The Pinball Arcade: Star Trek tables incoming, PS4 development underway

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The Pinball Arcade: Star Trek tables incoming, PS4 development underway


Howdy y’all… Bobby King of the Pinball Arcade here to give all the pinball fans out there the heads up on everything we have going on in March and make an awesome announcement!

This week at FarSight Studios, we’ve been packin’ up our new expo display and gettin’ ready to head to the Texas Pinball Festival to show off our latest tables and features! We’ll be showing off the stereoscopic 3D support on PS3 that we just implemented. It looks amazing and really adds to the gameplay experience.


We will also be running contests each day to win a Cactus Canyon T-shirt, so if you’re in the area and like pinball – you should definitely stop by. You can check out our game and play unlimited real pinball for the price of admission – it’s a ton of fun!

Later this month, we’ll be releasing Star Trek: The Next Generation for PS3 and PS Vita on the 20th March and Table Pack 10 on 27th March which includes Gottlieb’s great widebody classic Genie and another one of our all-time favourite tables, Bally’s Attack from Mars.


Unfortunately, we can’t bring everyone to Texas – some guys have to stay back and work on the PS4 engine. Oh yeah, I forgot mention…


We are super excited about this. Pinball Arcade looks really nice on PS3, but just wait until you see it on PS4! We’ll be adding rendering tech for per pixel ray casting, area lights/shadows, point lights and screen space ambient occlusion (which is a fancy way to say even more shadows). We’re very confident that we can add all of these features on the PS4 and maintain the smooth 60 fps that you need in a pinball game.

We’ll also be updating the physics and gameplay on all of the DLC tables we release. The Pinball Arcade on PS4 will be amazing!

Stay tuned next week for details on our release of the Star Trek: TNG table.

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