PlayStation Mobile spotlight: Forevolution

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PlayStation Mobile spotlight: Forevolution

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Hi everyone. I’d like to tell you about the latest game to join the PlayStation Mobile line-up on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Certified devices.

It’s called Forevolution and is a classic real-time strategy game based on a title created by independent Japanese studio Kanagawa Denshigijyutu Kenkyujyo. It’s all about creating the right balance in a complex eco-system and it’s up to you to make everything runs smoothly.


This version includes new characters and features, and it’s perfect for a quick burst of gaming action on the go.

Forevolution is what PlayStation Mobile is all about – original, quirky, fun-packed titles. You can pick it up now from PlayStation Store on PS Vita and on PlayStation Mobile for Android, priced at £4.49/€5.49/AU$9.25.

If you’ve never downloaded a PlayStation Mobile game, now’s the time to check it out. PS Vita owners can download Forevolution on the PlayStation Mobile section of PlayStation Store. Owners of PlayStation Certified devices (see full list here) can obtain it through the PlayStation Mobile Store - click here for full instructions.



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  • $9.25? That’s double the American price. For no reason. PlayStation Mobile game pricing in Australia is absolutely disgusting.

  • Pricing in AU regions full stop is disgusting, regardless of whether the games be retail or PSN titles.

  • No wonder that latest PSM game sales numbers are utterly crap when nobody can buy the games.

    (I haven’t seen specific numbers, but some devs have stated that the sales are very, very poor).

    Sony is hell bent on staying the old dinosaur company it is. The current market segregation is so dumb it hurts just thinking about how incompetently Sony is bumbling about in the digital space.

  • I do think there is a place for PSM games and I’ve got a few and enjoy them.
    But I reckon they need to get Trophies sorted for them ASAP as that’ll be a big pull for some people.
    Plus roll PSM out to more areas!

  • $9.25?! Complete madness.

  • When will playstation mobile release in the uae store??
    how long will it take???

  • Please give answer

    • Hi Shaggy4235
      Sorry but we do not have the confirmed date yet. We will let you know as soon as we have.

  • @4 I think a bigger draw would be having the PS3 able to play these like it can PSP Minis. The PSM market is just too small being restricted to Vita and some Xperia phones. Having these games played on both the home console and handhelds would increase sales greatly and keep those devs making more PSM titles. At this rate they’re all likely to abandon it. Which is a shame cos Vita is the only current handheld I have any interest in playing games on at all. Phones are garbage for gaming…

  • “If you’ve never downloaded a PlayStation Mobile game, now’s the time to check it out. PS Vita owners can download Forevolution on the PlayStation Mobile section of PlayStation Store.”

    Quite nice, well.. the section isn’t.. yeah.

  • When are you expanding the serivde!!!???

    You guys are killing all the sales with just having 7 supported countries and scare away all the indie devs.

    The normal store launched day 1 in all countries so why is the PSM store so different?

  • That pricing isn’t competitive. I put PSM games in the same bracket as mobile phone games and expect them to be priced as such. I can get games on the Vita cheaper that have cross purchase and trophies included. I’m not sure what market space Sony are aiming the PSM at considering it’s mostly used by people that own Vita’s.


  • Do Sony have any plans to add anymore devices to play mobile games on ie htc sensation
    Many thanks scaribob.

  • so… trophys and support for other nations? i have my eye on 3-5 games i want to buy at the moment. just need to be able to buy them, and earn them trophys

  • Why are these games priced in € ?

  • It’s been over 6 months since PlayStation Mobile was announced for ASUS. Has that deal fallen through?

  • Carnivius_Prime @8 = +100

    rol service out in al contry
    + i wil not suport u service of psm ( to long i have not get on vita so keep ith nowh )

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