PS Vita system software update 2.10 adds folders, video playback

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PS Vita system software update 2.10 adds folders, video playback

Hi everyone. I would like to let you know about an exciting update coming to PlayStation Vita. On 10th April, System Software Update Version 2.10 will be released, adding lots of new features.

Firstly we’ve introduced a folder system for the home screen, so you can now conveniently organise your games and apps however you like. You can save up to 10 icons in one folder and give it a specific name.

Secondly, we’ve introduced support for video playback on PlayStation Vita via the internet browser. You can now play your favourite videos in the internet browser and watch them again and again.

We have also added a new feature into Group Messaging to allow you to send a message to more than one person. Now you can select multiple PSN friends at the same time to send messages simply by selecting them from your Friends list.

Plus, we’ve made the following enhancements:

  • Email – add multiple addresses per contact and display HTML messages
  • Photos – zoom-in in HD
  • Sound – auto mute
  • Email – search message body
  • PlayStation Plus – upload Game Saves via a 3G network connection

So that’s our brief overview of some of the new PlayStation Vita features in system software update version 2.10 – applicable to both the 3G/Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi models.

Note: Up to 100 icons can be displayed on the home screen, including icons inside folders. A memory card must be inserted in your PS Vita system to view videos. Some types of videos cannot be played.

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  • You just made my day, thank for great support guys :D

  • Great news for everyone. Folders and video playback in particular.

    That 100 bubble limit will have to be addressed at some point though. ;)

  • Awesome stuff, glad we can finally watch YouTube through web access as well as the app! :)

  • Vita folders. Finally! Only took a year but it is great news. Nice to see some new and enhanced features arriving for the criminally under appreciated Vita.

  • So happy, that I finally can hide the icons I don’t use/organized my games

  • FOLDERS!! GOD DAMN FOLDERS! Man that was about time Sony. I hope this also means that your icon setup is not ruined if you change memory card, which at the moment makes memorycards even more useless.

  • Wowzers. Thank you.

  • Yay, folder support at last! Now if only they could address the issue that when I change the memory card all of my arranged icons won’t get messed up.

  • Please increase the 100 icon limit in 2.11!

  • @Erroneus (9) You can see which card you are using and it saves your layout now.

  • Lol! For a second, I was thinking “Folders… not really a big deal.” Then I saw the video and TBH it looks like a brilliant feature :D It’ll definitely make my home screens look tidier. Nice job!

    Also, I hope the auto-mute feature means we can turn off the CLICK sound when taking photographs/video. If not, can you please look into that for a future update?

    Thanks for your efforts, team!

  • Ugh there’s still a 100 icon limit? Stupid.

    Great that it saves icon placement now though. Hooray. I can swap memory cards without having to reorganise everything. That means i can use my spare 16GB and not have to delete stuff quite as often :)

  • Great update. Lots of useful additions. Especially folders and video playback in browser.
    Also, I know it was just some video editing but a flying PS icons theme similar to what’s in the start of the video could look pretty nice.

  • great ,
    also i hope download list on psn store u use soon maps !!!!
    -dlc on game name = all dlc in 1 place + be abel to download all ore 1 by 1.
    -extra = aps ( like singstar need to be )
    -last = paying service + date of expire
    + on ps3 on main menu store = u need to see mony u have left like on pc !

    nowh terraria tommoro then mi week = supper .

  • please add an option to backup vita save games on pc just like ps plus does… its a shame i have to backup a whole game just for a save data…

    also i would like flight mode added when u press and hold home button for quick access.

    i would also like to to be able to switch psn account on the same memory card. i want to be able to use my US and EU account and swich them on the fly by allowing creation of users on the vita like the ps3..

    remote download also would be nice. to download vita games once i purchase it from ps store web site automatically ..

  • Some nice enhancements, but I would like to see crossplay support for the Lovefilm PS3 app. Make it happen Sony!

  • Now there’s some good news! One question though: With video playback in the browser, will streaming sites like work with it? That’s one thing I could see myself using it a lot for.

  • just need a time, was not expecting a update for my vita, better sort that out asap when it goes live

  • Has the issue of seeing the broken images been fixed when downloading from the store yet?

    Nice update!

  • Nice now all the vita needs is some new games.

  • Can you mute game sound while keeping the Music sound? For example if you want to listen to some song, but can’t hear it because of game sounds how can you mute them (no option in game itself)? Can you make some sort of “seperate” volume levels (like in Win Vista/7/8)?

  • Folders, yay, but only one page of icons per folder is a bit of a huge drawback.

    I guess that means we won’t be getting that 64GB memory card any time soon then. (and with Playstation Plus we BADLY need it)

  • FruitsEverywhere

    Sony omg COPY/PASTE is where? how many developers are working on updates 2? or what…

  • A step in a good direction! Good job! Now get rid of that 100 bubles limit and give us 128 GB memory cards ;) I desperately need one!!

  • Still no support for multiple users like on PS3?


  • As a new proud owner of a Vita I have to say I’m surprised these features were not already there. Or at least why it’s taken a year to get them. Still, better late than never.

  • Mind adding PSP games to the PLUS save Sync?

  • This is a great update! I hope this is the first steps toward getting rid of the 100 app limit. Think about the smaller apps: Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Skype, etc… are only a few megabytes each and then the retail PS Vita games only take a couple of kilobytes for the icon, unless there are updates available. It means that realistically Vita owners could stick with one memory 16GB or 32GB memory card if there wasn’t too many downloaded games and then beyond that, there should be 64GB and 128GB memory cards integrated within the current pricing of the memory cards to really help those that download a lot of games whether they be retail or PSN only games. If Sony implements all of that I have mentioned in this comment, then the Vita is certainly more likely to sell more consoles across the world. Make it happen!

  • Do you think you can do a tutorial on how to add hotmail accounts to the Email App? I’ve searched on forums and videos on how to do it but the mothid never works. Always fails on pop3 authentication. And there’s no tutorials on how to change IMAP to Pop3

  • I think it’s annoying how messages I’ve received and deleted via ps3 still end up being there in the Vita messager, having to delete them all over. Worth looking into?

    I also need to have a look in the manual on how to properly back up Vita savedata, first time I tried it was a total fiasco..

  • Cool. What about recieving and sending messages to a chat groups created on ps3?

  • Giving the people what they want, great job guys

  • Please update the email app so it syncs when I use my email on the computer. Just had a look on my email on the psvita and I had like 300 unopened emails…..

  • Hi,

    Thank you for the update. Now, how about a firmware update, or something of the like, that will allow us to actually use the Vita to stream PS3 games (which is what Sony promised its customers it would do when the PS Vita was launched). If it can run Killzone 3 – as per showcase – then why have you still not enabled other PS3 games to run on the device? Limiting the amount of games the device can run seems like a poor marketing decision to me, and it sure as h*** aggrevates your customers.

    Looking forward to a reply.

  • Seeing a lot of complaints on the US site asking for more than the 100 icon limit; which makes NO sense to me.

    10 icons per folder, 10 folders per page, 10 pages. Equals 1000 icons total? Is this right, or did I miss something in the post. I’ve re-read twice.

  • Brilliant. All I’d personally like now is a few more apps and home page support for the web-browser.

  • Firstly I would like to thank you for implementing those vital options. It will make our life a breeze.
    As an early adopter I have seen the course of actions that PlayStation undertook to revitalize the Vita console (revitalize as it was practically dead in june 2012) but seeing the good you people are doing, an avid Vita gamer as I’m (playing my vita for around 30+ hours weekly) thinking of myself is left with even more hunger and even more things I want to see in 2.11 and another patches. If I would point it out it would be:
    – Remembering the location of icons when recovering the data from PS3 or PC. It’s a drag to organise my icons, change the wallpapers so that the Vita will feel “mine”.
    – Possibility of having 3 PSN profiles on the vita and changing them them without any problem or one PSN account with access to all regional PS Shops. I’m a small journalist and i have to daily go through the hellish routine to change between my accounts to try and review the games/apps released in other regions.
    End of part one…

  • Looking forward to this, I also hope the app layout is saved, so that when you swap memory cards you don’t get the jumbled mess of apps that you need to re arrange everytime!

  • Part two
    – CRITICAL! Possibility of leaving a group conversation. I am currently in many discussions which consist of 16 people, and when i feel like that the conversation has no point I can’t leave it and am being spammed with messages sent by other participants.

    I’m also interested if I can change the background in folders and if you will introduce the possibility to change the look of the folder icons – it would be another step to personalise our vitas

  • Really happy about the video streaming, hope it works well.

    Now, next up, I’d really like some simple game guide/FAQ viewer. Be fine if it was just plain text like the ones on GameFAQs. Just needs to be able to remember where I was in the file last time I loaded it, have text search, and a simple note taking function, and it’d be all I need.

    Got a bunch of PSP/PS1 RPGs I never get around to playing, because I’d want a guide handy to make sure I don’t miss anything important, and sitting down next to my computer kinda defeats the purpose of the Vita.

  • @BluSpykz

    Look at the note at the bottom of the blog post.

    ”Note: Up to 100 icons can be displayed on the home screen, including icons inside folders. A memory card must be inserted in your PS Vita system to view videos. Some types of videos cannot be played.”

    ”including icons inside folders”

  • I don’t see why people are complaining about the 100 icons limit… I could not imagine coming even close to using 100 icons, and I have a 32gb memory card. Most games take at least 500mb of space.

    Then again, some people might download a lot smaller PS Mobile games, so they might have more icons than me, but I wouldn’t really know, because PS Mobile is not supported in most of Europe…

    Anyway, otherwise a good update. Still, an option for multiple users with seperate PSN-accounts would be great.

  • Are there any plans for dlna compatability? It seems crazy that I have a mobile, networked device that can’t access the media on my server. I was hoping someone would develop a psm dlna application, but apps are noticable by their absence.

  • What jolly Music :D + I hope every ‘PS4’ game is playable on the PSVita via Remote Play :P MAKE IT SO, SONY;)

  • Am I asking the impossible for PS2 compatibility?

    Literally is it possible?

    There’s a shed load of classics that I’d love to play (and buy)

  • Awesome stuff, waited long for that.

    Just add an option for saving passwords in the standard browser and/or make Firefox interested in building a browser application for the Vita and I’m happy.
    Also the Skype application could use an update for messaging, not only skyping.

    Keep up the good work!

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