Introducing Destiny, the new universe from Bungie

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Introducing Destiny, the new universe from Bungie


After a long period of darkness, Bungie is ready to unveil its new universe filled with mystery, adventure, and action. For the first time, the team – including studio co-founder and project director Jason Jones – talks about its vision, and the creative process behind Destiny, Bungie’s most ambitious project yet.

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  • I love this art, but there is not much information about actual game

  • Wait a second…. I thought this was a xbox360 exclusive?

  • HAH! And by ” a long period of darkness” you mean the years they developed the Halo series, right? Accurate! :-)
    It will be interesting to see if the co-op works for this release. As this will come out on both xbox and PS3, will it allow players on both systems to duke it out/work together? That might be a very nice change to the regular flame-wars between both parties. While I’m not much of a Multiplayer gamer, the co-op part of this might actually be fun!

  • Glad to see them sticking with sci fi

  • Well I wonder what kind of gameplay their “always online” requirement will grant, as some people usually tend to see that critical.

    But I love the setting and world they created. Seems very promising so far. And it seems that it could be a good IP destinied to Hollywood. ;)

  • I know you won’t answer this (at least until Wednesday ;)), but is this going to be on PS3 or on PS3+PS4? :P

  • @Hexahedronaut

    No, Bungie went multiplatform when they got under Activision’s wings and this is their first game from this partnership.

  • More shooting aliens in the face. Woo.

  • Pretentious video for yet another drab fps…

  • Coming from an outside perspective on Bungie i’m not really impressed to be honest. Never been interested with the Halo theme and another game along those lines will need to do more than this reveal is to attract new players. It might be a bit underwraps but this ‘trailer’ doesn’t really explain to me about what it is. I mean “10 years”, are they trying to say something and if so what because it’s really not that obvious. Also they seem to be a bit up themselves in it, Halo was not the be all and end all of video games by a long way. Seems like their could be some interesting ideas being put forward, just not getting through though.

    Also for those asking about if it is cross-platfrom or something, I believe thats not the case from what I have read. Myself I find it rather unlikely you’ll ever see anything of the like in current or next generation hardware. Personally I hope not ;) inferior needs to be seperated from superior to allow quality.

  • Wow it’s nothing!
    Give us a UK release date for Yakuza 5 please.
    Maybe a euro edition of JoJo’s Bizarre adventure all star battle.

  • Both Bungie and thatgamecompany are going multi-platform. What is going on?! My world makes no sense whatsoever anymore.

  • @the1free_man
    The console market is generally shrinking, logical move to go multi-platform.

  • This video looks interesting but will need to get more information about this game as well as gameplay. Was never a Halo fan and why people even like it is beyond me. Seeing it’s being created by the Halo developers, I wouldn’t even get excited for this

  • B-E-Autiful! Getting a Killzone vibe from this.

  • Not a fan of this type o vid,I’ll wait for some gameplay.

  • Bungie on PS3 what next – would say Insomniac on xbox – but that is supposedly happening as well. Even Guerrilla Games made Shellshock Nam for the original xbox.

    I like the idea of a living world but not so much the Halo influenced universe.

    Exclusivity of IP’s is actually a driving factor in the purchasing of multiple consoles (for myself). Developers that make games exclusively for one console means gamers that actually like games will save and purchase multiple consoles to play certain games. With loss of exclusivity and games becoming multi-platform means console makers may find that people only buy one console. Which isn’t good for anyone (especially the consumer)

  • Who said it was PS3 game? I am pretty sure that this will be next-gen game for PS4. There were no real gameplay so it might not be there when PS4 is released but maybe sometime next year?

  • Bungie is the most overrated gaming company in history of video games and now join with Activision meh….. and this trailer they talk like something already has a bid success… what? we don’t know nothing about this games.. oh well, probably they talk like that because they know has the media support!

  • Comes across as a Mass Effect/ Halo hybrid with both scale and scope and emotional impact. I can’t wait for it. I was kinda let down with DUST 514. It promised scope and real time effects for a living universe and never really fully felt like that, seeing as you’d just zap back to your quarters after a battle. This may just be different.

  • Potential to be a an excellent experience. Prospect of constantly being online though isnt very intriguing. Lets hope its not another Brink.

  • concept art looks lovely but the game does not appeal to me in the slightest. I’m a solo-gamer who enjoys my SP campaigns at my own pace. Playing some fun MP matches with friends is perfectly fine but I am not gonna support a game that forces me to stay online all the time and shoves social crap down my throat.

  • “From the creators of Halo”

    As someone who had the original and gave up at the laboriously tedious Library level, then bought the second hoping it would be better only to give up on that too, this isn’t exactly a selling point for me.

    Nor is the fact that it’ll be published by Activision.

  • Hooray for another dumb multiplayer shooter.

  • @17
    I don’t see any reason for this to be bad. Quite the opposite, actually. Developers make multi-platform games, consumers buy one console only, and save money. Which they can spend on buying more games. In fact, it’s a win-win for developers and consumers. Losers are console makers, but it will only force them to be more open to consumers’ whishes. ;-)

  • If this game delivers, it may be the title that makes people transition from current gen to the next gen.

  • @9

    I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • This looks really interesting. While I´am not too much into Halo, I´m really looking forward to this. :)

  • Wow a first person shooter with a sci-fi theme. Such a rarity.

  • considering the only thing that makes me miss xbox and want 720 is halo. you guys have no idea what we have here, the quality Bungie brings out of their games is amazing and you should feel lucky we have their dream project

  • also the fact its an MMO, with next generation Halo/bungie quality? you guys dont know what you’re in for

  • Xbox lost the Bungie exclusive?? Well there goes there last exclusive lol. This looks like a generic Halo game from the screeners, very nervous about this title. Do not want a Halo game on PS3, that games sucks balls.

  • For me, this presentation and the articles I read around the internet don’t tell me all that much, but it does give some glimpses at what it could be and it does talk about the story which I think is a great start to a space odyssey that can last for a long time.

    That said, I’m really looking forward to when they start discussing the powers, the weapons, the vehicles (I didn’t read anything to suggest they will have them, but I did see a tank in the snow and a futuristic sand bike thingy) and the worlds.

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