Six weeks of free PlayStation Mobile gaming – update 6

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Six weeks of free PlayStation Mobile gaming – update 6

PlayStation Mobile's 'New Year giveaway' offering six free titles over six weeks

Hi everyone. This is the final week of the PlayStation Mobile New Year giveaway promotion. I hope you enjoyed all the games we’ve featured!

OMG Zombies 1 OMG Zombies lead image

The final game is… OMG Zombies. Zombies are everywhere! The City of Redfield has been hit by an outbreak of exploding zombies, and you have to take back the town. Good luck and have fun!

Download it today from PS Store on PS Vita or PlayStation Certified Devices now. For more information about PlayStation Mobile, please visit

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  • Thank you guys for all the free games. This looks nice as well.

  • Thanks, I hoped I could enjoy them too, but sadly not as they are still not awail in Norway… :(

  • Redfield, as in Claire and Chris? Hmmm!

    Thanks for 6 weeks of very interesting games – really opened my eyes to Mobile gaming (really enjoying some of them too – and this has been on my radar since week one so I’m very glad!)

    It’s ofcourse a shame it wasn’t available in all territories, but hopefully next time there is a similar promotion, it’ll be available to a wider audience.

  • Thanks for nothing! You really have no idea how to build positivity around your brands, do you?

    This is 2013 and people expect the same level of service regardless of where they live. Sony needs to realize this soon.

    Guess who isn’t buying a PS4 any time soon? Obviously we will get it later as usual, compared to the US. Then we will not get the same level of service etc. etc. Maybe after a revision and a pricedrop, like I did with the PS3…

  • It seems certain PSN users in the US are being given a free $10 of credit for the store through their message boxes. Just wondering if this has happened to anyone from EU at all? Or is this gonna be one of those times we get stiffed?

  • I think i speak for alot of people when i say:


  • Dear sony,

    Now that this promotion is over, can you tell us, the rest of Europe, when can we expect this service?

    Perhaps this is the announcement for later today!! Hahahahahaha!

    Best regards,

    Portugal and the rest of the eu

  • And still not a sinlge word about expanding the service.

  • This plays the same as the minis version, is there any difference for almost the twice amount of memory?

    Ps great selection of games for the promotion..thanks

  • My friend didn’t download them but complains there aren’t enough games for the vita

  • psm ……………

    store update = very nice , dowloaded hearth fire + ragnorak odysee
    +100 to update persone today = 0 mistakes :) , u see if u try hard .

    1 question : ragnorack odysee , u have japanese trophies = normal ?

    also i hope rumore on some site = not tru ( paying to go online on ps4 = fail if u do )

    also i hope future update vita , we can place saves from ps3 on vita cards .
    back up 24/24 , not like on cloud where u need to wait 24 her before u are abel to redownload !

  • update , no i read on internet = suport english trophies ( howh u gone fix ?)

  • I love you SONY!

  • What time is Jawad’s Head’s Up post going up?

  • Will the playstation mobile platform ever come to iphone? (or have I totally missed it?) Would love to play all the ones I’ve downloaded on my vita on my phone, properly on the go!

  • @Witcher70:
    At 3pm on the dot. Go to the PS Store now if you wish to see what’s new. Usually it updates with new content right about now.

  • @supersmith2500, thank you :)

  • Of course it’s not available in Denmark.

    I am extremely tired of EU always getting the short end of the stick, do you know what we pay for your products compared to the Americans? The average console game costs 500-600 DKK which is 90-110 USD while they pay 50-60 USD.

    And this is an all-round thing.
    Yet we get *nothing* compared to them, even the PlaystationPlus where we pay more than them we still get half what they get.

    I am sick and tired of this treatment.

    Blame it on localization and publishing rights all you want but it’s not like it’s impossible for you to get the games to us nor is it impossible for us to read English! In fact, most Scandinavians as well as Dutch speak English very well compared to the French, Germans, Spanish, Italians etc. Who often expect dubbed products or at least the menus in their language.

  • Well that was a nice season, got a decent collection of PSM games now. Here’s hoping it expands both in platforms and regions soon. Would enjoy having these on my Xperia P.

    are you sure about needing to wait 24 hours to redownload a save off cloud. i knew that games with file-locks on them made you wait, but all the normal saves you Could upload and download immediately, Have they changed it now, or is that how the vita’s cloudsave works ?. that’d suck IF you had to wait 24hrs for every gamesave.. btw, vita saves aren’t all locked, are they ?. i Hate devs who put locks on their gamesaves, i mean Why ?, what are they trying to do, IF someone wanted to cheat and download saves to ‘earn’ loads of trophies, then i’m sure they’d just settle for any of the 99% of other, unlocked games saves that are available, locking a handful of certain other saves isn’t going to bother them, (the cheats), But us ordinary people who have lost 100s of hours of progress after changing ps3s, it isn’t fair for us..

  • @ Mod/Anyone.
    Do ps mobile games work with xperia arc s ?. only i have one that i haven’t used for few months so can’t just see for myself. (need to find/charge it, put sim in etc), so can someone post and tell me if the arc s is capable.. thnx.

  • how about releasing PS-Mobile in Scandinavia :(

  • Have just noticed what time this post went up.. wish the person would say i Won’t be able to reply, or i will reply at ‘whatever’ time/day i can. I guess it would make them look bad though, If they ended a post with, ‘can’t make any replies’, instead of making them look normal by you know, just ‘looking’ like their ignoring us, or aren’t ‘Really’ bothered.

    So, does Anyone know if a arc-s will run psm games ?. wouldn’t mind but i am only curious, as psm or mobile phone games never really appealed to me, xcept for tiger woods 09 or 10.. played that forever..

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