God of War: Ascension – single player trailer revealed, demo out tomorrow

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God of War: Ascension – single player trailer revealed, demo out tomorrow

Today we’re happy to unveil a brand new trailer showcasing the single player campaign of God of War: Ascension. This is probably what all of you have been waiting for so please enjoy:

We’re also very pleased to announce that tomorrow (Wed 27th February) our Ascension single-player demo will be available to ALL PlayStation Network users. Become Kratos and escape the epic Prison of the Damned. God of War: Ascension‘s demo will allow players to explore and master the legendary Spartan’s new advanced combat:

  • Make your stand against a Titanic beast and its infected legions.
  • Unleash your Rage in fiery explosions that burn your enemies to ash.
  • Impale enemies on your chained blades and use them in combat as living wrecking balls.
  • Wield the weapons of your enemies in countless new combos.

Not long to wait now as God of War: Ascension releases across Europe from 13th March.

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8 Author Replies

  • Wow. The graphics in the trailer looks truly stunning. Can’t wait to try the demo.

  • Hi,

    Will the game be available digitally?


  • Will the demo and full game support 3d still?

  • I

    This looks SO epic, my most wanted game this year, even before Last of Us and anything announced on PS4.

    I am counting the days…
    really hope the campaign will be longer then GOW3.

  • Being so close close and only seeing the first E3 footage and playing last years beta is making me quite excited for release now. Demo will be hard to pass on knowing I can get it, but I know I wont play until launch.

  • Demo is outstanding got it thru Rise of the warrior, MUST PLAY.

  • That trailer looks AMAZING! Cant wait to try out the demo. Will get the game at some point. Right now I have too much to play lately but is defo on my to buy list

  • Is it the same demo that came with Total Recall bluray?

  • After being hit around the head with the disappointing multiplayer for a very long time it’s hard for me to get excited by the single player aspect of this game. It all looks very recognizable and not in a good way. It feels like “been there, done that”.
    Not sure if or what I was expecting after the last game but this doesn’t look like it is doing anything new. Maybe the demo does a good job proving me different.

  • Played the demo last week through ‘Rise of the Warrior’ early access. Technically amazing, the amount of detail and scale of the action is very impressive. Makes you think what Santa Monica will be able to do with some extra power…But anyone going in expecting something different is barking up the wrong tree, for good or bad it’s still God of War.

  • Is it the same demo that came with Total Recall bluray?

    No, it’s a new demo. It’s basically the first 30 odd mins of the game.

  • @Kinger_8938: No, the demo can not be played in stereoscopic 3D (got it from the ‘Rise of the Warrior’ thingy).

    Let’s hope they didn’t remove it in the last minute. Some scenes in this trailer literally beg for beeing played in 3d :)

  • Hi Ross!

    Is GOW:A also getting digital release on PSN as day1 digital title ?


  • This great news yesterday my friends play the demo from official Gow site, they win the competition. i m so happy now :) 2 week for my colectors edition i can’t wait :)

  • I have pre-ordered the special edition! Is it true that it contains a Last of Us demo also?

    • Yes, all editions of GoW:A (Standard, Special, Collector’s) include a demo for The Last Of Us. The demo is not on the disk, instead via the game main menu you’ll be able to access The Last Of Us demo once it’s avaialable on PS Store. This won’t be available at GoW:A’s launch, we’ll be revealing when the TLOU demo is releasing soon.

  • @GOJCcc

    I’d be surprised if it was on PSN. Unless they split the languages for each regions store,you’ll be looking at a 30-40gb download. GOW3 was around 35gb so it’s a big download.

    Won’t be so bad next gen if the download system works like described. You do a few GB (internet speed will probably determine this) then play while the system downloads the rest.
    I just hope Sony mandates this policy, otherwise it’ll feel gimped if only 20% of 3rd party games use the feature.

  • nope i pas
    1 = realy getting tired of gow.
    2 = no ps4 compatibel
    3 = dowload 1 game like ni no kuni makes dowload limit instant !!!

    biggest step in belgium = no limits to price we pay every month .
    biggest step sony = price + bringing content out everywhere tru 1 store .

  • @ Ross.
    Very much looking forwards now for store-update, i had no idea We, ie All psn users were getting a GOW-A demo. Ever, so you can imagine my surprise when i spied this post.. Yesss, I did hear about some facebook/other way of getting demo.. but thought that was a limited thing, was hoping for a code nearer release etc.. Now i’m good to go c/o scee Tommorow instead, love Nice little surprises like this. Also only about 3-weeks until release, time (since Jan) has just flew.. Thanks to Everyone at SCEE and Santa Monica.. especially, ESPECIALLY if the 30 Minutes lenght quoted above is also true.. Happy Days.

  • Trailer looks awesome :D Cant wait to pick this up in March

  • Any word on if Queensland is getting this game?
    R18 classification got introduced a few weeks ago so should be allowed now.

  • And I QUOTE, 4th June 2012:

    “For those of you with 3D-compatible TVs, you’ll be able to feel up close and brutally personal with Kratos as God of War: Ascension is going with 3D. We are creating the game in an intelligent way for 3D and not just a converted experience.”

    Posted by Todd Papy // Game Director, God of War: Ascension


  • Could you please finally confirm that there are no time-consuming multiplayer trophies à la “reach maximum online level” or “score 10.000 kills”?

  • Bit gutted with it tbh, not sure what i was expecting exactly but this demo never delivered much, maybe it’s i was expecting a ‘proper’ 30 minutes of gameplay, as someone posted this above and Ross looked like he validated it.. longer than the Recal demo (obviously) but nowhere close to 30 min, or the full first level, as mentioned above as well.. and it’s more like a advert for some new Vikings tv show/film to. all kinds of trailers included for That.. I reckon 10, maybe few minutes more is alls were getting here.. Unless the US’s is different than ours. doubtful… am still looking forwards to game, but i hope it gets better than what i just played, and if the demo let us keep our orbs it’d of been better, leveled up blades once but when i restarted demo they were back on lvl 1, yet a collectible (for use after beaten game) was still in my artifacts menu.. suppose if i’d of been expecting a 10 min ‘glimpse’ it wouldn’t matter, but i thought it was gonna be longer.. like the whole 1st level/30 minutes.. oh well only 2weeks or so left to wait.

  • @ Ross Alexander

    Ive just played the demo and there wasnt any option for 3D as you said. But can i PLEASE ask you to reply and tell us where you’re getting the info that the main game wont have 3D? After Todd Pappy HIMSELF coming out at E3 last year promising it would have full 3D support this is a bit of a let down for us who were looking forward to it.

    Has it been confirmed at SCE as not having 3D support? Do you know why it got pulled?

  • Wait.. what has happened in 8/9 months to not have 3D support?.

    The GoW collectors edition 2 had some impressive 3D support being a remake of PSP titles.

    And no 3D support while it being promised?..

  • You see this is why i never pre-order stuff.

  • @Ross Alexander, stop avoiding the question.

  • @27

    yeah well it could be he doesn’t have the full information,but why they don’t announce this 2 weeks before launch is beyond me.

    You’re gonna disappoint a lot of people with 3D-Tv’s.. when it was obvious it wouldn’t have the support you should let people know way in advance,and not just before release.

  • It’s his job to know or try to find out and at the very least not avoid the freaking question. Not only was 3D officially announced but now it’s apparently gone and they’ve kept silent about it, their attitude alone has put me off buying this.

  • Played the Demo.
    Initially I was very excited, especially after the Intro.
    Then I PLAYED the game and it was the same game.

    Hope you all enjoy the multiplayer. I’ll get it later.

    /wait The Last of Us and Beyond

  • @29

    You’re right mate.. especially about the part they promised it.
    I will probably still buy it.. but will be less excited about it.

    Especially because i recently bought a 3DTV( not for GoW A lol)..

    It seems they’re dropping 3D support in general.the percentage that has 3D is too low to make an impact.

    BUT!! still a lame excuse,i know.

  • And from what i reading here and there there were reports before that particular E3 saying it wouldn’t have 3D support.

    So IDK..

  • Why did they bother to make Vol.2 in 3D and do such a good job only to drop it for a game that would’ve benefited hugely from 3D? it makes no sense, the 3D was mind blowing in Vol.2

  • Hi,

    Wasn’t the demo suppose to be already available in the Store?

    Checked yesterday night and it’s still not available.


  • @33

    That’s a good question indeed.. i guess this installment had troubles in the performance department when 3D was applied to it.

    Like you said there’s no logical explanation for it,especially not when you see how the environment moves in 3D positioning.

    I guess the hardware wasn’t capable of doing it in an acceptable frame rate.

    And i asked quite a lot of people,like Santa Monica themselves,David Jaffe,gaming sites.
    It’s like nobody wants to say something about it.
    This is the only place where they say it’s not supported.

    And the fact there has been no news between last E3 and now about the 3D from SA themselves.

    The reason why?.. who knows not enough budget or time, not possible from a technical stand point.

    I bet they’ll explain after release.. but probably not now.. because it could affect sales.

  • @33

    And they probably wanted an extra selling point for games that are rehashed sort a speak(GoW Collection).

    So that’s probably why those games had it and this game won’t.

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