Sacred Citadel battles onto PlayStation Network this month

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Hello again PlayStation Bloggers, Rupert Ochsner from Deep Silver here! We are very happy and very proud to announce the release date for Sacred Citadel: 17th April 2013! We’re currently putting the finishing touches on the game, together with developer Southend Interactive.

Sacred Citadel is a side-scrolling action brawler that offers a lot of depth, but is also very accessible for newcomers. You will have to fight different opponents that require individual tactics. Please take a look at the first PlayStation Blog entry to learn more.

Through the video featurette available today here at the PlayStation Blog, we reveal the fourth and final of the playable characters in Sacred Citadel. The other three were the Ancarian Ranger, the Safiri Warrior, and the Khukuri Shaman. Each of the four protagonists will have their own combos, special moves, skills, and equipment, and they will each play totally differently. Check out our official website to learn more about their attributes.


So who will be the final character then? None other than the Seraphim Mage, a character who is very special and dear to all Sacred fans! The Seraphim has always played a unique role in the Sacred series, one could even say that she is the figurehead for Sacred.

In Sacred Citadel, the Seraphim represents the Mage class, specialized in offensive magic. She keeps to the background most of the time and casts devastating magic spells that cause elemental damage with various effects. With a spell book or a wand in her hand, she can also cause magic combo attacks using the elements of fire and ice.

Sacred Citadel will be available for PS3 on 17th April 2013, at a price of €14.99. For all of those fans who are eager for more, we also have a special surprise to announce around that date.

Join us on our official Facebook or Twitter pages or check out more artwork, videos, and screenshots on our official website. We look forward to playing Sacred Citadel with you online from 17th April! And feel free to ask us more questions below, we are looking forward to answering them!

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  • I’ve not been keeping up with this one. Is there going to be any RPG elements to it? I quite liked Sacred 2, not sure what to think about how different this is, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a demo.

    Also the obligatory “any plans on a Vita release?”

  • did not know about this game! but glad that i found out just before it comes out. looks great

    give your community manager a big “beyond!”

  • GREAT!
    can’t wait to play this one! :)

    eager to see what “we also have a special surprise to announce around that date” means… maybe sacred 2 free for plus members? or a deal?
    hmm, we’ll see :D

  • Maurice Tan

    Hey everyone! I’m Maurice, your Community Manager from Deep Silver. Ask me anything (about Sacred Citadel)!

    As almost all of the questions in the last PS Blog entry were about the Vita: There are currently no plans for a PlayStation Vita version or remote play. As a Vita owner I would’ve loved Sacred Citadel on Vita as well, but Southend Interactive has put a lot of work into getting the game to the level of quality that people should expect from a modern beat ’em up/brawler, and we’re proud of the work they have done on making an awesome new entry to this often underrated genre for PSN.

    With that out of the way, I’m happy to answer any questions about mechanics, offline and online co-op (there is both!), classes, and whatever you can think of :)

  • i pas , but i have other question =
    sacred 3 comming to ps3 but i want to nowh also to ps4 ?

  • hello Maurice and congrats for your great work :)

    could you tell us how long will it take to finish the game? and how many trophies will be there?

    • Depends on your skill level, I would say ;)

      There are four distinct areas, and five levels per area. If you want to rush through the game, I guess you could technically complete it in one long sitting with one character. But there are four unique characters! Or more if you want to create different builds for each character. Do you want a melee/tank Warrior, or one focused on attack power?

      Then there are towns in each region, where you can buy weapons and armor, stash items, and access a town character for special challenges. These challenges will let you replay a level by trying not to die, going for a high score by killing everything with long combo chains for kills, or trying to beat a level under a certain time limit. As a reward you get special loot to buff up your character.

      I’d recommend experimenting with the characters and builds, and trying to find what suits your own playstyle best. But don’t be afraid to explore other playstyles!

      There should be around 15 trophies.

  • looks very interesting i’ve always like those side-brawlers since golden axe.

    are you aber to juggle you oponen sky high and keep some combos running while in air?

    • Yep, especially the Ancarian Ranger (the Archer class) has a combo moveset where you can uppercut the enemy into the air, and then juggle it a bit with your bow and arrow. With co-op, you can keep them in the air for a long time.

  • Awesome! Can’t wait to play it in co-op :)

  • Although this game looks brilliant, im very cautious about games that look like this ala Shank, BloodRayne: Betrayal – the flash-game type movement never feels fluid enough for me, especially when its focused on combat.

    Can you speak at all to how the game feels, is it fast and tactical or more methodal pace?

    • It’s more fast and tactical than methodical and slow. Beyond different combo finishers for uppercuts, area-of-attack stuns, knockbacks, and back-strikes, you can dodge in any direction with the right analog stick.

      Depending on your class, you’ll want to get in and out of combat to land damage and combos, stay on the front lines, or play more of a support role to buff and heal your team-mates. It’s best to try the demo and play it for yourself I think; sometimes at things like PAX or gamescom people wonder what this game is, and then they play it and have a blast.

  • Really disappointing there is no Vita version. Short sighted developers creating a game that will likely sadly fail. Why would you not bother with Vita where games like this are known to sell more?

    Hopefully you will release future titles on Vita as nearly every comment on this game internet wide is complaining about no Vita version.

  • Well it looks like you guys have put alot of love and energy into realising this project but sadly this type of game isn’t one that will really appeal on a console and would have been perfect on a handheld….

    I really hope for the sake of sales that ‘surprise’ announcement is that you are releasing a vita version because there is no excues not to at the moment with all Sony’s support behind this platform.

  • April 17th.. So does that mean the game has got through submission? Really dont want this to be delayed.

    • From what I can see, there shouldn’t be any reason why it would be delayed at this point. Unless all the hard drives everywhere simultaneously explode for some reason.

  • I have to disagree with Silent_Gig, the combat in Shank certainly felt fluid to me and still had the proper heavy feel and impact I required in a game about beating folk up.

    I’ll try this out cos it looks promising.

  • Is couch and online co-op drop in/drop out?

    • Exactly that. Couch co-op for local co-op, drop in/drop out for online co-op. Up to three players.

  • How many abilities per character? And how many can you max out?
    Is there a level cap?

    Looks promising, will keep an eye on this =)

    • Each character has 4 combo finishers that depend on the direction you aim your final heavy blow in a blow: stun, knockback, uppercut, and back-strike.

      Beyond that, each character has a different way of doing heavy/secondary attacks. The Ranger has a bow, the Shaman has a tambourine for defensive and offensive/debilitating buffs, and the Mage has offensive magic. The spellcasters (Shaman and Mage) also have different ways to cast magic. For instance, the Shaman can cast a team damage buff with one element and one move, or cast a team defense buff with that same element and another move.

      Each character also builds up a total of 3 power bars by dealing damage and stringing combos together. Depending on how many power bars you have, you deal more damage or do a different, more powerful Power Attack.

      Maxing out is more stat-based as you level up a character, so your abilities will be modified by your stats but you don’t level up abilities themselves.

  • I’am glad to see what was the last class was going to be. I knew it had to be a Seraphim type of class.Do this class has some similar spells and move like the shaman or is she a sorceress type with totally different action in conjuring up spells.Cause of right now it seem like I would rather play with the Seraphim.

    • The Shaman is more of a support class while the Seraphim is about offensive magic. The spells are different: the Shaman is for buffs and debuffs, while the Seraphim is more your offensive mage/sorceress type.

      Both can hold their own in melee combat, though! Not as much as the melee-focused Warrior perhaps, but they aren’t useless in basic combat outside of spell casting.

  • awesome! your description about the regions and how to gain rewards to buff up a character made me want to play it even more!!!!
    i’ll definitely start with ranger, cause i always love a bow when i have the opportunity to use one :D

  • Looks fun, I love me a good scrolling beatemup, and the online co-op makes this very attractive to me. How is the netcode?

  • And another question, is the co-op global?
    Will i be able to play with someone in the US if i’m in EU?

    • Playing online co-op between EU and US won’t be a problem, there are no region locks for that or anything.

  • No Vita version, no buy. Not really interested in playing something like this on anything but a handheld. And no, remote play will not do it. It is the lazy way out and only works well in relatively close proximity to a PS3 via wi-fi – and the image quality just doesn’t measure up.

    So, Vita version incoming?

  • Good news! When can we expect Sacred 3 to be published?

  • I am always looking forward to couch-coop games. My wife is enjoying playing games with me and there are not that many couch-coop games available.

    My question: Are all of the trophies available offline for 2 players while one of them is a casual gamer… or are you going to introduce extra hard trophys or mandatory online trophies where my wife will have to sit beside me only watching me playing with a stranger on the internet instead of her?

    • The only trophy for multiplayer is to complete all levels in multiplayer, but this should work in any form — offline or online.

  • Looking really good. But why bother? Why bother supporting new developers or smaller budgeted titles, when in 6 weeks time it’ll be free with PSN?

    I feel like such a mug recently. An absolute fool for buying anything off the Store, only for everything to turn up free weeks later.

    So that’s it. I’ll continue with buying off the Marketplace, and E-Store, but settle with PS+ for the PS3. I know people will say you can’t guarantee it’ll be a plus title, but it’s worth risking it for the money I’ll save…and for not feeling like a victim of a great and beautiful con….

  • Maurice Tan

    That’s it for answering questions from our side!

    Thanks everyone for all the feedback, questions, and suggestions. They have all been noted :). I hope everyone will give the free demo a try to make up their own minds come release!

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