Everybody’s Golf PS Vita: Kat from Gravity Rush steps up to the tee

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Everybody’s Golf PS Vita: Kat from Gravity Rush steps up to the tee

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If you haven’t played Everybody’s Golf on the PS Vita in a while, now is the time! As some of you may already know, we recently released a feature update (patch 1.05). This long awaited update adds the following features:

Turn-based Challenge

Too busy to join a tournament online at a given time/date? Not to worry! By introducing this “Turn-based Challenge” mode, you can now challenge your friends in an asynchronous competition and play head to head, hole by hole.

Players can now also set up 20 different parallel games at any given time. To avoid cheating, there are no re-dos, similar to Daily Tourneys. Short messages (like SMS) are also now enabled, as well as competitive score history between friends.

Additional gameplay updates include:

  • Four-player stroke mode enabled in the multiplayer rooms
  • A slot mode added to the online/adhoc, enabling a slot machine style handicap system applied per hole to keep the game interesting in case there is an imbalance between player skills
  • We’ve also added a new visual lobby in the online space, and tweaked the game balance a little bit

New DLC content

The classic Mt. Sakura returns from Everybody’s Golf on PS2, great for advanced and novice players alike. Those of you who have been with us over the years can reminisce, while those of you who are just joining us can experience some of our great courses from the past.

Another course we are bringing back is Northern Fox. This too is a novice-friendly course, but don’t be fooled — there are some tricky course designs here and there. Both Mt. Sakura and Northern Fox have been revamped completely and look great in today’s resolution standards.



Last but not least, we’re also adding a brand new golf course named Mar Cielo. Surrounded by emerald green waters, this pretty beach resort style golf course is sure to keep the intermediate and advanced players challenged. Don’t get too relaxed on this beautiful golf resort, and watch for the landscapes and obstacles we’ve thrown in there.

We’re also adding new characters to the game: Erika, Gloria and Kat from the PS Vita fan-favourite Gravity Rush. Kat is very much intrigued with her discovery of golf, and is gravitating to the sport with a great deal of curiosity.


These new courses and characters will be available next Wednesday when PlayStation Store updates. Each character will cost €0.75, with the courses going for €2.49 each. You’ll be able to grab the whole set for €7.49.

So once again, a big thanks to everyone for your patience. We’re happy to finally offer the extended features and DLC available on Everybody’s Golf Happy golfing!

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  • Will there be any new trophies?

  • I only bought this game so I could play online with my friend from Japan. Well nope, can’t even do that. Really annoyed about it. I hate games that lock regions for online play – ok i understand why, but at least don’t block me from INVITING.

  • Ooee nice 0,75€ for Kate. I wanna buy her ( wow that sounds weird ) But I am 0,02€ short. No way. I blame taxes… and myself !

  • Looks great! I’m prolly gonna buy this regardless, but am also curious if any new trophies will get added with this!?

  • I love ‘Everybody’s Golf’ games;) Hopefully there will be a New one for the PS4? & it would be COOL if you got a ‘Hole in one’ say, you could press the ‘Share’ button & show all your PSN Friends online!!!:P MAKE IT SO er SONY PLZ!!!;)

  • This is only 7.50 in asda for the physical copy think ill have to grab it just waited a bit to see if it was plus bound but its been in a few sales as of late so don’t see it on plus soon

  • Good stuff. Loved the way the PS3 version was supported with updates and content rather than incremental yearly updates. Another +1 for a PS4 Everybody’s Golf too.

  • YEAH BABY! This is the best news I’ve had all day, awesome.

    What’s the conversion to UKP from Euro’s on the cost of the DLC?

  • Sounds great. Will probably go for the whole pack. :)

    Are there any plans to release the PS3 port of this game outside of Japan?

  • Please may these DLC be made available tomorrow instead lol :D Please :D so we can have them on the weekend … :)

    PS: Thank you for making the DLC available to us:D Thank you thank you :D can’t wait to tee off with Kat :) Gosh this is fantastic news

  • can’t you just add japanese voice over? i don’t care about everything else…

    • Alas, there are no plans to add Japanese v/o at present, though Kat will keep her unique language v/o.

  • This is what I hate about all these “fantastic” additions to the PS Store:

    Countries: AE, AU, GB, IE, NZ

    I have a US account. I have been disappointed every time I tried to take advantage on many of these offers (like the God Of War offers last week). When are US customers like me going to receive something from the Store?

    • Those tags just refer to English-speaking territories covered by the EU Blog. This is a global DLC release which will be available in the US.

  • Why does this update make me want to buy Everybody’s Golf?!

  • Great news, I’ve not played Everybody’s Golf in a while. The star challenges got a bit tough for me, and I struggled to make it round the Legacy Links under par. Will be great to have some new scenery.

  • Whoho! Cant wait for it!

  • Posted on 14 March, 2013 at 5:45 pm by Fred Dutton

    Yes, the team are currently targeting a Summer launch.

    wow this is a huge news!!
    will the ps3 version be a cross-buy?
    if that’s the case, then i`ll just wait for the ps3 version to be released! XD

    also any chance if we could get gravity rush ported to ps3 as well?
    i am a big fan of Kat :)

  • Damn, I was hoping “You must be tired” would be patched out! I love the game but the forced accents make me cringe every time.
    The DLC looks great, lots of added content!
    I don’t suppose theres a chance the saves would synch between the ps3 and vita versions like Motorstorm RC and Soundshapes..?

  • Any chance you could tell me how much the complete DLC pack will be in AUD? Thanks.

  • @Fred: no additional PS+ discount like in US? What are the £ prices??

    @others: Japanese PS3 version is NOT crossbuy and NOT cross-save – it’s completely independent and you must start from scratch there even online on the same PSN ID (it keeps one for PS3 and another for Vita in stats). However in Japan there was a crossbuy discount – if you’ve had one version the other was available on PS Store for less than half price but I doubt this will be case here or in us :(

    Finally – looking at the current state of online play – TOTALLY deserted online lobbies with amount of players countable on one hand of the very uncarefull lumberjack I see very dark future for this even after releasing this for PS3 …

  • No Trophies? Damn! Missed a trick there as this would have been an essential purchase for me if it had but as not I will not be spending my pennies on this.

  • Isn’t this patch like 511 mb?
    The game is only 1500 mb…. So that’s a whopping jump in file size for features I may not even use?
    The new courses should really have come with some new trophies too.
    Glad to see this game is getting supported but not sure if it suits me?

  • C’mon Sony, release te DLC in the store! I’m craving for the extra content. EG is a fantastic IP and I own all outings since PS1. I bought a Vita just for EG!
    Thought the DLC would never come to this region, but since 1.05 two weeks ago I’m bouncin’ in exitement. Checkin’ the store everyday! Plz don’t keep us fans hanging… Pleeaaaze!

  • I see the DLC is up … but why no bundle pack as stated in the post
    :,( ?????????????

  • I went to buy the DLC but the £5.99 bundle pack isn’t there. Until it is, I won’t be buying it.

  • Yeah, where is the bundle? Also some PS+ rebate would have been nice :)

    And some stats on the new characters would also have been nice.

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