Zeus and Isaac join PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale tomorrow

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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale DLC 2

Just stopping by today with a quick reminder that Zeus and Isaac Clarke will be live tomorrow on the PAL PlayStation Store for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, along with our new stage “Graveyard”!

Graveyard mashes up MediEvil’s zombies, mausoleums, and gargoyles with elements from The Unfinished Swan, revealed via ink splats after a mid-game whiteout. It looks great and keeps the fighting honest, with a medium-width playfield and zombies that will earn you AP when destroyed.

Zeus plays as a legendary heavyweight, making each strike feel epic. He’s got limited range, but with the ability to power up every attack merely by holding down the button, he can crush a cowardly opponent’s guard and build AP faster than anyone. Many of his triangle lightning attacks are also excellent at catching multiple opponents for an even faster ride towards his truly Olympian level 3 super.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale DLC 2

Isaac Clarke is at his best harassing opponents from mid-range, with a wide variety of projectiles powered up by his unique Stasis and Kinesis powers. He’s no slouch at close range either, with some mighty melee attacks and the short-range force gun, but he shines brightest harassing more distant opponents with the grenade launcher, bouncing bola, and his Plasma Cutter.

Both characters come with full single-player story modes, including intros, outros, and rival scenes, as well as exclusive unlockable minions, a second unlockable costume, and all the unique customizable taunts, themes, etc. you’ve come to expect.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale DLC 2

In addition to today’s launch of Zeus and Isaac, we’ve also implemented a new balance patch, which modifies every existing character in some way (and fixes some pesky glitches), as well as adding some new bells and whistles to familiar items.

The new “Graveyard” stage will be free in online ranked matches or for €1.99 if you want to own it for offline play. As for Zeus and Isaac, they go for €4.99 each (a bundle for all three pieces of DLC is €9.99).

However, if you’ve redeemed your Network Pass for God of War: Ascension you will be entitled to download both characters at no additional cost. All you have to do is visit the PlayStation Store, use the search function to find PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale add-ons, and look for the two characters to download. Please note, this bonus offer will be available from early next week and run for 30 days. We will update you shortly on exactly when the offer will go live.

Have fun and we hope you enjoy the new content! See you online!

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