PlayStation Plus: What sort of content do you want?

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PlayStation Plus: What sort of content do you want?


Now that all the Christmas madness is out of the way, I thought it would be a good time to take stock of all the great games we’ve hosted in the Instant Games Collection over the past few months, and then look forward to the future.

Since June 2012 the IGC has boasted incredible titles such as Borderlands, Red Dead Redemption, Crysis 2, Batman: Arkham City and, most recently, Sleeping Dogs.

We always do our best to provide a range of titles to suit everyone’s tastes, while also satisfying the general needs of the PlayStation Plus service. Below, using my wizardly Excel skills, I’ve put together a chart showing the genre split for all IGC content since June 2012.

IGC Graph

So, let’s talk about the future! We’re always listening to our subscribers and want to find out more about the sort of content that drives you to be a Plus member. Essentially, we want to know what you would like to see in the service over the coming months.

So with that in mind, I’ve put together a little poll. We’d really appreciate it if you took a couple of minutes to tell us the types of games that you want to see in the IGC in the future. Feel free to vote for more than one genre.

The poll will come down on 21st February, at which point I’ll collate and share the results.

*The titles listed are examples only and not guaranteed to be in the Plus service at any time.

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  • Action Adventure + RPG

  • And where is the poll? :)

  • I would like to see more sports game s such as say NBA 2k12 for free or NHL12 or 11

  • I miss the avatars for Plus users. While they aren’t driving factors for the service, they were very nice little extras to the suscription.

  • Some open world RPG, maybe Dragons Dogma? :) Something that will last for hooooours (like RDR)

  • more quality RPGs like demon’s souls, persona 4 golden and ni no kuni please! by the way, where is the poll?

  • I’d like to see a couple more games for the Vita… I understand there aren’t that many as of yet, in turn making it hard to give games away without exhausting the list in a couple of months, I don’t really use my PS3 that often so my Vita is the only way I use my PS+

  • I can’t see the poll. Where is it?

  • more racing games please .

  • I’d like to see a bit more DLC like we used to and avatars like a guy suggested above.. Other than that I’ve been happy with the content.

  • More PSOne Classics, PS2, Avatars and smaller games.
    How about more games that have upcoming sequels? Great way to get people interested.

  • The problem i find is that its a great service for those who dont play many games when they launch but for me soo far, all the big hitters mentioned above, i have already brought and finished by the time they end up on plus. I imagine i speak for many plus members there?

    So the games are fine but maybe newer stuff if possible? A long shot i imagine but just my opinion!

    I would like to see more rpg games

    Also what about including a few movie rentals each month? Either like x number of films of our choice, or put one or two select films up for us to rent under the plus price

  • First up, this is a great post, the service so far has been phenomenal and it’s good to add a little bit of community input to keep things going forward.

    I’d personally like to see PS1/PSP classics added to the Vita rotation. There’s lots of PSone games I’d like to try on the system, as well as PSP games I never got a chance to play, or would like to play again (thinks of Crash Bandicoot, and MotorStorm Arctic Edge as examples).

    Another idea is to maybe have notice of this month’s and the next month’s games- this might be difficult to implement but I think this is how Plus originally started and gave us less reason to worry about buying a game and getting shafted, which is particularly important for the Vita service right now.

    Specific game suggestions: I’m thinking a LEGO game might be nice, but other than that I’m out of ideas so I’ll leave it to you guys to surprise (as you usually do- Sleeping Dogs WOW). Oh- maybe Dead Space 1? I really want the first since getting the second for free.

  • Call of Duty Black ops Declassified (AU) Call of duty (Either World at war,Black ops 2,or MW2/Mw3 playstation all stars battle royal, (Discounted Maps like black ops map packs) fallout new vages/fallout 3

  • more RPGs, a PSP jRPG on the Vita now and then would be nice.
    maybe less shooters & action games to balance it more evenly across all fields :/

  • How about a free film ever so often in stead of free games?

  • Oh, PS2 games and avatars- also awesome.

    One thing that really bugs me about the Plus dynamic themes though is they use old icons, even new ones don’t use the correct PSP save icon (only the Journey theme does), if someone could get onto that, OCD me would be happy.

  • I’ll agree on the Avatars and Themes for Plus users, I’d like to have a few every month. Doesn’t need to be 20, simply 5 per month would do, I believe.

    Anyways, Chris, I understand that the number of shooters given is high since most of the catalogue consists of them. But I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of great titles you guys can look at. And genres — a but more of fighting games wouldn’t be a bad idea :)

    (Also, Fred, I hope you read this. There’s something really important I sent to the PSN ID I’ve seen you post here a few times. Sorry to call you out but it’s really important.)

  • The AAA games, dynamic themes and services like pushing updates is what makes me appreciate PS+ I’m not really interested in the PSN games. Most of them just are not fun enough. I would like to see Home integrated in to PS+ I also would like to see free stuff every week. I also think it would be better if we could choose 3 PS3 exclusives out of all PS3 games that were released 6 months before you subscribe instead of the Motorstorm, LBP and Infamous 2 game you can get all year.

  • A good JRPG would be nice for those plusers who’ve never played one before, either that it some more action/adventure games but please clamp down on the amount of shooters

    On a side note a few more first party titles would be nice too

  • First up, thanks for fixing the poll thingy! ;)

    More RPG, racing, platforming… and since I already owned 4/5 of all the games offered on Plus so far, I simply stopped buying PS3 games altogether until you finally catch up with your release schedule.

    Maybe you could offer more (bigger?) discounts on dlc and/or new games, because the way you do it now, digital downloads are more often than not more expensive than boxed retail copies…

  • Shunt RPG up to third place in last year’s poll results, and that’s pretty much how I’d prioritise the kind of games I’d like to see in the IGC.

    Incidentally, like @Positronic_Brain I also miss the handful of avatars we used to get each month. Particularly now it’s so difficult to browse through avatars in the new PlayStation Store. Heck, I’d like to give you money for avatars but I don’t have the time to manually scroll through thousands that can’t be sorted by game any more.

  • Guys, let us change our online display PSN ID. We can do it on other platforms, there is no reason why it can also be done on Playstation, especially through a premium service such as the PS+

  • Must say it’s already a great service. Would like to see the walking dead game episodes on here, like you did with Sam & max and back to the future. Keep up the good work :)

  • I would really love for the classic road rash from the mega drive made for the ps3. such an awesome game. should have been made years ago.

  • Slightly off topic, but for those of us with a ‘vita only’ subscription, perhaps you could provide a couple of psp or ps1 games (instead of ps3 games).

  • yeah more vita games will be awesome ,little big lets say :)

  • I start a thread up on the store forum titled Playstion Plus instant game wish list , did it a few days ago

  • how about adding horror genre Tnx

  • The value of content added to the Instant Game Collection (IGC) is without a doubt much better than it was before June 2012 my opinion. I feel the service really stepped up its game from November 2011 onwards.

    I would love to see the return of PSOne/PS2 Classics, but only if they add a new ‘slot’ to the IGC rather than replace an existing one. A slot dedicated to PSP games would be pretty cool as well.

  • I think you can tell by your excel chart we dont need anymore shooters for a good long while (never for me, closest I get to a shooter is l.a. noire lol).
    Jrpgs… and unfinished swan. There isnt alot out at the moment I havent got (that I think id like anyway) still meaning to try the new dmc demo… hmm well no complaints here really just keep up the good work and at least even out the shooters with some rpgs :) (tales of… series would be nice :p) oh and so agreed with those who asked for some psone and ps2 games, although there needs to be a load of new ones first cause I own all I want on psn at the moment. Rogue Galaxy and Dark Cloud 1& Chronicle would be nice to go with the launch of Ni No Kuni…? :) also shadow hearts, ffx, kh 1&2, Fahrenheit (from quantic dream) etcetc

  • I would like a mixture of content like the first year. My reasons are because after this years content, apart from filling up my 320gb hard drive, and have had to delete some games until I’m ready to play them, I feel I have been forced to stop purchasing games on the store cos I’m worried about filling my hard up , so that it would stop me from getting ps plus content

  • I think the PlayStation Plus service already offers superb value and hope it continues to provide such excellent content for subscribers. The only things I would modify; as already addressed, Plus was rather heavy on the shooters for a few months, but that changed this month. I’d like to see some free, premium DLC for retail games; it could encourage owners to buy the game so they can get a £12 DLC pack for free. Also, is it feasibly to include films/tv shows in the Plus content, or is there license problems with doing that? Great service though, I recommend it to anyone not already a user.

  • The hard thing to balance is that youre dealing with a variety of people with different tastes. I personally would love to see more RPGs and Strategy games ala Disgaea/Valkyria Chronicles/X-Com but they would probably be too niche.

  • i would like borderlands 1 or dragon age 1 or 2 !
    off topic:

  • Flip sake… PLEASE NO MORE SHOOTERS… all you people who just go after shooters all the time are killing the innovation of the industry and my love for gaming. I couldn’t be bothered playing games for 3 months and then ni no kuni came along and it revitalised my love for it.

  • Parity across all regions, one global store with the same games, fairly priced & released simultaneously. Microsoft can do it so why can’t SONY. PS4 has to deliver this…

  • I’d like to see more GOTY editions for games please. Like you did with RE5 gold. like people have said it is a bit annoying when you get a game you’ve already played but if that game had all the dlc then everyones happy.

  • I voted for adventure & RPG Plus shooters.

    But never mind the games how about features like cloud gaming for plus members for ps3? Or is that going to be just a ps4 exclusive if so some-one had Lied. Because they talk in a interview that cloud gaming will be on ps3 & other platforms.

  • Ohh I like this post. Will it be a monthly thing?

    I hope your still trying for SSX as ever since you mentioned it I cant stop thinking about it. lol. It would been nice to use each of them genres so say one month you do puzzle and racing then the month after that do a shooter and sport and so on. After each genre has been done then can repeat but mix it up in a different order, etc.

    I’m not so into the sport games and fighting games but am willing to try them out. Well some driving games too but split/second would be a nice driving game to have.

    Germany and OZ already got Gotham City Imposters but would be nice if we could get it too.

    For RPG I see you have Ni No Kuni in the brackets, haha that would be class to have :P but of course it will be too early for it but perhaps someday it would been a nice game

  • I think we need RPGs. I don’t even want to play shooters or platformers anymore. Action/Adventure maybe, but definitely not shooters.

  • To be honest, just keep doing what you are doing, fantastic job so far. For the Vita I’d like to see something RPG(ish) or Zelda-like. But I really can’t think what that would be at the moment though the choice is a bit limited.

    For PS3 I already have a huge backlog but please no more shooters, again RPG’s would be great, platformers, racers.

  • I’d love a mix of all of the Genres.
    Borderlands 2, Ni no Kuni, Gotham City Impostors and Angry Birds.

    And a DLC sale please :)
    For Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City, Assassin’s Creed series and other games with multiple DLCs

  • More Vita content. I play my Vita more than my 360 or PS3 these days – PS3 seems to get much more Plus content than the Vita – and I download most of that, but I just can’t get the time to sit in front of telly as much as I did before we had kids. It’s be nice to see 3 or 4 Vita PS+ additions a month. So far I’ve pretty much owned all the Vita PS+ stuff but have used the opportunity to convert it to digital from disk. Be good to do that with Most Wanted too. Personally, I’d like to see Fifa 13 and Super Star Dust HD next – something I don’t have.

    Echo the above poster – parity across all regions in terms of price and content – like the Apple App Store. It’s disheartening to see games significantly more expensive in the UK than USA. And digital downloads should be cheaper than retail discs/carts by a fair margin, not more expensive. I end up paying more for the convenience of not needing to swap carts, both in price per game and in cost per memory card.

  • RPGs please, and some DLC. Thanks!

  • Games I would like to see are the smaller games I’ve missed. I tend not to have much time so I read IGN and just tend to go for the games the have a 8.5+ score. I really enjoyed playing knytt underground and would never of played that had it not been on PS+. Thank you for that! So just game that you think need more recognition that the press have skipped which you think would be worthwhile for us to play. It’s not necessary about genre, just good taste and spreading the word.

  • Yes that too what marrsterhausen said global store be great For all. :)

  • Chris, had you thought about including Castlevania: Lords of Shadow in the IGC, especially since a sequel is on it’s way to be released this year?

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