Vlambeer: why we’re bringing Luftrausers to PS3 and PS Vita

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Hey there PlayStation Blog, it’s been a few months! Last time we spoke was before we released Super Crate Box for PlayStation Mobile – and since we’ve been working on games on other platforms. One of those games was Luftrausers, a dogfighting game about flying and building your own Luftrausers airplane.

We’ll be honest with you – the reason this game is going to hit PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita is because we loved working with Sony when we made Super Crate Box. We think both platforms are great and we obviously want you to be able to play our games – but we don’t like dealing with people that treat us as some sort of commercial asset only. We want to work with people that love games as much as we love working on them.

Think of it this way: we’re a two-man studio that is investing a lot of time into making a game about shooting airplanes that is fun, explosive and makes you feel like the best pilot in the world. We want to be spending time on that, not on having nitpicky negotiations about ‘does the game fulfill random checklist item three’.

We had to deal with barely any of that red tape. Thanks to the team at Devolver Digital (the same crew that are working with Dennaton Games to bring you Hotline Miami) and the people we’ve been working with at Sony, we’ve been able to get right to what matters most: making a fun game about airplanes for people to enjoy on their PlayStation devices. So instead of worrying about that sort of thing, we’ve been working hard to balance the game so you’re always in the heat of battle, we’ve been adding more impossible missions and most importantly, we’ve been making the plane crashes more satisfying.

Working on this game we slowly realized that that is what Luftrausers is about: it’s about being the best fighter pilot in the world. It’s about barely dodging that homing missile that would’ve ended your run just short of your highscore. It’s about finishing a minute-long tense battle with a huge airship. It’s a fighter jet crashing into a boat and sinking it. And most importantly, it’s about doing all of the above in the span of seconds, while pulling acrobatic moves with the best airplane in the world.

And when it’s over and the dust clears from your glorious defeat, you head back into the hangar and might think – ‘what if I tried it with a laser mounted instead of a machinegun?’

We can’t wait to see which of over 125 airplane combinations will be your favorite.

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