BEYOND Official Selection by Tribeca Film Festival!

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BEYOND Official Selection by Tribeca Film Festival!

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Just two short weeks ago Oscar-nominee Willem Dafoe was added to the incredible cast of BEYOND: Two Souls, and we also announced the pre-order incentives for North America. Today, we have another incredible announcement regarding how BEYOND is blurring the lines between film and gaming – BEYOND has been chosen as an Official Selection by Tribeca Film Festival, the first such selection of this kind for a video game.


Thus, on April 27th we will be hosting a screening at the festival in which we will be showing a new 1-hour scene from the game, debuting a major trailer and all-new behind-the-scenes look, alongside a Q&A panel with Ellen Page and director David Cage discussing the way BEYOND is pushing the boundaries of storytelling. The entire team here is hugely excited that Tribeca is recognizing the powerful story of BEYOND, star-studded cast, and stunning visual technology that have contributed to the game’s uniquely cinematic experience.

This week has also seen the visit of over 100 journalists from around the world to developer Quantic Dream‘s studio in Paris for an exclusive BEYOND event. In the surrounds of the very motion capture room where Ellen’s and Willem’s performances were recorded, writer director David Cage showcased several new scenes from the game featuring both the Jodie and entity gameplay.

Beyond - Jodie AidenBeyond - Hard Training

Press were shown the Aiden entity gameplay in a scene featuring a young Jodie taking part in a scientific experiment under the watchful eye of her mentor Nathan Dawkins (Willem Dafoe). And then they were treated to a full playthrough of what promises to be one of the most powerful scenes in gaming, which sees Jodie living on the streets, fighting for her life and those of the homeless people around her. David Cage also unveiled the brand new in-game user interface (UI) which provides an even more immersive and seamless experience than the game’s predecessor Heavy Rain. The new user interface allows for promptless contextual control in both general navigation, and action sequence controls, while also increasing the level of direct control the user has and opening the door for far more exploration than you experienced in Heavy Rain. And to end the day, press were then invited to be the very first to play the game, and try out the new UI and gameplay for themselves.

Beyond - Homeless

All of the press write-ups should now be live, so keep an eye on the web for the in-depth reactions to Beyond’s new gameplay from this event.

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