PlayStation Home update, 16th April 2013

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PlayStation Home update, 16th April 2013

PS Home will briefly be offline from 8.00am GMT on Wednesday 17th April for routine maintenance. Here’s what to expect after the update…


Deadly Premonition
For those of you without fortune-telling coffee, listen here! To mark the coming of ‘Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut‘ on the SEN Store, Rising Star Games will be releasing an animated Raincoat Killer costume and axe in Home. However if terrorising townsfolk isn’t your thing, we also have the adorable companion, Willie the Dog. So catch them this week before they catch you.

ngear sports car

nGear Sports Car Locomotions
Jump in the driving seat of your very own sports car and cruise around Home. nGear from nDreams gives you the freedom to express yourself. They are available in three models with various colours and the Premium Sport model even has its own sounds, press square to rev that engine.


Show Off Gesture Animations
It’s time to show off just what your body can do with the Show Off Gesture Pack. One handed press-ups? No Problem. Handstand push-ups? Easy. No handed push-ups? Now that I have to see.


Break Dance Poses
Three awesome breakdance poses in one gesture pack. Pull off the Pike, Hollowback and Baby break dance poses and watch as your friends ask “how do you even do that!?.”


New Billabong clothing
There is a great new selection of clothing this week from Billabong. Hats, shorts, shirts, sweaters, trousers, dresses and two-part bikini bundles are all included in the collection with standout items such as the Black Heather Bezzle Fleece for men and the Just Peachy Beach Me top for women as well as the Love Bucket dress which is a timely addition to your spring wardrobe. There are also two new elegant two-part bikini bundles; the Reina Charcoal Bundle and the Nicole Black Bundle.


Check out the new Burgundy MyBedroom! As with the Teak MyBedroom furniture there are 12 items for the complete bedroom experience. An interactive double bed you (and a friend) can lie on as well as wardrobes, cupboards, chests of drawers, a mirror, a vanity table with stool, and a bedside lamp. Sweet dreams.

Konami auras

Konami Auras
Check out some of the new unique auras like the plasma shields, rainbow glow and glow dust. Check out Konami’s take on some classics such as hellfire, lightning storm and snow storm. Unleash the power within!


Hostess Hairstyles and Dresses
The Sexy Gorgeous Dress shows a plunging neckline and a daring slit, and the Cutie Frilled Dress includes a ruffle mini-skirt. Additionally, the Gorgeous Hairstyle is decorated with a corsage brings out a sense of beauty from the eyes. Come on, get decked out in gorgeous and cute outfits and hit the night scene!


The feminine Turtleneck and Balloon Skirt
The comfortable Turtleneck has a loose collar and the Balloon Skirt swells outward from the hem. Furthermore, depending on your mood you’re able to choose between wearing black or white tights, or you can choose no tights. This line-up has three colour combinations available. With a soft silhouette, this outfit will showcase your femininity!

That’s all for now. See you in PlayStation Home!

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  • Another thing I’m not sure on. Home was designed to be a money sponge for either very young people who later get in trouble and/or regret it, or for the really lonely person. (There is a third type however that unfortunately happens regardless of social media type.) You get media portals like this everywhere now (bin weevels etc) but I never thought Sony would make a place for it. These portals seem to take advantage of vulnerable groups of people and can often leave them in debt.

    Sure all the purchases are optional so I need not complain, and it must cost a lot to run. However from my experience it takes an age to load areas, people sometimes stay as white mannequins and typing your conversation into a virtual keyboard is exhausting. You can use mic chat but the hodgepodge of voices and different languages makes that a mess as well.

    Home looks amazing, it’s just a bit useless.

  • Looking forward to the new My Bedroom content. :)

  • Normally don’t really care about PS Home, but that Rainbow Killer outfit looks pretty neat.

    Now I just wonder, what the price for it will be.

  • shadowflex makes a point, Home is a bit useless, sure it can be a great place to virtually meet your friends but then again, Skype is faster and has less rabble from surrounding players

    it would be good if sony could either, add function to the game and give some sort of objective (perhaps an alternative reality home with zombie survival aspect to it?)… or better yet release an API for people to develop the game further as mods that can be installed onto the game (for free seeing as it is a huge money sponge already).

  • I bought the harry potter outfit and owl companion & now I do not have it anymore, What the (CENSORED)?

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