Superfrog HD hops onto PS3 and PS Vita later this year

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Superfrog HD hops onto PS3 and PS Vita later this year


Hello PlayStation Blog! You may remember that last week we published a post on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita release of Alien Breed, in which our Creative Director, Kevin Carthew, made a sneaky reference to potential future retro-revivals of other classic Team17 titles.

Your response to that was fantastic and here at Team17 towers we all thoroughly enjoyed watching your guesses come in at what title we could be hinting at. Could it be Worms? Project-X? Superfrog? Body Blows? Arcade Pool?

Well, we are now proud to unveil our plans to re-release Superfrog HD later this year, 20 years on from the regal amphibian’s first appearance. Superfrog HD will feature all new graphics and is set to make an appearance on both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

Debbie Bestwick, Team17’s Managing Director, says, “We’re extremely excited about bringing Superfrog HD to PS3 and PS Vita; it’s the most requested game that our fans are always asking to see make a return. Now, with the 20th anniversary of the original Superfrog and the recent re-release of our classic survival-horror Alien Breed, we feel the timing has never been better.”

Superfrog was originally released on the Amiga in 1993 and received much critical acclaim:

  • The One Amiga – 93% – “With Team17’s impeccable track record I was expecting Superfrog to be well above par but it’s far more than that – it’s breathtakingly good. Everything about the game, from the graphics and sound through the control to gameplay, has been honed and tweaked to gleaming perfection.”
  • Amiga Computing – 93% – “Superfrog is quite simply Team17’s greatest release to date. It’s full to the brim with great graphics, sound, playability and addiction. You’d have to be completely potty or hopping mad to ignore it.”
  • CU Amiga – 89% – “Superfrog is a very polished product, possibly the best that Team17 have ever produced.”
  • Amiga Action – 89% – “What can you say about Team17? Everything they touch these days seems to turn into gold and Superfrog is no exception. This is without a doubt the best all-out platform game on the Amiga to date.”

Here’s a sneak peek at how the Prince has changed since his first appearance 20 years ago…


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  • Aw, was hoping for Project X.

    Superfrog will have to do, I guess.

    Now give us Project X on Vita. (Alien Breed is a nice piece of nostalgia). Project X is my most wanted Team 17 title.

  • was a big team17 fan back in the Amiga days! Also would love to see an Hd remake of project X but keep the difficulty level as this made the game very addictive in a dark souls kind of way.

  • Fantastic news. This or project x would both be awesome. Have wanted this for years but never thought it would happen.
    Played the original to completion and will definitely purchase subject to sensible pricing.
    Vita version for me, though cross buy would be icing on the cake.
    Project x next please-then new versions of both.

  • Yes, yes and utter yes! I do love me some amiga games. Amiga was my childhood, and it is so little retro love for it now-a-days (people keep jabbing on about NES, SNES, Mega Drive and so on, but they fail to know that the Amiga is the best system of all time!).

    Reading the book “The Future Was Here”, a book about the Amiga, so my nostalgia is on a all time high now.

  • AWESOME! Super frog is the first game I ever remember playing when I was 4. Can’t wait to see how it turns out! :)

  • Superfrog returns!
    Still play the original on my Amiga often and it still ranks as one of my all time favorite games thanks to the lovely graphics (most of which still look better than most 2D games these days in my opinion), superb music and fun gameplay.

    I do have some concerns though. I’m not actually a fan of HD 2D graphics (often finding them feeling like flat cardboard cutouts) and far prefer pixel art but that’s getting to be a rare thing these days. Also while I enjoy the version of Alien Breed released last week there’s quite a bit ‘missing’ from it. Little things that made Team 17 games feel more polished than some other Amiga developers products back in the day. Things like the character now just instantly flips rather than quickly turning round (which helped the characters feel solid and something I do in my own game projects) and also they don’t have the flash of light from their own gunfire anymore. The original Amiga pixelled sprites seem to have some problems with the palette too and the character sprite is glitchy. Also some more visual feedback when you’ve done certain objectives is needed. On some of them I wasn’t sure if I’d actually done it or not.

  • I did love Project X as well but only the Special Edition as I just couldn’t get anywhere in the first version (actually I kinda sucked at SE too). Most of the time I just loaded it up to dance about to the theme tune. :D

    Also any chance of X2 appearing as a PS1 classic? Preferably the japanese version (was a bit easier :P)

  • “it’s the most requested game that our fans are always asking to see make a return”

    Even more then re-releasing a HD Worms Armageddon exactly as it was but with online multiplayer? I don’t believe that for a second.

  • @8 no more Worms… please… Now we’ve got the feeling of pre-Worms Team 17 back don’t kill it…

  • I’m very pleased that Superfrog is to be released this year but I kind of expected it to happen.

    Please consider Qwak next, just for me! ;)

    ATR: All Terrain Racing was a favourite of mine but very hard, Apidya & Project X were great too! Wasn’t much for Body Blows but back then only Street Fighter & Mortal Kombat interested me within that genre.

  • A vote for Project X Special Edition HD here too, or if the original then unlimited continues and good checkpoints or I’ll never get passed the 3rd level again. I only managed to clear the game on an emulator using a state save method and the last 2 levels are insanely difficult to near impossible.

    And I’ve never played X2 either, so that would be a 1st day purchase from me too.

    Thanks for Superfrog HD. Not my favourite Team17 game but I’ll probably pick it up being a huge Team17 fan.

  • Any plans to release a Worms game for the psvita?(Please!!!)

  • Holy hell. I almost fell down my chair when i saw Superfrog mentioned. That is going to be so awesome! Spend so much of my childhood playing that game on Amiga. Really got me excited for this now!

  • I’ve never heard of this game before. Sorry, I love my retro gaming but my childhood was purely Sega consoles. So can someone give me a brief description of what kind of game this is?

  • Amazing news, and instant buy!, especially happy for that you will make a vita version aswell! :)

  • Alien breed was really fun and for that price it’s a must-have title :D
    I think a Worms game for the Vita would sell well if it’s not overpriced. There is a lot of psn games that I’ve given up playing on PS3, but would definately play on the vita. Like Worms, Shank 2, Machinaeum, Awesomenuts and many more!

  • I would love a Worms game for Vita. Especially with online. I liked the Open Warfare games on DS and PSP. Hopefully you guys give us Vita owners something. Armageddon would be great, but I’d be happy with a new title, too.

  • @Catkiller1 Qwak would be great but I’m unsure if Team17 have the rights to it. The original programmer Jamie Woodhouse (who I spoke to a few years ago) has been making versions of it for mobile devices for some time.
    And yeah I was never into Body Blows. Was fine if you didn’t have access to a SNES, otherwise Street Fighter II ruled all (sorry Mortal Kombat was always horrendously poor in graphics and gameplay). Body Blows was however far superior to the Amiga version of SFII which was just a waste of time.

    Hm, am feeling like going to the bedroom to switch on the ol’ A1200 and play original Superfrog some more (it’s still in the floppy disk drive)

  • By the way if anyone wants a 2 player game of Alien Breed feel free to add me. I’ve yet to find a game to join any time I’ve attempted to do so.

  • OH HELL YEAH! One of my favorite Amiga 500 games back in the days, Superfrog and for both the PS3 and my PSVita w00t w00t!

    Will this be cross-buy too? Ima love me some of that :-)

    Giveittomegiveittomegiveittome ASAP!!!

    Next up: please please PLEASE Project-X, those pumping beats the nice gameplay the graphics and also on my PSVita would be bomb.

    You just made an oldschool gamer very VERY happy Team 17. My Amiga 500 and Amiga 1200 is still with me, including all the games from your studio. I loved the name Team 17 so much that when I was younger I wanted to start a business in a whole other branche named Team 17 too. That is how much that brand name made an impression with what you brought and will bring now again. Thank you.

  • I shall drink Lucozade so I can maintain my energy.

  • @21 that’s a point. I guess it’s likely to be a different, likely generic made up drink this time around. :P

  • Can’t wait to get this game, but Worms PLEEEEEASE!It is my Ultimate favourite Team17 title.

  • Nice :)

    Hope cross buy like alien breed :)

  • I would like to cast a vote for Project X, too, however, it would be nice if you could include the various versions in the one game, in the same way that Alien Breed includes the original and special editions. I remember that I didn’t like the version of the music in the special edition as much as the original one, so a chance to hear both (side-by-side) would be greatly appreciated.

  • Will this be like Alien Breed and allow us to play with the original graphics? Any additional content/features? Is the slot machine and lucosade still in?
    All I need now is project x and some psygnosis games, my LBP2 remake of Walker doesn’t do it justice.

    • Hi Mulukh, the game will just use redone graphics. Though I have to say, it is looking good :)

      We’ll keep the Blog updated of any further news.

  • @ Carnivius_Prime

    Like I said earlier, Mortal Kombat interested me at the time & I enjoyed up to Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. It was fun & gruesome but definitely clunky but that didn’t bother me in the slightest. I thought the graphics were fine, far superior to Pit Fighter lol ;)

    Street Fighter 2 for the Amiga was slow, buggy & unplayable for me & a total let down. At the time it was the Arcade Cabinet & my friend’s SNES.

    I just hope with enough interest for Qwak, TEAM 17 would consider retaining it!

  • Forgot to add, please release the Alien Breed original sequels that were released on the Amiga too!

  • @Catkiller1

    I believe I read somewhere that Alien Breed is set-up to be able to accept DLC, so, presumably, if it sells well enough we’ll get things like Tower Assault as add-ons somewhere down the line.

  • @Catkiller1 well yes, Mortal Kombat was certainly better than Pit-Fighter but I still found the digitized sprites horribly messy and felt very paper-like flat compared to the pixel art of other fighting games. Also the way eeeverybody did the same horrible looking jump further killed any attempt to convince me those were meant to be ‘real’ people on my screen hitting each other. Just couldn’t compare to the feel and playability of SFII.

    And yes please also to the other 2D Alien Breed games as level packs.

  • By the way has anyone else found that keys are almost useless in the new Alien Breed? I been shooting through all the doors without ever running too low on ammo and I now have over 99 keys (it only says up to 99 but it goes over cos you can use keys and the number still doesn’t go down). Does kind of make it really easy to collect every item on each level. Which is nice I guess… Does kind of take away the gamble of opening certain doors though when you can easily open the lot.

  • Great news :-D !

    How about Team17 do a HD version of Waggle-O-Mania ?

  • Great news and looking forward to seeing how this looks. Hope it’s a cross buy too?
    Project X next hopefully?

  • Cool, nice to see Superfrog being revived, I was starting to be fed up with so many Worms re-releases.

  • OMG!!!

    I feel like a kid doped up on sugar at this announcement! Superfrog on Amiga was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

  • The prince returns. Hopefully time hasn’t been cruel to the gameplay. Jeez, that makes me feel old… Good price will equal a must-buy.

  • Currently, I am enjoying Alien Breed. Since I have no experience with Suprfrog, I’ll just wait and see. But something tells me I’m going to love it!

  • day 1 for me, time to repent my sins of the past from Amiga times…

  • Wow, great news so soon after Alien Breed last week. Just don’t make us wait until December!

  • Day 1!!, my god this is fantastic news!.

    Now you guys know where my nick come from ;).

    -PLEEEEASE don’t break this game t17! , this was a very supricing announcement really as i have followed the threads on eurogamer for the last 3-4 years and it all looked like a pipe dream.

  • Btw could you implement save game option in a way like “when you save game you will resume it” – for vita is a must.

  • Another day one buy for me, i was eagerly waiting for the release of this game : D
    Team 17 rocks ;)

    Superfrog is my favorite platformer ever, i loved its graphics, music, gameplay, huge and complex levels etc.
    Please please please leave the gameplay intact, don’t make it easier like alien breed, or at least give us the option to choose between original and new gameplay!

  • Great news! Hope it will be at least fun as Frog Leaps platformer game!

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