Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time – Bentley loses it in brand new trailer

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Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time – Bentley loses it in brand new trailer

Greetings PlayStation Blog. We’re only one month away from Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time‘s 27th March release. To help you with the wait, developer Sanzaru has put together a fun introduction to the brainiac of Sly’s motley crew – Bentley!

He’s a skilled strategist and tactician, with an uncanny ability to build intriguing gadgets but even Bentley can come unstuck and require assistance.

It seems in his quest to build a time machine – a vital tool to travel back in time and uncover the mystery of the disappearing Thievius Raccoonus and save Sly’s ancestors – Bentley has had to resort to a helpline.

With a phone robot to contend with who knows what will come of the time machine and the fate of the Cooper family’s ancient book of master thievery.

Check out this video to find out more…

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  • I hope this game does well In EU considering its releasing pretty much along side bioshock infinite, I’m definitely picking this up later in the year haven’t played the other 3 but this looks fun and the demo was fun.

  • Why in video it says 29 March? Wasn’t 27 March? And you did a massive spoiler at that “Evil Penelope” picture at Binocucom. Also, will Eu get any extra? As we need to wait 1 month extra, shouldn’t we got an extra for the waiting? Also, SHRIMP COCKTAIL XD

  • I have loved these games since the very begining and I have been waiting for this game for like 8 year now and it’s so close each little bit makes me want it more. But 2 questions if you can answer them great, 1. The video said 29th post says 27th will us in U.K have to wait till Friday as usual? 2. How come we can’t pre-order on PSN like U.S could and if we won’t get the option will we be able to get the pre-order items if we buy digital?

  • Well considering the US release was released a month ago. I had to avoid spoilers because I really want to see the story for myself instead of watching walkthroughs and plus I hate importing.

    Also, I think Sly is going to have a hard time with God of War: Ascension and BioShock Infinite coming out. And since the game is out the end of the month and during the Easter Holidays this could be a perfect time to pick it up for me next month. If Sly is shafted until the end of March because of languages, I wouldn’t mind, but for no reason? I could find it unacceptable for European gamers.

  • @3 I completely forgot about the new GOW, probably the fans of this franchise won’t agree with me but they should really consider pushing the release back till April don’t think anything major is coming out in April and they wouldn’t be releasing with two other major franchises that are gona sell like hotcakes.

  • Well, God of War is coming out March 13th VS March 27th. Plus Sly Cooper is releasing at a reduced price with Cross-buy. I’m pretty sure people can handle to get both games pretty much on release date or not too far from it ;)

    Thanks for the trailer, it’s a really good way of having some humor plus seeing some of the game. I honestly do hope this game sells really well, because it’s clear that Sanzaru have put their heart and souls to make this game as close to the originals and as good as possible. Oh well, 4 weeks to go!

  • We need one of Sly & Murray! We already got Carmelita and Bentley :D These shorts are very funny and i hope they are unlockable in Sly Cooper Thieves in Time along with the Timing is Everything short :D

  • I luv the series but… GoW, new Lara and BioShock will destroy the sale of Thieves in Time.

  • I have a confession to make. I have never owned a Sly Cooper game before in my life nor even played one. I have always been more of a Ratchet and Clank fan since the beginning. 2 days ago I tried the demo for this game and now feel like I’ve missed out on something good. Will surely be purchasing this but not just yet as I already have too much to play at the moment and with Tomb Raider out soon.

    My question for you is… should I go ahead and buy this or buy the trilogy 1st to understand the story better? Is the trilogy just as good as this one?

  • This and GOW coming up, and Ni no kuni just passed. Better start of the year for good software than usual ^^

  • This isn’t good marketing, to have a game come nearly 2 month after it’s release in the States. I initial thought it would be out by the end of Feb and wondered why my order hadn’t been sent yet.

  • Who on earth is in charge of strategy for psn EU?
    Find them and fire them.

    This game would have sold like hotcakes had it come out the same time as the US release.

    There is absolutely no excuse. I can walk into a game shop that sells imports – or order a hard copy online and play the game in the English language with no problem.

    It’s clear i’m not alone in saying that I am no longer interested in this game due to the stupid EU launch window. You are pitting it against some seriously popular games due to your inability to release it alongside the US version.

  • Its likely due to favouritism (Sony love them some America) and I dont believe its ever been confirmed as “the law” but its pretty much implied that they have to realease it in every major language in every major launch area of EU. So yes, English is all ready to go, yes they could release them in timed chunks and let people decide which language they want. But they wont, because it might be difficult to find someone available who speaks Portuguese. And dont want to offend a (I assume, no figures, no response=rampant guessing) small percentage, who will ofcourse complain that America got it first.
    Although there really is no excuse, we see so many games months if not years after America, if the PS4 does not have either a global store with much better currency conversion and release all the content the minute its available they will die a painful death in Europe.

  • Now there really is no excuse that “its usually like that”, as ^^that guy said, with imports and people that desperatley want it finding ways. If the price was lowered to what they were paying instore? That would be less bad (instead we pay £20 more than it is in our stores, and be ignored by SCEE, or insulted by trolls, yes the publisher sets the price, you can always say no or point at SCEA :p)
    Also she appears to have bugered off and made even less replies than most do, but then she is a juniour manager, and likely drew the short straw of copying+pasting incase we complain, ignore it and it goes away =D

  • @ dark_angel69

    I would highly recommend purchasing the Trilogy. I bought it from the store when it was on sale a couple of weeks ago but £15.99 is still a great price. Bentley’s Hackpack was my first experience and I enjoyed the minigames so I jumped at the chance of the Trilogy.

    Sly 1 is alot easier than the sequels and imo isn’t anywhere near as enjoyable. The major fun starts with 2 & 3 as the transition is noticeable to say the least. I have just started 3 myself and enjoying it greatly. The detail within these games and the variety add alot of “bang for your buck”.

    Purchase the Trilogy and you won’t regret it in the slightest.

  • @Catkiller
    Thanks for your reply. £16 quid sure does sound like a great price. My retailers have been selling for £30. Suppose buying the Trilogy will make the difference in the story. After seeing the graphics in this one, it only makes me worry if I would even like the Trilogy at all seeing they are quite old now. Wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot anyway before moving onto the good stuff

  • Also don’t worry. I’ll get Sly first then GoW later. Just to give some love to Sly. I mean, the game was first announced at 2011 I think and finally gets a release later this month for Europe. It is already out in America. It’s been a long time since the PS3 (and Vita) finally gets a Sly game.

  • The voices chosen for the supporting cast are beyond awful. Don’t get me wrong, I have the game pre ordered and want it to succeed on Vita but the voices chosen are incredibly annoying – hopefully for a sequel you can cast more aurally pleasing voice actors. The demo played great though and I’m very excited for the full game.

  • i want a answer for the big delay on the game

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