Big savings on The Walking Dead this week, get episode 1 free

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Big savings on The Walking Dead this week, get episode 1 free

The Walking Dead on PSN

Hello everyone! I know it has been a little while coming, but I’m very happy to announce that we’ve teamed up with the guys at Telltale Games to bring you some great savings on the multi-award-winning series The Walking Dead.

Inspired by Robert Kirkman’s original comic books, The Walking Dead is a five-part series in which you play as Lee Everett, a convicted criminal who has been given a second chance at life in a world that has been devastated by a zombie outbreak.

With corpses returning to life and survivors stopping at nothing to maintain their own safety, protecting an orphaned girl named Clementine may offer him his only chance of redemption in a world gone to hell.

To help get those of you new to the series in the mood for more, Telltale has generously offered to supply The Walking Dead Episode 1: A New Day completely free for the duration of the promotion. Can’t say fairer than that, surely?

These discounts will go live as soon as the store updates on Wednesday 20th March and run until Wednesday 3rd April, so make sure you grab them while you can.

Discounts for all PSN users:
The Walking Dead – Episode 1: A New Day – 100% off for all PSN users

The Walking Dead – Season Pass
Was €19.99/£15.99/AU$29.95, now €14.99/£11.99/AU$21.95
Additional 25% off for Plus Subscribers

PlayStation Plus exclusive discounts
50% off the following products:
The Walking Dead – Episode 2: Starved for Help
The Walking Dead – Episode 3: Long Road Ahead
The Walking Dead – Episode 4: Around Every Corner
The Walking Dead – Episode 5: No Time Left

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25 Author Replies

  • So, that’s less than €10 for the entire season. That’s a really compelling price! Thank you for that offer, I’m finally going to see what everyone has been raving about!

  • nice, i wanted to give it a try now i have no excuses.

  • Was well worth the 20pounds it cost in the beginning.

  • Was thinking of getting the disced version so I don’t have to download and install, but this is a good deal. Will definitely check out the first eps and probably get the others too. Don’t like the TV series but the Heavy rain influences get me interested.

  • They say gravit y has to do with mass, but still this digital sale is pulling me towards a buy :p

  • Finally! Can’t wait to get this!

  • Can’t wait for Wednesday to get this :)

    Hey Fred,

    Any word on GOW:Acsension getting digital release ?


  • Brilliant sale guys, €10 for the entire season is amazing. I was wondering though if you will have any other sales up for those of us that already own them?

    • We also have the expedition sale and the resident evil sale running at the moment, maybe there is something in there for you??

  • got this already and for that price its a absolute steal guys, one of best games iv ever played, heres hoping for a second season of episodes soon.

  • I urge anyone who hasn’t played this to get it now. It’s a wonderful game and at that price you have no excuse not to get it. :D

  • Is there any reason to confuse gamers by calling a thing season pass, when one time its just DLC and you still need the game, and at other times it is standalone?

    • This is what the publisher calls it so we have to follow that. In this case the Season Pass is the collection of episodes

  • Ok so for Plus members the season pass will be about £9 yeah?
    With 50% per episode its cheaper to get all 4 remaining episodes which will be down from £4 to £2 giving a total of £8.

  • Hi Chris, not related question but please respond. Is there any chance of release “Z” on PSN Store? It’s a classic and briliant PSOne game. Not so long ago it was re-released on iOS but controls are weird. I prefer buttons you know :).

    I know you probably don’t want to make promises but… please tell me something.

    • I just checked in with Jawad to see if he knew something I didn’t but alas neither of us believe this will be coming anytime soon

  • I’ve purchased this for the PC on Steam. This is a good deal, you guys are going to have fun! ^_^

    (BTW, Chris, before I purchase it for the spring break for myself, could you tell me if Disgaea 3 for the Vita will go on sale/join PS+ in the next 4 weeks? :3)

  • this is great I’ve got PS+ for 90 days so I’ll wait until the 2nd April to activate the code and get most of + and then get The Walking Dead at this great price.

    • Great decision we’ve got some good games coming up in Plus over the next couple of months, look out for a post about April on Friday :)

  • is “The Nation’s Favorite” a permanent section? also was there a post about it that I missed?

  • Are you sure about 10€? While SCEA usually simply goes 50-75% off, SCEE bases it’s additional 10-25% for Plus usually on the reduced priced, not the full price. Thus I’d expect to see a 11.25€ price tag for the full season, not 10€.

    With episode 1 being free, it would then be cheaper to get the 4 remaining episodes for the half price. It really wouldn’t be the first example where it makes more sense to purchase the content of a bundle separately. Happens frequently enough with DLC bundles.

    Anyway, waited long enough to see that sale so I won’t let it pass. I ignored all Steam sales for TWD as I consider it to be the perfect couch game and finally … :)

    P.S.: Any news on a Sound Shapes sale? ;)

  • Can you confirm that no Walking Dead episode will be added to the PS+ IGC for at least one year? Without it I wouldn’t touch this. Also labelling this as a season pass is totally confusing. You need to feed that back to Telltale.

  • Thanks so much for this one Chris it’s been a long time but finally here.

    I’ll pay more for the pass to get the theme.

    Next up disgaea discount please

    Thanks again

  • Already completed this on “the other” console that we don’t talk about. I will be delighted to play through this gem again though, consider it sold!

  • I have Ep 1 & 2 for Plus US. If I buy Ep. 3, 4 e 5 will work on US version?

  • Great deals on this one, I’ll definitely be picking these up on Wednesday!

    What are the chances of discounts on Okami HD and Skullgirls in the future?

    Keep up the amazing work on PS Plus. The IGC has been immense these past couple of months. I really hope you can keep it up!

  • Thanks Chris, I got the hint. ;)

    Btw. do you guys have the issue on your to-do list, that one can’t purchase a game when they already got it via Plus for free? In some rare cases people might want to support the developers, hehe.

  • hello Chris Howe
    any chance to see discount on smart as… (psvita game )

  • Hi Chris, thanks for securing a great deal on Walking Dead. Played the trial version and loved it! Bring on Wednesday!

    On a side note: could you please look into Dante’s Inferno Super Bundle in the Expedition Sale? Please make the sale price for the rest of us Europeans.. Pretty please?

  • Great offer, i’ll be sure to pick this one up and add it to my huge backlog as it is already lol! :)

  • So, 11.25€ for the Season Pass, and 10€ for the indiviual episodes for PS Plus Members. Is this correct?

    I find that kinda of odd, the reason for a Season Pass is to get the whole package cheaper, and not the other way around.

    Is there going to be an additional sale this week (or month)? Like Unfinished Swan or so…

  • the release date of th patch (italian subtitle)for walking dead??

  • I dont understand. I read that the episode 1 is free, but the link send me to a page that says “Seite nicht Verfugbar” (which means, “Page not available” in German)

    Is this a region specific offer?

  • Hi Chris

    I want to buy the Two Worlds II GOTY Edition from the expedition sale, i read a post somewhere about the game being unplayable is this true?

  • Hi Chris! I was wondering if there are any plans to bring The Walking Dead series to Playstation Vita at some point in the future?

    With a super busy working week and a pretty hectic home-life (don’t we all right?) I probably do as much as 90% of my gaming on handheld systems. Out of that block of say, give or take, a couple of hours per day, it’s my Vita that gets the lions share. I still dip into my iPad for the odd quick ‘fix’, but since trading in my Nintendo 3DS XL last October, I’m loving my Vita for proper grown-up gaming thrills.

    I love point-and-click adventure games, I always have, and I’m a big fan of The Walking Dead episodic series too. Indeed I have all five episodes on iOS, but I reckon it’d be so much cooler Vita-style. Other P&C adventure games are making the jump from console/PC to handheld (often via iOS – like the utterly fabulous Machinarium for example). My thinking is that if they run on tiny iPhone’s and iPod’s, it pretty much stands to reason that they’d absolutely rock on Vita’s OLED five-incher right?!

  • @enmotent_DE You have to wait untill Wednesday (read post).

    SO will episode 1 stay free forever. If not will, when you delete the game and want to reload it later, you be able to play the game because you always need the first eppisode to play?

  • …continued from comment 31…

    Like I said, I love point-and-click adventure games and I love my Playstation Vita. I’d just so love to see them intertwine a little. Okay, a lot. As well as The Walking Dead, and the previously mentoned Machinarium – and countless others – I’d particularly love to see gorgeous pixel art adventure Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, cult hero Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective and the wonderfully timeless Monkey Island games make the jump to Vita.

    Either way, with the masses of potential offered by Vita’s connectivity with the upcoming PS4, I definitely predict exciting times ahead for the handheld corner of the gaming community.


  • Does this have a platinum or do you have to buy the disc for that?

  • Been waiting for this for a while, I’ve heard mostly positive reviews.

  • yes finally! been waiting for this to go on sale for ages.thanks chris. :D

    so episode 1 will be free permanently?
    no reason to buy season pass if more expensive just for a theme i’d never use…eh but i guess i will get the pass anyways to support telltale. only £1 difference.

    off topic sort of but darksiders 2 season pass (11.99) is more expensive then the game it self (7.99)…will that change?

    • Yep, episode 1 is free to keep as long as you download it within the discount period :)

      With regards to the Darksiders stuff, the season pass includes a loooooot of DLC so its a pretty fair deal :)

  • Chris,
    Great news about the Walking Dead discounts. Only problem with PSN & especially Plus is I dont have enough time to play all the stuff Im getting over last few months…keep it coming tho :-)

    Any plans for Mass Effect 3 DLC discounts soon? Or maybe a bundle with all three pieces?
    I already had ME3 when it came to plus last month but id like to take a look at the DLC. However at around £32 for the lot, its expensive especially as ive heard very mixed reviews about Omega & Leviathan.

  • @Flipside666

    is has a platinum trophy.
    you don’t need the disc version.

  • That’s the whole issue with PS+ now. You’re wary about buying anything because you know there’s a good chance it will land on the IGC. It really needs sorted. If I was a developer I’d avoid PSN like the zombie hoard. Plus how can you actually justify selling the season pass for more than the individual episodes? That’s underhanded.

  • Chris if you can’t guarantee 12 months how long can you guarantee? Seems a reasonable request and shows you want to avoid another Sleeping Dogs fiasco.

  • “Look out for a post about April on Friday”
    “might be working on a little something else for Sound Shapes”

    Might those be related somehow?? :-)

  • @Voodoo341

    imo it’s not an issue because you have options.

    if want to play a game just buy it or wait till it reduces in price, or wait for an indefinite amount of time to see if it will become free on ps+. the latter might not happen, so in that case you’d never play it?

    there are gonna be some games you already played/own in the igc. it’s inevitable.

  • Is this the same as what is being released on the 22 march The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct???

    Or is it something completely different???

  • Hey Chris,

    is there any info you could share, if possible, about One Piece Pirate Warriors? Is there going to be a sale for this game soon, or a discount?

  • Oh look, it’s Voodoo. Aka the doom and gloom merchant.

  • 1st Episode for free? Smith like’s it. = )
    I might purchase a season pass during the Easter Hols and play the rest of the episodes when I get Sly 4.

  • This is what you get when you sign up for Plus. You can’t ever know exactly what is going to come down the line, but you pay for the opportunity to get such great games either free or at a discount. Not just that, but the chance to try out games you may never have even considered buying and discovering new favourite games and series. How can they guarantee what games will be sold free 12 months down the line, or even 2 months down the line? No one would pay for the games at all and just wait for the Plus discount/freebie!

    Plus is a service of taking chances and seeing what comes down the line, but the price of the service is so amazing (I just bought another year for £20 at GAME!) that you really can’t be complaining when you can’t predict what will come to the service.

  • Anyone know the answer?

    Is this the same as what is being released on the 22 march The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct???

    Or is it something completely different???

  • Chris# Please bring smart as to PS+ as a free download. This is a game that need a community and bringing it to PS+ would help it alot.

  • @Fr34kyUK

    different games.

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