Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX coming soon to PlayStation 3

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Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX coming soon to PlayStation 3

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Greetings PlayStation fans, I return to the fantastical PlayStation blog bearing great news! Today we’re pleased to announce that KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX is coming to European and PAL regions this Autumn – exclusive to the PlayStation 3.

This is the perfect opportunity for the KINGDOM HEARTS fans among you to bathe in nostalgia and rekindle your love for KINGDOM HEARTS in a way you never thought possible. And of course for those of you who never played KINGDOM HEARTS on the PlayStation 2 back in March 2002, here’s your chance to experience this tale of bravery and discovery for the first time.

The much adored KINGDOM HEARTS series saw the formidable partnership of two great universes – Square Enix and Disney – for an unmatched action-RPG. You follow the story of Sora, a 14-year old boy thrown into a battle against a mysterious shadow enemy known as the Heartless. Armed with a trusty Keyblade and aided by the likes of Donald Duck and Goofy, Sora sets out on an adventure to find his friends and free the world of darkness.

SUMMON_simba_01_FIX 130121_KHDays_05_FIX

So why should the KINGDOM HEARTS fans be excited for HD 1.5 ReMIX… other than the fact that it’s AWESOME? For starters these aren’t the games you’ve played before. KINGDOM HEARTS -HD 1.5 ReMIX- includes KINGDOM HEARTS FINAL MIX, previously a Japanese exclusive that introduced new weapons, new enemies, new abilities, new cutscenes, new missions, and a new secret movie – so just a few additions then!

Also included in HD 1.5 ReMIX is KINGDOM HEARTS Re:Chain of Memories, a direct sequel to KINGDOM HEARTS that was also previously unavailable in Europe. Complementing these two great games are the cinematic story videos from KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days, which act as an interquel between Re:Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts II.


Even better – all this content has been completely remastered to feature stunning HD graphics and brand new audio… and it’s probably the best remastering work we’ve ever seen. Bold statement I know! We’ll have a lovely gameplay trailer for you to drool over soon but in the meantime I’m sure these screenshots will keep your craving eyes satisfied until then.

Oh and for you trophy addicts, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered too!

We’ll have more news for you in the coming months but in the meantime don’t forget to check out the Kingdom Hearts website, like our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter.


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18 Author Replies

    I was worried i’d have to import this and just run through in japanese, but having both the remake of chain of memories and KH final mix in english is amazing!

  • No Vita love?
    Ah well, just glad I’ll be able to play Chain of memories too!

  • Excellent news.

    This will be day one for me.

  • My life is now complete.

  • YES! I knew it was coming to Europe, but I’m really happy about the confirmation. Now I’m just hoping for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX to get announced soon, which I hope contains:

    Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix
    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep
    Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance
    Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded

    Although the last two would probably be in the form of cutscenes. That is, if they even happen to appear in the collection at all.

    Still I just can’t wait to play this collection! :D

  • Yes! Great news! Looking forward to replay Kingdom Hearts 1.

  • I never, ever, played Kingdom Hearts back in the PS2 days. So I was waiting eagerly for this collection, since I can only hear good things from it.

    So yeah, another great piece of news for gaming. What’s up with this February, being short but so awesome? lol

  • will it have Japanese voices as well?

  • can you tell me if this will have Japanese voiceovers?

  • Sorry to post again but, the cover will be the same as the japanese? but without that silver thing

    • Unfortunately we don’t have the final European cover to show at this time, but I’ll be eager to show it when we do. Best bet is to follow @KingdomHearts on twitter, or myself (@benbateman) as that will be where you can expect to see it first.

  • Will KH2 together with the other spinoffs come out later?

    Also can we please have Xenogears on the EU store? It’s my favorite game ever. I imported it way back for PS1 and now I would love to replay it on my Vita…

  • Too bad it won’t be with portuguese subtitles too, that would have been fun.

    Just don’t change the cover!

  • They have made a huge mistake planning the release date for this Autumn !
    Why ? It says it’s a PS3 exclusive.. PS4 is coming out during 2013’s holiday ! Which means (june to august.) This game is coming out after august. Since the PS4 has no backwards compatibility.. They should have release it for the PS4 ! Because, when I get my brand new PS4.. I’m not going to play a game on my ps3.. Guess this will be an Japanese import for me ! (14-3-2013 release date)

  • Sounds good – two quick questions/clarifications please.

    1) “Coming Soon” – Sony’s definition of soon varies wildly to that of the known planets and universe. Is Square Enix’s definition any different?

    2) The number of pennies needed to acquire this goodness please?


    • 1) Autumn – obviously we’ll be a bit more specific further down the line. :)

      2) Final RRP has yet to be revealed. We’ll let you know closer to release (along with the final release date) but we’ll make sure we have plenty of screenshots and videos along the way to help you decide if this is something worthy of your hard-earned cash.

      Did you play the original Kingdom Hearts?

  • @Dylan_VT It says the PS4 is out holiday 2013, which is from september to december, plenty of time to play it, Also the PS4’s launch library probably wont be amazing, you’ll want to still play your PS3 now and then.

  • Yes!!! Lightning Returns AND Kingdom Hearts… This will be the best year for the PS3. I should start training for beating Sephiroth again, that fight was damn hard.

    Final Fantasy X and Kingdom Hearts I + II were almost perfect games. Amazing Stories, great characters, great gameplay… This year will be really great.

  • Awesome, I never got to finish this on the PS2 so will look forward to giving it a proper play and trophies too!! Is this going to be blu ray or digital or both?

  • Great news, hope it’s available as digital download.

  • @Benjamin Bateman

    Thanks for the reply.

    I did indeed play the original – really enjoyed it. However it was bought as my son was about the right age for it.

    Would look at this for nostalgia factor personally.

    • Like I said, you’ll be the boss of your hard-earned cash! Having said that I think you’ll love it for Final Mix. It packs a lot more into the game that we never got here in Europe. Well worth it for that alone. We’ll be talking about it more on the blog in the future so if you have any questions just leave them in the comments.

  • YAYY! I missed out on them games back in the day and was looking forward to checking them out. How soon do you think it will be? :D

  • This is pretty good to hear.

    I missed out, as i never had a PS2 in the KH times, but really wanted to play them.

    I also skipped the PSP ones for this reason too, but now i can check em all :)

  • “exclusive to the PlayStation 3” Those are the BEST words this Gen! :D :P ;)

  • “exclusive to the PlayStation 3″ Does this mean wont be out for PS4 aswell then?

    Does KH1 have same controls and camera and stuff as KH2? I heard people say they are different and that KH2 was better.

  • Ok, and what about Final Fantasy Type-0, now ?

  • Damn, I was hoping it’ll have Japanese voice acting with english subs :( I mean, common, it IS a “JRPG” game I don’t really understand how a JRPG game is reduced to only having english voices, doesn’t make any sense

  • It looks beautiful! And Autumn release is perfect. My beloved PS2 was donated last year and now I can finally play Kingdom Hearts again, which was one of my favourite PS2 games.

    AND it is the Final Mix version?! Finally get to try the Mysterious Figure fight in Hollow Bastion.

  • Finally some new on this HD collection. I can’t wait for it, I am a big KH fan and its going to be great to play a Final Mix version of KH 1 and finally a new KH game (Well new for us in Euorpe since Re:Chain of Memories never came out here :/. Anyway can’t wait!

  • What about Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross as PSOne Imports?
    It’s unbelievable that SquareEnix never manages to drop any kind of comment on that demand.

  • Will this be sold in a box or via PSN?

  • i nowh ps4 comming = no buy games on ps3 ( only terraria + soul sacrefice on vita)
    bring out games like gtav out on ps4 .

    bigest mistake of sony , lounch ps4 world wide in march , i wil not buy games when i can not play them on ps4.

  • By “Autumn” I hope you mean September 1. Even if it is a Sunday.

  • Here’s a thought…keep your PS3?

    Loved Kingdom Hearts when it released, will buy again at the right price, just a shame there’s no Vita port because I’d buy that without a second thought.

  • Amazing news!!! I’ve been waiting for ages for this…2013 is gonna be a great year for PS3 :)

  • Now the next announcement I’d like to have from Square-Enix is a PAL version of Final Fantasy Type-0…please, give us some news about that, too!

  • Why no port for the vita?

  • omg! i just had about 40 or gasms! i cant believe this is happening! iv waited for years for this and now its finally here woooooohooooo!

    btw ben can we please see PSN avatars on the ps store please? that would be amazing!!

  • Does the game contain extra content for the first game because Japan got upgraded version of KH1 with extra boss battles so is it coming to this version as well?

    I’m very disappointed because one of the games is movie and not playable. Would have wanted to play it.

    • Yes, this is Kingdom Hearts Final Mix which was the version previously only available in Japan that included lots of extra content like boss battles.

      Totally understand wanting to play the game but hopefully you’ll enjoy the cut scenes anyways (It’s like watching a movie!)

  • Wonderful.
    But, where’s Kingdom Hearts II?
    Given that all of the franchise is a complex intertwined plot, I’d have thought they’d have done a trilogy, instead of the original and it’s half-baked sequel remade from the GameBoy Advance version.

    Although it does give hope that we will get a second HD remake with Kingdom Hears II and Birth by Sleep.
    If this is a reality, I hope it’s a PS3 title, not PS4. I’d like to be able to play them all on the same console.

  • any chance of a vita version? I love KH games but im more likely to play this on vita as i dont have enough time to play new games on PS3!

  • Day 1 :D, once I finish this I will gladly wait for KH 2.5 with Kindom Hearts 2, Birth By Sleep and DDD

  • Would love a Vita version, RPG’s are made for Crossplay! How am I supposed to put 99 hours into something I can’t play on the train?

    • I understand your frustration, I can see why you’d want to play it on the Vita.

      Guess there’s two choices:
      1) Play at home – comfy, not too far from life’s essential needs.
      2) Take a portable generator with you on the train… or does you train have those handy plug points?

      I hope you enjoy KHHD 1.5 Remix all the same.

  • Hmm, I wonder if we can expect a Kingdom Hearts HD 1.6 ReMIX later for the PS4, since it won’t play PS3 games? And then a Kingdom Hearts II HD too?

  • Great!

    Now I just need the official release date of FFX HD.
    Oh the PS2-era, you were so good.

  • But I hope to buy a ps4 in winter :( Can Square be asked about the possibility of a vita port or a PS4 port? I and I sure many others would love to play it but the only on vita game too but wont be buying many games from now till ps4 to save moeny,.,,

  • Hey Benjamin Bateman !

    This is slightly off-topic but:

    Is Tomb Raider also getting digital release on PSN Store next week ?


  • Ben, if you’re still around here, do you know if additional English voices for Kingdom Hearts 1 are being rerecorded due to the new cutscenes? I know you’re recording for 358/2 Days, but I was wondering about KH1 :)


  • Great job Benjamin, ignored the question for Chrono Trigger as usual. No idea why you guys from SE can’t simply say that it would be impossible to release them … or whatever else prevents you from releasing them in Europe.

    Thus I can only assume that you simply don’t care. Probably the best impression that a Community Manager can be responsible for. Kudos.

    • Hey Golwar,

      Sorry for not replying to you sooner. Busy day for us at Square Enix as the Tomb Raider reviews we’re going live, not to mention the flurry of questions about KHHD 1.5 both here, on the Square Enix Facebook, twitter etc. There’s only one of me – I need a clone!

      Anyway, in regard to your question, it’s a bit off-topic but the truth is I don’t have an answer for you. There are a lot of games that people want to see from us, and as a gamer I totally understand that demand. It doesn’t go unnoticed, but there are often a number of reasons games don’t make it here or haven’t arrived yet. Sometimes it’s a financial decision, sometimes it’s technical, sometimes it’s simply that we need to prioritise where the man-hours go. I can’t comment on Chrono Trigger for you, I don’t have that information, but I hope that you can see we’re trying to make the right steps to give gamers what they want. But they are steps, so let’s take them one at a time, which for us right now is to bring KHHD 1.5 to our fans in Europe. It’s a great game, so please don’t discount it just because this humble Community Manager doesn’t have the answer you’re looking for.

  • KH was my CHILDHOOD! I literally came about 1000000000 times.

    I concur with what EternalChaos said, I’d adore and buy all KH avatars.

    Please PLEASE work on KH3 too, I bought a PS3 for that game and it hasn’t even come.

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