PlayStation 4 developers: the shape of things to come

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PlayStation 4 developers: the shape of things to come

Hi, PlayStation fans! I’ve been looking forward to this day for quite some time. It’s true, PlayStation 4 is coming! I hope you enjoyed watching our PlayStation Meeting live on PlayStation.Blog (you can watch it here if you missed it) and getting a sneak peek at the future of PlayStation gaming: Killzone: Shadow Fall, inFamous: Second Son, Knack, Driveclub, and many more. Are you as excited as I am?!

PlayStation 4 will be incredibly powerful but elegant and easy to use, empowering game developers to create innovative gaming experiences we can only begin to imagine. As we prepared for today’s PlayStation Meeting, we asked some of the top game designers in the world to share their inspirations and ambitions for PlayStation 4.

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  • I honestly only care about PS4 being region free. EU game selection had been garbage for 20 years, not likely to change soon.
    A shame this wasn’t mentioned.
    If it’s not region free it’s dead. Best Vita games I’ve played for example will never come out in EU (Project Diva F comes to mind).

  • I don’t think you grasp the concept of how amazing this ps4 news is!!!and your worried about reigon free. ps3 is reigon free so ps4 will be aswell.listen to what info they have given us. this console is going to smash the xbox in its yuppy face.

  • Witness was a great surprise. Reminds me of Unfinished swan.

  • Day 1 purchase. Been waiting for so long. SONY, please, just take my money!

  • Lets hope that sony Europe dont tarnish the Playstation 4 experience like they have with Playstation 3.
    My hopes are better online management including universal store across all Sony regions or at the very least one submission process for all stores Sony wide. I dread to think how the SCEE team could destroy Playstation Cloud with their archaic QA processes, localization hurdles, price gouging compared to US$ and generally unpleasant online customer service experience.

  • There was some great stuff there but not showing the PS4 is actually embarrassing for you guys, I think that’s why you saw your stocks drop.

    I understand you’re trying to push the concept of what the machine does, but what you guys don’t understand is without a machine to associate all this with, I (and others) find it difficult to really take everything in. Because when you say PS3 for example, sure you can think of the experience, and the games, but when you think of it for what it is, the PlayStation 3, it’s a console, we think of the console, as a thing, next to our TV. That’s what it is.

    Without a PS4 to actually look at and associate this stuff with, it’s just all conceptual to me, it doesn’t feel real, it doesn’t feel like a product because I didn’t even see the product. It’s just psychology. You need to show the thing ASAP. A PS4 reveal without revealing the PS4… That’s just, what?

    I guess we’ll learn more about this interesting system which we haven’t seen yet at E3, but c’mon guys, it’s a bit silly. Even Microsoft is laughing at you.

  • And you definitely need to be more specific. This big socxial agenda you’re pushing – I don’t want to link my PlayStation to Facebook, or show my Facebook friends my gaming acheivements. I don’t want to be charged crazy amounts for my internet while the PS4 tries to emulate my thinking and download random games. Are these optional? How will they affect our experience if we disable them? You created more questions than answers and not in an exciting way, more like a concerning way.

  • Full credit to the games you showed though. The games are what’s most important and they looked fantastic. And 8GB GDDR5 RAM is amazing, but hopefully this doesn’t bump up the retail cost too much.

  • I’m a bit disappointed that there was nothing from Japanese developers, they have struggled on PS3. I was hoping they would have something to show for the PS4. They can show “pre-rendered” tech-demos all day long, at the end of the day it’s just a tech-demo.

    The PS4 specifications look very very nice indeed.

    – 8-core 64-bit x86 “Jaguar” CPU built by AMD
    – Radeon GPU comprised of 18 “compute units” capable of cranking out 1.84 TFLOPS
    – Blu-ray 6X (8X for DVDs)
    – 8GB of unified GDDR5 RAM capable of 176GB/sec of bandwidth. (This is awsome)
    – 802.11n WiFi, USB 3.0, Bluetooth 2.1, HDMI, optical out and even a legacy analog AV out

  • I think I’m a bit more excited than you Shuhei Yoshida :P lol

    Dying to get my hands on the PS4 and them awesome games! I really hope we get it this year as even if it was released before Christmas, it would made an amazing Birthday or Christmas present.

    I really hope to see Naughty Dog reveal their next game (after The Last of Us of course) in E3 and look forward to seeing Square Enix next Final Fantasy

  • I have quite literally, (2 months ago), bought a PS3. I have many games consoles from a Magnavox upwards.

    BUT …. I always buy them either pre-owned. Or in their last incarnation. Therefore (in theory) always getting the best that each console has to offer.

    I shall be doing the same with the PS4. So it’s probably going to be at least 5 years plus, before I get one. By which time, they will have improved this, updated that, altered this, discarded that etc etc.

    I’m all for new gaming consoles and ideas. But with this “launch” I have seen NOTHING that will alter the way I buy consoles.

  • All i want to know is, what does the PS4 look like?. will it have PS home?. how much will it cost to buy?. it’s all very well telling people how good it’s going to be. but until i actually know what it looks like i can’t seem to very excited about it

  • I cant wait for the new thing hat lets you play a game whilst its downloading. Its like if you download a video on the PS3, you can play it while its downloading but it buffers a lot. I hope they improve downloading speeds :)

  • now after the PS4 announcement if i were at SCEE i’d make sure to secure all those singstar-offended ps3 users for a next gen purchase by giving then a possibility to use their ps3 the same way again how all the years before singstar spam, singstar spam needs to go away in favor of PS4 sales , or is singstar more important than more PS4 sales?

    all we ask for is a removal option , the people that like this addition can continue enjoying it , but those who wish it wouldnt never appear there could continue using the ps3 the way they were used to with a singstar free interface, is that too much to ask for? making everyone happy should be the top priority for any company

  • The Ps4 Is Looking awesome and making me intense to play Now!!

    But Stuff i would like it to have

    Use the Playstation Account You have Like the Playstation ID

    and have Trophy’s BACK!
    Also you Should be able to change your account name that would be better! Privacy As well So u change choose who can look at your profile

    Thats all i wanted to say Roll on Ps4 and Beat Xbox once and for ALL!!!!!

  • @ibz84 Finally What>? xD

  • Stoked you chose x86 chipset and 8g of ddr5

    I wonder if there will be any point putting a ssd inside ?
    I have one in my ps3 making some games load much faster

  • 8GB of GDDR5 (OMG) we’ll never have another console acting like an alzheimer patient ever again!

  • wow so no one here think that ps4 controller look ugly as hell i mean how do we go from DS3 sexy smooth look to that ugly DS4 freaking look for god sake the controller look ugly i hope to god thes not how is going to look and all this facebook bs why is people now days pushing so hard for thos of us who only want a console so we can play beasty games thes it have to deal whit facebooks i mean leave the bs on pc consoles shoould be all about gamings not facebook and bs

  • Excited? Maybe. Will I be purchasing the PS4? Certainly not on the release or any time soon after … most likely never. Given the bad Sony’s track lately I’ve lost confidence in this brand and PS3 (together with Vita lately) proves how little you care about loyal customers who’ve been with you for many many years. Removing and cripplig the features of PS3, messsed up Vita design and features etc. etc. No – I’ll not spend any more money supporting the greedy and careless company like yous.

  • Also – with your TOTALLY ridiculous digital content pricing and all the silly restrictions increasingly being put up already on PS3 your “business” model will fall apart if you’ll continue with the same “clever” strategy on PS4. Shame – the fairly good HW will get killed by shaddy business politics. And what about all this social media cr*p?? Have you done you homework and do you even know you main target gaming demographics? Do you even know how much they (don’t) care about Facebook nonsense? MEH!

  • Dear Yoshida-san.

    1. Please reevaluate the performance of SCEE, they have not been doing well lately with handling the store, customer support and generally everything that reflects back on Sony as a company.

    2. I will buy a PS4 once you get rid of all the regional differences and treat every customer with the same respect, regardless of where they live. I want the same level of service as everyone else. There is no room for old dinosaurs (Sony) in todays digital market. Please take customer expectations very seriously as this is 2013, not 1995. Everyone is connected across borders and no one likes to feel like a third rate customer. This is one the biggest issues I have with Sony. It needs to change!

    That is all.

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