Guacamelee! picks a fight on PS3 and PS Vita tomorrow

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Guacamelee! picks a fight on PS3 and PS Vita tomorrow

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Hey, all! I’m extra excited to announce that Guacamelee! comes out tomorrow on PS3 and PS Vita via PlayStation Store. €12.99/£9.99 will get you both the PS3 and PS Vita versions, though PlayStation Plus members can claim a 20% discount for two weeks from launch. Take a look…

Still here? Then allow me to add that Guacamelee! is a ‘Metroidvania’ style brawler that supports Cross-Buy, Cross-Save, Cross-Control, has a precious Platinum trophy, and comes complete with rapid punching action.

Punch, punch, punch! Speaking of which, you may now be saying, “Hey guy, what’s up with all of the punch talk?”

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Well, when we started making Guacamelee! we knew we wanted to include punching, but not just ordinary punching. We built a proof-of-concept demo, a video of which I have included below for your approval.

As you can see, we had blocking, we had holds, and we had charge-up moves. You’ll be interested to know that we now have none of those things! Why, you ask? Turns out that stuff slows down the pace of exploring an open world game, and like my wife always says, pacing is everything! But now I’ve disappointed you, so let me tell you what we do have:

  • We have punching and kicking… and posing!!!
  • We have throws! You can even buy more powerful throws as you progress.
  • We have rolling! If you’re overwhelmed or just feeling fancy, you can roll through enemies and parry their attacks.
  • We have overlapping worlds! Enemies can exist in different parallel dimensions, and if you’re not in the same dimension they are invincible. It’s just that simple.
  • We have special moves! They are extra powerful, and some enemies have aura-shields that can only be broken using specific attacks.

Guacamelee  1Guacamelee  2

Add that all up (punching, rolling, throwing, overlapping worlds, special moves and aura-shields) and I hope you’ll agree that Guacamelee! is the #1 Mexican-themed co-op multiplayer dimension-swapping Metroidvania beat ’em up platformer of the season. Hmmm?

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