A beginner’s guide to Ragnarok Odyssey on PS Vita

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A beginner’s guide to Ragnarok Odyssey on PS Vita

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Before I begin, it’s my pleasure to share a special message from the original developer of Ragnarok Odyssey:

“This is Ragnarok Odyssey’s Director, Kazuhiro Irie. We are pleased to finally bring Ragnarok Odyssey to our friends in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. I’m very excited to see how the game will be received by our new players, and the team can’t wait to hear their feedback on the game.

“You can play Ragnarok Odyssey by yourself, with nearby friends using ad hoc play, or with anyone you want by utilising the game’s network features. Nothing would please me more than if you play your hearts out and enjoy the game to its fullest. It’s my hope that as many people as possible will get the chance to experience Ragnarok Odyssey.”

Ragnarok Odyssey arrived on PS Vita last week, and I’d like to chat about the kinds of missions and jobs available in the scenic Sundered Land.

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Hunt and Kill (and KILL more!)
You need to defeat X number of Y and you’ve only got Z amount of time to do it. While these sound simple, getting ambushed by a hundred little beasties can spell doom for even the most experienced mercenaries. These quests can also take on a much shorter (and deadlier) variation where you must kill a colossal boss monster with various extremities that can be cut off and used in crafting.

Collect (and profit!)
You need to track down specific items like Rare Flowers or Rune Stones. These items can usually be obtained by killing a certain monster, but sometimes they will be hidden in various crates sprinkled throughout the zones. Watch out for the red ones—they may be packing an explosive surprise.

Defend the Fort
These missions have you defending the Fort Farthest cannon wall. While trying to stop the gigantic Grendel from destroying the gate, you may find he pays about as much attention to you as he would a mosquito trying to bite his bum (which is actually the recommended strategy for this boss).

If things get too tough, your best bet is to hop online and enlist a few stalwart mercenaries to aid in your valiant effort. It really pays to have friends when times get tough, but before you go gallivanting online, it’s a good idea to know a bit about what your character can do!

People often say, “The best defense is a good offense,” but my own personal motto would have to be, “The best way to stay alive is to not die.” The Cleric excels at just that. With high HP, decent defense, healing capabilities and a shield, the Cleric specializes in durability.

The Sword Warrior is a solid, balanced job. They have lots of damage to deal using their various combos, and they still have enough speed and blocking capability to keep them alive.

The Assassin is similar, but a lot faster, more critical hit dependent, and less durable. The Hammersmith, while immensely powerful, has slow movement speed and hammer swings that will have you begging for friends to distract enemies while you attack.

The Hunter and Mage are both interesting jobs in that they have ranged abilities, but they still have to get up close and personal to prepare some of their best moves. Their lack of defense can make it very challenging for beginners to use these classes in a single-player setting, but later in the game they can deal some insane damage!

And with that, I think you are ready to defend the Sundered Land and make a few Zeny on the side! Ragnarok Odyssey can be yours for €29.99/£24.99, and don’t forget to pick up the free DLC available now!

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35 Author Replies

  • I picked this up as soon as it released on the PS Store – very fair price for a new (for us atleast) full Vita game. Loving it so far, graphics are an absolute beaut on the OLED screen. Hopefully the Vita support continues with quality games like this !

    • Thanks for the support!

      Don’t forget to check out the DLC too – most of it’s free.

      I totally agree with you about the OLED screen. I can’t believe how pretty it makes everything look!

  • Loving this game :D it’s fulfilling my Monster Hunter-esque needs on the Vita. I have gotten to Chapter 9-6 and I am starting to realise I really need to respec my Cleric’s Cards. Many thanks for translating and bringing this to the UK/EU, great online co-op fun :)

    • Glad to hear you are enjoying it (and that you’ve gotten that far so fast).

      I enjoy the Cleric myself, and while lurking around on message boards, I’ve seen some pretty nasty Magnus builds. I highly recommend taking that route if you are tired of being the designated healer ^_^

  • I downloaded this a few days ago and I’m loving it far more than I expected :) The biggest surprise is how good the online multiplayer is. It is super smooth and fluid with 3 players (4 players tends to get a bit choppy at times). If any UK/European players are looking for some online sessions, add me on PSN (Lt_Fed_Brusque).

    • A game like this was made for multiplayer.

      Bashing giants is just more fun with friends isn’t it?

      Don’t forget to take full advantage of all the silly emotes to amuse (or annoy) your companions :)

  • It’s a shame 2 great games got released at the same time last week, Ragnarok Odyssey and Persona 4 Golden. I picked up Persona. By the time I’m finished with that there will be other games :( The really should be planing the releases a bit more.

    • It’s a tough choice when 2 fantastic games release simultaneously, but it’s also great to see so many strong titles on the Vita.

      I would recommend any Vita owner to get them both just as soon as they can(though I admit I may have some bias in this matter ^_^)!

  • At post #4 – seldinhio:

    Get both, they’re both great :)

    I could not wait (for both persona and ragnarok), so I imported them earlier (mostly because of collectors editions). The music in Ragnarok is magically epic!

    • Waiting for amazing games can be tough, so I can’t fault you there!

      The music is pretty epic isn’t it? Don’t forget to check out the classic Ragnarok Online tracks via DLC.

  • great game to vita
    next best intrested game = soul sacrefice

    persona 4 golden = remake of old game = no go

  • Thanks for this great game ! Fun and hard !

    • I am a big fan of challenging games myself.

      The best part about this one is that if you ever get truly stuck, a few friends can always help you out!

  • ps. dlc where on vita it self ????

    dlc. u not find in ps vita extra´s – ore section new

  • At post #5 – Timberman80

    I would love to. Now, if we only could get a discount ;)

  • @monoliet
    your english is impressive, second only to your arguments.
    There is a german blog, why don’t you migrate to your homeland.

    • All are welcome to comment on my blog posts.

      I’ll do my best to reply to each and every one (though there may be some delays)!

  • I’m impressed that you’ve replied to all the comments on here :) I have two questions if you’ll indulge me.

    1) Is there voice chat during online multiplayer (and how do you activate it?)

    2) Is there an official forum for the game for UK/European players?

    Many thanks!

    • 1) You can utilize the PS Vita’s built in Party feature and invite your PSN friends to join your party. After you are all setup, your team just needs to boot up Ragnarok Odyssey and the voice chat will function in the background.

      2) There’s no official, GungHo-made Ragnarok Odyssey forum, but many gaming websites will have a dedicated Ragnarok Odyssey/Vita section where you should be able to find many helpful players.

      Happy hunting!

  • @ 10 pralaya hes from belgium and sup with the hate not every one can type/speak english like a sir. dont be a tool.

    that being said loved the ragnarok demo. Though i wont be buying it from the online store. Very sad that u guys didnt make give this game the retail option=/ my memory card is rather full at the moment:< Will probably be buying it at a later date or import it.
    Btw totally unrelated to ragnarok. Wont u bring puzzle n dragons to vita?

    • If you ever change your mind, Ragnarok Odyssey is about 1.1GB.

      As for Puzzle & Dragons – we don’t have any official info yet, but we will keep everyone posted as the game’s availability increases!

  • I am all for supporting the local publisher. However, I imported the game as I am a bit of a collector. I like boxes. Too bad I have to miss out on the freebies because of this.

    @7 ShadowhunterrX spotted you with Near a couple of times. Quite the coincidence. Your avatar stands out so I remember.

    • I totally get where you’re coming from. I’m an obsessive collector myself, but when it comes to handheld gaming, I love the convenience of having all my games available without having to carry them around.

      I’m genuinely torn between the two options >_<

      That is a pretty swanky avatar, but I prefer to rock the Dokuro PSN avatar whenever possible ^_^

  • Pralaya 10 @
    u need history lesson = belgium = not Germany

    Dutch + flemish belgium have no blog, so first do research for your open u mouth . ps I do not need to emigrate because I am in a better country than that of italy. Save it with julie unstable country
    u have own blog = so by by .

    and on topic = yes but is a detour that simpler can

    • I agree that the workaround is not ideal, and we are looking into the matter. Thanks for your patience and we hope you continue to enjoy the game ^_^

  • XnoobsquadX

    memcards + 32 gb max 89,99 € to expansif + to littel

    i speak + understend very good dutch/french/ english

    only tekst = disaster

  • @Antonio Cara Just checked out YouTube video of Magnus build :o Time to get to work! I’ve only got as far as I have so quickly by being in some brilliant groups online, could not have done it without them :)

    • I have a feeling I know EXACTLY what video you are talking about, and it inspired me to go back to my Cleric and focus on being that awesome!

      I look forward to a time when I can take down Grendel in a matter of seconds.

  • only ting , i hope them do in future dlc
    put some extra non playebel to help u in sp ( like chacha in monsterhunter )
    when u have internet problems u stil are abel to play more dificult misions .

    • That would be pretty cool, but we don’t have plans for anything like that right now. I’ll keep everyone posted if that changes.

  • I just love my copy of Ragnarok, thanks GungHo to bring this game to Europe.

    Btw… if some one want to play or near itens and receive itens on NEAR, Add me F3l1xbxb


  • i wrote a comment and it got… oops…

    the short version…. i love ragnarok online…. but something in this game… just don’t stick to me…
    maybe you can mark the differences for me or something…. because i really want to see the good side of that game… and somethings like the 6 classes method bothered me….aka… where’s my sweet rouges?!?!

    and… i don’t know if you can help me with that but someone thinks i should pay more on the same thing… on the same game…country business… any clue? idea?

    • Ragnarok Odyssey is VERY different from Ragnarok Online, but it tries to embody the same spirit (and of course the same mythos).

      If you are looking for a Rogue, the Assassin is your best bet – quick and cunning, these guys deal tons of damage and FAST. If you’re on the fence, I suggest you try out the demo and see what you think (sorry the Assassin is not in the demo, but you can still get a feel for the style of the game).

      If you’re still not sure, there are tons of neat gameplay videos available.

  • Thanks for the tips, that Cleric Magnus build is… scary. =D

    This game brings back so many good memories of both Ragnarok Online and Monster Hunter, I’m looking forward to get my paws on the Acolyte outfit, a Pair of Kitty Ears and get to sip some tea in Fort Farthest Tavern to the tune of the town of Payon~<3

    • The Acolyte outfit is pretty neat, but I like to rock the Bishop look myself ^_^

      Enjoy those Kitty Ears, and make sure you check each week (until March 13) for new DLC!

  • Wow, this has to be the best Blog post in ages. Never have I seen a post so needed, so wanted (personally anyway) and with so many responses. Thanks.

    One question though, I played the demo of this and it’s great. I have played many games like this on the PSP. However I’m curious as to how good the game is on Single Player. I’d love to delve into the Multiplayer, but not allowed due to my ISP restrictions (I’m on a network). So is this any good for SP? I mean are there tons of powers, levelling up, and more advanced enemies, or does it rely on the class mash up on MP for the game to deliver?

    • I definitely have a blast in single player. Some tasks can seem pretty daunting without friends, but if you’ve got the patience and skill, you can overcome anything (with any job).

      Each job has a good number of different combos/abilities that satisfy different needs, but “leveling up” only occurs at the end of a Chapter.

      Rather than relying on experience points and stat building, your strength is largely equipment and card based. If you ever get lost trying to gear your character, there are tons of build suggestions available online.

      Early on, you may find yourself reaching a “leveling ceiling” where you can’t acquire the necessary ingredients to refine your equipment until you get further in the game. Usually the very next Chapter will have what you seek.

      I hope that answered your concerns, and that you enjoy your time in the Sundered Land!

  • My tip for beginners: Play a few missions offline to get the hang of things, then go online and NEVER GET OFF. Game can be pretty insanely difficult without backup.

    Shame the dlc isn’t region free. I feel like I’m being punished for importing a game that didn’t look like it was going to be released here. =\

    • Multiplayer can definitely help when things get tough – especially if your friends are all WAY stronger than you.

      And I thought you may be interested to know that the US version DLC was recently released as well.

      Thanks for enjoying the game!

  • Hello and welcome back Antonio, I am very ashamed to say I have not started Ragnarok yet….. Sorry but I have sunday and monday off and plan to have a bash at it offline first as i have never played the online version, would like to get a feel for it first !

    One of the above comments mentioned puzzle and dragons game, I would definitely be into that as i have seen youtube vids, i am pleased there is some possibility of it coming our way :D.

    Word of advice: Please don’t make free to play games, i don’t like them at all.

    • Free to play games can be tricky things, but if you give Puzzle & Dragons a chance…

      But alas – we are here to talk about Ragnarok Odyssey right ^_^

      There’s no shame in being a busy gamer! A lot of good stuff coming out (sometimes on the same day) makes it hard to keep up.

  • Just wanted to say thanks for the hugely informative reply. There are not many informative reviews on the game, so the info definitely helped because one demo mission was annoyingly difficult, and I wanted to know how things scaled in the full version. I’m used to Monster Hunter, so I should be able to grind through Ragnarok given the right equipment, cards and my raw skill. The DLC looks decent, hopefully a little more will come then by 13th March.

    • Fun fact about that demo – I died on the same mission you might be talking about (Thor’s Volcano?)!

      But when it came time to do that mission in the full version, I had stored up much better equipment and beat it with relative ease!

  • A very busy gamer i am ! not enough hours in the day!and work gets in the way :)

  • Hello Antonio.

    We tried emailing you guys a short while ago but never got any answer. Who do we contact if we’re interested in reviewing your game? You can message me at DKShadow on PSN if you don’t want to share email addresses on here.


    K.A. Pedersen

  • @26

    Why don’t you just spend the 199,- and do the review? :)

    Personally I’d trust reviews a whole more if I knew the reviewer went in with the same investment as the player, in terms of money. I guess free stuff is nicer…

    (I already bought this great game).

    • As someone who used to review games myself, I can admit this would get pretty pricey. Since I’d be more cautious and only buy games I knew I would like… all my reviews would end up positive >_<

  • @cowbanana,

    Considering the fact that I’m not paid for the games I review, that wouldn’t make sense financially, I’m afraid. Besides, I review too many games to be able to afford paying for every single one of them :)

  • As much as I love RO, I would prefer it on cartridge as I’m running low on memory space as it is with all the free PSN+ vita games. Will this be coming out on cartridge here? I know America got it in physical format so can’t see why we can’t. It’s a shame if you don’t as I won’t be able to get it otherwise unless I import and then I won’t be able to use dlc.

    • The EU/AUS/NZ release will be digital only.

      We understand some prefer physical copies, but when it’s the difference of digital only or no release at all, we definitely prefer to have the game come out!

      If you ever change your mind, it’s gonna take up about 1.1GB of space.

  • Kind of reminds me of White knight chronicles.

    • As someone who enjoyed both titles thoroughly, I can’t really compare the two beyond the fact they are awesome multiplayer JRPGs!

      Ragnarok Odyssey is definitely a more fast-paced action experience. Be prepared for a fun challenge ^_^

  • Well I m not gonna buy it, I think the price is too expensive for a digital release, the US version (which has a box and a collector) is cheaper !!!!

    I think you guys need to think about it next time, if it’s only digital make the price fair or otherwise release a real retail edition (collector).

    So I m just gonna wait for Soul Sacrifice. BTW I m playing Persona 4 Golden sooooo… not have the time for Ragnarok !!! ^^

    • I totally respect the preference for collector’s editions, but I would point out a couple of things:

      The US Digital version is 39.99USD – which is actually just over 30 Euro. Also, at the time of our release, our game was actually priced LOWER than a certain other digital-only EU-released JRPG… just sayin’ ;)

      Finally, I would argue there is ALWAYS time for Ragnarok ^_^

  • May I ask why are we not getting a physical release? It’s not exactly fair on PAL users to give more choice to other regions.

    You want as many people to enjoy your game, right? Then you need to provide for all types of customers, not just those who prefer digital copies.

    Also the price is far too high for me at the moment. Will the price drop in the future? At least with physical copies it depends on the retailer and also can be pre-owned and enjoyed far more.

    • I really do understand where you are coming from on this point.

      In this particular case, it was digital release or not at all. I hope everyone can agree digital is better than nothing.

      As for sales, they are always a possibility and we will keep everyone updated if the game becomes available at a discount.

  • Yeah Antonio, there is always time for Ragnarok… but for a boxed edition, at least for me (I m not gonna speaking for everyone here) ^^

    But I understand you if it was a case like “digital release or no release at all”, I understand you here.

    So… well, maybe one day, but my memory card is just 4go so I don’t have much choice, I can’t afford a bigger MC right now.

    • Fair enough!

      If you ever get a bigger memory card, make sure you save a 1.1GB corner of it for Ragnarok Odyssey ^_^

  • I got my vita yesterday and played the demo. Really enjoyed the game but a little worried if there will be enough players online in EU. I am mainly considering Ragnarok Odyssey for the online gameplay.

    I will buy the game after work today anyway as I enjoyed it. If anyone is starting a new game or willing to help a new player, then please feel free to add me. PSN is Marmo720

    Happy gaming :)

    • Really hope you enjoy it! I recommend seeking out fellow mercenaries on forums and putting together a tightly knit team to take the game by storm – that or forcing all your friends to buy the game too :)

  • So do i understand correctly that there really is not going to be a box version of the game?

    Cause i want the game but cant find an box version except imported ones.

    I love game boxes :3

    If there is not a box version i will download it but just wondering :)

    • This particular game is digital only. I’m a fan of boxes myself, but when it comes to portable gaming, I can’t deny it’s pretty convenient being able to take them all with me!

      We aren’t against doing packaged products, but it often comes down to digital or nothing. In this case, we prefer digital.

  • Hello, Antonio could you please tell me a good swordsman build? Can’t find anything usefull on net and since i saw you giving some clerig tips i tought you could help me out.. The best one preferably :)

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