Murray takes the spotlight in new Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time trailer

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Murray takes the spotlight in new Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time trailer

Aloha, Sly Cooper fans. With Easter fast approaching, we caught up with the muscle behind Sly’s gang, Murray – a guy who knows how to get the most out of any situation, especially when the situation involves food! This hippo is king when it comes to being in the right place at the right time, and he has kindly let us in on a few of his top secrets!

Mark your diary – Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time launches on 27th March. It’s available for pre-order on the Store now, priced at €29.99 on PS3 (with Cross Buy) and €24.99 on PS Vita.

Murray - Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

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  • Nice , but i am more in to jack en daxter

  • Can’t wait for this, but it’s stupid that he have to wait 2 months to get this game. The ending got spoiled for me. BUT I still am very excited for this.

  • Is the loading time going to be reduced when its coming out ?

  • i think il get this on my birthday and when i finished it anyone who aint got it yet il post the ending of the game on the blog

  • I tried the Vita demo, but the game did nothing for me. It looked charming, but the gameplay was pretty dull, imo. And the loading times… so bad. The load times really kill it.

  • Does this come with a free Singstar icon?

    Oh wait…

  • 29th for UK? GAME had it down for 29th so will the digital release come on 27th then retails two days later or will both the digital and the retail come on the same day for the UK. Please answer this question has it’s been ignore for few times now.

  • I was ready to preorder it but then it appeared on the PSN and the NZ price (NZ$60) was an absolute ripoff compared to the prices in the UK (NZ$40), Europe (NZ$47) and Australia (NZ$50). That (CENSORED) to the point that I no longer wanted the game at all, so thanks for saving me the money I guess. I might still pick it up eventually but only once it hits the bargain bin.

  • How much will it be in the UK?

  • Never mind I checked. £19.99 for both PS3 and Vita versions. Really? How come the Vita version isn’t cheaper? Awesome price anyway, but still I’d expect the Vita version to be cheaper than the PS3 version. I mean it is for the rest of Europe so why not the UK?

    Considering they’re the same price can I assume that if I buy the Vita version I’ll get the PS3 version for free? Or do I have to buy it through the PS3 to get both versions?

  • wow £20 for that game as long as its bigger then the last 3 il get it i still got the 3 games from psn store :D

    i think psn store games are the future

    1. ps3 ps4 game disks. pro’s you can pop it into machine/cons it scratches
    2. ps3 ps4 games from store pros downloadable/cons NONE

  • LiquidSolid chillout the game will be cheeper on psn store soon after few months look at de blob2 that was £20 and now £5 give it time it will be cheeper

  • @CoolRichy008UK: De Blob 2 only dropped because THQ’s dead and they’re desperate for money, the same thing isn’t guaranteed for every game.

    I’m sick and tired of being ripped off just because of where I live and seeing that take place on a digital store of all things is enough to put me off any game, even on Steam.

  • Pre ordered at £19.99! Can’t wait to use the Vita as a cross-controller!

  • I feel your pain Murray for not being able to find any pants that fit. If it is of any help to you I would like to bring your attention to “No Pants Day” ( ).

    I would suggest you tell all your friends, co-workers and anyone you meet about the day. Should anyone decide not to participate in No Pants Day (or “The Murray Day” as it should be called from now on) then I am sure that “The Murray” knows how to “persuade” them. That way they call all feel how it is to be in your shoes with no pants on – and who knows maybe Sony will make some pants for you for your next adventure once they feel how it is to have no pants on.

  • LiquidSolid lol i wondered why the game went to £5 lol serves thq right for going bust lol

  • So can’t wait for this.. Seeing that stage background in Allstars got me all excited. The cartoony graphics look absolutely gorgeous and that alone warrants a purchase from me. Well done guys!

  • @12 Completely offtopic but I’ll indulge you. Downloads do have cons, like actually having to spend time and bandwith having to download it? Not to mention taking up way more HDD space that way, and unless you leave the game installed, it’s not pick up and play – which imo is kind of the point of console gaming..
    Not to mention the awful store design it comes in now.. Takes me a minute just to start up the damn thing now..
    The PSPGO fail made it clear that people want the choice, and don’t want to download only. Personally I only download dlc and psn exclusive stuff. If I can get it on disc, I’ll get it that way for sure.

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