Pottermore is coming soon to PlayStation Home

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Pottermore is coming soon to PlayStation Home

In April 2013, Pottermore from J.K. Rowling will be coming to PlayStation Home, the unique free online gaming community where you can play, socialise with thousands of gamers from around the world and discover new PlayStation experiences.

Watch the video below and come back soon for further updates.

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  • can i earn trophys in playstation home games? so many that looks like fun. just need the push into home.. and trophy support for the games would do just that.

  • Looks great. Any idea if it will have any unlockable rewards in collaberation with Wonderbook: Book of Spells?

  • This is a good idea introduce a space where you can bombard it with merchandise tat.

  • @andycass

    It’s optional. You don’t ‘have’ to visit the space. And it’s not the only themed place selling virtual merchandise. The variety of content is what makes each player unique now.

    When I was part of the original Home Beta, the only piece of buyable clothing was 1 grey hoodie. Everyone looked the same.

  • i asked for harry potter stuff ages ago and now we gonna get it thanx Daniel Durnin :D

    & plz add loads of harry potter costumes for all the houses


    oh and add propper harry potter objects from the film :D

    then people wont need to go on that rip off making of harry potter tour lol

  • Home. What’s the point?

    • Mr Voodoo, this is the kind of thing I was referring to when we discussed what constituted ‘constructive criticism’ a few weeks back…

  • ye what MaxDiehard said the harry potter space/clothes/ virtual magic stuff is for really mad harry potter fans

    i seen all movies
    i played lego harry potter all of them

    its about time ps home gets this awsome stuff and i hope this space dont get empty after few months i hope not cuz there are loads of HP fans

    after harry potter do lord of the rings stuff :D

  • @Voodoo341

    Social connectivity. You don’t have to be a part of it. But for those who do it’s a good place to escape to outside of games in general.

  • This is great – looking good! :)

  • This is great news – looking good! :)

  • Not sure why that posted twice but, yeah, looks good! :D

  • Mr Fred it’s a fair question that’s asked by thousands of your customers. Harry Potter stopped being popular with the ‘kidz’ over two years ago. What’s the point?

  • @voodoo341

    I’m sure I can help with that. I was just a kid when the books first came out. I loved them then and I love them just as much now.

    So basically it’s not just for kids, it grows up with them.

    For me its the same with Star Wars, it’s something that sticks with you for life.

  • To SONY’s PS4 Tech bods :D Could we have a always ‘on’/’ready’ HOME for the PS4??? :P Switch on your PS4 & HOME is loaded up etc etc – Pause a game & you can visit HOME instantly etc etc. If HOME could be like that i would visit more really ;)

  • @Rytteren You should play for fun not for trophies !
    @ Voodoo341 Harry Potter is still popular. I guess you didn’t heard about Pottermore and thousands of kids and adults who play everyday on it.

    Anyway, that’s great news and I can’t wait to explore Diagon Alley. You should really do more spaces like that on Home.

  • @woodypride

    I agree about the trophies. I don’t see what’s so important about them, they have no actual value. For me, playing the game to 100% and then starting again is the fun for me. Just like the old PS1 and PS2 days.

    Hell, I even play Crash Bandicoot 2 more times than I care to admit. It’s that fun!

  • Will we get a free wizard costume when we enter it would be fun if everyone would have a costume like that :) like a normal robe which you get in year1 on the first day with no colour for the 4 clubs? cheers :) and Thank You for this :D

  • Will it play in the same way as the website i.e. you play through each chapter of the books?

  • This looks nice, but everytime I try to get into home I’m frustrated about all the loading times.
    Get in a room, loading time.
    Watch movie clip, loading time.
    Walk into another street, more loading time.
    There is so much waiting involved it gets on my nerves.
    Why can the outside world of Skyrim be a continues experiance and is home an endless exercise in waiting.
    Still going to check it out, just because I’m a sucker for the little wizzard.

  • Is this just for SCEE? I will definitely check this out as I am a huge HP fan. I’m playing Book of Spells (amazing tech) and in addition to seeing/owning all of the movies and reading all of the books 8 times each so far and playing all of the EA and Lego games, I also visited the Wizarding World last year. So there’s never too much Harry Potter and it never gets old for me. Very happy news, thanks!

  • ye what fred said if you Voodoo341 dont like ps3 home DONT TELL Everyone on the blog we dont care what you think about ps home so keep ur coments to yaself and not on the blog

    your worse then me alot worse

  • I’m not a fan of Harry Potter (in fact I can’t stand it) but this looks great for those who are fans (I have a few PSN buddies who’ll likely make use of it being Home regulars and Potter-geeks).

  • I know what you mean voodoo 341 I will be glad when home is scrapped on ps4 it’s not been mentioned so far thank god.

  • @residentSteve

    Don’t be so quick to judge. Theres a lot about the PS4 that still hasn’t been revealed. It’s actual appearance for example.

    I don’t understand your hate for Home. It’s not like you’re forced to go on it.

    Don’t bash something if you have no valid reason to just because of the fact ‘you don’t like it’.

  • ye what MAX said residentSteve

    playstation home will be on ps4 cuz sony wont scrap it if they did loads of people will be angry so residentSteve playstation home will be on ps4 and if you dont like it TOUGH

    if ps home int on ps4 il sell your ps3/ps4 and get you a xbox u has been warned from me and all ps3 users

  • Well said ResidentSteve. I’d rather see Sony scrap Home and put the resources into a better network and getting games released at the same time globally. If Harry Potter was still popular then the Book of Spells would have sold in the millions not just the tens of thousands. This smacks of Sony struggling to claw back some of the millions they paid JR Rowlings for the rights to Harry Potter.

  • @Voodoo341

    How smallminded can you be?

    Just because Book of Spells didn’t sell as well as anticipated, it does not reflect on the entire franchise as a whole. The core of that particular game is for hardcore fans and children to delve further into the universe that J.K Rowling has created.

    I think you’ll find there is still a very prominent and prosperous fanbase out there.

    Consider sorting you priorities out. Sony have given us a free network for us to connect and socialise on. Nothing is perfect so be thankful for what they’re offering. Don’t let your dislike for one thing reflect badly on others. If you have nothing nice to say, then keep it to yourself or take it elsewhere.

    This is not the place.

  • @Voodoo341; I’ll sum up your opinion- “if Voodoo341 doesn’t like something, it shouldn’t be on PS3.” It’s about time you realise variety separates Playstation from the competition. I don’t personally use Home much but I certainly enjoy it when I visit. As for finances, let Sony worry about that. It’s easy giving answers when the outcome has no risk to you.

  • Can’t wait for this should be awsome, Will they be a uniuqe outfit you can buy like harry potter outfit or some locomtion?

  • Is it going to have the same ‘going through the books’ setup that pottermore has, or it is just the environment of harry potter’s world? I would love to be able to go through the books and unlock all of the different stuff, especially if it tied to my pottermore account (since my computer doesn’t handle flash well, i haven’t really been able to enjoy the pottermore site).

  • ohh , what home really needs is an interactive game show , like XBOX had 1 vs 100 , it would work well in home , with everyone in the crowd in the 100 and extras, please pass on this idea please.

  • Must admit, I’m usually not very interested in ‘home’. It was a great idea unfortunately populated by morons who flock around a female avatars like flies on…*ahem*…you get the drift.

    But Pottermore genuinely looks pretty cool, and certainly worth checking out. You can tell a lot of time and hard work has gone in to this.

    Well done chaps.

  • Will it be on PS Vita

  • what people don’t realize is harry potter is a world wide phenomenon so what if it was 2 years ago new harry potter fans are discovering the books everyday The books have sold over 450 million and have become the biggest franchise ever. It’s huge in Britain (obviously), in the US, and all over the world. i been a fan of harry potter since film 1 i read the books online had ago at wonderbook been on the rides in the usa and im a true harry potter fan and anyone who dont like harry potter is a mugglepants
    doesn’t matter if your from china japan germany italy america spaim malta etc im sure they love harry potter as much as us brits and our fellow freinds in the good ol usa :)

    DJrya there is a broom stick out already in ps home but i hope sony does the harry potter thing properly in ps home by adding

    1. all locations from the films
    2. all harry potter film costumes
    3. items to buy like in that sweetshop :D

  • ye i agree with what Project2insanity & MaxDiehard said as for you Voodoo341 SONY WILL NOT SCRAP PS HOME because i been digging around and it might be coming to ps4 if you dont like it did your grave and die because all of us here on the blog have had enough of your babyish moaning

    harry potter on ps home will sell well and make sony loads of money some people might go on the tour then come on ps home and relive that day out & playstation home is hear to stay and it will be on ps4 as well i did my research

    i really thought i was the bad egg on here but guess what VOODOO i pass the idiot batton to you everyone voodoo is now the new pain in the butt and not me anymore goodbye and have a good week all and dont let anyone tell you ps3 home is rubbish when it isnt that user is just tryin to ruin sony

  • looks great looks wicked mates people should appreciate what home developers do for the community seriously rather you play home or not should appreciate them i say thank you hope theres a personal space of harry potters im going purchase it n costumes saw videos looks wicked looks just like we are in harry potter movies great details great effort developers thank you ^^

  • i hope they make the harry potter space a official public space so us harry potter fans can hang out at be awsome go to harry potter space anytime we like ^^

  • keep harry potter as a public space and get rid of wardrobe wars wardrobe wars don’t even work anymore no one has gotten any awards from wardrobe wars in months its been broken.

  • this is going to be awesome! i’ve been a fan since the books came out, and it was a pity that the harry potter series came to an end. i’m definitely going to download this. i hope i’ll meet loads of new people, because i want to have new friends :D

  • Any news on release date? Since we already are in April..hehehe

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