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Want to experience the biggest stage in club football? We’re offering the chance for one person and their friend to win tickets to attend the UEFA Champions League Final Wembley 2013.

With accommodation and flights all paid for, including transfers to and from the stadium, watching the heart-stopping final at Wembley Stadium in London on 25th May 2013 will be a dream come true. And if this isn’t enough for you, we’re also giving away a signed football for you to take home as a memento.

To be in with a chance to win the tickets, all you need to do is head over to, sign in with your PlayStation Network ID, and answer the following question:


With PlayStation 4 you can use the SHARE button to show off any moments of gameplay you want – so what is your greatest gaming moment that you’d share with your friends?

Get your answers in before 30th April 2013. The most original and interesting answer will win the tickets. Wembley Stadium awaits the two best teams in Europe – and you. So what are you waiting for? Good luck!

Entrants must be aged 18 or over and a resident in a participating country: Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Please make sure you have read the terms and conditions before entering this competition.

Please note you will need a Sony Entertainment Network account to enter this competition. You can create an account by visiting on a computer or alternatively, you can create a Sony Entertainment Network account on a PlayStation 3 system, a Wi-Fi enabled PSP system or a PS Vita system.

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2 Author Replies

  • Receiving a “Gold” rating in Gran Turismo 5’s X1 challenge. It’s a sham it doesn’t record voice as an option, the sound of crying, screaming and pounding as I joyfully rejoice would completely overwhelm the game’s audio.

  • Dark Souls – eliminating Ornstein & Smough with no armour as protection and my fists as a weapon, all done on NG++. I tried about five times before succeeding, it was insanely hard to accomplish. After, I rewardingly embraced the prize soul and crafted a spear with it. Following this I received the platinum trophy as it was the final trophy I needed (all weapons).
    Best gaming moment for me, ever. I do the one before this then remembered I actually did this.

  • The best moment in gaming for me, Was when me and my brother finnaly got the the platinum trophy for fifa 09, both of us love fotball, and we also love to play fifa, once we got that platinum trophy it was a epic moment for both of us, we still play fifa everyday, and while im typing this my brother is playing fifa 13 online on the ps3, thats the moment i wish i had shared with other people !

    I love my brother very much, and we have never seen a fotball game in a stadion live, if i win, im giving the tickets for my father and my brother, since they are bigger fotball fans then i am.

  • Im from sweden but this acount is for some reason registered in the US

  • My most precious gaming moment was a couple years ago, our family was going to travel to egypt for our summer vacation, and everyone was in the living room watching TV, since there was nothing on, my father asked my and my younger brother if there we have a multi player game on the playstation 3, back then i did not have any PSN games, so we decied to browse the playstation store, we found that super stardust HD was on sale, and my father really likes spacey-shooter games, so we decied to buy it, the reason i would want to share this moment was because everyone in our family got really well togheter over a game, we played for serveral hours before we had to catch our cab so we would not miss the flight.

    that was the most precious moment in gaming for me, looking back at it now, i fell its amazing how a game could bring an entire family toghter and form even stronger bonds !

    Thank you sony and housemarque !

  • Not sure if I have had a moment yet but I would have to say Tomb Raider is my game for life!

  • I’m not an exceptional gamer, thus I wouldn’t have to offer any performance highlights. Maybe something hilarious and stupid, but that would most likely be the result of a bug. ;)

    So while I appreciate the Share option of the PS4, my real “greatest” gaming moments all relied on perfect story telling, not impacted by my efforts. And that’s not something that you don’t share. Would you spoil a climax in gaming history? No, you wouldn’t.

    The 100 signs restriction on the competition site is akward. Even Twitter offers more.

    Imho this should have been restricted to Germany and Spain only. :D

  • Well I cannot enter being from NZ but I’ll share my moment anyway

    I was playing Mass Effect 3 multiplayer
    It was the four of us vs. the geth on gold difficulty wave 8 or 9 don’t remember my allies went down one my one near the start of the wave leaving only me and my geth juggernaut. So I am sitting there pinned in a corner on the ramp to firebase white frantically using my hex shield and heavy melee to wipe out 4 primes and an unknown number of hunters, pyros, bombers and rocket troopers swarming me. Lucky for me I configured my hex shield with damage and my siege pulse with damage protection otherwise there would have been no way I would have survived. But I was out of my chair, swearing at my red screen due to the pyros, trying to see invisible hunters, getting zapped by bombers and being blown apart from prime pulse cannons. I survived … just, exhausted, battered and bruised we went on to complete the level. Suffice to say I had 4 times the score of my allies at 140,000 odd.

    That was a good night.

  • I think the best and funniest moment gaming I had was on fallout new vegas, just going into a busy area such as a casino and going into V.A.T.S and killing everybody with any weapon or item I could find and then piling all the bodies on top of a blackjack table.

  • It has to be jumping out of a helicopter in GTA IV and landing in a swimming pool. Watching Niko Belic hurtle towards a certain squishy ending only for a shallow pool of water to break his fall is gut-wrenching. It took hundreds of attempts to pull it off

  • The greatest gaming moment I’ve “shared” with my friends was when we used to play all the coop multiplayer games together after school everyday and take it in turns winning races in Gran Turismo. Despite both having PlayStations, it was always more fun to share the experience that way than to discuss individual achievements at school the next day.

    And even now that I live in Sweden, we still share the experiences through online coop!

    • Thanks for your suggestions everyone! If you want them to be counted for the competition, you’ll need to click on the link in the post above and follow the instructions there. Good luck!

  • I cannot participate in the competition as I’m from India, but still wanted to share my most memorable moment(s), two in fact.
    First was when me(regular gamer) and my wife(a casual gamer) survived through the 30 incessant waves in Shank 2. We were doing just what the image the game shows after completing the challenge, it totally reflected our feeling, making it that much more memorable. (I don’t spoil the image content for someone who’s yet to accomplish it.)
    Second, was when I had defeated Gaius, 3rd colossus on Hard Time Attack mode after around 8-9 hrs of trial and errors. Was about 3am, and the feeling of triumph and satisfaction did not let me sleep till I woke up my wife and explained how I had accomplished this. Truly memorable.
    Wish everyone such memorable experiences. Truly glad to be a gamer.

  • Second one is from game Shadow of the Colossus, my favourite so far.

  • the best moment for me that i would like to share with my friend would be , me ending god of war IV ( well i wish that they will be a god of war IV for the sony playstation 4 ) in very hard mode , because for me god of war ( + uncharted ) are the 2 best ever games for the playstation . ( santa monica studio , naughty dog studio , sony ) really created the best games for us .

  • Il miglior momento? Quando ottengo un risultato da far crepare tutti d’invidia!!!

  • so playstation my greatest moment ever on a playstation was when me and my friends had a full weekend gaming session at my house and finally i ended my loosing drought agaisnt my best buddy on fifa 13 i was 9 games loosing and finally on the 10th game i beat him 2 goals to nil i was soo happy i jumped around like a little monkey and watched my best bud wipe the sweat off his forehead and said loudly to him YEESSSSSSS FINALLY and then shook his hand and played some more fifa.

  • Got to be FIFA! can’t think about not playing Fifa on my playstation. played ever since 2005 with my PS2, all the way up to now with fifa 13.

    My best moments will have to be that, all the battles with my friends and screaming you’re lungs out. So many good memories

  • It was on my wife’s birthday on a Sunday that i attempted to win the online cup in Fifa 13 and with that the “Filling Cabinets” trophy. This is arguably the most difficult trophy in the game as winning four games in a row online in Fifa is not an easy task with all those good players out there.

    I won my first 2 games relatively easy and from that moment the guests for my wife’s birthday came walking in one by one. I didn’t want to stop playing since i was doing so well and the cup window only opens one weekend in every two weeks. The semi final was a really close and tense game and the arriving guests all stuck with me watching me play as i trailed by one goal for almost the whole game. I scored the equalizer in the dying minutes and me and our friends cheered as if it was us on the pitch for real. Honestly my opponent was a slightly better player than me, but i stood my ground and survived overtime to go into penalty shots, which i gloriously won…now on to the final!

    To be continued…

  • Continued story from previous post:

    I chose to play with Bayern Munich and faced Juventus in the final. With my living room meanwhile filled with real life fans it almost was like playing in an actual stadium. I quickly scored the opening goal and even extended my lead with another goal not long after, to go to halftime with a 2-0 lead. In the second half my opponent became stronger and although i defended well, i had to concede the 2-1 with around 30 minutes left on the clock. With my back against the wall and with the loud support of my friends/fans i managed to defend my lead and just before the game ended a quick counter executed by Ribery and Robben gave me the decisive 3-1 lead…I WON THE CUP!!

    Me and my guests celebrated as if we had just won the Champions League ourselves. It was so much fun sharing my gaming moments with them and i’m looking forward to share moments like those even more often with the all new online sharing features on the PS4! Maybe on May 25th Bayern Munich can repeat the trick…after all they already eliminated Juventus! :)

  • does any1 know why my points are not gettin added on on the league on black ops2


  • Can you give us more space to put our answer on the competition page? Otherwise we pretty much only have enough room for “I shot a guy, he dead”, which sucks, and makes a boring read for whomever has to go through the answers.

  • Please elaborate.

    Greece is not eligible?
    Why not? :(

    • Occasionally regional legal and licensing restrictions make it diffcult to run competitions in all countries. Sorry to disappoint you this time.

  • i was going to ask the same thing but fellow countryman beat me to it
    sorry Fred but its not just “this time” but most of the times…
    the “way of play” was another one
    anyway excuse my ranting

  • I understand, thank you for replying Fred.
    (I know I should call you Mr. Dutton, but I am reading this Blog every day (rarely posting though), so I consider all you guys as friends. I hope I’m not offending you).

    Can I then make 2 questions?

    1) Although a chance to win a trip to the Champions League FINAL would be great, I’d really prefer a chance to win a trip to the €UROL€AGU€ FINAL FOUR (I’m sorry, I meant Euroleague, I guess I’m still affected by the blatant push Real Madrid, Barcelona Regal, and CSSKA Moscow are having. Thank God Panathinaikos BC is the biggest club of all time), which is also held in London this year.
    So, I’d like to request a similar contest to the Champions League one, but please try to include Greece if it happens. :D

    2) A few weeks ago, I submitted my question to the God of War: Ascension QA that is going to be posted here after a pick of some chosen questions, and some gifts.
    When can we expect this Blog post?

    Thank you very much for the great service of this Blog, and (unrelated) PS+.

  • Hi @ShinYagami13

    Well, I don’t have any complaint.

    We get all games, except Music games and DLC (Rockband, etc).
    We have some SONY games translated to Greece (Sly:TiT, GOW:A, UC3:DC, GT5, etc), and even Dubbed (Sly:TiT, GOW:A).

    My only minor complaint is that I want VidZone. :p

  • The best moment what i’d like to share with everybody is how i play on-line with my new friends from over the world. Playstation gives me opportunity to meet new friends and interesting peoples. So I want to share it to everybody. Come on to playstation family and meet new friends!
    P.S. I met a very good man in LittleBigPlanet. We speak every day in voice chat. So he is from London and my dream to win this prize, go for a fantastic football match and see my new friend in real world.

  • Hi @ Spiroth
    my friend theres a lot of things “we” are not getting but i m not going to debate over this here
    if you want you are more than welcome in our forums and we can discuss it there =)

  • The gaming moments I am eager to share are when I get my trusty platinums in Killzone Shadow Fall and Destiny – I enjoy showing my friends my gaming prowess in titles that I love to compete in…I cannot wait for this extra option – it takes the playing field of achievement/ trophy hunting to a whole new level; quite literally moves the PS4 into the Champions League spot of gloating!

  • el momento que me gustaría compartir es el de cuando gano un partido o un campeonato online en el mejor juego de fútbol fifa 13para que mis amigos supieran que soy un buen jugador de fafa 13. Tambien cuando he ganado un partido a un amigo o familiar.

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