Vlambeer: why we’re bringing Luftrausers to PS3 and PS Vita

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Hey there PlayStation Blog, it’s been a few months! Last time we spoke was before we released Super Crate Box for PlayStation Mobile – and since we’ve been working on games on other platforms. One of those games was Luftrausers, a dogfighting game about flying and building your own Luftrausers airplane.

We’ll be honest with you – the reason this game is going to hit PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita is because we loved working with Sony when we made Super Crate Box. We think both platforms are great and we obviously want you to be able to play our games – but we don’t like dealing with people that treat us as some sort of commercial asset only. We want to work with people that love games as much as we love working on them.

Think of it this way: we’re a two-man studio that is investing a lot of time into making a game about shooting airplanes that is fun, explosive and makes you feel like the best pilot in the world. We want to be spending time on that, not on having nitpicky negotiations about ‘does the game fulfill random checklist item three’.

We had to deal with barely any of that red tape. Thanks to the team at Devolver Digital (the same crew that are working with Dennaton Games to bring you Hotline Miami) and the people we’ve been working with at Sony, we’ve been able to get right to what matters most: making a fun game about airplanes for people to enjoy on their PlayStation devices. So instead of worrying about that sort of thing, we’ve been working hard to balance the game so you’re always in the heat of battle, we’ve been adding more impossible missions and most importantly, we’ve been making the plane crashes more satisfying.

Working on this game we slowly realized that that is what Luftrausers is about: it’s about being the best fighter pilot in the world. It’s about barely dodging that homing missile that would’ve ended your run just short of your highscore. It’s about finishing a minute-long tense battle with a huge airship. It’s a fighter jet crashing into a boat and sinking it. And most importantly, it’s about doing all of the above in the span of seconds, while pulling acrobatic moves with the best airplane in the world.

And when it’s over and the dust clears from your glorious defeat, you head back into the hangar and might think – ‘what if I tried it with a laser mounted instead of a machinegun?’

We can’t wait to see which of over 125 airplane combinations will be your favorite.

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  • oh you DONT like being treated as a commercial asset? you must not be an SCEE customer then, they ignore us, trea us terribly compared to SCEA and lie.
    Expect this to sell badly based on unfair currency conversions, late and broken store updates, and a general lack of information and trust.

  • Please release Ridiculous Fishing for the psvita!

    This looks well…if it’s priced right I might give it a try. But it looks very much like a flash game.

  • Hi Rami,
    I really like your blog post, it’s good to hear that developers like the PS environment because that means PS gamers will benefit from their work.
    This game looks like pure retro fun and seems perfect for the Vita.
    Will you be selling it as a cross-buy game or are the PS3 and Vita versions sold separately?
    Also any PS Plus involvement?

    Mik :)

  • Sounds awesome! Really like the games from Vlambeer! It’s too bad PSM isn’t available in the Netherlands, so I can’t play Super Crate Box on my Vita. But is there any chance Ridiculous Fishing is coming to Vita(/PS3)? Would be great, I loved the flash game. :)

    Do you already know how much Luftrausers is going to cost?

  • Looks fantastic and great to see more Vlambeer goodness on PS3, but especially Vita.

    Speaking of Vita… any chance of seeing Ridiculous Fishing on Vita, or Playstation Mobile? :D

  • @Dermado (Post 1)that may of been the case a couple years back but i really do think SCEE has gone strength to strength building a strong relationship between the customer and SCEE.

    Just look at playstation plus which is of a ridiculously high standard which has made many americans envy us badly.

    Or how the blog is filled with content and almost always the PS store team try to keep us in the know.

    Just my opinion i think SCEE get too much of a bad wrap yes there are sometimes set backs just stop complaining

  • Looks like a lot of fun. Another game on the to get list. Its getting pretty big now.
    Great to see many indie games coming to the Vita and PS3.

    Do you think we will see Ridiculous Fishing anytime soon? :)

  • Big Vlambeer fan and can’t wait to play this on my Vita!

    Also +1 for the Ridiculous Fishing request ;)

  • Looks pretty cool and it is nice to hear there hasn’t been much red tape for you.
    Speaking of which when is it out and how much?

  • 8 Steelguy.
    Kindly refer to the “Heads-up” thread that has almost 200 posts and 0 replies, and the constant backlog of unanswered questions.
    And the massive overpricing compared to SCEA
    And getting games months later
    And misinformation and lies.
    Nothing has changed, at all =\.

  • Ridiculous Fishing please !

  • Top stuff Team Vlambeer (great team name as well :)), I likes me these type of games, look forward to getting into it :).

  • Hi Rami, it’s great to hear from you again on the Blog.

    I’m a huge fan of the indie gaming scene, and I love supporting small, yet talented studios by purchasing their wares on multiple platforms. Your last foray onto Vita with PSM platformer, Super Crate Box being a perfect case in point.

    I’d already enjoyed the excellent PC and iOS versions, but I was only too happy to bag a third iteration of the game when it hit the PSM store last year. The chance to finally play one of my favourite platformers of the last few years with a proper d-pad and buttons was an opportunity too good to miss. And boy, what a difference they made. Despite an ever expanding library of top quality Vita games, Super Crate Box remains one of my most favourite games to launch on the system to date.

    It is with Vlambeer’s track record, and my love of SCB in mind, that I’m super excited at the prospect of playing Luftrausers on Vita come spring time. Can’t wait..!!

  • The prices of download only games that should be retail surely harm the bottom line. Anything over £20 if there is no cart option is unfair. tales for £37 is an insult just as sony were improving their reputation.

    On topic I will buy this when its out!

  • One last thing – if you’re still around Rami – can I please take this opportunity to echo the sentiments of my fellow Playstation Bloggers, in pleading with you to bring the utterly fabulous (and wonderfully named) Ridiculous Fishing: A Tale of Redemption to Vita too?! I’ve been playing it to death since it’s protracted arrival on the App Store last week, but I’d so love to play that sucker in the majesty of colour-popping OLED glory too! With Vita being my console of preference, if it is in any way, shape or form, at all doable, then I implore you to make it happen. It’d be great to see your ‘ridiculous’ arcade game join the likes of Plants vs Zombies and Jetpack Joyride in making the wondrous jump from smartphones and tablets, to Vita.

    Either way, I wish you guys at Vlambeer all the luck in the world with Luftrausers upcoming release onto Sony’s digital PS3 and Vita platforms. I know it isn’t much of course, but I can promise you now that it’ll be a day-one instabuy purchase for me, just as soon as it hits the store…..and I can’t wait.

  • PS Europe, please release PSMobile in the Netherlands so I can play and enjoy Super Crate Box on my newly acquired Vita gaming entertainment machine. Please. :(

  • This looks extremely high quality for a PS Mobile game. Awesome cant wait :D

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