Huge LittleBigPlanet sale kicks off today

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Huge LittleBigPlanet sale kicks off today


With LittleBigPlanet 2 Extras Edition out this week we know many will rush to get some of the exciting costume packs and level kits currently available. To help you out we’ll be dropping the price on a number of these items until 13th March. Hurrah! And if you haven’t got LittleBigPlanet or LittleBigPlanet Karting already (why not?) then those will also be on sale. Go get ’em!

Full games:

LittleBigPlanet (PS3)
Was €14.99/£10.99; now €9.99/£7.99

LittleBigPlanet 2
Was €19.99/£15.99; now €14.99/£10.99

LittleBigPlanet PS Vita
Was €34.99/£29.99; now €24.99/£19.99

LittleBigPlanet PSP
Was €7.99/£6.49; now €3.99£3.19

LittleBigPlanet Karting
Was €49.99/£39.99; now €34.99/£24.99


  • Move Pack

Was €7.99/£6.49; now €5.99/£4.79

  • Disney Princesses Costume Pack 1
  • Toy Story Costume Kit
  • Watchmen Costume Kit
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Costume Kit
  • Invizimals Costume Kit

Were €5.99/£4.79 each; now €2.99/£2.39 each

  • The Muppets Premium Level Kit
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Level Kit
  • Toy Story Level Kit
  • Metal Gear Solid – Level Kit
  • Final Fantasy Costume Kit
  • Gravity Rush Costume Pack
  • Marvel Costume Kit 2
  • Marvel Heroes Costume Pack 5
  • Men In Black Costume Kit
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Costume Kit
  • Marvel Costume Kit 3
  • Marvel Costume Kit 4
  • Marvel Costume Kit 1
  • Disney Princesses Costume Pack 2
  • Marvel Costume Kit 2
  • Marvel Costume Kit 3
  • Marvel Costume Kit 1
  • The Muppets Costume Kit 1

Were €5.99/£4.79 each; now €4.49/£3.69 each

  • Marvel Level Kit

Was €4.99/£3.99 each; now €3.59/£2.99

  • Monsters Level Kit
  • History – Level Kit

Were €3.99/£3.19 each; now €2.99/£2.39 each

  • Tron: Legacy Mini Pack
  • Killzone – Costume Kit

Were €2.99/£2.39 each; now €1.99/£1.59 each

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  • Thank you but €24.99 for LBP-Vita is still too much to be counted as a discount, i think.

  • Shoot, most of the packs I’d be interested aren’t in the sale. Oh well, another time it will be I guess!

  • Does it mean that LBP gonna be free for ps plus members AGAIN?

    LBP Karting was on sale at the US store for $10. THAT was sale, not like now for €34.99.

  • Was thinking I’d pick up LBP Karting but that £24.99 price is disappointing considering it’s already been down to $20 (around £13) on the US store.

  • Is the cross controller pack included?

    • Hi guys, Jawad is on holiday at the moment so I will try and pick up a couple of questions….

      No the cross controller pack is not included in the sale

  • Is this all the discounts we’re getting this week?

  • I stand corrected, as AAB-r86 pointed out, LBP Karting was actually $9.99, or £6.60, if you have PS+, which I do.

    Considering that, £24.99 is not a good sale.

  • LBP karting was $10(8 euros) on us store in christmas sale so 35 euros is to much to be considered a sale I am afraid

  • I’m annoyed Sony! I live in Australia and knowing the Australian blog is tied in with Europe I want to bring up something you should Address.

    Why don’t you have dynamically driven prices based on location. I live in Australia and we have the Aussie dollar, not pounds or euros. I know it’s possible to do.

    I want to see prices based on location not just the Europe ones! It’s 2013 come on Sony get it together.

  • I’m impressed that you managed to do a sale on retail games that actually beats the Amazon prices, even if it’s not by much. Well done. :)

    I already have the PS3 games though, so I’ll just take the Move pack. :)

  • Wow! Huge sale you say… You can buy those games cheaper in your local store. Sad.

  • You seriously need to evaluate your Vita pricing. I don’t think you are getting the meaning with discounting stuff. Step your game up, this is the time.

  • Nice to see some LBP stuff one sale – just wish I had more cash in my account at the moment.

    As for the prices, for those criticising the price drops – and I’m sure Jawad would say this – please STOP comparing the EU store to the US one. They are completely different territories and the stores are not run by the same team or branch of Sony. What happens in the US can’t happen in the EU store and vice versa.

    We have had sales that they don’t (and if you look at the US blog, there have been comments there when they have been envious of our sales!) and the same happens here. Also, when it comes to software releases, there have been titles that WE have had first as well. That’s how the software industry works.

    Its sad to say that no matter what Sony does or whatever offers they do run, there always seem to be people on here making negative comments of one form or another or finding something to complain about. Sony don’t NEED to offer ANY discounts or run ANY sales in any country but they do. If you’re not happy with an offer price or don’t like a particular game that’s on offer, simply don’t buy it – no one is forcing you to.

  • I guess I’ll pick up some trophy-containing packs

  • @maximalcheetor

    what is the purpose of the ps blog?is it only to say thanks to Sony for the “Sales”?
    is it forbidden to state our opinion about the things that we dont like? i dont think so my friend…
    The title of the thread is: “Huge Little Big planet sale…”
    I am sorry but selling LBP karting for 35 euros is not a huge sale…
    Actually is’s just a discount…

  • So, as usual, no answers from SCE to inconvenient topic.

  • I was waiting for LBP Karting to be on sale since I saw a month ago that it was in US ps store for 10$. 35e it’s not a good deal :(

  • This is why choosing between PS4 or a PC is so much easier than you would think. You guys just don’t understand why Steam is so succesfull.

  • 2 things i want –
    1 – LBP3 for the PS3 :P
    2 – A New LBP game for the PS4 :P

  • Would have liked to have seen the cross controller pack included

  • @OttoT “This is why choosing between PS4 or a PC is so much easier than you would think. You guys just don’t understand why Steam is so succesfull.”

    Why do you have to choose? The last time Sony asked me to plonk down a few hundred quid was 6 years ago. If you’re a PC gamer you’ve probably upgraded your machine an average of 2 or 3 times since then at hella more the cost of a PS4.

    Whilst I agree that PSN is overpriced (especially in EU regions, WHY is a digital copy £60 when it’s £40 to buy the physical one?), Steam have to compete with far more piracy than console owners, and have a far higher userbase (i.e. profit) to enable them to have sales as much as they do.

  • Marvel Costume packs 1,2,3&4 are repeated twice.

    Otherwise, this isn’t a sale, it’s a joke.

  • How is Jawad on holiday again? Does he actually do any work?

  • #1 Shopto had it on sale two weeks ago, and every time they have a sale it’s there, purchased it for 16 pounds two weeks ago :)

  • If anyone hasn’t picked LBP 2 yet, the “LittleBigPlanet 2: Extras Edition” is a better deal, including most of the discounted DLC for a lower price.

  • Got littlebigplanet Karting for £10 new 2 weeks ago just need LBP Vita to complete my collection :D

  • wow I’ve been waiting for LBP sales. ;) thank you Sony

    p.s. is they a way to sort the download list so your not going down a list of 400+ of content.

  • “LittleBigPlanet PS Vita
    Was €34.99/£29.99; now €24.99/£19.99”

    No extra PS+ member discount?

    SCEA had LBP Vita for around 18 USD with the PS+ discount.

    I can buy a hardcopy for 29 Euro these days. This is not good enough.

    Any chance of an extra PS+ member discount that brings it to 19 Euro? That is a difference I’d take a digital version for.

  • * SCEA had LBP Vita at 18 USD for PS+ members at the Xmas sale I should add

  • wow I’ve been waiting for LBP sales. thank you Sony

    p.s. is there a way to sort your download list so you don’t have to go down a list of 400+ content. ;)

  • Extremely disappointing that the cross controller pack is not on sale.

  • “Extremely disappointing that the cross controller pack is not on sale.” – Nailed it, #31 razordude.

  • Does media moneycule have plans to release 50 euro 3d add-on any time soon?

  • Thanks for finally updating most LittleBigPlanet Costumes for PlayStation Vita!

    However, it seems that Gurlukovich Soldier costume (from the Metal Gear Solid Level Kit) has still not been updated on the PlayStation Store nor in-game store.

  • USA also has a great deal on the PS+ year subscription + 3 months free till 4th of March and on top of that now they give 10 bucks free credit the whole month of March when you buy something for 50 bucks on PSN.

    So if you buy the 12 months + 3 free for 50, you actually paid 40 for PS+ 15 months and have 10 bucks credit in the wallet on PSN.

    Give us that too SCEE, I’ll renew instantly and probably invest that 10 bucks towards LBP Vita even for 25 Euro :-)

  • Hi there ,when exactly the discount will start? .I still see them on ordinary prices.

  • I just bought Ragnarok Odyssey on Vita for the reasonable price of £25, and I’m still playing Wipeout 2048/HD/Fury on the Vita from February’s Plus update, Puddle and MGS are coming in a few weeks, and NOW you offer me LBPV for £20!

    Give it a rest! I don’t have time for all this!

  • hey the muppets kit is still showing as 4.79

  • I’ve got LBP2 free from PS+ and now the only stuff I’m interested in is the Cross Control Pack and LBPV. I’m going to get the CCPack soon regardless of a discount, but the LBPV game should get a better price for PS+ members. I’ve spent too much money on Vita games recently to shell out yet another 25 Euro for it.

  • i bought them pirates and metal gear level pack on discounted price like an hour ago, then i look on the store and now they have a further PS+ discount that wasnt advertised! I would have waited had you said that was gonna happen! I feel cheated.
    Also muppet premium pack hasnt went down to what you put in the blog yet.
    Where’s the best place to complain about this stuff?

  • Any reason why the Muppet Pack still isn’t reduced?

  • LBP Karting was around £6 on US store a few weeks ago, are we really trying to justify £25?

    Also, Legend of Dragoon please.

  • Hey I bought into the special today.

    I’m having a problem though, no matter how much space I have on my system it says I don’t have enough space to install Little Big Planet Karting.

    PLEASE HELP. Going to be scouring PSN for help.

  • maybe id go to the store and buy it, but im not sure what the price is since the australian price isnt listed and i really cant be bothered exiting my game to check.

  • Hi Jawad/Chris,

    According to this post the LBP DLC: Metal Gear Solid Level Kit and Pirates of the Caribbean Level Kit used to be EUR 5,99 and are now EUR 2,99.

    The old price is correct, since I checked it a few days ago, but in the Dutch PSN store the following prices for both DLC are: was EUR 4,49 is NOW EUR 4,09.

    Whats the deal?

    PS: Love PS+, have been a day one member since IGC, keep up the damn good work ;)!

  • Not bad.

    Would have got LBP Vita if it was a bit cheaper….but it’ll be on Plus eventually….I am a patient man!

    Will probably pick up the move and muppet packs as I don’t have these.

    Good work guys!

  • Nevermind my firstpost (@45), I read the prices wrong on this post.

  • Not significant enough to make me want to purchase one of few I don’t yet have..

  • Why are the prices different? The Muppets Premium Level Kit £3.69, the store says £4.79 or £4.31 for PS+ subscribers.
    The Killzone costume kit (which I actually wanted) is apparently not even available?
    Come on.

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