Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two coming soon to PS Vita

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We’re really excited to announce that the magical Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two is coming to PS Vita later this year!

Join the legendary Mickey Mouse on a fun-filled quest to bring a splash of colour back to Wasteland – a weird and wonderful world of forgotten Disney toons – in this long-awaited sequel. Exploring alone, or alongside the loveable Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in a co-op adventure, Mickey must use his enchanted paintbrush to find new paths, solve puzzles and battle evil mechanical monsters.

Naturally, we’re making the experience even more epic using the awesome controls of the PS Vita, including front touch for greater painting accuracy and tilt controls for racing mode. Not only that, but there’s also a two-player co-op mode exclusive to the PS Vita, so you can unleash the power of two on the go anywhere, anytime.

Stay tuned for more updates, including release date and pre-order details.

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  • I enjoyed the demo on PS3 and will certainly buy this on Vita. It is a very enjoyable game and a good fit for the Vita. Interesting to see how the painting works with the touchscreen and trackpad controls…

  • Sounds nice, might pick this up once it’s available.

  • Make sure its better than a 3DS release and you could be onto a winner here! :)

  • Got the PS3 version for my bro for his birthday and he enjoyed it, more of a game aimed for kids but it’s a good game co-op wise, fingers crossed for some ADHOC co-op and perhaps a bundle offer?

  • Didn’t see THAT one coming :-) What a nice surprise! Will definitely pick this one up, preferrably as Digital Download if the price is competative with the retail version.

    My kid is going to love this!

    Any chance of a cross-buy feature?

  • Is Sony porting this game since Junction Point shut down?

  • Who is making this port since the original devs don’t exist anymore.

    Oh and will som of the technical issues be fixed?(framrate,AI and camera controlls)

    • The port is being developed by Blitz Game Studios with Sony.

      The PS Vita port will definitely fix some of those technical issues previously experienced such as framerate and AI

  • (Forgot to ask) Is this news going to be on the US PS Blog today, too?

  • Caught the Tweet by disney, great that you have a few new details.

  • there’s also a two-player wi-fi co-op mode exclusive to the PS Vita ?
    ad-hoc , online or both ?

  • Did not see this coming. Totally frickin sweet. :)

  • Cool game for the Vita indeed!!!!
    Skipped this for PS3 as I bought AC3 for PS3 and Vita at the time.
    This game will be perfect to play on the Vita!!!!
    I wish more developers would bring such great games to the Vita!!!!

  • I can tell you this isn’t going to sell well. It only sold 529K copies and also got average reviews. Also, the devs that made this game got shut. Big mistake Disney. =\

  • Will this be priced at a bufget price? Since it is releasing 1 year later then the other versions. Will the game be a port from the ps3 or 3DS version?

  • Also, as long as it’s not a crappy lazy 3DS port like what TT Games did too their LEGO games and the Vita devs who make the Vita port improve everything. It may be better than it’s console ports.

  • Only when it’s cross-buy.

  • @Alex Moyet:
    Amazing stuff for working on the PS3 build instead. Hope this game sells well than it’s console counter parts. Hope it gets improved and sell well because I know the sequel didn’t sell much and gotten average reviews but hey, it’s better than getting a poorly down 3DS port for the Vita.

    I mean check out Traveller’s Tales and Warner Bros., they just port their LEGO games from the 3DS build instead of the PS3 build.

  • Very surprising news. A great fit for Vita.

  • @Alex Moyet:
    Do we know if its going to have Cross Play or Cross Save with the PS3 Edition of the game?

  • Just to be complitely sure, when you say “wifi coop anywhere” you mean online coop?

  • Hello, Alex.

    Can we hope for other Sony’s ports? Or it’s just an exception?


  • Its comming witch czech subtitle out?

  • Bad game being ported to Vita is bad. Could you at least port something worth playing? Hell, there are better Mickey Mouse games worth porting! Go oldschool and give me a Vita version of Castle of Illusion. That game was great. Presumably emulating a Mega Drive game to be playable on Vita is neither difficult nor costly. Would be great to have another great Mickey Mouse game on Vita. Sadly Epic Mickey 2 is far from great.

    Just a heads up people. If you own no Mickey Mouse games on Vita but really want a Mickey fix, don’t bother with Epic Mickey 2 and just download the PS1 version of Mickey Mania(PS1 version is called Mickey’s Wild Adventure for some reason. I had the Mega Drive version called Mickey Mania when I was a kid). It’s 10 times the game Epic Mickey 2 is.

  • If this sells well, then is ther a chance of the original Epic Mickey being ported over to Playstation 3/Vita by Sony or even Sony taking on the franchise as an exclusive and finishing off the intended trilogy?

  • The only problem i had with the ps3-demo was the control and if they manage to fix that this could be really good.

  • Out of all games Sony decides to bring this miserable game. Great.

  • I love it…

    1. Vita owners complaining that no games are being released.

    2. Disney announce their FIRST game for the Vita completely out of the blue.

    3. Vita owners complaining about the game and wanting something different to be released instead.

    Same old story… Fingers crossed that this does really well and Disney decide to keep supporting the Vita with more titles after this and great to see that we’re getting a game that’s going to use the Vita’s hardware properly.

    Granted, it’s not going to be to everyone’s tastes but neither are games like COD, FIFA. Why not just appreciate the fact that we are getting something else released that will help keep the Vita’s profile going. It will also help to showcase that the Vita can offer different types of games ensuring that it will appeal to a range of gamers – ideal for promoting it to potential new owners!

  • I have a question about the PS3 version on the PS store

    What’s with Epic Mickey 2 on the store, the description in the game reads:
    Special offer price valid from 06-03-2013 to 27-03-2013 (Was: (£39.99 / €49.99
    After that the special offer text ends suddenly, however the game is still full price.. Are we missing out on a discount on this title?

    • Hi Denzelio,

      I’ll look into that for you. Thanks.

    • Hi Denzelio,

      According to the page “If you’re a PlayStation Plus member, you can download this item for the reduced price displayed and it’s yours to keep forever. Not a member yet? Subscribe to PlayStation Plus for loads of PlayStation3 extras!

      Special offer price valid from 06-03-2013 to 27-03-2013 (Was: (£39.99 / €49.99)”

      So if you’re a PlayStation Plus member you’ll be able to purchase the game at a reduced price until 27/03.

      Hope that helps!

  • Awesome. This is great news, Sony’s teams know the hardware so they should be able to fix some of the game’s issues. I didn’t consider this on console but will pick it up as long as there is a hard version and not dd only. It will suit handheld better than console I think.

    Hopefully there will be more game announcements in the coming weeks. I’m glad developers are starting to understand the Vita has a high attach rate as the number of PSN games shows and Sony are starting to do their bit too.

    Fingers crossed for a new Vita GTA or HD versions of the ps2 games which would explain why there’s been no straight ports.

  • I’ll be happy to pock this up for some co op with my son.

  • Nice title to play with my daughter. Looking forward to this.

  • Thank you very much, I’ll be picking this up

  • Great news. I’ll probably pick this one up down the line, but I’d buy an Epic Mickey 2: Power of Illusion port almost instantly.

  • Just a little question, when do guys think a trailer will be put out? Also any chance once we complete the game that we will unlock the epic mickey 2: power/castle of illusion?

  • Assuming it comes out in North America as well (physically), then I’ll definitely pick it up. There’s no 3D Platformers on the Vita, plus it’s Disney and Mickey.

    I would have rather had the 3DS game though. Just with a removable of the terrible drawing mechanics that broke up the solid platforming. It literally killed the game for me on 3DS.

    But hey, whatever. I’m happy.

    Just wish this had happened at launch instead of later.

    While you’re doing ports, OKAMI HD ON VITA. Thanks… seriously. That would be the best game to put on Vita. Ever. It’d be perfect.

  • I hope your studio actually improves the game significantly and doesn’t just make a flat out port, cause the game well… let’s say it wasn’t the best game out there…

  • *facepalm* Sony… why are you so dumb? Why actually spend the effort porting a crap game to the Vita? The Vita doesn’t need more critically panned crap games. Why are you trying your hardest to undermine the platform? Epic Mickey 2 was so bad it killed the studio that made it! And you port it to Vita?!

    If you want to fund ports, that’s fine. But sheesh… why not port good games? Why not fund new original games? Why is there no God of War for Vita? Why is there no Gran Turismo Vita?

    Sony, clueless doesn’t start to describe your handling of the Vita.

  • Wonder how many people calling this game crap have actually played the game. I’ve not encountered any reason as to why the game is “crap”. It’s not great, but it’s no where near crap.

    And, God of War took many years before it hit PSP. And let’s not even act like GT on PSP was there within a year of the Vita’s release.

    Do you people not understand anything? PS3 didn’t even have these things for a long time either. They’re not going to shove EVERYTHING within the first year at market, or even the first two years.

    Have some damn patience.

  • Sony also killed the studios who made two of the best Vita launch games and generally all-round awesome portable games, WipEout 2048 and Unit 13. Good job, Sony!

    I’ll never forgive Sony for killing Studio Liverpool. WipEout = Playstation. Now I have no reason to pick up a PS4. I would have been there day-one if it launched with a next-gen WipEout.

    But hey, let’s throw money after Epic Mickey 2! No one asked for it and it was so bad it killed the studio that made it. Let’s bring it to Vita! Yeah! *facepalm*

  • People complain about the lack of games for vita.
    Sony brings games to vita… people complain. some people are never satisfied.

  • @Hexahedronaut

    It’s about priorities. Why throw good money after a critically panned game (59 metacritic average). It sold badly on the launch platforms, so what good is it going to do the Vita? What the Vita needs is system sellers, not ports of crap games.

    The money spent on this would be much better spent on something else.

    I wouldn’t complain if Disney published this game – and funded it. But this is Sony throwing money away on a game that is guaranteed to sell badly. I hope the cost for this is very, very low.

    Someone from Sony can feel free to explain the business sense in this, but I’m not holding my breath, waiting for enlightenment.

  • It’s funny reading people comment at how they feel this is pointless and demanding “better” games. The entitlement that a lot of people think they have this generation is tragic, if you don’t like it then simply don’t buy it. This is a dead IP granted but I’m sure the cost of getting publishing rights and porting it is very small when compared with creating “new original games” (God of War and Grand Turismo being far from original btw). It’s another game to add to the slowly growing list of Vita games and should be given a chance before being pooped on.

    I hope this improves on the issues of the other versions and sells enough for Sony to port some more of these pleasant surprises.

  • So when you mean WIFI cop-op,so it’s like you can invite a friend to help you on your adventure.

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