PlayStation Store PAL charts: February 2013

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PlayStation Store PAL charts: February 2013


Greetings all. February has raced to its typically premature conclusion and it’s time already to look back and see which games flew off the PlayStation Store’s virtual shelves last month.

Full PS3 game downloads:

This month’s clear winner was THQ’s Darksiders 2, which raced to the top of the chart by virtue of a hefty 75% price cut. It’s a permanent reduction on a great game, so snap it up if you haven’t already. Elsewhere, Ni No Kuni put in a commendable showing to finish in third in its first full month on sale.

  1. Darksiders 2 (Re-entry)
  2. Darksiders (RE)
  3. Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (New)
  4. Batman: Arkham City (RE)
  5. Dishonored (RE)
  6. The Sly Trilogy (RE)
  7. Hitman Trilogy HD (New)
  8. Saints Row: The Third (1)
  9. Batman: Arkham Asylum (RE)
  10. Grand Theft Auto IV (RE)

PSN games:

Ron Gilbert’s eccentric spelunking adventure climbed one spot to take the February crown, bumping Journey down into second. Stunt bike sim Urban Trial Freestyle was the only other new entry in third place, though Alien Breed Trilogy and Zombie Driver HD both debuted in the top 20.

  1. The Cave (2)
  2. Journey (1)
  3. Urban Trial Freestyle (New)
  4. AMY (RE)
  5. The Walking Dead – Season Pass (4)
  6. Mass Effect (6)
  7. LIMBO (RE)
  9. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD (6)
  10. Okami HD (7)

PS Vita games:

Top of the pile this month was the portable version of Urban Trial Freestyle. Interesting tidbit for data fans: the PS Vita version outsold the PS3 release. Elsewhere on the chart, Ragnarok Odyssey, Rocketbirds and Persona 4 Golden all posted healthy top 10 debuts.

  1. Urban Trial Freestyle (New)
  2. MotorStorm RC (6)
  3. Escape Plan (RE)
  4. Ragnarok Odyssey (New)
  5. Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken (New)
  6. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (RE)
  7. Persona 4 Golden (New)
  8. Rayman Origins (RE)
  9. Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD (1)
  10. Super Stardust Delta + Advanced Star Fighter (RE)

PS Classics:

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas maintained its grip on the number one spot – not even newly re-released Vice City could unseat it. Elsewhere, it was your standard cocktail of bandicoots, dragons and dramatically coiffured adventurers.

  1. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (1)
  2. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (New)
  3. Final Fantasy VII (3)
  4. Final Fantasy IX (2)
  5. Final Fantasy VIII (4)
  6. Crash Bandicoot (5)
  7. Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped (8)
  8. Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (10)
  9. CTR: Crash Team Racing (7)
  10. Spyro The Dragon Trilogy (6)

To find out how things differed across the pond, head on over to the US Blog for their charts.

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5 Author Replies

  • I was excepting Persona 4 to top the PSVita list. =(
    I’d say blame importers.

    And AMY is on the PSN charts? That game is horrible according to really poor reviews.

  • A lot of entries from sale titles there, shows what a good sale can do :)

  • I miss good old Crash Bandicoot :( It was 15 years ago this month i got my 1st PlayStation(i.e the PS1) & the 1st game i got for it was ‘Crash Bandicoot 1’ ;)

  • @supersmith2500 If I could give you my copy of Amy I would. I purchased it the minute it was put on the store because of the coverage on the PS blog. No reviews had been published but the promise of an old school horror game really appealed. I wish I had waited for the reviews. Amy was awful. I don’t even want it in my download cue :(

  • @link1983
    Well if you did I wouldn’t want to play it after seeing poor reviews about it.

  • Yep, this should clearly be titled “The overwhelming power of sales”.
    It’s sometimes odd how some parts of the industry hesitate to learn from others. I mean, what else could explain the huge differences between PC stores and consoles?

    If AAA games, DLC or PSN games, far too many of those never see sales or far too late or with laughable discounts.
    While pretty much everyone who ever made a Sale on Steam describes that not only the numbers skyrocket during the sale, they also increase the full price purchases after the sale!

    And on SCEE? Well, I still wait for a Sound Shapes sale. A game that had been released last summer. That would never ever happen on Steam.

  • Do you think we could see these charts expanded to feature PS Mobile games as well? The format seems to be neglected at the moment as it’s the only format not currently available through the web-based store, nor can games be purchased for the PS Vita / Mobile through a PS3 (although you can buy PSP/PSV games that way) so sadly games still aren’t getting as much exposure as the other formats.

  • Hey Fred

    Can you separate PS classics please as they are two separate platforms, don’t know why they are mixed, its confusing, it should be top 5 ps1 classics and top 5 ps2 classics separately like the US blog.

    What do you think Fred?

    • Alas, that’s how our Store team groups the information. I can look into splitting it up, but again, no promises!

  • Fred

    Do you know if the Fallout games that are being released as part of the essentials collection will be available digitally like other essential games or are they too big?


  • @Fred,
    Usual question, how many vita games are in the top 10 overall list? Japanese vita games now have around 33% sales digitally. Hopefully the same (or better) trend is there in Europe.
    Plus, vita digital games ROCK!

    PS- One request. Hopefully we will get Disgaea 3 (or any other JRPG) for vita igc next month. Vita igc reallt never had a JRPG yet, and it would be awesome. I already owned mgs vita so this month was a little weak for me, since I only use vita, not ps3 (which had awesome btw).
    Looking for some more vita love. Cheers :)

  • Fred, Borderlands 2 and Kingdoms of Amalur went on sale yesterday on the PSN store, but no mention on the blog post yesterday. What’s the deal? Is there anything else hidden that we haven’t seen? On topic as these could feature in future chart updates.

    Borderlands 2 is £19.99 (£17.99 with PS+)
    Kingdoms of Amalur is £14.99 (£13.49 with PS+)

    • Occasionally there are region-specific discounts – I believe these are part of the ‘Nation’s Favourites’ promotion currently live in France and UK. You should see a banner for it on the Store homepage.

  • I’m sorry what! AMY one of be worst rated games ever created in 4th where people being payed to download it or something or was it free???

  • Ragnarok Odyssey = top game on vita
    very sad u are not abel to see al dlc under ps vita extra´s
    then icone of the game u only see 3 free muziek packs but where rest of dlc Fred Dutton ?

  • ps u can see all dlc on pc store + ps3 store but not on vita !!!!

  • Picked up Darksiders 2 last week. It’s an absolute bargain at the price and it’s got so much more going on than the original. Imagine a mix of the first game, Kingdoms of Amalur and Prince of Persia. Definitely recommended.

  • Darksiders 2 is certainly one great title. And on of those that are rare to find by today’s standards. It saddens me to see it there at 9.99€ only when I believe this is one of the very few games I gladly paid full price for. Worth every penny.

    Anyways, Darksiders and Darksiders II are not to be missed, specially when they cost 14€ together.

    Onto the topic! Darksiders II is not surprising, so I’ll go to number 2 instead and — oh look, Darksiders :P

    Welp, February had a very good sale, and the charts are proof of that. I myself got Arkham Asylum (thanks Chris!) for really cheap.

    It’s also incredible to see Journey up there after one whole year. It certainly is one great game, but wow. Is it really the game that’s sold the most on the PlayStation’s Store history, Crash Bandicoot aside? (Which BTW, is still strong. If Sony can somehow get Crash and Spyro back from Activision someday… Please do it!).

  • Hey Fred,

    Why no ‘Nation’s Favourites’ promotion for other countries ?!?

    At least give us ps+ discount


  • by Fred Dutton
    there are region-specific discounts – I believe these are part of the ‘Nation’s Favourites’ promotion currently live in France and UK. You should see a banner for it on the Store homepage.

    so in 2013 we stil have discrimination = fail
    we are al from Europe – we al pay ps3/ vita + games , but not same service tru al Europe = u stil are in the age of cave man ? :)

    If the governements of europe are criminels + thieves + make discrimination in game contry i understend = them are littel childeren who are not abel to make laws correct to everybady , but big company like u = shame u .

  • Those “Nation’s Favourites” must be a bad joke.
    Either because it separates the market once more, as if we customers wouldn’t be vocal enough that it is the very last thing that we want.

    And then it’s hilarious because it’s only promoted in the store and we know how reliable that one is. Just an example, according to the store the GoW sales don’t exist in Germany. “Topangebote der Woche” is completely empty and GoW isn’t listed in any other section either. So you can search those games, if you know that the games are in a sale, otherwise you’ll miss it 100%.

  • Even though the Darksiders I+II price-cut probably only happened because of THQ’s demise and not because of some rare publisher goodwill, publishers should really learn a thing or two from this. If you price your digital games reasonably, they will sell so many more copies SURPRISE!

  • darksiders 2 is incredibly cheap, ive not even seen a disc version that much below 20 pounds, i must say im pretty tempted, the 1st i know was amazing, it reminded me of a cross between devil may cry and zelda

  • Ni No Kuni in 3rd place??? i am very surprised at this considering the game flew off shelves.

  • Why are you not updaing the Top Sellers list on the psvita store????

  • I find it bizarre that SCEE can offer ‘promotions’ like The Nations Favourite Game to selected regions but then has to hold back games from the whole of the EU region because they haven’t been localised a game for region if Europe with a population of 40. What’s the difference?

  • Ha Niceee! I was too a buyer of Darksiders 2! :)


  • can any 1 gv me the blackops 2 map pack REVOLUTION please

  • I often used to brows the store, but after the update (the new store) that all stopped. I just donwload my Plus stuff and sometimes a discounted game or DLC and that is it. Never go back and brows (and spending money) anymore.

  • Chris/Fred I need help I`m a PS plus member and recently Mass effect 3 became free.I downloaded it but it is showing up as a 1 hour trial can you please help.

  • Could you forward a complain to some higher ups at Sony?

    In the Playstation store there are Finnish language descriptions for games that have been done using Google Translate or other machine translation tools. Not all but many, e.g. Persona 4 Golden, Dynasty Warrios 7 + empires, Generation of Chaos P.R., etc.

    This is unprofessional and gives an image of a very lazy approach to the localisation efforts. Hire people that actually know finnish as the correct ones also include improper finnish experssions.

  • Hi Fred, thanks for the reply. I was using the web store which doesn’t categorize this sale, and I hadn’t seen any blog post about these discounts either.

    I went in and checked directly on the PS3 and could see the sale there. Thanks for your help! Kingdoms of Amalur purchased :)

  • Hi,

    i’d like to know, how are Singstar songs sales, how hundreds of thousands people appreciates it that much, so your company can’t even make Singtar icon optional becase you don’t need to care about losing customers who hates it. Thanks (but i don’t know for what, because your company usually give evasive lies or doesn’t answer to complaints at all).

  • @supersmith2500 (#1 post)

    Or maybe it is a game that people mostly wanted in a retail box? :) I definitely wanted Persona 4 Golden on a retail card. I buy most games on PSN, but the really special ones, to me, I buy on cards to add to my collection. Persona 4 is too awesome not to own physically :)

  • Where did the updated YouTube blog post go? It was on the front page a moment ago, now it is gone. Can’t even find it via search… what gives?

  • I love that Ni No Kuni got such a big market. Obviously it’s hard to beat the Darksiders games considering the ridiculously good prices you have on them but Ni No Kuni has done exceptionally well. Now you guys just need to get some Ni No Kuni avatars on the store for me to buy and I’ll be happy :D

  • I don’t game share as I’m paranoid with others messing with my account and I’m guessing that’s why tomb raider is DRM :-P but I hope they plan to change at least having to play online for single player :) I want the digital copy but not as it is :-) if they charge so much for a game why can’t the ones that game share do that?

  • How about we get a reasonable price (or a “sale”) for EDF Vita and watch it rocket to the top of the March charts? 50% off maybe…?

    The Vita store in general needs much better organisation. There are a few Vita games being discounted in the Nations Favourite Games thing but you’d never know it. Any sales or price drops need to be very clearly sign posted, and Vita/PSP/PS1 sales need to be kept separate. The sorting and filter options from the PS3 store would be nice to have too.

    DLC needs to be properly listed as well. There’s a handful of Ragnarok Odyssey DLC that’s not in the Ragnarok Odyssey add-on section. Most of it free too, but you can only find it with a search.

  • A_Nonny_Moose
    them only need to look in jappan where sales are huge after price drop !!!

    corect prices = 1 of the 3 moast inportant
    1= good game ( 50/50 image-gamplay )
    2= corect price , lots of peopel have no golden pig like u bosses
    3= stop u asoult on 2 hand market + piracy = u are hurting onest gamers by drm – online needed – stupid online pass ( 6/10 games i pay pass but in never play them online )

    jep store = i go in then i go fast out of store = not apealing to stay in store on ps3/vita
    pc version = best

    and Vita/PSP/PS1 sales need to be kept separate = 100%

    DLC needs to be properly listed as well. There’s a handful of Ragnarok Odyssey DLC that’s not in the Ragnarok Odyssey add-on section. Most of it free too, but you can only find it with a search. = jep , i already told them lots of times ( not paying some tings when u can not find )

  • And as many know DRM only hurts the honest customer :-D the person that cracks the game gets past the DRM and all that bull :-D so at the end eidos is only annoying the honest people while that stupide DRM gets taken off by others that easily know how then stick it on pirate bay so why the DRM? Lmao I don’t download from pirate bay other than tv shows :-D and have brought a lot from psn I’m just so confused on this as I wanted tomb raider so badly on digital :-) but if this is a sign on how ps4 games will be :-D (CENSORED) digital :-D

  • Fyi I know you and the staff aren’t eidos so don’t really know

  • Fred, can you please arrange for a PS1 Classics sale to feature on the store? Include titles such as Tomb Raider, MGS, Silent Hill, Residnt Evil and some niche titles would be nice.

    Please do this because I’m after some new Vita games and feel in the mood for a classic game.


  • I just reciently purchased Zombie Driver HD EU version and it keeps crashing during the loading screen when i start the game, at 1st I thought it was my ps3 so i deactivated my account and tried 2 of my friends consoles which result in the same problem every time. Who do I contact reguarding this issue?

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