Share your most memorable multiplayer moments, win €1,000

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Share your most memorable multiplayer moments, win €1,000

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With Christmas and the Sale season not far behind us, it’s the time of the year when thousands of new online gamers visit our platform for the first time. Maybe you’ve been going easy on them, maybe you haven’t :)

Here at PlayStation we believe that while there’s certainly a time and a place for closing the proverbial shutters and getting stuck into a beefy, immersive solo campaign, playing online is where gaming can get really interesting.

And we’ve been speaking to you over the past couple of weeks about some of your favourite online multi-player moments. Is it reaping glorious vengeance over your best mate? The friendly tips that have helped you level up? Shedding a tear over a departed companion in Journey, or proposing to your partner via the medium of LittleBigPlanet? Or maybe it was that time you wagered a week’s free lunch against your best mate on the outcome of a game of FIFA – and won… or lost.

We’ve called it The Way of Play (#wayofplay) because we want you to demonstrate those moments that best capture what it’s really like playing online with other people

PSN Way of Play
n. pl. Ways of Play
A gaming mantra, related to different aspects of online gaming life, that exemplifies why playing online against – or alongside – real living, breathing people rather than computer AI is where gaming comes to life. e.g. Couples who slay together, stay together; Actions speak louder than smack-talk




So, we’re running a competition (through our partner TalentHouse) to celebrate the true awesomeness of playing online, and we’re calling on you to bring to life what multi-player gaming means to you and to share some of your favourite moments.

All you have to do is put together a video or piece of art or send a photo that exemplifies what you love about online play. You can use one of our Way of Play mantras as inspiration or even make your own. Check out the clips below for a few of our own attempts.


There’s a huge cash prize for 10 winners (€1,000 or the equivalent in your local currency) and PlayStation Vitas and Plus subscriptions for 10 runners up!

We’re looking for creative, original and entertaining submissions – we want to see things that make us smile, laugh, give us goosebumps or reduce us to tears (in a good way!). Good luck!

Click here to enter.

You must be 16 to enter and be living in one of the following countries: UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Russia, New Zealand, Australia

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10 Author Replies

  • Chris, how about stop create some stupid teenage competitions and start solve many complaints about Singstar icon by making it optional. I don’t understand why SCEE is so arrogant. Square, delete, cross. Is it that hard?

  • Getting the PS3 at launch and playing MotorStorm online until 3am. Good times.

  • @1 He is in charge of this blog not the playstation3 architecture

    Its an icon, ignore it. Is it that hard?

  • playing cod online and finding out that 6 of the people playing were within a 20 mile radius of me and none were on my friends list

  • Multiplayer – saving the world better than America.

  • The moment of elation when I finally unlocked the Diamond P12 in Burnout Paradise is still unsurpassed. After hours and hours of trying to complete all 400 online challenges I finally cracked it.
    It was the first game I ever played online but that car has become a symbol of achievement to me and the enjoyment I had getting it was proof that online gaming was the future of multiplayer.
    My persistence and patience were rewarded after numerous attempts at various challenges with players dropping out or constantly ramming each other rather than achieving goals all culminating in a moment of pure joy. Not only did I achieve something which had seemed nigh on impossible at times but I also met so many great gamers in the process and some still nestle within my friends list years later.

  • Killing someone from Rockstar in Red Dead Redemption…that was a good day

  • i think ive set mine up any chance you guys can check its under nick sayer

  • I’m not entering because I’m about as creative as a brick, but my best multi moment happened this past weekend on blop2.
    I took a flag in domination and called in a care package, was promptly killed by two numptys who, in turn, were flattened and killed when my care package dropped on their heads.

  • Counterstrike 1.2 and Battlefield 2142 on PC. BF2142 in particular will always be angraved in my memories. Fighting these huge and lenghty battles on the ground and then take it to the skies and invade their Titan, or defend your own. These nervewrecking battles in the Titans I will never forget. You basically got most of the players together in this small inner area and it really felt like a battle to the death sometimes, since the attackers went all out to win that long match, and the defenders would defend it with all their heart.
    I enjoy a fimiliar feeling when playing Battlefield 3, but only on the Grand bazaar map and on the defending team. This is one of the more lineair maps in the sense that you can’t create your own flanks by blowing one in the wall or whatever, so the attacking team must push through and the defenders have to stay vigilant at all times. I love these lenghty battles where teamplay is central.
    Killzone 3 co op was similar too and is way up there on my list too. Honorable mention for MAG with its squad based gameplay and the Combat missions in the first modern Medal of Honor.

  • the ONLY way to enter is through facebook? sheesh

  • When i First ever played call of duty black ops on nuke town 26 secs total carnage, your have to see it to believe it

  • My most memerable online multiplayer experience would have to be finally getting a better kill/death ratio than my older brother on Call Of Duty!

  • Shame, no Israel :(

    Might still cook something up, cause why not.

  • To Chris Owen i wish i could but i know i would never win if i try and my skills on ps3 games goes to waste wish u could add me on PSN as i have a back history log why i would not win like two other PSN accounts Immortal_Wolf and Immortal-Wolf- as i would tell you why PSN HQ SCEE permanently banned those accounts as im too profellsional at some PS3 online games thats the reason they gave me when i spoke to PSN HQ SCEE.

  • 24 hr non stop whithe knicht cronicles , fal asleep tinking only 1 min past .
    then i look on clock to see i have slept 9 hr .

  • edith then mi friends say = good nap ?

  • I racked up 1000 great hours of online play on Killzone 2, but there was one game that I’ll never forget. Sniping on Pyrrhus Rise I ended the game with 88 kills and only a single death, sniping from in and around the HG base. Had my best friend helping me defend because by the time I reached 30-0, pretty much the entire enemy team gave up on the objectives and turned their attention to killing me! Never laughed so much during an online game, all the near-death experiences, and cheeky sniper shots. The funniest one was when a top ranked player stormed the base with a rocket launcher, must have thought he had me, only for me to whip out my trusty M4 revolver and pop him in the head! Was gutted to lose one life, but great fun all the same! I still have a photo of my score at the end of the game, something I’m very proud of! :)

  • Facebook only ?
    No thanks.

  • i always loved playing gta 4 online (when it worked) got a helicopter and used to start chasing after players all the way round the map ahhh good times

  • WHY ?.
    seriously, why?, i mean 1000euros/ps-vitas, good prizes indeed, too good. So whats the True purpose of all this, am a little suspicious, And Facebook Only, lol, ok ps4s due, online pass’s seem to be acceptable, so i wonder if this comp is a cheap (per-costs) idea the pr dept is doing to maybe soften a upcoming detail regards online fee’s. for ps4, Maybee even PSN, as a whole.. can see That being next move, like we Need to charge for online features for new console, unfortunately it’d be impractable to split the present psn structure apart, hence both ps3+4 will need a ‘small’ fee IF you want to use it. How am i doing so far ?.
    MP, in general has become The biggest blight on gaming. imo, i Get why Every game now has it, it is because ms Demands some kind of online mode in games, to ‘sway’ people to pay for Gold.. and publishers get devs to comply. It’s Not rocket science, just business , unfortunately us gamers pay more than money for it, we get top SP games ruined because they added MP.. Still, the Right MP Game IS enjoyable.

  • My best multiplayer moment has to be when I received Killzone 2 a day early and played it non stop for a good ten hours and realized I was in the top 100 on the worldwide leader boards. Never have I been more chuffed with my achievement. It’s nice to be so high up on the leader board for a change even though it only lasted a short while. :)

  • First time I went online on Demons’ Souls…

    Saw the ghost of another player… It was easer to pull the ethernet cable out of the router than it was to log out of PSN… the game was much better after that.

  • Left4dead2 two player co-op with my buddy we were playing one of the DLC maps and we got to a point where we were arguing who should open the train cart blocking our path, you see there was s tank locked in said train cart. Watching from afar as he opened it I swear he took forever to open it and then seeing him try to dive out the way before the tank falcon punched him lol o good times.

  • L4D2. lol. good game.. i don’t think you’ll be winning any prizes though.. i liked first ones co-op better myself, mind it may be i just liked the game itself more, as 2s co-op modes were bigger, good times, wish both sen and ms would do away with exclusives, better yet if they intergrated games servers we could have psn versus xbl matches, which would be very interesting.. wishful thinking, atm. but maybe some day.

  • Racin’ in Gran Turismo 5 and WipEout HD with my close friends never gets old. Boy do I miss playing them with my best friends. So btw how does this competition work? I seriously want to do a fanart design for the competition

  • When I was playing co op with my fiance on Dead Island, one zombie I killed went flying into a bush upside down with its legs sticking out. We enjoyed every second of that game but that moment was truly memorable!

  • I don’t have many memorable moments, but one I DO have is when I played my very first competitive deathmatch on Red Faction Guerrilla. I won it. I then went on to become quite a skilled RFG player. There were a few times I was completely abandoned by my team, leaving me alone against 5. I never won in those situations but I certainly put up a good fight and held out til the bitter end. I never quit, even when it’s hopeless.

  • Don’t really play multi player games anymore… used to play baldurs gate on ps2 and dynasty warriors 2 (playing human bowling on a horse and getting rid of EVERY red dot on the map). Although I spose I did play journey and spent a good half hour running with someone jumping up and down every once in a while and making noise at them :)

  • Multiplayer and playstation. My first thought will always be playing war hawk until the early hours of the morning with my American friends. I tried telling so many people about the game and tried to convince them to get the game, or get a ps3 and the game if they didnt already and join us but they didn’t seem to get it.
    So I threw together some highlights from our weekend sessions and spread the word that way. A few days after showing the video to my friends we had 3 new ps3 owners and clan members.

    Hopefully this is the right video I’m linking to, it won’t play on mobile.

    I don’t suppose that could be entered as it contains licensed music?

  • @31 you should win purely because you mention boulders gate 2 :D ahh dynasty warriors 2 on the nostalgia I remember playing that game till early morning whilst listening to zebrahead MFZB over and over on a Walkman CD player that hungered for batteries :p

  • Playing a days worth of SSBB and deciding the victor with a 1-stock final match with my friend. Picked Ike, one smash attack and it was over, I think he nearly cried.

  • This Blog posts mentions:
    “You must be 16 to enter and be living in one of the following countries: UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Russia, New Zealand, Australia – See more at:

    While the FB app says:
    “Participants must be 16 years old or over at the time of entry and residents of the following countries: United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Benelux, Australia, New Zealand, Poland and Russia. If you live outside of these territories, you understand you are not eligible for prizing”

    Which one is correct? Because the post mentions the Netherlands is eligible, while the FB says it’s not.

  • obiadekanobi1980

    ahh right then god, theres so many to choose from……

    geting a 56 killstreak in a T90 on battlefeild 3 the first xmas after it came out and seeing all the poor level 1s trying to escape the constant fire lol….

    hearing that burnout paradise plat ding after finally getting 8 players to do the same thing in meeting up in the wildcats stadium oh he pain & sheer delight that trophy brought me…….

    that first nuke on mw2 after defending my room with my beloved claymores and good old scavanger BOOM!…….

    there have been so many over the years and all thanks to the awesomeness that the PSN & PS3 has brought me the last 6 years…… and to the many more awesome moments that will online on the PS4….. thank you guys thank you!!!!!

  • @34 Actually Benelux is there (Belgium, Luxemburg & the Netherlands) :)

  • @36 Ohw, haha. Completely missed that! Was looking for “The Netherlands” and skipped Benelux :p

  • I once played COD online for a full 30 minutes without some spotty oik coming our with some homophobic abuse.
    I’d say that’s pretty unique.

  • Spearheading an enemy squad with insane daredevil mentality and a little little sprinkle of hybris ending up on top.

  • Nice! You guys have included Russia, Australia & New Zealand (thats like half the world) but left Greece out…
    Discriminating much?!

  • The sad realisation that I must have played hundreds of online races in Blur and literally never won a single one, every time I got close to finishing a race in first I would get hit by everything my opponents had to throw :-( and people think Mario Kart is unfair…


    Call Of Duty 4
    Defending the 3-story house from attacking friends using the M40 in a Private Match on strike. That was so much fun!

    Being a nuisance with friends by pulling up next to other players and killing them with a ‘drive-by’. That was great fun too, so was hurling oneself off the Rotterdam Tower and seeing who could survive. Something else I did to irritate people or get revenge was fly the Annihilator to the map limits and crash it into the sea so they had to swim back. Unfortunately it backfired as I was the pilot. An how could I forget Destruction Derbyshire? We used to travel to the DD arena and choose the most outrageous cars ranging from buses to bangers – give it a try!


    Gran Turismo: 5 – Racing the Nurburgring 24HR track in the dark with the most outrageous cars. Let me elaborate: we went in somebody’s lounge, set the track to the NBR 24HR variant, set the time to 12.00 midnight then chose a car between us in which we would all compete in. Ranging from the tediously slow Fiat 500 ’65, to the Nascars complete with painted on headlights, it became a huge amount of fun! Give it a try with friends with the said parameters but in Go-Karts – now that was fun!

  • My most memorable multiplayer moment would be the time me and my best mate played medal of honor on the ps1.
    We got so fed up with just looking at the other players side of the screen to see where each other was sniping from, we had an ingenious idea.
    I taped a big piece of cardboard down the middle of the screen, and problem solved.
    Yes, it looked ridiculous. Yes, the wife walked in, took one look at the pair of us, rolled her eyes and walked out, but you know what? It was bloody brilliant! ;-)

    best online games ive ever had.
    mgs5 cant come soon enough.

  • Metal Gear 4 Online, Change the region on my PS3, making it “Japaneze”.
    It made EVERYONE talk in Japanese.
    “GODZILLA”! :D (C&C pw that made troops talk japanese as well)

  • Oh, I have a favourite multiplayer moment. When Killzone 2 lost the connection filter one week after release, and the game became unplayable! That was simply unforgettable!

    Thank you so much for the memories, Sony!

  • Not any specific moment, but my favourite online gaming experience started with Black Ops 1, and a little feature called split screen-online.

    Me and my brother were fans of the Modern Warfare series, but for some reason skipped on Treyarchs offerings, then we saw an advert for BlackOps 1 in Tesco for £25. We both immediately got money together, chipped in and bought it. Unbeknownst to us it contained splitscreen online and splitscreen zombies, we quickly found the options in the menus and promptly went bezerk.

    Now every COD game i play online from BO1,MW3 and BO2 has been done splitscreen with my younger brother. So for me the COD series has become an excuse to bond with my bro. Who says video games break families?

  • Working for two years creating levels for the LittleBigPlanet community and meeting hundreds of people online, including famous creators like Nuclearfish, Lockstitch, L1ghtmare, and of course my good friend Alley_cat_8633.

    And then after working so hard, finally have my level spotlighted by the developers in their Media Molecule Picks section.

    All the while playing online shooter games with all 4 of my brothers who live in different parts of the country and bringing out brothers in arms up against enemies in squad deathmatch and crushing them.

  • Awesome. My most memorable psn multiplayer experience was when the psn community “collectively” decided to remove the connection filtering — so all playstation3 games became laggy, horrible and annoying. In spite of some of us explaining in detail what would happen.

    Good times, Playstation folks! Thank you so much for the memories! And good luck with the ps4 crashing and burning in the same way because of your cluelessness and incompetence.

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