Tales of Graces f gets a digital release next week

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Tales of Graces f gets a digital release next week


This is Hideo Baba, producer of the Tales of franchise. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our fans in Europe. It’s been an absolute pleasure attending various overseas events and interacting with so many of you. I really feel like we’ve been able to sustain our franchise for 15 years because of such a loyal fanbase. I cannot thank you enough.

I’m happy to announce that we’ll be digitally distributing Tales of Graces f on the PlayStation Network next week. It will be released in Europe on 27th March. I strongly urge anyone unfamiliar to the series to give it a shot. An epic adventure of unimaginable proportions awaits you!


We will have two versions of the game available next week; the Standard Edition (€44.99/£36.99) and Knight Edition (€59.99/£48.99). The Tales of Graces f: Knight Edition will come bundled with more than 10 DLC items to help new adventurers on their quest, including increased stats, health and currency.

In addition, the Western release of Tales of Xillia is right around the corner in summer of 2013. It’s been quite some time, but well worth the wait!


For the first time in the franchise, you’ll be able to select between two main characters and experience the game from two different perspectives. It’s all up to you whether you want to play as the male or female protagonist.

Tales of Xillia has been a culmination of all our development efforts over the years, so I can’t wait for our Western fans to try it out.


We have a lot more events planned until the release of Tales of Xillia, so I strongly urge you to come visit us when you have the chance. I look forward to meeting all of you. We’re planning on making this a Tales of filled year, so we have a lot of surprise announcements lined up. Be sure to stay tuned and not miss a beat.

Thank you again to all of our fans who have supported us over the years. We hope for your continued support in the year 2013.

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  • Please bring the Tales of Innocence R on the PS Vita over to the west! I love the tales series!

  • And Tales of Hearts R too of course :)

  • Definitely! I’d buy them the first day they’re released!

  • looking forward to tales of xillia

  • Yes please bring over the psvita Tales games!

  • I don’t understand why do you digitaly release a game which everybody could buy last year on disc, but don’t bring Tales od Vesperia PS3 (for which we patiently waiting) to US/EU.

  • Can’t wait for Xillia! Already have Graces f and I thought it was great.

    I will also sign up my interest for the Vita Tales of games. We westerners have been missing out on both games for too long. :'(

  • I just did buy the physical version of Graces F as it was on sale in thehut. It’s £17.98 when you apply the code REC10. Looking forward to your Tales of Xillia and possible other Tales of releases, though!

  • Just popping here to say my interest on PS3 is minimal, however, I would buy every game you throw at the Vita.

  • i was hoping for: one version with english dub and the other with the original japanese voice over.

  • Why there is no tales games on the VITA in our region ?

  • Hey, Namco, i love you guys)

  • So, Hideo-san,

    since your European fans are asking for Vita Tales of… games so much, any chance you can thank them for their loyalty and interest with a release date?

    Bring One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 on Vita over would be cool too.

  • Tales of Innocence R?

  • And yeah, please include Japanese audio or ONLY Japanese audio, you don’t see people complaining about the Yakuza series since it’s subtitles only. Japanese sounds much better 99% of the time.

  • Tales of Graces f is a wonderful game: I loved it! <3

    I particularly love the sheer depth of content – the volume of writing to be found in the game and how much of it is acted out.

    Loved it so much I bought a copy and gave a copy to a friend. It's a shame it's so expensive on the store though. Two copies of the Day One SE have cost me less than the Knights Edition would! :(

    I reviewed it for the PlayStation Forum magazine too. See here:

    But Europe needs more Tales! Only half the Mothership titles even reached Europe (once Xillia gets here) and Xillia will be only the *third* mothership title to reach Europe in its original format! We desperately need more Europe love! I would buy the Vita games in a snap…

  • Oh nice, it was only a few weeks ago I was looking on the store to see if it had a digital version. :)

  • *We’re planning on making this a Tales of filled year, so we have a lot of surprise announcements lined up*

    March : Graces F , Summer : Xillia 1 , 1 vita game : November ?
    I dont mind if its only on the PSN store. I BUY day 1 !

  • Bring tales of for vita to europe (:

  • EU

    Standard Edition (€44.99/£36.99)
    Knight Edition (€59.99/£48.99)


    Standard Edition ($34.99) = €27/£23
    Knight Edition ($54.99) = €42/£36

    Because €=$ just wasn’t enough for the greedier end of the industry, € price just got inflated further!
    HAHAHAHAHA that’s a good one really!

  • Please bring some Tales of action to our European Vita’s

  • hey Hideo-san we want every single tales localized =) my Vita needs some Tales too.

    looking forward to Xillia

  • Tales of Graces F was my first Tales of game ever. I must admit that I am very impressed. The best thing is that I can play it coop with my wife.

    Japanese RPGs just offer so deep stories and great characters. I love it and I will do my best to earn the Platinum Trophy.

    PS: Please bring over Tales of Vesperia, too. I will not buy another console just for playing 1 single game.

  • Cool, I hope seeing Tales of Innocence and Hearts to this side as well =)

  • im interested but those prices are ridiculous. How can you charge so much? At 22.99 I would buy but to expect so muxh for a download game is an insult. I hope your next games get physical releases.

    At those prices you will actually make less by turning away so much of the market. Why are you pricing £37 when physical games can normally be preordered for under £25?

    I urge everyone to not buy this so they are forced to price games realistically.

  • I will be waiting for a price drop on the Knights Edition, far too expensive for a six month old game.

    Also please bring more Tales to Europe every last one of them PLEASE, we are your biggest market, if you want profit then Europe is the way to go.

    You’ve heard our cries please listen to us !!!

    BTW looking forward to Tales of Xillia :P

  • Its a self fulfilling prophecy that the games wont sell in EU because they price them too high for anyone with any sense to pck up. download should be no more than £25.

  • £23 in America should be £25 here. I know many people who would buy this for £25 but £37 has lost you at least 5 sales just from those i know.

  • Very good.

    What about Tales of Vesperia?

  • M$ has the rights to ToV in the US, and I doubt Namco would do a EU only release.

  • you can still get physical copies for 20 British pound.
    There is no reason to support digital releases like this that cost less to produce and distribute when the pricing is so absurdly high.

  • how can you justify selling the digital copy for 34.99? the whole point of digital media is to cut cost’s, for the consumer and the producer, i can pick this up for 19.99 brand new. there is no insentive to buy this. furthermore, if nobody buy this, the makers will be less inclined to release the next installments, or previous ones.

    I hate this idea that its somehow ok to sell digital media at a high price, it will destroy the industry.

  • + I would be all over this if digital prices were a little cheaper. But I guess there are reasons why they are high.

    One reason why digital prices won’t be cheaper or at least match physical copies, (despite not having as many overheads,) is basically because if they undercut retail, they won’t buy any more games from publishers, simply because they wouldn’t be able to compete with online prices.

    Digital prices for new releases will stay high to protect retails (Game etc..) profit margins, keeping them sweet, just so they keep giving PS shelf space.

  • great game ( i have on disk )

    i buy today terraria pc 2.99 € on steam

  • You are the best. We have to thank you all (Game Studio) for all your great Tales games, AND for not ignoring the west. I bought Tales of Xillia, JPN-version and bought a book to learn japanese. At least i could read and understand the menu and the skills. Plus, is have to say, i am watching animes on japanese with english subs since a few years, so i am familiar with some basic things. :) I am thrilled to play Xillia an hopefully Xillia 2 on english.

  • Can we please have Tales of Vesperia PS3 in Europe?

  • oh and Tales of innocence R & tales of Hearts R for Vita please.

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