The future of gaming is here with PlayStation 4

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The future of gaming is here with PlayStation 4

Today is an exciting day for gamers everywhere. As you may have seen live with millions of others across the world, just moments ago we introduced PlayStation 4 (PS4), our next-generation console that will deliver breakthrough gaming experiences for our fans starting this holiday season.

PlayStation 4 is centered on all of you – the gamers. It redefines rich and immersive gameplay with powerful graphics and speed, intelligent personalization, deeply integrated social capabilities, and innovative second-screen features. When we designed PlayStation 4, we focused on building an architecture that will allow the greatest game developers in the industry to push boundaries and dig deep within their imaginations to create the most immersive and unique games for you to enjoy.

KillZone Blast 3

The future of PlayStation is all about great games and entertainment, and at PlayStation Meeting 2013, we brought some of the brightest and most creative minds from the development community on stage to unveil the games that will define PS4. A partial initial lineup for PlayStation 4 includes first-party games from Guerilla Games (Killzone: Shadow Fall), Sucker Punch (inFamous Second Son), Evolution Studios (Driveclub), and Japan Studio (Knack), as well as titles from our partners such as Activision/Bungie (Destiny), Blizzard Entertainment (Diablo III), Capcom (Deep Down), and Ubisoft (Watch_Dogs). PlayStation also reinforced its commitment to self-publishing and the independent development community by having Jonathan Blow onstage who gave a sneak peek of his upcoming title The Witness. Finally, the incredible minds at Media Molecule and Quantic Dream gave glimpses of their conceptualization process and the future of gameplay with some remarkable footage.  We only scratched the surface at the event, and will have many more exciting titles to come.

With so much amazing content in development for PlayStation 4, we want to give our fans every opportunity to check out virtually any PS4 game when it becomes available. In the future, when a gamer sees a title of interest in PlayStation Store, they can immediately start playing a portion of the actual game.


Our next generation console will change the way you interact with friends while you play. PlayStation 4 lets you instantly share images and videos of your favorite gameplay moments on Facebook with a single press on the DUALSHOCK 4 controller’s “share” button. You can also broadcast while you play in real-time through Ustream, allowing friends to comment or jump into your game in new ways. Be sure to check out the post from Shu Yoshida, WWS President, for his thoughts on DUALSHOCK 4 and the “share” features.

With PlayStation 4 we also want you to access your games quicker than ever before. PS4’s “suspend mode” eliminates the load time on your saved game and allows you to immediately return to where you left off by pressing the power button. PlayStation 4’s background downloading and updating capability also allows you to immediately play digital titles as they download, or update the system when the hardware is powered off.

Controller View: 6

Leveraging PlayStation Network with Gaikai technology, PS4 will make it easier for you to play your favorite games and access content wherever you are. We see PS Vita as the ultimate companion device for PS4 and it’s our long-term vision to make most PS4 games playable on PS Vita, so you can bring your favorite games from the big-screen TV to your PS Vita over Wi-Fi. We’re also introducing a “PlayStation App” for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices that acts as a second screen, allowing for unique gameplay possibilities such as viewing maps during an adventure game or remotely watching friends play during an epic battle—right from a smartphone or tablet.

With so much to look forward to in 2013, I want to take a moment to thank you for following PlayStation through our incredible journey and allowing us to bring the most advanced hardware, software and networked gaming experiences into millions of homes around the world. We’re excited about this next chapter, and will continue to provide you with more details about PlayStation 4 and the broader PlayStation ecosystem, as we get closer to launch this holiday season.

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  • And thank you and yours for providing these products which have invariably enrichened my gaming life. I’m telling you, without Playstation I wouldn’t be much of a gamer. Loyal to the end! Although I am going to miss that perfectly elegant controller design I’ve enjoyed up untill now..

  • Super excited for Watch Dogs and Second Son, looking forward to seeing what else is in store for the PS4. :)

  • A little underwhelming really, You did something like the Wii U with just showing off the controller and a couple of games, hope E3 shows a lot more promise.
    Also no backwards compatibility is a little off putting.

  • I will be buying one on day one.

  • “PlayStation Meeting 2013: The future of gaming is here with PlayStation 4
    Countries: AE, AU, GB, IE, NZ
    Today is an exciting day for gamers everywhere. As you may have seen live with millions of others across the world, just moments ago we introduced PlayStation 4 (PS4), our next-generation console that will deliver breakthrough gaming experiences for our fans starting this holiday season”

    So does this mean an Xmas release for EU too? Not just Japan/USA and Europe the afterthought like it was with the PS3 introduction?

  • @Jamesyp00 You need to rewatch the first hour I think.

    On Topic: Day one for me already! Great start :D! The also need some big surprises for E3 so I’m sure it gets even more awesome.

  • The PS4 is doomed to FAIL because Sony doesnt care enough for customers. Only 1% of PS3 Owners have a Vita yet ps3 games keep getting removed from Plus to bring more vita titles.

  • @MASPALOMAZ – What the hell are you talking about?! This months PS Plus stuff had PS3 games. Your an idiot – until you know what your talking about dont comment here.

  • So is the Holiday 2013 launch worldwide?
    Please say yes

  • @genjiboy
    You mean the part where they say there’s no backwards compatibility and only streaming old titles with no explanation on if the service will cost or not? I’m not 100% on board with the PS4 just yet, i’m hoping that E3 will show off the console in a better light, Less Specs more games and information.

  • I’m guessing this is just a copy and paste from the US PS blog? But I hope PS4 releases in PAL regions in Holiday 2013. Anyway the games for the system look amazing. Can’t wait for new info. Hope Second Son is a launch title.

  • 1 = nice controler
    2 = i hope if u bring 2 models , lowest version 320 gb. max 400 €

    3 = I knew that the price ps + abo would also change, hope rumors € 89 not be true! i like to see :

    Make three different versions of ps + (world)
    A-25 € bronze abonement = cloud saves 2gb + 2 games instant collection to choose from six games ( every month ).

    B-50 € silver abonement = cloud save 4gb + 4 games instant collection to choose from ( every month ) 6 games +% on game/dlc prices.

    C-90 € gold abonement = cloud save 4gb + 6 games instant collection to choose from ( every month ) +%prices on games/dlc + or streaming or 10/12 game free one 1 jear.

    i am not intrested in u streaming so i only pay silver version
    if u lounch only 89€ version = i am no more ps+ / world member .

  • We can only hope for a world wide launch, if Nintendo and Apple can do it, i dont see why Sony cant.
    Lets hope that sony Europe dont tarnish the Playstation 4 experience like they have with Playstation 3.
    My hopes are better online management including universal store across all Sony regions or at the very least one submission process for all stores Sony wide. I dread to think how the SCEE team could destroy Playstation Cloud with their archaic QA processes, localization hurdles, price gouging compared to US$ and generally unpleasant online customer service experience.

  • i nowh 1 ting = if sony not louch = no games

    i not gone buy diablo 3 / bf4 on ps3 if u have ps4 version coming , also alraedy canseld gta v ( to late )

  • it is ridiculous how almost half the games of ps plus are now VITA games that replaced full ps3 games, while 99% of people only have the ps3 and want ps3 games ! please fix this today sony ! if you need to have vita games in plus make them ADDITIONAL not as a replacement for ps3 titles.

  • @8

    The PS+ service on PS3 is greater than ever. You’ve never gotten less PS3 games at the hands of the Vita. Some people, damn.

  • I really really hope remote playing is going to be possible like on Wii U. I want to play games on my lap and not only through entire room with TV. This tablets and smartphones app is interesting to me tostream games through them. But i wonder if everything is going to be done with a cost of internet or bluetooth or what else..
    And yeah, backwards compatibility *sigh*

  • I hope the PS4 will offer full PS2 BC this time, so I can play my PS2 disc games over HDMI, using a wireless Dualshock controller and using virtual memory cards; like how I can play my PS1 games on the PS3.

    Also hope that Nier 1080p HD, Valkyria Chronicles 1080p HD and the Yakuza series 1080p HD are re-released for the PS4.

    And finally I hope that Sony will continue to improve the selection of classic PS1 & PS2 games on EU PSN, like the Suikoden series.

  • Ah a PS4. And why should I buy that?

    Does it include a singspam icon?
    Does it include OtherOS?
    Does it include a webbrowser that shows everything without crashing the console?
    Does it include the option to set your personal preferences in the menu like:
    – Showing incoming messages as popup but not the user X comes online and user Y goes offline?
    – Never ask me to go online when starting a Bluray movie?
    – Does it included locked savegames?

    I could go on and on, but have to get to work, sorry…

  • Sony and Playstation are the best! And keep making products. I look soo
    forward too PS4!

  • I won’t ever buy a console in wich I can’t play my PS3 games! I spent a lot of money to buy them in collection boxes and I think it’s stupid to lose the chance to play them again in new console ad it’s very stupid to still keep both PS3 and PS4 console only for playing old games! Sony don’t respect its costumers, expecially European ones. In the past, only Japan and American customers could buy a console with retrogaming chip while in Europe we must accept a software emulator. Stop joking with us! I won’t give any cent to you until you won’t respect me. You’re the worst company ever!

  • Just 2 questions:

    When exactly?


    How much?

    Please :)

  • Intelligent personalization – so no more forced Singstarlike icons? No PSN Store icons everywhere?

    Deeply integrated social capabilities – you mean annoying deeply integrated Tracebook without choice to get rid off it (same as Sony Xperia phones)?

  • Hm, Jack Tretton of SCEA is signing an article on SCEE’s blog. So no one in SCEE knows anything? Again seems like SCEE is a complete outsider of this presentation. Thank you Sony for your care. Just go and make Europe the last region to launch PS4. If you don’t care about us, I don’t care for your new console also. You may treat me like **** once, but you cannot do it twice.

  • let me guess,europe will be the last getting the console right?
    their best market getting their new console last :)
    sony being sony .

  • I assume it’s downloads only for the PS4,or am I wrong. If that’s true, why did you let me buy a 600 euro costing console and have me buy PS3 games and movies on blue ray which are now worthless on the PS4? If this is true then (and I’m a fan since PS1) the PS3 and Vita were the last machines I bought from Sony……

  • I must admit – everything looks neat and all, very promising… I’ll definitely will bee looking for more news.

    But – let me guess. Most of those additional services will be available only for Japan/US/UK, right? Maybe you’ll lower the price of console due that? I’m also curious how SCE will handle all that online and sharing across the world when they can’t even get to release games on time in different parts of the world…

    I hope I’m just a pessimist (or, rather, realist with experience)… And I hope I’ll be mistaken. But we will see I guess.

  • Well for me that stream was unwatchable. Gave up after 40 mins. Hope there’s a full recording?

    As for the stuff I saw, that tony touchpad redefines gimmick and the architecture basically looks like a PC – assume that Xbox720 will be the same. So, I already have a powerful PC and I’ve been happier with the prices on PC digital services. I also have £1000 of PSN purchese and my IGC from plus so I would like to be able to play these on a new console – not just have streaming access to them.

  • thank you sony.amazing meeting,amazing news.can’t wait.

  • Well this is disappointing, no backwards compatibility, suggests no discs? and all this talk about streaming this and that and a lot of downloading, this might work if everyone had an ideal connection and there were no bandwidth caps, but considering how severley limiting internet connection is for a lot of people, this is bound to do poorly in sales from this alone

    also i sincerley hope they give us an option to disable all the social features they showed, they look straight up terrible

  • Excellent presentation, a lot of interesting, looking forward. Many thanks!!! It was GREAT!!!
    About all your games on the PS3… This is called progress, why you did not cry when throwing your VYS. Keep your PS3 and enjoy it, it’s not a big deal.)
    Sorry for my english)))

  • Just want to tidy up some of the misconceptions.

    1: PS4 is using discs. Sony made this very clear last year. Current day download speeds aren’t up to the task of downloading this gen’s games in a timely fashion so it certainly won’t do next gens.

    2: Backwards compatibility won’t work inside the box, the hardware is just too different. While it looks like there will be some sort of streaming solution there is an alternative if you want to play your PS3 games: keep your PS3. Selling it second hand today would get you less than £100, how much will you get for it when the PS4 is out? You’ll be lucky to get two extra games for it.

    3: It looks like European release date is still to be decided based on this interview: – Yoshida says is depends on production numbers and demand estimates. Looks like Sony are playing safe and avoiding promising a global launch then failing deliver one as they did with the PS3 but won’t go as far as to say Europe is definitely delayed as they did with Vita. We’ll have to wait until E3 or possibly PAX to find out more.

  • Ware is our 10 bucks for loyalty ???????????


    Whenever you’re on here all you do is complaining while it turns out you really don’t have a clue. The Vita games on the IGC did not replace PS3 games, they already are ADDITIONAL. You still get the exact same amount of PS3 titles as you did before they introduced Vita games to Plus so your whole point is moot. If you’re so unhappy over things that only exist in your mind then just leave and buy another console, i’m sure i won’t miss your whining on the threads around here.

    OT: Awesome reveal, i was most impressed by Watch Dogs and hope there’s gonna be some more announcements on E3 (Naughty Dog anyone?). Little disappointed about not seeing the actual PS4 console but this way we still have something to look forward to!! :)

  • As much as I am excited, if you guys will keep treating big 5 EU countries better than the rest like you do it this generation then I am out of this bus.


    I don’t want delays because games have to have those 4 additional languages in EU versions; it is just stupid, delay them in those 4 countries not the whole Europe. Also a global digital store would be very welcome…

    Will keep an eye for more news, I really like my PS3, but my experience got totally ruined due to the fact that even though I am living in European Union I still need to import most of the games I play….

  • The meeting impressed me, it seemed like they were holding back allot of the stuff they should have done a long time ago for the PS4, like seeing how many of your friends own each game.

    I am going to buy a Playstation 4 day one, I am an American living in the UK for the time being and as such I did not get the $10 for being a loyal customer, but I don’t see store credit to be the perfect reward from SCE. It’s supply and demand, we buy their products and they reward us with better ones, we invest in each other to get more out of each other.

    The only things I didn’t really like is PS3 being available via the cloud… eventually which for sony could be a long time and I do not want to re-buy PS3 games I already own to replay them on my PS4, I expect to still be wanting to play PS allstars in a year and beyond with my roommates and I would like to do it on my PS4 when I have it. The Media Molecule stuff let me down a bit, who knows it could turnout to be great, but what they showed did not excite me in the way the LBP games did, also I own a Move and yet I still believe it should have been left behind in the new generation, as Sony did not force people to support it enough and in the right way.

  • I still want to know when the rejected countries get PSN connection or even their country in the country list. Estonians (and others) have been forced to use wrong country for 7 years to even get free demos.

  • Really dissapointed about the lack of vita news the future is nowhere near to be seen>,<

  • will ps4 be released this year or?

  • So what really was announced?

    PS4 is coming at some point and it will have a price tag. There are some new games being developed to it that will be released sooner or later. PS4 will force-fed you with all kind of social media humbug and the new controller is but ugly.

    So not much really to get overly excited…

  • Once a Playstation Fan Always a Playstation Fan pre-orderd from game late last night thanks again the Dev team and sony

  • Looked BRILLIANT the PS4 stuff :P :P :P I am ‘Jumping in'(again)(well i never ‘Jumped out!) :D

  • The pad looks slick but its interesting that there is no Start nor Select buttons… Also, it’s great we can see the pad but… WHERE’S A PHOTO OF THE CONSOLE?! All this hype and no pic of the machine…?! What’s the point in that…?! Lol

  • @TrueMorton #33

    spot on.
    to include backwards compatability would jack the price of the console up exponentially.
    as it did with PS3. they had to remove backwards compatability from the PS3 to lower the price. im lucky enough to have an old school PS3 that can play PS2 and PS games. and so… ill be keeping it!

    in terms of release date in the EU, the price, and the look of the thing, they were never going to announce too much last night.
    they need to save something for E3, and other expos.
    they will make those announcements, but in their way. ie. grand and spectacular.
    bring on PS3.

    very very excited, and will definitely be buying mine on launch.

  • So… as great as the PS4 sounds (it really does) the future of Playstation is shown off today with PS4, yet the Playstations biggest selling franchise title wasn’t even mentioned :( (Gran Turismo)

    Please tell me it will return to E3, which it has been strangely absent from in the last two years.

  • I want the PS4 soooo much :( I kept telling myself that my PS3 has so much life in it and not ready to move on just yet but dammit that show blew my mind. I look at my PS3 as if its a PS1 now. lol. But anyway, so many exciting games to come that will keep me busy until the release of the PS4. It’s a defo day 1 buy from me no-matter what Microsoft does. They don’t even do any decent games like Killzone, inFamous and loads more.

    There are so many questions that needs asked but in time I’m sure I will get the answers

  • what about ps plus user? wii be on ps4? Gaikai service? wiil be free? or including to plus? is to good to be free! what is the future for the ps3? after 4 comes out? price drop? Home will continue to run? the driver is blu ray? the hdd is ssd? how much ps4 cost? i don’t have 750 euro like i spent to the ps3 day one :) that’s some questions ps3 gamers want answers now :)

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