Scott Pilgrim vs The World DLC lands this week with PS Plus discount

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Scott Pilgrim vs The World DLC lands this week with PS Plus discount

When we created a game called Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, we meant it. “But,” you might have asked, “what about playing against other Scott Pilgrim fans from around the world?”

Sure, our side-scrolling beat ’em up based on Bryan Lee O’Malley’s award-winning graphic novels let’s you play as everyone’s favourite lovable loser: the titular Mr. Pilgrim. And yes, you could team up with your pals for some couch co-op, playing as one of Scott’s kooky cohorts in this charmingly 8-bit retro-gaming world (all while rocking to the chiptune sounds of Anamanaguchi). But what about online multiplayer?

With the latest downloadable content, your question has been answered. Out this week on PlayStation Network for £3.99/€4.99, this new DLC not only adds Wallace Wells to the roster, but also brings online multiplayer to the game.

No more crowding on the couch (unless, of course, you want to… but that’s your business). Instead, you can summon your pals from around the world to take on Ramona Flowers’ evil exes – and earn four new Trophies while you’re at it!

PlayStation Plus members can claim a 20% discount for two weeks on both the new DLC and the updated Ultimate Edition of the full game.

Check it out and let us know how Scott’s roommate Wallace Wells stacks up against your current favourite character!

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  • After many delays and it’s about time. = )

  • Yes! I wailed with despair last month when it was delayed again! Is it really happening? Can it be true?


  • Ha, I didn’t mind waiting two and a half years but no way am I paying for it!

  • For PS Vita please)

  • for PS Vita please) please, please

  • Awesome! Thanks guy.
    Can we get the Castle Crashers DLCs in AU now?

  • Do I have to buy the DLC to play online coop?

  • This is kinda stupid. You’ve made us wait this long, and you’re expecting people to PAY for a feature that should have just been in the game at release?

  • I grabbed the excellent Scott Pilgrim vs The World within a few days of it’s release – and it’s been on the cosy confines of my PS3’s hard drive ever since. In fact, I probably play it more than any other PSN game I have! BUT…

    …if ever there was a PSN game that was just begging to be played on my beloved Vita, it’s this rather fabulous brawler. If you have any sway whatsoever Guillaume, please, PLEASE (pretty please?), bring Scott Pilgrim to the small screen. You know it makes sense!

    Oh and by the way, I’m really looking forward to grabbing the new DLC on Wednesday!!

  • PLEASE – This for VITA!

  • Sorry no. Can’t stand the game and don’t use the term ‘8-bit’ when it clearly isn’t even close…

    guh… horrible game.

  • If there is one thing that Playstation Vita’s library of great games is desperately short of, it’s games that sport gorgeous pixelicious art like this Ubisoft masterpiece! Go on Ubisoft, I need, like really, really need Scott Pilgrim on my Vita.

  • Wait… Something wrong…
    I woke up in what 2010 should have been :)

  • Hey @Carnivius_Prime. While I don’t share your view regarding the quality of the game, I must concur that the graphics that Scotty P sports aren’t 8-Bit at all. Pixelicious certainly, but 8-Bit? Erm, no.

  • I love this game it’s brilliant and I have always wanted online co-op so ill be buying this.

    So if anyone is up for co- op when this hits let me know.

  • This game would be great on the go with the VITA

  • It’s not very often I post here with negative comments but I have to agree with the complaints about this. While I wasn’t overly impressed with the game anyway, charging £3.99 for an extra character and an online mode is pretty excessive, especially for a game that is over 2.5 years old.

    Being asked to pay 50% of the price of the original for what is being offered really is insulting to those who have bought the game. At the very least, additional levels needed to be included to justify the price tag but as everyone else has said, the online mode needed to be free.

    To justify charging for any additional content the best option for Ubisoft would have been to have released an online DLC patch first to reignite interest in the game by existing players followed by character / level packs. As it stands, it’s pushed the game into the realms of silly money prices. I’ve just bought GTA IV and all the extra missions for only an extra £1.50 more than Scott Pilgrim and this “expansion”. Says it all really.

  • Better late than never and the plus discount is welcome but for just multiplayer and a character I’d have liked it to be cheaper. But the game is awesome so I will buy it anyway.
    Would love to see it on my Vita too as cross buy!

  • Will there be a discount on the Knives character dlc??

  • before you post anymore blog updates or write new comments, please fix mass effect 3. it needs spanish audio. or can i get a refund for playstation plus please? i dont want to play me3 in english all games today have spanish audio. EA cannot be such azzholes that the game is not in spanish there must be a mistake ? please offer a title update for ME3 this week so it has spanish audio. thanks.

  • @anyone who can help

    So I bought the dlc but its not working :( seems like the issue I’m having with zen pinball is also happening here.

    Download the dlc I install it but I can only play the first level before it says I must buy the Wallace dlc to play more. Why am I jinxed all of a sudden.

    The dlc is installing as Scott pilgrim moves to the top of my reciently plaid list after installing the dlc.

    Don’t know why this is happening to my games all of a sudden.

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