God of War: Ascension rises today, final multiplayer allegiance revealed

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God of War: Ascension rises today, final multiplayer allegiance revealed

PlayStation friends, God of War: Ascension is out across the PAL region today and in Europe from tomorrow!

It represents the culmination of two and a half years of blood, sweat, and tears on behalf of the God of War team at Santa Monica Studio.

We wanted to create the best looking, most playable and compelling entry in the series to date, a game that took every aspect of the experience to a new level, that sought to show long-time fans a different side of the iconic Kratos character, and that added something entirely new yet addictively deep to the franchise: multiplayer, which many of you joined us in playing and improving during our beta weeks ago.

We put a great deal of thought and effort into the multiplayer modes you’ll discover in Ascension, including the recently revealed two-player cooperative Trial of the Gods. Supporting this new addition to the God of War universe and the community we’re hopeful builds around it for a while to come is of the utmost importance to us.

To that end, we can today confirm a substantial DLC plan, among which will be new armour and weapons sets, new stages to battle in, and much more. All of this will be free for owners of the Ascension Special Edition and Collector’s Edition in EU, since each of these include a comprehensive Season Pass (which will not be available outside these two Editions).

We’ll have plenty more info in the coming weeks at our official site, www.godofwar.com, as we execute on our extensive schedule… Stay tuned!

Ascension’s multiplayer mode, a series first, is about to go live for players around the world. Finally, we’re excited to reveal the fourth and last of the Gods with whom you may ally yourself: Hades.

Of all of the allegiances, Hades executioners have the highest versatility and variety of abilities. With the ability to curse, drain life, become invisible, and create large hazards (all in one load-out), the followers of Hades are able to control the flow of battle.

Hades is neither the strongest offensively nor defensively, but careful tailoring through armors and weapons, based on the situation to subsidize this, will help push you towards whatever role you want to fill — you will be able to do it all.

It’s been a long journey since 2010. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the game, and meet on the battlefield online.

Do well, warrior… ascend!

Looking forward to being among the first to receive access to an exclusive early demo of the highly anticipated PS3 action-adventure The Last of Us, a bonus included in each retail copy of God of War: Ascension? The new target date upon which that access will be unlocked (via the God of War: Ascension main menu) is 31st May 2013. Be sure to pick up a copy of Ascension so you too can be one of the first to check it out!

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  • Does the EU version come with the two new characters for Playstation all Stars Battle Royale?

  • EPIC!just a question how many mp modes are there in the final product or is it the same?as well as please add a party option

  • in mi eyes god of war ended in part 3

  • After how you handled the whole trophy thing going on recently, i don’t think i’d ever be able to buy anything from you guys in fear of being censored by a minority, Poor job guys.

  • @monoliet I feel sorry for your eyes (and bad spelling)

    Can’t wait to pick this one up tomorrow.

  • 4 Jamesyp00 jep total agry , usa violence/weapons who kil peopel = ok but breasts or anything that pulls on discrimination can not, only in usa really immature.

  • StopBitz
    mi eyes are very fine tanks ;) ( i talk + read verry wel english/french/flemish belgium )
    teks = not mi foult whe have no oficial blog :)

    like al only fr/uk/ita/spa/ger/ usa inportant
    them have separteted store , separeted service level but stil no blog to flemish belgium ( dutch) + the nederlands ( dutch )

  • Sticking a single trophy behind an online pass was lame.

  • Is GOW:A getting digital release on PSN Store ?

  • Game has sound issues. Its noth in sync what is happening on screen. Please fix it.

  • It’s not out till Friday in the uk.

  • Hey guys i already have the game but the vouchers don’t work except the online pass. Can it be because the game normally releases tomorrow???


    store need to update first , so 9/10 around 15:00 – 16:00 Belgium time

  • I’ve read a few reviews complaining about lack of customization in the single player mode. So I just had this idea that it would be kind of cool if you could, after your first completion, play through the story as your multiplayer character. Wouldn’t that be neat?

  • This aint out until friday here in the UK

  • @3 This is a prequel. It still ends with GOW3 at this point, this just delves deeper into how he became such an angry badass.

  • Although I figure only a 10% chance Todd will revisit this copy & paste blog article again (if in fact he ever did read the comments), so I’ll make my point in the hope a gamer may read it.

    God of War Ascension is broken. I’m not talking game design etc, but Ascension’s gone totally “Bethesda”….pure game breaking bugs.

    Seven times I’ve restarted Ascension, each time after deleting all GoW Ascension files, patches, and saves…and each time at random points the game breaks. Auto saves over the crash and then refuses to work.

    AVIOD AT ALL COST. You’d get more value buying an EA game. Yes…the bugs are that bad!

  • Can any EU owner of the collectors edition tell me if the PlayStation Allstars Battle Royale DLC code is included?

  • #18 Wasn’t included in my CE

  • can anyone in the eu tell me if they had a code in there special or collectors for the season pass which this post said we would have the only codes i had was the network pass and the code for the what was in the special avatar stuff a theme digital download of game music an 48 hours boost can someone please reply thanks

  • @SILENTANDDEADLY – my season pass was loose in the box, not in the sealed tin but loose with it so maybe yours is in the box still? All I can suggest? Otherwise I would get on to Sony about getting a code sent, I was surprised it wasn’t in the tin.

    Can anyone confirm that the uk version of the collectors edition comes with the Sony All Stars characters? I cannot seem to find a code 0r sheet that mentions it and was really looking forward to playing as Isaac.

  • @leeworm69

    Fred has stated In the other gow thread that the all stars deal is USA only but the uk is getting some kind of offer of its own that we will find out about next week

  • hey guys anyone out there confused about the network pass or cant find it. i live in australia and mine was on the back of the instruction manual took me ages to find it hope this might help anyonr with the same problem. Im also stuck in chapter 28 if anyone got any hints.

    so not happy about the last of us demo not being availible yet honestly thort that was poor to realease a game with an exclusive demo that wont be playable untill a fortnight before the game is even realeased.

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