Velocity Ultra: new trailers and new features for PS Vita shoot ’em up

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Velocity Ultra: new trailers and new features for PS Vita shoot ’em up

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Hey folks! I’m here to share all the juicy details about Velocity Ultra on PS Vita. Velocity on minis was critically celebrated (lots of 9/10 review scores), but many people suggested improvements to the game to make it a ‘must buy’.

So we began scouring the internet for every Velocity write-up we could find – professional and hobbyist – as well as YouTube comments and forum threads around the world. We took all the feedback into account, and addressed all of the major requests (as well as some of the minor).

Here’s a trailer that gives you the highlights, read on for more details:

PSN Trophies
Many people thought Velocity was a bargain on minis because of the sheer amount of content we managed to squeeze into it, and now Sony has made it official by classifying the game as ‘Large’ when allocating trophies for the new release – which means Velocity Ultra has lots of trophies, including a Platinum! You’re gonna have to work for that one…

PSN Leaderboards
Velocity Ultra features global and friend online leaderboards, as well as something called the Elite Lounge, which is a bit like an exclusive club for awesome players. To find out more about the Elite Lounge, check this link.


Unified art style
We’ve given the entire game a native graphics facelift with a more contemporary art style, and we were so happy with the new art we put nice pictures up on our studio wall.

Touch to teleport and bombs on right stick
Two highly requested features for the PS Vita version that, to be perfectly honest, don’t really work very well in our opinion, but you wanted them, so we put them in so you can make up your own mind!


Loads of refinements
We also took the opportunity to give Velocity Ultra as much user experience attention as possible, so the UI is redesigned giving you more options for navigating in menus (for example, you can now select a different zone on the level complete screen) and we’ve smoothed off all the rough edges. The most important refinement for me was getting the music to fade out before a new track begins!

Overall, Velocity Ultra is prettier, more polished and properly integrated into the PlayStation ecosystem, which makes it ultimately better than the original release. Hopefully now we won’t have to worry about Robin. ;)

The release date is set for 15th May, so keep that in your calendar! Thanks for reading!

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6 Author Replies

  • I loved the Mini, can’t wait for this to release. :)

  • Why are you never talking about cocunt Dodge HD??? Would a simple screenshot be to much to ask for? :(

  • 15th of may you say. Expect my cash to be spent on this on that date. Mini was great so this will be better.

  • Hello Futurelab!!!
    Let me just say that this game – the mini – was incredible, and this upcoming release has instabuy all over it.

    I have no idea how you could have made something that appears so simple on the surface so deep and downright addictive. To me that is a true sign of mastering what you guys do creatively and technically.

    I’m honored to have people like you making games for the Vita.

    Thanks :D

  • Will there be a discount for those who already own the mini?

  • Hurray! Velocity is the only mini I ever bought (not counting PS+ ones!). Will enjoy this :)

  • Cool, this is that mini that got my attention, as long as where is my heart and wizorb:)

    Cool…also dudes, Soundtrack….

  • 15th May can’t come any sooner. Any idea on price?

  • I’m yet another Vita owner who utterly adored Velocity on the PSP’s Minis platform. However, I must admit to being a tiny bit apprehensive when you first announced this upcoming, native Vita edition here on the Blog.

    You see, the original game was such a wonderfully nuanced and deeply involving experience, I had concerns that in your – well intentioned – endeavours to improve upon such an already well sorted game, there was always a distinct possibility of upsetting the fine balances that made this much loved, cult hero so special to begin with. Best laid plans and all that.

    Well, I’m here to say that having now perused the spec-sheet and seen the game in action, I really needn’t have worried. I don’t quite know how you managed it, but the new game looks truly stunning and as such, even better than it’s predecessor.

    Leaderboards, trophies, touch controls, optional right stick, better graphics, tons of polish… …the list goes on. Velocity Ultra has just elbowed and jostled and charmed it’s way right up to the very top of my list of ‘most anticipated Vita games’ that whirls around in my noggin’. We’ve all got them right?

    So, May 15 you say? Duly noted James. Duly noted.

  • I really wanted to watch the trailer while using my Vita but sadly itisnot supported. I will take a look later.

  • I never played the mini but I will get this on day 1, many people have said this game was amazing so ever since you guys announced the vita version I decided to wait for it.
    It’s great that you guys also are giving us platinum trophy :D

  • Been looking forward to this since before it was announced!
    The mini is great…. Best mini out there.
    Can’t wait to see this Vita pimped version and get stuck in.

  • I was impressed with the mini but stopped playing after a few levels when this was announced – I don’t really want to pay anymore than £5 or £6 at a push though so it looks like I may have to wait for a sale.

    I guarantee you will get my money at some point and I wish you the best of luck with the game but as an enhanced Mini I just don’t think I can justify the £8 – £10 price point.

    I hope you think carefully and don’t let greed damage sales when a lower price would ultimately lead to a much higher income.

    I can’t wait for you to announce new Vita titles and will be perfectly happy to pay the £7.99 for a wholly original experience.

    Thanks for supporting the system guys!

    • Greed doesn’t come into it, it’s about the value for money. You can pay £5 for an inferior product, or you can pay a little bit more for something we have slaved over to make it the best it can be :)

      Velocity was £4 without all the additional work we’ve added to the game, so we’re thinking about £7.00, but it also depends on the exchange rates and PSN store price categories we can slot into.

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