UNCHARTED 3: Multiplayer gets a little Oddball!

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UNCHARTED 3 - Bag Head UNCHARTED 3 - Tape Mask

The UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Free-to-Play launched a few weeks ago and we’ve seen a healthy uplift to our community to tune of over 350,000 downloads of the Free-to-Play client to date globally. We’re very excited to see our community grow and are stoked to keep expanding the world of UNCHARTED to as many people as possible.

To keep that momentum going, as promised, we’re making new DLC available for purchase every month until June 2013. This month we’re recognising Extraterrestrial Abductions Day – or a day around it anyway – by unveiling our Oddball-themed character parts for your UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer characters.

Why Oddball? Well, these character parts defy classification as they don’t quite fit among the numerous other parts we’ll have coming out over the next few months, and Extraterrestrial Abductions Day is a bit of an odd holiday anyway. See the images above for a glimpse of some of the Oddball parts available tomorrow.

There are many other Oddball parts available for purchase from tomorrow as well, all priced at €0.49 per item. Check out the in-game store or the PlayStation Store to see what’s available.

Our Oddball theme means that new Tournament rewards can be earned. You can earn the Gas Mask Gun and Gas Mask Shirt as Tournament rewards. If you hit the gold tier you can earn the rare British Guard Hat for Cutter as well as Raptor Mask for Drake and Dive Helmet for Talbot by achieving Platinum status. Use your tickets to enter into the weekly Tournament and unlock these items as a testament to your skills.

A full rundown of everything that’s available with our Oddball theme is over on our UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Free-to-Play page. We’ll have a bundle of all Oddball parts with an exclusive bonus item available for purchase in early April. Check it out and be sure to read our UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Free-to-Play FAQ for answers to most of your questions about the newly available UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Free-to-Play.

Log in and let’s all get a little odd! See you online!

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  • Nice, now if only we could get one that looks exactly like the Rubber Bandits

  • Its great to know more people are getting a chance to jump into the amazing multiplayer component, I know people have doubts when it comes to story driven games adding multiplayer, but this is one experience not to be missed.

    On a side note, Fred – when can we expect to hear the All Stars DLC deal situation ? The community is anxiously awaiting the news.

  • Can someone please help me with this issue i had tried to download this game over PSN full game but its just downloading the language pack. Can someone please answer me im getting frustated :(

  • comment 2, i have a sneaky feeling we get news tommorow as USA has got all-star dlc today

  • @namseyn after latest update of PS Store it automatic starts downloading first item of bundles go to your download list & download it from there…

  • after latest ps store update it automatic starts downloading first item of bundle go to your download list on PS store & download the right one

  • Everytime I start up U3, the loading screen with the ring just goes on forever…… I haven’t been able to play the mulitplayer for weeks, and I love it :(

  • Will Digital Uncharted 3 GOTY ever be launched on the european PSN store? Purchasing Uncharted 3 Free to Play piece by piece is much more expensive than buying the GOTY edition. Why is it only available on the american PSN store?

  • Comment 3, I too am having the same problem, it doesn’t have a language pack available for where I am, and it says full game download but it’s just language packs and would take 2 days to download -.-

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