Diablo III is coming to PlayStation

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Diablo III is coming to PlayStation

Diablo 3

Hey everyone,

Now that Diablo’s out of the bag, I just want to say that we’re stoked to be bringing Diablo III over to PlayStation. We got our start in console games, and a bunch of us, myself included, have been looking forward to this day for a very long time.

We’re putting a lot of work into doing Diablo III right for PS3 and PS4. All of the upgrades we’ve made to the PC version since launch will be included. On top of that, we’re completely redeveloping the interface, controls, and camera so that the traditional Diablo hack-and-slash, loot-collecting, dungeon-crawl feels natural and fun with a controller in your hands.

I know a lot of people will have a lot of questions about the game, and we look forward to getting into all of that as development progresses. For now, I just want to say thanks to all of you who kept pushing us to get back to console, and please come check out the game at PAX East if you’re in Boston in late March.

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  • One of the few games I wanted a PC for, so sign me up for the PS4 version ;)

  • nice can not wait .

  • Too bad the game is pure trash. Ruined by stupid design, worthless character progression and not least the completely greed driven and game destroying auction house. The horrible decision with always online DRM and ridiculously bad servers at launch was the final nail in the coffin.

    This is simply a bad game. It is nothing at all like Diablo II. Avoid like the plague. The worst gaming purchase I made in 2012.

  • Remote Play please. On PS3 also.

  • epic colaboration

  • I definitely understand the criticism that the original PC release has gotten, but I do think there is some potential for this to be really good – up to four player couch co-op is a huge win for this type of game for me, and active control in the vain of great console hack ‘n slashes like Champions of Norrath imho really makes this type of game more interesting. Of course magic should still be easy particularly on the PS4 with the built in Move features that should allow you to do a pointer, and for the PS3 version I would definitely also hope for Move support …

  • Epic collaboration, but mediocre game on the PC. I think this game will be better on console though, it fits the console format better. Will be exiting to see what else Blizzard brings to the PlayStation family.

  • if its pay-to-play dont even bother. i dont spend more than 25$ on a game let alone 40$ on a recurring basis.

    if its a one time buy i can not wait :)

  • Not my kind of game but if it helps sell ps4 good on it

  • Great to see its coming to PS3 also, as i dont feel overly excited about PS4 yet. But could u guys include HD remakes of original diablo and diablo ii with trophies on the disc to compensate for the late launch?

  • The hate for Diablo 3 is so crazy. I think it is a great game and I have played Diablo 1 and 2 for years and years. I will probably buy it on my console as well, but maybe I am just a huge fan of the series. But I do think it is weird that so many fans hate on the game because of the online connection and the so called launch server. I think I played 10 hours on the first day and yeah it was down a little bit that week, but not too long. It is also critically received well, just as much as Diablo 2 was back in the day. I think people just wanted diablo 2 with the same skill tree and the same things. Especially because people talk about torchlight 2 all the time. I can understand that the feel is a little bit different. I am really happy with this announcement, because a lot of gamers went to the consoles in all of these years waiting for the next diablo. I too had bought a pc just for this game, but I can understand that a lot of people did not buy a pc just for this game.

  • I’m with #12. D3 is a great game, this is coming from someone who played D1 and D2. Neither of those games were the classics when they were released. There were some pretty fundamental balancing issues for those who don’t use AH around late Hell. D3 has gone a long way from release, and balance has been good since fall. I’ve finished Inferno, and am currently playing Hardcore characters.

    It’s not P2W unless you want to. I only use AH for buying dyes, and that’s it. I haven’t spent a cent more than I did on the Collector’s Edition.

    I hate the always-on internet connection requirement, and there’s very little defense for it, so I’ll give the complainers that.

    Might end up buying for PS4, because I’d much rather play the game on my 86″ screen and sitting on a couch, than a computer screen.

  • Very intersted to finally see this come to console, also this au, what kind of money is needed for a good xp, if it’s nominal and enhances the gameplay then that won’t be a problem, but if i Have to keep spending or prices are high then i wouldn’t bother with it.
    Still any ex-exclusive coming to psn is Allways good to hear about, why devs/publishers ‘sell out’ in console gaming is a stupid thing, i mean i get it but wish it wasn’t happening so much, Uncharted/GoW on my xbox/pc .. hmm. never say never i guess.

  • AH is entirely optional. The game can be beaten on Inferno without ever using money (rl or gold) at the AH.

    If you want easy mode, you can use the AH.

  • when i buy ps4 = 1st game ith wil be diablo 3
    hope longer campaing + no internet conection needed altime ore i also wil not buy like pc version.
    ( jes i nowh some peopel cheat but u punishe onest gamers )

    sony place save no more on mem cards out of fear peopel wil cheat , but stil peopel are cheating /trophie levels + in game hacks + cheats ( so i need savecards = 1000x better then online storage )

    i hope sony gets psn game terraria also working on ps4

  • Amazing! I wait for Diablo3 on PlayStation 2 years and now im happy :D

  • Awesome! Is there a possibility to add your psn to your battlenet name? Like you do with EA etc.

    Will get it day 1 for the ps4.

    Bring over StarCraft 2 (you have a power console now!) and why not bring World of Warcraft over too? cross play to boot!

    ok…have a nice weekend :)

  • So Frank as Chris Metzen said on meeting “that you want to dominate the world” i think u should consider puting best game of the world on psn which is my loved Diablo 1 (ps one version or hd remake). Would buy that pearl in the first day it would show on :) Also cant wait to play Diablo 3 on my ps3 and later on ps4 cause i waited patiently for the console version (i knew it gona happen!!!) SO best of luck for this epic collabaration= a lot of $$$. As im a big fan of Blizzard since the first games :)

  • I have this on PC, still if my friends on the PSN get this, then I might be tempted to get it :D

    Great game, and despite all the criticisms that were pointed, I do find the experience more streamlined and enjoyable rather than simplified or dumbed down. I’ll just have to see how this plays on a controller, but I’m guessing pretty good.

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