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The PlayStation Blog recap

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So, it’s yet another frigid weekend up here in Northern Europe. Southern Hemisphere/Mediterranean readers, we are mighty jealous! Still, all this unseasonal snow and ice is the perfect excuse to hunker down and catch up on some gaming, and I hope you’re all enjoying whatever it is you’re playing right now.

Should you fancy taking a break, we’ve got plenty of catch-up reading right here on the Blog. My highlights this week: news of insane indie platformer Stealth Bastard migrating to PS3 and PS Vita, a release date and new trailer for brilliant Japan Studio platformer Puppeteer and a look at a raft of enhancements coming soon to God of War: Ascension. See below for the full reading list.

Meet you back here on Monday – we’ve a busy week planned!

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  • Weekend Essentials – Give your weekend some fantasy and sci-fi sparkle with Okami HD and Defiance in our pick of the latest PlayStation releases.
  • Level Up – April 2013 – Think you know PlayStation Vita? Prove it in this month’s Level Up which celebrates the powerful handheld entertainment system that continues to redefine gaming on the go.
  • Put your hands together for Puppeteer – Peek behind the curtain of the PS3 adventure that’ll leave your head spinning.
  • Top Tips: BioShock Infinite – Make your trip to Columbia an explosive one with this guide from the team at Irrational Games.
  • Get more games for less money – Download Okami HD, and supercharge your PlayStation Plus subscription with an amazing 90 extra days in our special offer.

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23 Author Replies

  • Quiet week, but another new game for the vita so I have nothing to complain about. Busy week next week? Hopefully some more ps4 info and probably another game announced for the vita the way things are going at the moment. Anyone who says the vita has no games obviously hasnt seen the backlog of vita games on my download list :)

  • Any news on PS Mobile in other countries? I want to buy a Vita, but I refuse to do so until’ we know if and when it will come to Norway. I do not support companies that have bad bussines sense, so a vita is a no buy for me until then!

  • “Meet you back here on Monday – we’ve a busy week planned!” Hopefully some more big ‘PS4’ new News next week??? :P

  • Hey Fred, will there be a PSN charts for March posted ? Interested in seeing how certain games are doing.

  • Any news on the 3 missing (aka UK exclusive) Bioshock Infinite DLCs?

    There have been some good stuff this week, but sadly it all paled in comparison to that spring sale and the easter eggs.

    I know that it is impossible to please everyone, absolutely.
    But I’d have considered it to be even more unlikely to disappoint and frustrate pretty much everyone with those “offers”. Yet that’s exactly what has been achieved.

    I don’t get what could be oh so complicated to take same plain basics into consideration:

    * If you offer a PS3 game in a sale, it should halfways be price competitive to retail. That’s something that every digital PC store achieves. We don’t request that you are as cheap as Steam, just competitive to your own physical copies. Otherwise that sale is pointless.

    * Do more PSN titles. It’s beyond me why games as Sound Shapes have never seen a sale here. While the same games managed several sales @SCEA.

    * Same for PS1, PS2, Vita etc. games.
    Wake up guys, this is a digital store. If you can’t compete with the prices of current gen games in retail, then offer more sales on games that aren’t present at every street corner. Simply offer things that people would love to buy. Basic logic, really.

    • Hey there Golwar. I’m investigating the Bioshock DLC with our third party team.

      Sales – sorry to hear there was nothing for you this time. Tomb Raider for £20? I thought that was super-competitive! And we’ve had digital titles too – Killzone HD, Festival of Blood, I am Alive, From Dust etc. Hopefully you’ll find something in our new sale on Wednesday.

      PS. Your Sound Shapes requests are being heard! The team are doing their best.

  • * Stop those bundles.

    Can’t believe that Chris loves his bundle idea so much that he didn’t register all it’s downsides. If you already own a game, it’s a wasted sale opportunity. If you could at least gift away the additional copy … but nope.

    And DNF … oh god. No further comment on that brain f…, ahem, debacle.

    As I already mentioned, if you want to do bundles, do it so that customers have the option to chose the content on their own. SCEA can do, so could you.
    And with the new webstore it should be no hassle to offer a stacking promo as currently does.

    But I guess all my criticism and suggestions will lead to no result. Not when it even seems impossible that the store shares the 3 free Bioshock Infinite DLCs with everyone, as it is supposed to do. Or any news there Fred?

    When can we expect the blog revamp?

  • Fred, Dead Rising 2: Off The Record is part of the Spring Sale but is not discounted. Can you pass this along so it can be fixed? I’d like to buy before the sale ends

  • Pathetic week. No Vita games, Nun Attack missed it’s release date, One broken Vita game in the egg hunt, Store and Home are sometimes broken, Egg hunt was just lame and did not like it.

    I mean please in the near future, just a sale with GOOD games, because some people won’t have enough time and not to mention, the games are not worth buying and are too expensive especially Assassin’s Creed III is a joke, you can get that game £2 less at GAME online with free delivery.

    Btw, what about other Vita games that are NOT in the sale yet like Sound Shapes. But oh well, hope the Vita gets some love next week.

  • Does anybody from SCEE (include you, Fred) read our forced Singstar icon complaints up to the end or you only follow function “if there’s a Singstar word in it, insert universal useless PR answer, no need to read”?

    • Of course. Your complaints have certainly been heard and discussed at length within SCEE – and were responded to last year. Alas, I can’t offer you any additional information.

  • Been an interesting week in the gaming world, lots going on news and article wise around the web. Saddest news being Disney deciding to close the developer side of things over at Lucasarts, they were my favourite studio back in the 90s and its a shame they won’t be around in the same form anymore.

    Most entertaining news was Microsoft guy Adam Orth adding a tanker sized load of fuel to the always online Next Box fire. If these rumours are true then Sony must be loving it, I know I am.

    Other things I loved this week were all the Bioshock articles and secrets being posted on the internet, as well as all indie love Sony has been showing lately. The latter being my favourite news other the last 7 days, specifically the news that Dragon Fantasy is coming to PS3 and Vita, love the old school look of the retro rpg. Any chance of getting the Dragon Fantasy guy on the blog Fred? The guys story of how he hooked up with Sony is awesome.

    • Indeed, sad news about Lucasarts :(

      Dragon Fantasy – yes, hopefully we’ll have him on the Blog soon. Looking forward to that one.

  • Welp, March goes and April comes. A quiet week indeed, but good nonetheless (LucasArts and High Moon Studios news being the exception, unfortunetely) on the overall gaming world. Got NG3:RE, got the Injustice demo, got 2 new games thanks to Plus (and re-downloaded Okami) and the 1.04 patch for God of War: Ascension that was really needed.

    I have two questions I hope you can answer me Fred:

    1) A spanish mod on the Official PlayStation forums told us that all the THQ material that’s gone from the Store will be coming back in the coming weeks. Are you able to confirm this? Because if so, it’s really great news :)

    2) I know it’s probably due to lack of time but… The Weekend Playlist! I really like that addition, we need it back! :P I know sometimes people isn’t on the office (I noticed that Chris didn’t seem to be around this week), so why don’t you try to get other people from time to time, even if it is via mail or something? I mean, Mike Kebby, Ross McGrath, I see Ross Alexander’s missing sometimes! Maybe you could try people from Sony Santa Monica, Naughty Dog, Insomniac… The list goes on! :D

    • 1) No, I can’t confirm that at present. I am working on an update for you however.
      2) I know :( I’ve been really lax at that, haven’t I? For shame. I’ll do my best to get it back up and running soon. I’ve had a run of super-busy Fridays, and that’s always the first thing to fall by the wayside.

    • What THQ content in particular are you trying to access? Some of it has returned to the Store in the last few days and more will be going back this week. If you tell me exactly what you’re after I will be able to get a more precise status update for you.

  • Fred, will Machinarium Vita, Bit.TRIP Runner 2 and Terreria be released. We really hate to wait 3 months again like what happened to RCR.

    • Yes, they will all be released. I’m chasing updates on all of them almost daily – as soon as dates are confirmed, I’ll pass them on, promise.

  • I agree with supersmith #8

    The lack of Vita games is exceptionally disappointing. I appreciate that you have little say as to which titles get included in sales and promotions, however I do hope that you are passing our concerns up the chain.

    I understand that it is difficult trying to please everyone, but the small Vita community is making this point very loudly.

  • #1 Completely agree. I’ve had many happy hours on my vita, with plenty of games on my vita I’ve yet to play, aswell as plenty of games I want to buy but have’nt got round to yet.

    Alot of people have a go at EU store for not having more sales on the vita, but why? It’s a new(ish) console and your getting 2-3 games for it a month for free? Not a huge collection of games yet, but the majority of games out for it are worth playing.

    Say they put a sale on a load of vita games…what they meant to do for the next months IGC? People would only complain if they bought a game on sale a month before it enters the IGC…

  • and we also still waiting on a new update of ratchet and clank q force vita as we had no updates for sometime and still waiting for a new date for it, how much longer are we going to wait for news

    • Yes, this is really, really close now! I can only ask for your patience – we’ll have news soon.

  • Project2insanity

    @Golwar; Still after Sound Shapes, eh? Here’s hoping for you. I was waiting for Rainbow Moon to go on sale for quite a while, thanks to nakano1987 for posting in the egg hunt thread that it’s been added to the spring sale.
    As for your sales tips, I believe it’ll all depend on the figures. The old ‘vote with your wallet’ routine. I agree with you but if it works as it is, it works.

    @Podyman; How many times do you need to read the “universal useless PR answer” before you realise you aren’t getting another answer? Just because you keep complaining, it doesn’t mean you’ll get it your way. Your question could be dubbed the ‘universal useless PR question.’ Just saying…

    @RossyWilson & BaBy-_-D3aN0; Thirded. Vita’s support through Plus is fantastic and makes up for the lack of sales.

  • @Golwar

    A good 80%-90% of games are sold at retail. It it were they get most of their profit. Retailers have been complaining about the digital store undercutting them. The retailers hold the cards here they can choose what games to stock and can easily stop sale of all PS3 games if they ever wanted. Most retailers profits are now pre-owned games so they can survive.

  • Is the Netflix app ever coming to the UK Vita?

    Also a Vita FW update to stack your games in folders and for the memory card to save the layout of apps and games etc, so if you swap memory cards you don’t get a jumbled mess!

    Any dates for…

    Nuns Attack
    Bit Trip Runner 2

    • I’ve heard nothing from Netflix re. the Vita app recently. I will chase for an update.

      Vita firmware – we may have good news for you very soon ;)

      Re. release dates – see above. More news soon…

  • Yeah, I would be dissapointed if there’s nothing for the Vita again next week.

  • It’s sad to see unsupportive attitudes in users like #16 Project2insanity.

    In other news:

    Singstar icon should be moved to the Home column.

  • past week = boring week
    Spring Sale = joke

    i wil not make ps+ longer ( only need cloud save + % off games = not word 50 €)

    vita = nice + already some good games , but price drop = very hard needed in Europe ( look in jappan = x4 selling after price drop )

    U tink peopel gone buy vita if them need to put mony asite when ps4 comes ?

    singstar = an insult to the european ps3 forced upon us .

    world wide lounch of games + consoles very hard needed if other companies can do + corect price to U store + consoles!!!

    i hope to see terraria in new week ( u are zzzzzz /playing ore wath ???? )

  • any update on Uncharted 2 digital wrong dlc is now fixed for ppl who buy now but not for who bought before fix & it asks money again.. any update Fred or Jawad?

  • @BaBy-_-D3aN0 & Project2insanity
    Im glad other people seem to think the same way as I do. Altough I think that Vita needs more big AAA games on it to shift units and therefore get more Devs interested in it, I am very happy with the games that I can play on the Vita and am very exicited by all the new indie announcements. And many people seem to be overlooking the fact that we are getting a game for free at launch later in the month through Ps Plus (0ne that I was planing on getting anyway)

    I also think its time to get over Singstar as well. I mean i was also annoyed at first that we were getting this forced on us but tbh it doesnt even bother me now. I also dont get why people give Fred so much hastle over this, I mean its not like It was his decision to put it on the xmb and im pretty sure there is not much he can do about it even if he wanted to.

  • Project2insanity

    @Rodia_73; I think you missed my point. Say you call someone a name, he punches you in the face. You call him another name, he punches you in the face. You call him yet another name, he punches you in the face. How many names do you need to call him before you realise you’ll just get punched in the face? An extreme example maybe but an example nonetheless.

    As for my opinion on the icon itself- sure, it would be better in a separate column but I really couldn’t care less if it stays where it is.

  • @Project2insanity
    Sound Shapes is just an example. One that I’ve been waiting for. ;)

    That their sales idea DOESN’T work, can be witness by their own charts. The most successful bundle was the one with Killzone HD that ranked somewhere around 60.
    Spec Ops and DNF wasn’t anywhere among the top 300. At least not when I checked the charts. So yep, the wallet has already spoken.

    That is a legit reason for standard prices, where the digital stores remain around the RRP, while retail compete with each other.
    But during short termed online sales all digital PC stores manage to beat prices in retail. And they have the very same publisher and retail partners, so it is obviously possible to offer such prices.

    Besides, digital is the future. It is already bigger than retail distribution. Not sure if that’s the case for SCEE’s market too. If it isn’t, then entirely because they failed to get us on board. And exactly those kinds of points that I listed, are the reason why they lag behind.

  • I just checked how the Dust + I am Alive bundles does. It is currently ranked 268th!
    Sure, it still has more than an half day left. I doubt though that it will get into the top 100. Not even near those.

    And now compare such miserable results to those of Steam, GOG & Co. Their sales usually top and storm their charts, simply because they nail the demands of masses and thus ship in tons of cash.

    Not that this would be anything of this would be new. The customers already vote with their wallet all the time. It just seems that SCEE has no clue how good their numbers could be. Or they resigned and are satisfied with being the dork.

    • We put hundreds and hundreds of games on sale every year – some of these deals will be to your liking, others wont. We try our best to be as competitive as possible, and I can assure you a great deal of work is done in this regard. And, believe it or not, our sales are very succesful – though that’s not to say we won’t continue to strive to offer the best value we can.

  • Correction: “Not that anything of this would be new”.

  • In speaking for CS:GO and why the QA process is taking too long and why SCEE still has no info. I think this could be the reason why:

    And Golwar, your avatar’s gone. The same thing happened to me.

  • ….whats with these prices? dude id rather buy in a retail shop. the price is praticly the same and i wouldn strugle with download time + a incredibly patetic long install time + hard drive space issues….. this is a downloadable copy. and yet there usually more expensive then in shops..makes no scence

  • Hi Fred, thanks for the response. The thing is about the Darksiders II Crucible Pass codes, since digital owners are still getting it, as you know this past weeks I’ve been asking if those could be reactivated just for the people who buy the game new and have the codes inside the boxes, and not for sale on the Store since I understand that’s not possible.

    Since now I know the THQ Auction for the remaining IPs started on April 1st and ends on the 15th I didn’t want to ask this week because I guess that until the 15th (in case there are good news) there won’t be much to be done, but seeing that post on the official forums, well, had me wondering and had to ask again.

    So yes, basically if there’s anything the Store team can do to just have codes active again, no need to put the Crucible Pass on the Store front, so people can access their rightful content.

    Thanks a lot, really.

    • Yes, this should be going live again for you in the next 24 hours or so. I’ll let you know for certain as soon as it’s up. It’s obviously a complicated situation at present with THQ content, but we’re doing our best to make sure everybody gets the DLC they are entitled to.

  • OMG, thanks Fred! You made me (and a lot of people) have a great Monday :)

    No, seriously, thanks a lot :)

  • Any word on a Ps Classics sale? I have a huge Vita backlog, £10 on the store and I must add another classic to that backlog (haha). Right now in working on 100% completion for the GRAND THEFT AUTO “Stories” games and it’s lots of fun!

    Furthermore, are we due another sale “Easter egg?”


  • You’re awesome Fred.

    I feel like I only really come on to moan about problems that really get on my nerves, but I do appreciate what you guys do, and know it’s not always the fault of the people here on the Blog, who ultimately get blasted for it.

    Keep up the good work guys, and hope the Battle Royale Vita thing will be resolved soon.

    • Ah, thanks for the reminder re. All-Stars – I’ll get on that now!

    • Right, here’s the update on the PS All-Stars issue:

      For any PlayStation Store customers who as part of the Egg Hunt Sale purchased PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale (made available on Sunday 31st March) and were unable through Cross-Buy to download the PS Vita version of the same game, we apologise for any inconvenience and disappointment this issue has caused.

      Those customers who purchased PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale as part of the Easter Egg Hunt sale and were affected by the faulty PS Vita entitlement will shortly receive a wallet refund for their purchase. We will reapply both the PS3 and PS Vita entitlements to each of these accounts via voucher redemption at no cost. Both games will appear at the top of your Download List. Customers will have to delete that faulty PS Vita entitlement from their console and re-download the game from the Download List before they are able to play.

      This solution will be available soon this week. We will confirm exact timings as soon as possible. It is really important to us that the best possible Store experience is delivered and we appreciate your patience as we resolve this matter.

  • Hi Fred,

    Could you look into the Dead Rising Off the Record discount hickup?

    Some friends of mine would really like to buy it. :)


    • I’m afraid this offer expired on April 3rd. Sorry you missed it – we’ll have some new discounts going live on Wednesday.

  • @Fred
    I know that the charts of SCEE and Steam aren’t really comparable. For instance the covered time frame seems to be rather short on Steam (probably 1-2 weeks) while SCEE’s charts seems to cover at least one month.

    So naturally limited sales will impact the charts less than in Steam’s case. So the sales probably aren’t as devastating in comparison as it seems, but they also surely aren’t an equal success.

    You are also correct in 2 points:
    * That TR was a very competitive offer. Thus it has always been mentioned as the only positive example by everyone. We are critical, but we can also appreciate the good stuff.

    * You offered indeed PSN titles.
    But all of them in bundles.
    That’s like volunteering for a race and then shot in your own leg. At least the way it’s been done in this sale.

    As mentioned 3-4 times already, bundes aren’t bad per se. SCEA did “Spend X, get Y back” sales. Others as GOG manage stacking promos with an ever great appeal to buy many games.

  • But you can’t tell someone that it is a great sale if you force him to buy DNF. Or if you offer him a game that he already owns to buy another one too. No-brainer, really. Any yet we didn’t see any official reaction that would acknowledge that this would be far from perfect.

    Take into consideration how few sales you offer in general and then imagine if you can afford to make those highlights look bad too.

    It are only hundreds of titles that are put into sales, if you count returnees each time. Seriously, I can’t imagine how often I’ve seen those very same Disney games. Or Square Enix games. Or Hydrophobia Prophecy.

    Not that everything would have been bad. Right at the first day of the sales I pondered that Driver SF, RAW, Child of Eden would seem interesting. And surprise! … it seems that exactly those games seem to be the bestsellers.
    So I guess I’m not that bad at identifying bad and good offers. ;)

  • @3 Fred Dutton

    I am sure if there was ‘PS4 News’ for this week you could not say anything before hand anyway :D You know the internet would EXPLODE! ! ! if you did :D

  • Hey Fred, any word on when the All Stars costumes pack are releasing ? This week maybe ?

  • Fred, are we going to see some love for the Vita this week. Seems there’s nothing for the Vita last week.

  • @supersmith2500 Guacamelee! is releasing this week isn’t it ?

  • Can we hear any news about Soul Sacrifice and about Demo in particular?
    Japan got it 2 months before release, we are now 3 weeks away from release and still no Demo or any news about it. This game is great and Japan sales confirm it, but it’s a new ip and for it to sell good you should advertise it properly, while you don’t.

  • Great work Fred and blog team, and I am hoping for more Vita games soon.
    Now, a request, could you arrange some sales on Vita DLCs like for Gravity Rush, Escape Plan, Motorstorm RC etc. Will be very glad to pick them up in sales!
    Thanks :)

  • any chance of putting the metal gear solid ps one classic on sale because at the moment it costs £7.99 and thats alot compared to all the other ps one classics and will you please also put the spyro collection on sale too :-D

  • Thanks for the reply Fred…

    I look forward to some new FW for the Vita and some news (good or bad) on Netflix soon!

  • Hi Fred,

    I realise you’re probably fed up of hearing about Singstar, but is it possible you could link to the official response from Sony? I’d be very interested to see exactly what was said.

    Also, is it possible you could explain where the benefit in the icon being non-removable lies, or direct me to someone who can? I feel like Sony are needlessly alienating many customers – I appreciate the icon may have brought many new sales and enjoyment to many users, but that could have been achieved just as easily with an optional icon, which would also have prevented loss of revenue from those who are boycotting PSN/new games in protest and have been prompted into considering less restrictive options for next-gen (myself included).

    I appreciate it’s not your decision but SCEE customer services has been a dead end, and simply I’m hoping you can help me find some explanation for the nature of this implementation, and its benefits. If I could find a solid reason I could understand why it MUST be non-removable (a technical reason, perhaps?), it would make it a lot easier to swallow.

    Many thanks in advance,

  • Why hasnt there been any updates to the browser in a long while? for example html5, java and flash player. The wiiu has better html5 yet i recon the ps vita system is more powerful so it should support a better,faster browser.

  • Hi Fred,

    Any chance of an update on the Resident Evil 2 Vita situation? I purchased the RE 1, 2, 3 bundle to specifically play on my Vita and was pretty disappointed to discover that Resident Evil 2 will not transfer over to the Vita. Could you look into that for us, it would be greatly appreciated!


    Oh, also, can we get the old classic Colony Wars put on the store at some point? Thanks!

  • Hi Fred, is the THQ stuff that was scheduled to be republished today still releasing today, or has it been postponed to tomorrow’s Store update? :)

  • OK, whatever, I see it’s already live :D

    So yeah, thanks SCEE ;D

  • My ps vita freezes when trying to play mp4 video, please Fix it in the next update.

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