Acclaimed sandbox adventure Terraria coming soon to PS Vita

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Acclaimed sandbox adventure Terraria coming soon to PS Vita


Your voices have been heard, and it’s my great pleasure to announce that after much discussion the teams at 505 Games, Engine Software, and Re-Logic have decided to continue our exciting journey together and bring Terraria to the PlayStation Vita! That’s right, folks – Terraria will be available to play anytime, anywhere! It’s almost like we never sleep!

Ever since we announced that Terraria was coming to console, we’ve been overwhelmed by requests for a PS Vita version. We’re tremendous fans of the PS Vita system – and especially with its touch controls, dual analogue sticks, gorgeous display, and robust online features – it seemed like a natural fit. The PS Vita is a great platform for digital games in particular, and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it.

For those of you who haven’t yet heard of Terraria, it’s a sandbox adventure in the style of our favorite “Metroidvania” games – an indie darling on PC that has gathered an impassioned community and sold over two million copies.

As a sandbox game, it has all the endless possibilities we’ve come to expect – you can build with dozens of blocks and craft hundreds of items – and yet it’s unique in how easy it is to pick up and play because of its platformer controls and familiar 16-bit graphics.

The core of the game focuses on exploring the sprawling, randomly-generated worlds with their exotic biomes and deep underworlds, as well as slaying the hordes of monsters and evil bosses contained within. As you progress on your adventure you mine stronger ores with which to craft better weapons and armour, and collect magic treasure to help you become any type of hero you can imagine. Laser rifles, wands, potions, flamethrowers, shark launchers – Terraria literally has it all.


The true soul of the game comes out with its multiplayer. Adventuring with (or fighting against) your friends in massive worlds is an absolute blast. Just like the PlayStation 3 version, Terraria on PS Vita will support up to eight simultaneous online players, along with competitive leaderboards and (extremely) challenging Trophies!

The joy of the game is in its sense of discovery – you never quite know what is around the next corner. The game plays great in both small chips or large chunks of time, so perfect again for the PS Vita. One thing is for sure – you will soon be racking up hours upon hours of gameplay time! In Terraria, the world is your canvas, so make it your own!

More details will follow, so stay tuned for announcements. And if you have any questions, let us know!

And for all those Terraria fans wondering where the EU PS3 version is, we’re truly gutted that the game couldn’t come out with the other versions. We’re in submission now and will release very soon. We only announced the other versions with three days notice J… so the second we have good news we will let you know.


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2 Author Replies

  • Not even surprised that EU gets the game later.

    Still waiting for CS:GO.

  • Cannot wait! Thanks 505 and Sony!!!

  • So if it’s in submission when will it be released? Why could Microsoft release it globally without an issue? Will there be a PS+ discount on launch?

  • Cool i buy it DAY ONE !!

  • I hope you guys support Cross-Play, and Cross-Save functionality!

  • I’m definitely getting this for both consoles. Great work, guys! Terraria is a brilliant game.

  • Played this game on PC and liked it very much, but I like to play more “meaty” games on my computer. Always wished to have this game on the go. Vita is just perfect for this. I just hope they’ll make a good use of touch controls (they have to if they want to succeed).

  • Will it be out this week ? Or we must wait much longer? Its unfair for EU players!

  • The delay isnt your fault 505, but its prob you who will suffer for it.

  • Simply awesome news – certainly a day one buy for the vita.

  • “We’re in submission now and will release very soon.”
    Very soon? Few hours or few days?

  • Why not get out on ps3 now and get out on the vita after? People was to buy it on the PSN and bought it on the Xbox 360 because of this delay. It was not a good idea.

  • Great news, thanks !!!

  • So much Vita goodness. Just pump it into my veins ;D

  • Wow, vita can’t be stopped anymore XD
    It is becoming the new biggest indies’ home. I’m really happy for so much games, they are all fun and cheap, but I think it should be time to announce some aaa title too.

  • Will it have cross buy? and all the cross play features?
    I don’t think i am ready to pay 12 pounds now and then pay another 12 pounds for the PS vita version.

  • Will this support ad-hoc?

  • Looks very interesting?
    Is it cross buy?
    How much?
    And how big?

  • Please, please, please as well as online multi-player, make ad-hoc multi-player a feature too!

  • it’s in submission, so it’s in scee’s hands now?

    sorry guys, don’t go holding your breath waiting for them to release your game any time soon.

    when scee say “soon”, they’re talking in geological time scales.

    we had to wait nine months for them to release the pink knight dlc

    everybody else gets it out on times, scea, ms, just scee the lame donkey miles behind.

    i’m tempted to just get the xbox version, at least that way you guys will still get paid, and as a bonus scee won’t get a single penny.

    but i think i’d rather get it from the us store, so i can play it online, and scee still don’t get a damn penny.

    doesn’t it ever annoy developers when scee sit on content like this?

    it’s your livelyhood they’re screwing with after all.

    well luckily for you this isn’t the only point of sale for this game, but some other devs aren’t so lucky.

    anyway, best of luck with the game, thankfully there are some companies that had the sense and/or competence to release it on time.
    like MICROSOFT, and SCEA

  • Will it be possible to mix PS3 and Vita players online?
    Already got Terraria at release on Steam and loved it. It appealed me far more as Minecraft for example. With Cross Buy and Cross Play options, I might be tempted to purchase the game once more.

    • Cross Play, i.e. mixing PS3/Vita online play, is something we’ve had to evaluate very, very carefully — the technical obstacles are significant (both on the PS Vita and PS3 side). It’s really a matter of weighing how much demand there is for that specific feature, versus how long it might potentially delay the release. We’re certainly eager to see how popular online multiplayer is for everyone on PS3!

  • I find it very positive that a vita version comes
    but if we have to be very ridiculous reasons to wait longer for the game for whatever reason, I would like to see these things.
    1 =% off in first week or free extra dlc.
    2 = when you buy ps3 version you pay for the vita version less.

    and sony = get your affairs in order like ms or other companies, you’re surprised why so long badly in your company
    I personally do not, with all those ridiculous pricing policy and not globally to launch.

  • Looks great, and I’d really like to buy it. Thanks for trying to get this to EU PS3 users. I just hope SCEE don’t ruin it for you and us…

  • Is it normal that i can’t dowload this in the EU(Belgium) Store? (for PS3). I can see the game, but there is no buy/download option.

  • Great i’m so happy ! But any information about cross Play/Save/Buy ?

  • Come on I need the PS3 version hurry up guys (even though theres probably nothing you can do)

  • Tons of new games for Vita. Not in Swedish please!

  • Seriously can’t wait, It’s an utterly PERFECT fit for the Vita.
    Many thanks for making this happen!

  • You’re going to have to wait. The developer has said on his twitter account the Vita version wont be released until at least the summer. No word at all on the PS3 version.

  • Yes it’s great to see this game and all the other indie titles come to the Vita. But how about releasing it for the PS3 here in the EU region so we can all get our pick-axe on and dig for glory!

  • Cross Play/Save/Buy ? Hopefully Cross save will be included atleast.

  • Ah yes SCEE’s infamously bad submission process, ahh well it was wishful thinking we’d ever get this. Why did I create a Europe account again? There is absolutely ZERO benefits.

  • Yeah, let’s hope it doesn’t suffer the same 3 month delay like what Retro City Rampage did.

  • Brother and I were really looking forward to this,but the wait means we’ll probably let it pass.

    SCEA seem to have dropped a lot of dev requirements in the run up to PS4. The problem is SCEE have never talked about how their getting devs onboard or how they’ll make it painless for devs. It’s all been SCEA talking.
    It puts real doubt in my mind regarding PS4. One of the reasons I haven’t got Vita is SCEE. You can find the quote in one of the pre launch topics, I said “I dont trust SCEE getting all the content day 1”
    All the blog folk are nice guy’s, I’m sure the unsung guy’s are also sound. But as a organisation I’ve lost that trust in them.
    Plus has been amazing for us, so they can deliver. But they really need to step it up or I won’t be buying a PS4.

  • Wasn’t going to buy this on PS3, but having found out it’s on Vita… it’s definitely going to be a must-buy for me!

    Cross-play would definitely be excellent though, so I’m hoping for that.

    I have to say… The Vita really is seeming promising, lately. I’ve had it for 6 months or so, and I’ve really enjoyed it, but only now is it starting to feel exciting. Great job!

  • This is good news… Just as long as it actually does come to Australia.

  • Awesome hope it gets released soon in all regions!

  • So the game definitely isn’t coming this week. Would it be safe to assume it isn’t coming next week because of the Easter break so that would make the 10th of April the earliest we can expect it?

  • Really hope this gets Cross-buy and some form of PS+ rebate. I already got it for Steam, so I don’t see my self paying 15€ for this games on PS3, but if it had Cross-buy, I diffidently would.

    I know the devs has properly been working hard on getting this ported to PS3 / Vita, and it’s great they are doing it, but let’s be fair here, it’s an “old game” which can be found other places much cheaper.

  • Why is terraria NOT on the UK Playstation Store i dont want a repeat of Counter Strike GO where we never got it!

  • That sucks ass I really want to play but I can’t since it’s in “submission”. But this Vita version seems to be a great idea and my vita needs some good titles.

  • Please promise me that you will submit the Vita version well in time so we won’t have to wait the entire summer for the game to come out D:

  • Will it support adhoc multiplayer though? please do not forget about this, its just as important.

  • Will it support adhoc multiplayer? Please make sure it does, its just as important.

  • From the developers web site/twitter feed;

    Terraria will be priced at £11.99/€14.99. There is no PS+ discount. The game is going through $CEE’s approval process now. It was sent to everyone for approval at the same time. The developer doesn’t know when it will be released on EU PSN and wouldn’t attempt a guess either. Almost certain though you wont be playing it this Easter holiday unless you buy it from some where else.

  • >^> regret putting money on my normal account badly.. Wish I had read before hand and to it on my American, why are we always screwed over? Why?
    Sony always tries to assure us they value their customers, but when a very popular game is to be released and we are pushed over by a… A submission for approval?!
    What does Sony take us for?! Or should I say what does the SCEE take us for?!
    SCEE is a failure, it always been, and it always will be, The PS4 will be no different neither will the vita, SCEE will always screw over European gamers.
    SCEE get your act together, not just because of one game, but because of the future of your customers, many will change for a better service, like Xbox, or invest in a PC to get this game even cheaper.
    So in simple terms: SCEE stop screwing over your customers or you’ll lose them all in the end.
    It’s just pathetic, one game puts a spanner in the works, all because they Are so slow at saying, oh hey, look the games good, might need some patches there though jeff!
    This is all.. Rant over

  • GG guys SCEE has it now…see you in November terraria eu

  • It sure suck to be a euro PS3 gamer recently, first Microsoft grab Minecraft exclusivity and now this happens…
    SCEE need to pull the finger out and release quality like Terraria soon, I’ve been waiting 3 years for a great indie sandbox game to hit PS3 and it’s starting to feel like it’ll never happen…

    Thanks for keeping us posted though 505, you certainly earn my respect for catering to both consoles. I will be buying Terraria on euro launch and I know it’ll wash away all the dry, brown shooters and freeroamers that are flooding the market these days.

    Please keep pushing this as I and many other euro/aus gamers are waiting with baited breath. My only hope is that you guys dont suffer for SCEE’s blindness.


  • Ok I dont mind the fact that we get it last we all just want to know why its taking so long and wen will we get it. (why did everyone else get it before us)

  • I like terraria too. Please include the adhoc multiplayer as well and I will buy it as soon as I can.

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