Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time launches on PS3 and PS Vita this week!

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Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time launches on PS3 and PS Vita this week!


Wow! The day has finally arrived! This week, one of the most loved heroes in PlayStation history is coming out of retirement…

Join master thief Sly Cooper as he makes his long awaited return, setting out to catch a time-travelling villain who’s scouring the past to pinch the Cooper clan’s biggest burgling secrets.

There’s only one thing for it: the gang needs to hook up pronto and travel through time to unravel the mystery before the Coopers are erased from history forever…

There’s a secret weapon in the fight for the Cooper legacy, too: when you pick up the game on PlayStation 3, you can download the PlayStation Vita version at no extra cost – so you can thieve through time, any time.

Double your efforts with the Cross-Save feature, which lets you continue your PS Vita experience on PS3, and vice versa. What’s more, Cross-Play turns your PS Vita into a treasure scanner. Make sure your PS Vita and PS3 systems are connected to the same wireless network, and you’ll have every thief’s dream kit in the palm of your hands.

Hurry up!!! There is no time to waste… help Sly thwart the cunning crook before his family’s legacy is lost forever.

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  • so what day can i press go on my ready downloaded game? :)

  • My pre-ordered copies are downloaded and ready to go! Was hoping to be able to play this evening, but I hear that they won’t be available until midnight… is that right? :(

  • fred will the vita copy on the ps3 version be available at 12:01am later tonight?

  • The pre-order for this has the vita file size at nearly 16GB, surely that’s a mistake? Or have I misunderstood something?

  • Thanks Fred. @BaBy-_-D3aN0 vita and ps3 versions are bundled together

  • What are the language option in the digital version? I’m from Denmark but would prefer to play it in English

  • Fred Dutton

    i pre ordered the game downloaded it installed it are you conferming that 12.01am tonight the game will auto activate cuz i dont wanna redownload the game its 19GB

    & BaBy-_-D3aN0 the vita game will be less then 16GB cuz when i pre ordered it it said 34GB but thats cuz the ps3 version gets vita version free and has a few demos with it i guess and the free skin pack

  • mr Fred Dutton plz confirm it because its the 1st ever game i pre orderd on the ps store and im worried that come 12.01 am tonight it wont play im soo not gonna re install it i just need peice of mind that it will unlock tonight

    oh BTW bentlys hackpack game is good i can see they pulled mini games from sly racoon4 to get us ready for the game oh and the BENTLEYS building in hackpack is a spoof from tron legacy and i can see a light cycle game in the arcade to unlock :D

  • Flipside666 yes i wondered why it was 34GB lol it was cuz ps3 version vita version some demos in diffrent laungages and skinpack was all together then all you had todo is get the version you need

    oh and Flipside666 play bently hackpack game its only about £3 very good but not a easy game lol

  • you can download all the versions ready for friday now if you want to, you just can’t play it until friday. Pretty cool how you can preload like that. Got the Vita version which is about 3.2gb ready to transfer over to my Vita for friday. A great price at £19.99 for essentially two versions of one game.

    only slight niggle is that you need 19gb for PS3 version then a further 19gb to install it.

    Looks good, hopefully it’ll make me get into platformers a bit more.

  • I want to play this game but there is just to much to play at the moment…WELL DONE SONY tho;)

  • Have this ready and waiting. I had to preorder off the store at that price!

    Anyone asking about the VITA version it’s just over 3GB and you’ll notice the various versions & multiple languages from your download list, within the store.

    Looking forward to this, as I have just recently enjoyed the Trilogy.

  • I was going to buy the game but:
    UK price: £20 (converts to NZ$40)
    Aus price: AU$40 (converts to NZ$50)
    Actual NZ price: NZ$60

    So instead of paying your artificially inflated ripoff prices, I’m not buying it until it hits the bargain bin. Thanks for saving me the money.

  • i downloaded by clicking the button that downloads the whole pack ps3 and vita and all the random versions and packs in one, it says its 19 gb on the ps3, im wondering cuz i dont have a vita can i uninstall the vita version from the game and get that 3gb back?

    @CoolRichy007UK will do its been on my radar from its release :D

  • does that make sence? im asking if in that 19gb the vita version is in there too? or is that purely the PS3 version lol

  • Hi
    If I purchase the vita version – does that unlock the PS3 version also?
    I don’t understand if cross buy works both ways?

  • Can it be that the full version is out?… Yesterday I download it to my vita after pre ordered and today I played it… So far nothing seemed to be stoping me, so I guess I have the full and not the demo… Can it be that the full version is already playable?!???

  • So when will be be able to download it here in Denmark? :D

  • Do we get a code with the ps3 game to download the Vita version, or do we download it trough the disc benefits tab like they did with R&C Full Frontal Assault?

  • Terrible, terrible, terrible trailer. A real eyesore. Looking forward to the game tough ;)

  • I’m confused, i bought the pre-order and im able to play it since 27.03 at 1am, Is this correct?
    As for someone else question, the PS VITA version weights 3GB, on the store it states 16GB cause there a 5 version of it with different languages.
    Example. Polish,Czech,Russian or English,German,Spanish.

  • @ to all comments about the game but not flipside

    THE GAME IS PLAYABLE FROM 12.01 TONIGHT EU GMT TIME anyone who can play it before the game activates will be flipsided with a hand slap

  • oh and mr flipside check your inbox :)

  • Well then slap me till im red cause im playing it right now.

  • lol right on coolRichy, @foxsevent Kinky ;)

  • Will the PS3 retail version include the digital Vita version as well?

  • supersmith2500
    Yes all PS3 version of “Sly Thieves in Time” will give a free digital copy fro PS VITA.
    But not the other way, if you a PS VITA copy you won’t get PS3 copy.

  • Can’t wait 12.01 – Its not fare I want to play it now

  • not working ‘Disc Benefits’ bull….

  • £19.99 is a decent price but it makes up for the one month later release I guess. Got this off the US Store a few weeks back and it’s great. Just a shame Jak & Daxter didn’t make an appearance on PS3. IMO that’s why Sony fell short this gen: focusing too much on shooters and action games and not enough on platformers which is kinda what made them successful in the first place (Crash, Spyro, Ratchet etc.).

    Stop trying to be like M$ and be a PlayStation.

  • Yes, disc benefits is not working on any country right now… I guess when the UK game launches onto the store they will unlock it for all countries…but that’s not how it should be working Sony…

  • pre orderd this from game for £29.99 then saw the price on here very quickly cancelled the game one and have it now waiting to be played cannot wait. pub this evening then an all nighter with sly gonna be awesome :)

  • does the game come out in shops on friday in the UK or is it already out in shops

  • Abysmal.. shockingly bad…

    I hear the games good though. :)

  • Dear, Sony. Can you, please, explain me why the hack disc benefits are still no working!? Game was available on PS Vita’s PSN, but not on the PS3’s PSN. So I’ve spent the whole day today trying to download the PS Vita version that I should get free with PS3-version purchase :S

  • @Psicojacorral: the game was released a while ago in USA and they had similar problems. they were fixed, but Sony never learn…
    Sony support is terrible. I’ve sent 2 mails to them and it’s been already 72 days they are answering them (in auto-reply stated that it normally takes 72 hours). Made several posts on their support forums – still no reaction :(

  • Yes pilkjaer, I know it… I had an answer from spanish blog. They told us they’re looking at it, but we know that the solution is at 00.00 UK time or 01.00 here in Spain

  • I demand a patch for the option to play this game in English.
    who came up with the brilliant idea to lock users under their native language only?
    fix this Sanzaru or Sony, we are not all 7 year kids playing this amazing game.

  • Disc Benefits is still “coming soon” when I put in my Sly Cooper PS3 disc. It’s well past UK midnight so the statement was false.

  • Downloaded the game via pre-order but it will not launch for me tonight. My understanding from Fred’s earlier comments is that the game should now be live. Anyone else having this problem?

  • @anunnakid: are you playing downloaded version or from the disc? I have no problems playing in English with my PS3 hard-copy that I bought. Det funkar hur bra som helst. Bara att man kan inte ladda ner jävla PSVita versionen från PS3.

  • @Fowler90: what and where did you pre-ordered? I pre-ordered in a game shop so I got the game at launch day (27/3) and PS3-version was working. I can’t download my PS Vita version via cross-buy disc benefits. I can see the game in the PSN but it’s “not available”. If I open the PSN on my PS Vita the game is out there and I can buy/download it. This is SO annoying…
    It can be so that UK/Irland may have different launch day. It it’s 28/3, then you will have to wait for some lousy admin to come back to work and press the magic button.

  • Same problem here, no disk benifits availble? Same error as the US release, very bad it happens again, dont you lean fom your mistakes?

  • Disc Benefits still not live here I’m the Uk either. :(

  • Hi Fred, I got a US copy, will I be able to enable cross buy using my EU account?

  • I got the game yesterday and it was AMAZING! I played for 4 hours straight and I’m still only on episode 1. The game is great and as big Sly fan it’s exactly what I was expecting. Sanzaru, you’ve done an awesome job and thank you for bringing back the best Playstation character ever!

  • @pilkjaer
    I have the vita version as I dont want the ps3 version. I only have the option to play the game in scandinavian languages. Also my pre-order dlc doesnt seem to work… the digital booklet is in danish but I bought the game in Sweden… at gamestop.
    SANZARU and whoever localized this game, get your (CENSORED) together and let people play their vita game in whatever language they want… Im enjoying the game, its the best vita game to date. Fixa detta Sony, ni är så slöa…

  • @anunnakid
    The pre-order DLC-code is rubbish. It unlocks 3 items that otherwise were obtainable via normal gameplay. They don’t give you any in-game advantage and just decorative. My code worked fine but Gamestop forgot to include it, so I had to come to them 2 times. Game manual was in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish. It was possible to choose any language I wanted from like 10+ (it’s damn alot of languages). Due to disc bonuses that are currently not working, I can’t test the PSV-version :( Will let you know as soon as I get access. Btw, price at Gamestop for PS3+PSV version was 375:- (or so). On PSN you can buy both of them for like 209:- BUT – PS3 version is 26GB! I have hardly 10MB left on my HDD so better stick with disk-version.

  • Thank you for saving me from frustration as I was going to town and buy it today. Once it’s fixed, I’m heading to town. I seriously want to play on the Vita so bad.

  • I already bought the US version of this game on day one, but I bought the European (PS3) version too, mainly to get to play this on my Vita.
    I already know that this is easily the worst Sly game so far, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to play it… So could you please just get the disc benefits working.

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