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Don’t you just love it when rumours are true!

When I joined Evo 9 years ago, the first concept I worked on was for a racing game that was all about racing with friends. It combined the best cars (and they would have to be real ones), on the most breathtaking roads in the world, with gameplay that was totally focused on team-based racing.

I loved the job from day one.

The game was all about utter car passion. It was about connecting people who are as in love with car culture as we are, and creating a universe for these impassioned racers to all play together. We created web design concepts that showed how you could connect with people and access your club when you were away from the living room, and we created prototypes of the most immersive, detailed vehicle interiors and exteriors possible.

Except… they weren’t possible. Our concept was simple, but needed a socially connected network and audiovisual technology that wasn’t available.

When we knew that the new PlayStation was coming, we realised that the time was right to make the Driveclub dream a reality. It was time to combine nearly 15-years of racing game pedigree and a rapidly evolving, connected gaming landscape – this seed of an idea was ready to be realized and the buzz at Evo was unstoppable.

So what did we do?

We expanded our vehicle handling and design team so that together, we have over 50 years’ experience working on the most prestigious racing titles out there, including – WRC, Formula 1, Gran Turismo, MotorStorm, WipEout, Project Gotham Racing, GRID 2 and many more.

We used our PS Vita launch game as a bridge between MotorStorm and Driveclub, testing our theories about connecting social networks with asynchronous challenge-based racing on multiple devices at the same time. It worked really well.

We collaborated with the best car companies in the world, working with them to create the most detailed and authentic car interiors and exteriors possible. The result is staggering: it isn’t cockpit view; it is truly immersive first-person-racing.

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  • I can respect that obsessive attention to detail. This reminds of Gran Turismo. Kind of sad to see you guys stepping away from Motorstorm, especially since Apocalypse blew my mind in the racing genre and made me truly appreciate the series. But I do like the sound of the whole ‘group racing’ concept. I’m not into the connect and compete thing but I do love playing co op with a bunch of people I don’t know (that’s the beauty of it!)

  • Hope you guys get back to Motorstorm after this title, would have loved to have played a new one at launch again.

    I’m not into the serious race car games, just crazy ones like Motorstorm and Twisted Metal.

    • Right now we’re completely focused on Driveclub, but that’s not say that we won’t return to MotorStorm in the future.

  • This game actually made my jaw drop. Definately game of the show for me. I’ve always preferred this style of racer, nitro buttons and weapons detract heavily from driving experience for me. Can’t wait, especially to stream onto vita and play in any room. Good work!

  • Definitely THE game of the show :) Look awesome -must have!

  • Team racing? Sounds really good.

  • I want this game! :( Looks awesome!!

  • Seeing as you mention Gran Turismo…… Where is it? How could there be a Playstation console unveiling without even a little taste of Gran Turismo!?

  • So is Ged Talbot the lead on this? Can we expect some sort of Kudos? I need answers.

    • It looks like you know your racing games! I think it’s fair to say that it’s a team effort and we have a very talented vehicle handling and design team. :-)

  • I can’t believe that the PS4 will launch with this generic looking game and not an awesome, mind-blowing WipEout game, assaulting all your senses with great design and music.

    R.I.P. Studio Liverpool and the Psygnosis legacy!

  • Looks like i might have to get 2 racing games on ps4 now.(other being gt6 of course)

    This game has huge potential if done correctly.
    I like the idea of being able to have team races with multiple drivers taking shifts/turns in online endurance races.

    Imagine if you could have the ability to spectate you team mate driving and offer tips on driving lines,when to overtake or pit.
    So many good ideas come to mind.

    Ambitious undertaking of epic proportions !!!

    I wish evo all the best with this title and thank them for MS series

  • Oh and please get the driving physics right :)

    By that i mean more simulation less arcade feel

  • Glad you are not doing motor storm again never liked the handling in those games but this looks very good.

  • Phenom_Evolution.. What kind of handling are you looking to achieve? Something arcade like or realistic?

    IMO – I buy games and play them but always go back to GT5 because of the realism.. Codemasters make a massive play about their physics engine and how accurate they can make their cars behave and then spoil Grid 2 by saying that they then adjusted the real world physics to make the cars easier to drive…which is a nonsense.

    Beginners can use driver aids, real fanatics can tame the cars with skill… Grid 2 graphically looks awesome, but I wont buy it because there is no challenge. If there is no challenge then online racing becomes boring… isn’t that the whole point of DRIVECLUB????

    In talk to many driving fans who are considering ditching Playstation and getting a PC because all the best sim titles seem to be PC based.

  • I’m excited about this project, but have one concern, and that is wheel support. A game like this needs a steering wheel to complete the immersion. I hope mine will work!

  • This game is looking extremely gorgeous! It is simply breathtaking and is looking very fun! But is the handling of the cars going to be realistic or arcade-like? And will t work with wheel support? I will like to know.

  • I agree looks stunning. Regarding the First Person feel, are you planning on utilising the new camera to build upon what GT5 did by using it to track your head movement when in the car? Also will I be able to look down actually turn the key and start the car when I feel like it?

  • Sorry to double post – but I agree with also with comment 14. Wheel support a must, especially I now have a beautiful Thrustmaster T500 RS & Shifter :)

  • Looks like a great game for PS4.

    Oh and if you return to Motorstorm, please let it be like Motorstorm 2/Pacific Rift as it was the best of the series.

    NOT anything like Motorstorm 3/Apocalypse. Game turns me off big time.

    Plus, don’t let the online server die of a game within 4 years after release. LOOKING AT MOTORSTORM 2! I love that game, but can’t play it online anymore. I hate that. Because I paid for the full game, to be able to play it online AT LEAST as long as the PS3 is supported by Sony aka the 10 year support. Not after freaking 4 years for a game I paid full price for suddenly only leaves me with the SP intact. I didn’t pay for half the game, now did I?

    So be sure to support future titles longer with the servers, if that is for DriveClub or a future Motorstorm. Not cool if future games are shut down for its servers, just to make the next title sell (still won’t buy Motorstorm 3, and got it for free with PS+ but still not really playing it).

    I hope you take this advice to your hearts.
    Yours truly, a Motorstorm Pacific Rift fan

  • Motorstorm Monument Valley was the reason for me and many others to buy the PS3. This game catapulted sony to the next generation. I saw the teaser of Drive Club and can not believe what they are doing. We already have games like Ridge Racer, Burnout, Need for Speed, Race Driver, F1, Dirt, Midnight Club and and and. Do we really need more of those games? I´m bored, even if they sayed, that they took the Name Drive Club in 2001 and since that time, they wanted to make this game.

    I miss innovations, a new Motorstorm – why they don´t call it Monsterstorm :) Sorry but MSA is garbage. We all need a new and real Motorstorm like Monument Valley and Pacific Rift.

  • I forgot to say – i love the new DS4 Controller and i´m sure with the Computer Components the PS4 will be very powerfull and stay cheap – Great!


  • Yes, looks very slick. But it looks very similar to many road racing games already out there. Please reconsider your decision to pull the plug on the Motorstorm series. Server support for Pacific Rift would be most appreciated.



  • At least give us Motorstorm Monument Valley and Pacific Rift overhauled with new high res textures and freaking Online, for the PS4.

    I bought your first 2 awesome games this year and I found out none is available for playing online, [DELETED].

  • Wow…. Just wow…. Game looks amazing! As a huge Honda fan please throw in Honda/Acura vehicles!!! Especially the 2015 Acura NSX!!

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