of it already !

  • Great news, but same comment as some other people: it would be nice if those who have already bought parts of the offer could get a discount. This seems to penalize early fans who bought the games. Sorry for being such pain :)

  • First, Thanks to Thaddeus for replying.

    Second, also thanks to The_Dukenator for trying to clear things up, but regarding that, I will not accept the answer such as ‘it’s disc-only’.

    If that were the case, they should have made it completely clear, but I just found Journey Collector’s Edition on PSN, checked the product description, and there it listed all those bonuses, free PS plus subscribtion included, so I believe it is my right to ask for those extras or demand a refund otherwise it would be plain fraud.

    I really hope someone will look into this.

  • Just purchased and have started to download the games, however no soundtracks were in the bundle and don’t show up as purchased on the store. Not sure about themes and wallpapers either actually or other extras.

    Just the 3 main games and 3 mini-games are in the download bundle. Is this how it should be? Haven’t played any of the games yet so not sure if the extras are unlocked in-game or not but thought I’d mention it as lack of PS+ codes had already been mentioned.

    Now that I’ve brought it up though, knowing my luck I’ll click on Journey and everything will unlock or something! Lol

  • Yay! Thanks guys, I’ve been waiting for this since you announced it in the US!

  • Sadly, I already own Flow and Flower. :( is there going to be a discount for journey alone?

  • im buying it a second time, i love journey and thatgamecompany
    this is great news for people without internet access.
    extra stuff is a bonus :)

  • I already own them and love ThatGameCompany so offer me a digital upgrade for half price and I’m in but at full price – no thanks. This is where a more flexible system for PS4N is required. Valve’s STEAM already offers the ability to upgrade (see Civ5 gold edition) or offer loyalty discounts based on preowned requirements (STALKER:CoP did it). Hopefully PS4N designers follow Valve’s lead.

  • Like CatFromDream I have some questions regarding the content. In the description it says:

    > PS3 dynamic themes and wallpapers

    After I downloaded all items (including the 14GB big file containing all audio, video and images) I wondered where to find the themes? When I chose “extract design/images” I only found the pictures in my image-collection, but no themes were installed. Did I miss something?

    BTW: Glad that it finally made to the EU-store. Already possess Journey, but couldn’t miss the chance to grab the two other games together with all soundtracks. :)

  • So two days after this purchase I still find myself without the extra content which was promised in the product description? Where are all the extras? As you can imagine when you purchase something and you only receive part of the product it is disappointing. Is there any news on how I get the extras?

    • Hi Chaotix17,

      Sorry, there was a small technical issue when we launched but everything is sorted now. All you have to do is go back to the store and redownload Journey Collector’s Edition. Don’t worry, it will be free because you’ve already purchased it. That will allow you to redownload the file, this time with all the content included. Once again, thanks for your patience and hope you the enjoy the game!


  • Well, it seems most of the content (ost, artworks, documentaries) can now be downloaded for those who already purchased the collector’s edition and couldn’t find the content, and I’m glad for the quick action.
    (just search Journey Collector’s Edition on ps store again, it’s about 14GB file)

    However, it’s still not complete.
    I don’t mind the missing avatars too much, but the promised PS Plus subscribtion was really important factor for me to buy this, so I hope they will send us the code somehow.

    I know the “updated” info conveniently omitted the part about PS Plus, but it WAS there when I (and many others) bought it and I even recorded it on cam to be sure, so hopefully we will get some kind of response.

  • It’s so great to hear this! I already own all three games but I’ve been sold on this edition since it was announced for North America. I’ll wait for the Blu-Ray release because I’m materialistic like that.

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